Chapter 1406 Xue Luosha Undergoing Tribulation


In truth, all of them had good cultivation talents. A few of them had genes that were in no way inferior compared to Magiris. At any rate, those who could be known as Heaven-defying races were most certainly no ordinary people. 

Furthermore, these fellows had been spending a long time adventuring through the cosmos. In addition to their strength, they also have a group of followers. This group could also be considered as a decent force. 

Perhaps they were looking for a backer, or perhaps they wanted assistance, or perhaps they had other objectives. In Chen Feng’s opinion, however, the Longevity Alliance’s development required the strength of various forces. Due to that, Chen Feng did not dwell upon why these fellows came. The most pressing issue here was to develop the force under him as fast as possible.

Naturally, he did not just focus completely on developing the alliance all the time. He summoned the high-ranking members of the alliance over for a meeting, where they formulated and decided on some development paths for the alliance. Additionally, some of Chen Feng’s other followers, such as Tun Ri and Da Feng had also come over to the Longevity Alliance. They were here to help Chen Feng manage the Longevity Alliance. 

There was, however, one matter that frustrated Chen Feng. Although these followers of his possessed good cultivation talents, some more time and luck were needed for them to advance to the Gold Immortal stage. If it weren’t for that, he would have been able to just hand over the affairs of the Longevity Alliance to them with peace of mind. 

Moreover, there was also his headquarters, the Boundless Corps. Speaking of which, the Boundless Corps was far stronger than the Longevity Alliance. At any rate, every single one of the cultivators there was a veteran soldier. There were also more experts there. There were Divine Princes, Divine Monarchs and even Paramount Gold Immortals keeping watch there.

In comparison, while the Longevity Alliance that he established appeared to have a high number of men, they had only a handful of true experts. 

If Chen Feng were to keep the army of Battlers and Gold Immortal stage unique creatures, the strength of the Longevity Alliance would fall severalfold in an instant. 

On this particular day, Chen Feng had been strolling around his territory when he suddenly sensed formidable waves of energy coming from the distance. 

During this time, Chen Feng had not used his time on cultivation or recuperation. Instead, he was constantly roaming about. In his opinion, this was also a form of rest.

Although he had less than 10% of his original strength left, his divine sense was still very sharp. Rather, it would not be wrong to say that the strength of his soul had become stronger than before.

Naturally, the two combat puppets had been following Chen Feng closely while he roamed about. Only, they had kept themselves hidden.

“Someone is undergoing their tribulation to advance to the Gold Immortal stage. It’s Xue Luosha. By grasping just a strand of the aura, Chen Feng was able to swiftly figure out some of the details [1]

Her rate of cultivation is quite fast. Chen Feng nodded.

Xue Luosha cultivates the grand dao of blood and her cultivation talent is quite good. In the past, despite not having good cultivation resources, she was still able to attain such accomplishments. Recently, the number of battles we have to face has increased. This is probably why her cultivation base soared. Still, for her to be undergoing her tribulation now… this is a little too early. She should have stockpiled her power for a while longer. Mumbling to himself, Chen Feng walked forward.

He moved towards a very normal-looking valley before stopping. Next, he stretched his finger out and drew an arc with it. As a result, a crack appeared in the air. Quickly, though, power rippled and the crack closed up, disappearing from sight. 

“I forgot, I am not strong enough,” Chen Feng said with a smile. Next, the Longevity Sword flew out. Sword light flashed and the space before him was hacked apart once more. As a result, a 10-zhang-long crack appeared there. 

“Thankfully, I am still able to mobilize these weapons.” Chen Feng nodded. The Longevity Sword and the other Longevity weapons were Chen Feng’s true essence magic treasures. They were items that Chen Feng had slowly refined from scratch. They were the culmination of his blood and effort. Even if all he had left in him was one final breath or one last strand of divine sense, he would still be able to mobilize these magic treasures. 

Chen Feng stepped inside and the spatial crack slowly closed up. 

There are so many arrays here. She sure is cautious. However, is there no one protecting her? This Xue Luosha. Back then, she said that she will ask me to protect her during her tribulation, but now this. What is she doing? Chen Feng shook his head. Even though there was a high number of arrays in front of him, he was still able to see Xue Luosha. 

The tribulation had only just begun. Xue Luosha, clad in a fiery-red suit of armour, was enveloped in lightning. Again and again, the sound of collisions rang out from within. 

This is just the beginning, but she is already facing a stalemate. Chen Feng frowned.

If this is how it is, she will have a very hard time succeeding.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, eight streams of light swiftly appeared. Transforming into eight cultivators, they surrounded Chen Feng in the blink of an eye. Brandishing their magic treasures, they prepared to attack.

So, there are combat puppets standing guard over her. The combat power of half-step Gold Immortals. Not bad. Looks like Xue Luosha does have quite a bit of wealth. Chen Feng smiled. In addition to the eight combat puppets, there were also ten plus combat puppets in the distance. They were also preparing for battle. 

Add the arrays within the space there, half-step Gold Immortals would find it hard to disrupt Xue Luosha’s tribulation. They needed to be at the Ageless Gold Immortal stage. Naturally, it would be different if they had a high enough number on their side. 


By then, Xue Luosha, who was facing her tribulation, had also noticed Chen Feng. With a thought from her, the combat puppets left Chen Feng alone. 

The first wave of lightning attacks was finally over and Xue Luosha’s whole body was charred. Some parts of her body had turned to powder.

A bloody light emerged from Xue Luosha’s body. Like bloody water, it scoured her body and it did not take long before she made a full recovery. The charred parts of her body returned to become flexible flesh. 

“Why are you in such a hurry? Given your current state, overcoming your tribulation will be somewhat difficult,” Chen Feng said. 

“I have no other options. Originally, I had wanted to stockpile my strength for a while longer before undergoing my tribulation, but a problem popped up while I was cultivating. Due to that, I am forced to undergo my tribulation in advance. Do not forget, I cultivate the pure grand dao of blood,” Xue Luosha said. 

“I understand. When cultivating the grand dao of blood, it is indeed very difficult to steady the heart. However, the cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the grand dao of blood is very strong.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Work hard, then. Don’t worry about this. Even if Divine Monarchs come, they will not be able to disrupt your tribulation,” Chen Feng then continued with a smile. 

“If so, I can rest easy.” A smile appeared on Xue Luosha’s face.

The second phase of the Heavenly Tribulation had begun. An ocean of blood appeared and wave after wave of its waters roared towards Xue Luosha. The power behind them was even stronger compared to the lightning attacks earlier. 

“The Blood of Profound Origin.” Chen Feng nodded.

This phase is very important. I wonder, can Xue Luosha overcome it? Given my current state, I am incapable of taking action. Chen Feng shook his head. 

In truth, given his current level of strength, he was wholly capable of taking action to help Xue Luosha. However, he also knew that this Blood of Profound Origin phase was very important for Xue Luosha, who cultivated the grand dao of blood. Due to that, he hoped that she would be able to overcome it with her own strength. She would be able to obtain a great deal of benefits in doing so. 

Xue Luosha and her fiery-red suit of armour became engulfed by the Blood of Profound Origin. Even Chen Feng was nearly incapable of seeing her silhouette anymore.

The Blood of Profound Origin. Back when I was undergoing my tribulations, I had also encountered this tribulation. I think Xue Luosha would not have any issues with this. Tsk, tsk. The tribulation I faced back when I was at the Heavenly Immortal stage is a Gold Immortal’s Heavenly Tribulation. I wonder, when I assail the Gold Immortal stage, what kind of Heavenly Tribulation would I face? Chaos Lightning or Devastation Light? Just those two would be enough. Chen Feng burst into a smile. In truth, he had already encountered those two Heavenly Tribulations before. 

Chen Feng deliberately chose to think about some other matters instead of checking out Xue Luosha’s situation. With that, he was able to avoid feeling the need to take action. 

It lasted shorter than expected. The ocean of blood formed by the Blood of Profound Origin began shrinking. In the end, all of it flowed into Xue Luosha’s body. 

As predicted, she managed to endure it. However, she doesn’t seem to be doing too well. Chen Feng shook his head. 

Surface wise, Xue Luosha appeared normal. Chen Feng, though, could sense the chaos within her body. The attack from the ocean of blood had wounded her. Later, in order to obtain power, she chose to devour the Blood of Profound Origin. Due to that, her situation grew even worse.

Xue Luosha shook a few times. Then, her body began swelling up in an incongruous manner. Chen Feng knew. This was because Xue Luosha was incapable of controlling the power within her. 

He knew that if he were to do nothing, Xue Luosha’s body might blow up. However, he also hoped that she could overcome this with her own strength. 

To be on the safe side, though, Chen Feng decided to make some preparations. His palm flicked and a Fruit of Life appeared to spin on his palm. Quickly, the fruit disappeared, transformed into a stream of pure power of life. 

This stream of power was not to be underestimated. By absorbing this stream of power, an Ageless Gold Immortal would be able to gain tens of thousands of years’ worth of cultivation effort. Naturally, the biggest use of this power of life was for healing. 

Xue Luosha’s body grew bigger and bigger. Seeing that she would not be able to control it anymore, Chen Feng sighed. He knew that he had to take action. And so, he waved his palm and the power of life in his hand became a stream of light that flowed into Xue Luosha’s body. 

On Xue Luosha’s end, she was in a terribly dangerous situation. Her body was already on the verge of blowing up from overload and she was incapable of controlling it. And so, she could not stop herself from regretting her decision to devour so much of the ocean of blood. 

Suddenly, a stream of refreshing power rapidly circulated through her body and the wounds within her body began healing at an unimaginable rate. At the same time, part of the power also flowed into her sea of wisdom, causing the power of her fleshly body and soul to rise. 

What a formidable power of life! Longevity Celestial is the one behind this! Xue Luosha was quick to understand what was happening. Thanks to this external power, she was finally able to control her body and her swelling body began returning to its normal state.

However, her body had only just returned to its normal state when the third phase of her Heavenly Tribulation appeared.

Devastation Lightning.

Thankfully, the wounds on my body have healed up. I wonder, by doing this, will Longevity Celestial be punished by the Heavensdao? Xue Luosha was grateful for Chen Feng’s appearance. If it weren’t for that, she would most certainly end up failing her tribulation. In the worst-case scenario, she would face utter obliteration. Even in the best-case scenario, her body would be destroyed and only a strand of her primary spirit would be able to escape. 

The power of this Devastation Lightning is even stronger than the Blood of Profound Origin just now. This Xue Luosha is truly too reckless. Chen Feng shook his head. While he may be able to help her out back then, what about the next time she was in danger? 


After recovering from her wounds, Xue Luosha became like a Goddess of War. Brandishing her battle lance, she stabbed forward to continuously leave large holes on the Devastation Lightning. 


The Devastation Lightning struck Xue Luosha’s body and the resulting explosion sent her tumbling. Quickly, she got to her feet and charged forward again. Once again, the Devastation Lightning struck her.


The battle lance in Xue Luosha’s hand shattered.

Chen Feng shook his head. Without saying a word, he extended a hand and flicked his fingers. Next, a Lightning Bead flew out before slowly circling around. Then, it released a wave of suction power that devoured almost all of the Devastation Lightning that descended from the tribulation clouds. 

He had formally intervened with Xue Luosha’s Heavenly Tribulation. This was somewhat similar to the Longevity Tower’s actions in the past. 

Thanks to Chen Feng’s intervention, the pressure on Xue Luosha fell by 90%. Quickly, she stabilized herself. After that, another Devastation Lightning descended. Whenever, Xue Luosha was incapable of holding on, Chen Feng would mobilize the Lightning Bead to devour the Devastation Lightning. 

Finally, Chen Feng’s actions were noticed by the Heavensdao. A thick bolt of lightning shot towards Chen Feng so quickly he was incapable of evading. 


It was crushed by one of Chen Feng’s combat puppets.

Sou! Sou!

This appeared to have provoked the Heavensdao further. A greater lightning bolt appeared. This one was even faster and stronger. Interestingly enough, Chen Feng could sense several types of lightning powers within it.

This time, Chen Feng did not let the combat puppet take action. Instead, he took the lightning attack head on. The thick bolt of lightning struck Chen Feng’s body, which shook. He seemingly became a warrior of lightning. Swiftly, though, the lightning was completely absorbed into his body and he recovered. 

“Not strong enough.” Chen Feng shook his head. A lightning attack at this level was not enough to even get past his defence.

Next up, the Heavensdao stopped attacking Chen Feng. 

Due to Chen Feng’s intervention, Xue Luosha was able to easily overcome this phase. Immediately after that, however, a beam of light poured down towards Xue Luosha. 

“It’s Devastation Light!” Chen Feng said. At the same time, he also knew that his intervention had caused a change to the Heavenly Tribulation. 


The blood energy shield protecting Xue Luosha’s body was easily broken through. 

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of booming sounds rang out and countless bloody holes appeared on Xue Luosha’s body. The concentration of the Devastation Light caused its strength to rise greatly. Sensing that, an inexplicable feeling of fear rose up from Xue Luosha’s heart. She knew that she would not be able to stop it. 

It was then that a stream of power of life surged out from within her body and the wounds on her healed up in an instant. Quickly, however, new injuries appeared again. 

The shield that Xue Luosha had brought out using the opening failed to last for even one breath’s worth of time before it was pierced through. And so, she kept evading from the Devastation Light, darting about within a small area. But this was a Heavenly Tribulation. No matter how hard she tried to evade, it was useless.

It did not take long before the power of life within Xue Luosha became utterly exhausted and her whole body became riddled with holes.


Shaking his head, Chen Feng took action again. The Longevity Shield swiftly appeared, moving forward to arrive on top of Xue Luosha. Next, the Devastation Light struck the Longevity Shield, creating a dazzling display of fireworks.

With that, Xue Luosha was able to take a breather. The wounds on her body kept healing and closing up. By the time she was able to fully recover, the Longevity Shield was already pierced through as well. 

Chen Feng frowned. Earlier, the Devastation Light had suddenly grown stronger, allowing it to pierce through his Longevity Shield. The Longevity Shield was already a mid-grade Divine artifact. If that attack had struck Xue Luosha, it would have instantly killed her off. 

It shocked Chen Feng. Having no time to think more about it, he took action. Naturally, it was not him, but the combat puppet behind him that took action. 

One of the combat puppets waved its hand and space fluctuated. Next, a barrier appeared to encase Xue Luosha. 

The combat puppet’s move was truly extraordinary. When the Devastation Light struck the barrier, a dazzling radiance flared out and popping sounds rang out. But even after a long time, it failed to break the barrier. 

The combat puppet was at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, after all. If the Devastation Light could still break open the barrier, Chen Feng could just head home. 


Another beam of Devastation Light. This time, it targeted Chen Feng. But he had long since prepared himself for it. His combat puppet took action to easily block it. 

“Phew! It’s finally over.” Observing the tribulation clouds disappear, Chen Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief. Back when the Devastation Light had suddenly descended upon him, Chen Feng had felt somewhat concerned. He was worried that his reckless action would trigger a terrifying counter attack. 

Naturally, the situation back then was also quite dangerous. If it weren’t for the combat puppets, he may not have been able to deal with it. 

“This is all because of my reduced strength. Even the Heaven Shrouding Technique is greatly weakened.” Chen Feng shook his head. Giving Xue Luosha, who was in the midst of cultivating herself, a glance, he then left the space. 

Xue Luosha had succeeded in overcoming her tribulation and advanced to the Gold Immortal stage. Moreover, they were in the Longevity Alliance’s territory. The moment anything happened, Chen Feng would be able to sense it immediately. Due to that, he did not feel too concerned. 

“Xue Luosha is now a Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng shook his head. “What a conflicting situation. On the one hand, I hope that the number of Gold Immortals in the alliance can increase. On the other hand, I hope that these fellows would stockpile their strength for a while longer.”



 1 Xue Luosha first appeared in Chapter 1065. Chen Feng had helped her out and they later joined forces for an adventure. Chen Feng met Xue Luosha again when he entered the Immortal Plane in Chapter 1103. Eventually, Xue Luosha led her sect to join Chen Feng.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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