Chapter 1403 Tree of Life Sorted


“Who?” The Dragon of Life was also known as the Ancestor Dragon. In terms of life span, it had lived for a very long time. Add its level and strength to the equation, Chen Feng was incapable of estimating just how old it was. Only, that it was enough. 

“The Longevity Tower. Have you heard of it?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“The Longevity Tower?!” the Dragon of Life exclaimed. Next, it grew shocked. Although the Dragon of Life had been spending its recent years in the chaos space, devouring the Tree of Life, it did have some knowledge about what was happening in the outside world. It had heard of the Longevity Tower back when it was still very weak.

“That can’t be right. Didn’t the Longevity Tower fall already? Besides, you are a minor half-step Gold Immortal. How could you receive the assistance of an existence like the Longevity Tower?” the Dragon of Life responded.

“Fool. You really deserve this ending. In the beginning, seeing you devour the Tree of Life, I had assumed that you are a senior expert. Unexpectedly, you would end up with the tables turned on you by the Tree of Life. Do not forget my background and my Heaven-defying constitution. Enough. I don’t have that much time to exchange nonsense with you. Right now, I need to borrow your strength. So, I hope that you do not struggle. Naturally, even if you do struggle, it would be pointless,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“No! I cannot die here! I have already survived for so long. How can I just die here? I still need to pursue a higher level of the peerless grand dao. I will not die! I cannot die!” The Dragon of Life roared. Due to the Spirit Entrapping Array, the last of the Dragon of Life’s essence power rapidly flowed away. After undergoing a series of transformations, it entered Chen Feng’s body. 

Naturally, during all of that, the one in control of Chen Feng’s body was True Monarch Turbulence. Thus, the conversation between Chen Feng and the Dragon of Life, which lasted but a split second, did not affect the battle outside. 

“Thankfully, I cultivate the dao of turbulence, otherwise how would I be able to maximize the strength of so many types of power.” True Monarch Turbulence said with a smile. Ignoring the Dragon of Life’s roars, he devoured all of the Dragon of Life as fast as possible and Chen Feng’s gigantic Chaos Gold Body grew bigger again. It shot to a height of 300,000 zhang in one fell swoop. After that, however, it rapidly shrank to return to a normal human’s height. However, it instead became even more radiant, giving off a light that illuminated their surroundings. The impact on the soul that this figure gave off made it look as though Chen Feng was infinitely big. 

This formidable impact actually shook the Tree of Life.

“You’ve refined the Dragon of Life! So quickly! How?” The Tree of Life felt everything spiralling out of its control.

“There’s more to come.” True Monarch Turbulence had already taken action. He was just an imprint. Although he could unleash a formidable burst of power, it would only last for a very short time. Should he fail to finish of the Tree of Life in the shortest possible time, he would have to think of a way to escape. 

“Endless Turbulence!”

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Facing the formidable and turbulent power of laws, the branches of the Tree of Life began snapping. Cracks began appearing on the trunk as well.

“Hu! To think that my body would be able to unleash such a formidable burst of power. A pity, this is not a power that I can control. After this is over, I will likely need a very long time to recover,” said Chen Feng, who was inside his sea of wisdom. 

The sheer amount of power displayed astounded Chen Feng. Additionally, it also concerned him. At any rate, his fleshly body was containing so much power. This would certainly bring about a side effect.

As the battle raged outside, Chen Feng did not remain idle. Instead, he swiftly thought back to the various incidents he had encountered back in the chaos space. At the same time, he also worked on refining his soul flame. As someone else was presently taking over his body, all that Chen Feng was left with was his soul essence imprint. 

During the fight between True Monarch Turbulence and the Tree of Life, the Battler Bug Empress disappeared. However, in but one tenth of a breath’s time, the Battler Bug Empress re-appeared, the two combat puppets alongside it. 

Boom! Boom!

Back then, the Tree of Life had utilized a certain technique to seal up the two combat puppets in a separate space. Now that the Battler Bug Empress had saved them from the separate space, they immediately attacked the Tree of Life. And so, the Tree of Life – having only just grown to a colossal size – ended up with several large holes on its body. Liquid life force sprayed out. 

The Battler Bug Empress did not attack. Instead, it disappeared again to re-appear somewhere in the distance. Then, it disappeared before re-appearing once again, changing its position without respite. A massive imprint would appear upon every spot that it had appeared in. In the end, energy streams emerged from the imprints to intertwine with one another to quickly form a complex pattern. Following that, the huge pattern swiftly spread out. In but the blink of an eye, it had enveloped the surrounding space. This was a dimension technique of the bug race, unique to the Battler Bug Empress. It was meant to stop the Tree of Life from escaping. 

This technique was similar to the one that the Tree of Life had utilized before. Only, the one that the Battler Bug Empress created was more bizarre. In order to utilize this secret dimension technique, the Battler Bug Empress had to exhaust a great deal of its power.

“Empress, how strong is this dimension technique of yours?” Chen Feng asked.

“If the Tree of Life is not wounded, it would have been incapable of stopping it. Now, though, it should be able to stop it for a while,” the Battler Bug Empress was quick to reply. 

“For a while. That’s not bad. However, the Tree of Life’s strength and essence are life itself. No matter how badly wounded it may be, it will be able to recover quickly. It will likely be hard to handle it.” Chen Feng grew somewhat concerned.

“Wrong.” The Battler Bug Empress gave a different assessment of the situation. 

“It is precisely because it is the Tree of Life that it will have a harder time recovering after sustaining serious injuries. Young Master, do not forget. This Tree of Life had been under the Dragon of Life’s control all this time. Even though it managed to break free, it had taken serious damage. The battle it waged against the Dragon of Life earlier was also not an easy one for it. According to my calculations, this Tree of Life’s essence is already damaged. Even after collecting it, you will need to spend a long time nurturing it back to health,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Really? Then, what are our chances of succeeding here?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

“Our chances of succeeding are very high. However, if you mobilize the power of the Longevity Tower, even if it’s not a 100% success rate, it would still be a 90% success rate.”

“You knew?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“No. It is simply something I speculated by observing your actions,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Yes. Your speculation is correct.” Chen Feng nodded.

“I do indeed still have some cards up my sleeve. Sigh! In order to deal with the Dragon of Life and Tree of Life, I’ve had to use up all of my cards.” Chen Feng sighed.

“But the harvest is great. It will all be worth it,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Assuming we succeed,” Chen Feng said, jabbing forward with a finger. Next, a small tower flew out from his glabella.

Naturally, this was not the Longevity Tower’s real body. It was just a power that the Longevity Tower had left behind. It had been hidden deep within Chen Feng’s soul all this time. Not even a Paramount Gold Immortal like True Monarch Turbulence had managed to detect it.

This was why Chen Feng had believed the Battler Bug Empress when it said that it had only figured it out through speculation. 

After flying out of Chen Feng’s body, the Longevity Tower rapidly expanded in size. The surrounding space of life was simply incapable of stopping it. Quickly, the Longevity Tower broke through the world created by the Tree of Life. In the end, it encased the Tree of Life.

Next, countless arrays flew out from the Longevity Tower before falling upon the Tree of Life. True Monarch Turbulence, who was in the midst of fighting the Tree of Life, could sense the Tree of Life’s power falling drastically. It was as though countless seals had fallen upon the tree.

“The Longevity Tower! As expected, Longevity Celestial has some more cards up his sleeve,” True Monarch Turbulence blurted out in surprise. 

This is but a clone of Sir Longevity Tower. And yet, it already possesses this much power. Looks like Sir Longevity Tower’s recovery is going very well. Despite his shock, True Monarch Turbulence made sure to pounce on the opportunity. 

“Turbulent Sealing Technique!”

Following that, True Monarch Turbulence did not utilize destructive attacks. Instead, he utilized a sealing technique. He knew that there was no value in breaking the Tree of Life. Collecting a whole Tree of Life was Chen Feng’s objective.

True Monarch Turbulence was from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Even though he cultivated the dao of turbulence, the sealing technique he used was learned from the Longevity Scripture. It was something created based on the Longevity Sealing Technique. Adding his dao of turbulence into the equation, the power of the sealing technique became even stronger.

Weng! Weng!

After the arrays that the Longevity Tower sent out made their way into the Tree of Life’s body, they rapidly spread out to seal the Tree of Life’s power.

Soon enough, one of the laws within the Tree of Life became sealed. This marked the beginning of the subjugation of the Tree of Life. After the second law was sealed, the Tree of Life’s strength began plummeting. 


Seeing that, the Battler Bug Empress took action as well. The barrier that was blocking the Tree of Life’s escape suddenly shrank, transforming into a strange-looking rune that flew into the Tree of Life. Although Chen Feng did not recognize the rune, he knew that its purpose was to seal the Tree of Life.

One by one, the Longevity Tower, True Monarch Turbulence and Battler Bug Empress unleashed sealing techniques at the Tree of Life, causing its strength to plummet by half. However, the Tree of Life only struggled with greater ferocity.

By then, the Tree of Life had realized that it would not be able to kill them. Staying behind would only result in its destruction. And so, it began thinking of ways to escape.

Bang! Bang!

The two combat puppets moved forward, their bodies growing in size as they stretched their hands out to hold the Tree of Life in an embrace. At the same time, two Longevity Lances stabbed into the trunk of the Tree of Life.  

“Looks like it’s settled!” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Yes.” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out from the Longevity Tower.

“Kid, to think that you could find the Tree of Life! For the first time ever, you have my respect!” Tower said, his voice booming.

“First time ever? What about in the past?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“None,” Tower replied bluntly.

“Whatever! You always say whatever you like.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Kid, you’ve brought out all of your trump cards this time. Next up, you will probably have to depend on your own,” Tower suddenly said.

“What do you mean by that?” Chen Feng grew startled.

“I have entered a very distant unknown space. It is a very dangerous place. I will likely not be able to come out anytime soon. So, you will have to take care of yourself.”

“Humph! Have I not been taking care of myself all this time?” Chen Feng harrumphed.

“You mentioned that it is very dangerous. Is it very dangerous even for you? I can’t imagine it. Is there even such a place in this universe?” Chen Feng then asked.

“The universe is a vast and endless place. There are many dangerous places that could destroy me even back when I was at my prime. However, danger also means great rewards. As long as I can return alive, I will be able to recover my strength again.

“This time, you’ve managed to subdue the Tree of Life and devour the Dragon of Life’s power. Given some time, you will have no problems at all advancing to the Gold Immortal stage. Once you reach that level, others will have a hard time trying to kill you. Kid, work hard. You still have a long way to go,” Tower said.

“Indeed. When compared to the long years a Gold Immortal has to spend on cultivation, I am indeed too young.” Chen Feng nodded.

“That girl from the Longevity Palace is not bad. Hopefully, when I return, you will no longer be alone,” Tower suddenly said.

“I’m used to being alone. I have more freedom this way,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Well, it’s up to you. At any rate, you still have plenty of time.”

“Eh, something’s not right! Looks like something’s happening.”

As Chen Feng was chatting with Tower, the restrained Tree of Life suddenly began burning. In the beginning, there were only strands of flames emerging from the body of the divine tree. Quickly, it became streams of flames before the flames raged furiously. 

Interestingly, the flames were white in colour. Moreover, as the flames continued to rage, the Tree of Life’s struggles grew increasingly ferocious. Its strength began recovering, from 50% to 60%. It kept rising until it reached 80% of its strength. 


A branch appeared all of a sudden, smacking the Battler Bug Empress away. The attack caused cracks to appear on its body. 

In the face of the Tree of Life’s growing power, the two combat puppets found themselves on the verge of being shaken off. Their arms began stretching. 

“Burning its life essence! Does it have to go that far?” Chen Feng mumbled in surprise.

“If it doesn’t, it will be sealed. Then, it will be gradually devoured by you. Do you think it will go all out or not?” True Monarch Turbulence said. 

“That makes sense, but I do not wish for it to resort to this method. It is exhausting its power of life here,” Chen Feng said. 


A violent booming sound shocked Chen Feng, who quickly realized what was happening. 

With a furious beat from his heart, a formidable stream of energy instantly spread through his whole body, empowering it. The stimulation brought forth by this formidable energy caused Chen Feng to jump to his feet.

“My Chaos Heart!” Chen Feng shouted.

With just one heartbeat, the Chaos Heart had consumed one tenth of its power. It was the equivalent of 10 large spirit veins. 

Cultivation wise, the power from that one heartbeat would have lasted Chen Feng for many years.

“Thankfully for the Chaos Heart!” True Monarch Turbulence’s voice rang out. 

With the help of the Chaos Heart’s power, the Tree of Life’s power was thus suppressed once more. The raging flames had been extinguished. This time, the Tree of Life was no longer capable of struggling. Its colossal body rapidly shrank. In the end, it transformed into a stream of light to flow into Chen Feng’s body. 

Chen Feng watched as a new bodily world was created within his body. At the centre of the world was the Tree of Life. The world grew rapidly while harmonizing with the other worlds. Meanwhile the Tree of Life also took root there. By then, the Tree of Life had turned obedient. There were seals and arrays all over the Tree of Life while the Longevity Tower also transformed into a phantom silhouette before flying into the Tree of Life.

As for True Monarch Turbulence, he had disappeared. He was just an imprint, after all. The fact that he could display such combat power was already beyond Chen Feng’s expectations.

“Sigh, that trump card is gone now.” Chen Feng sighed. Next, his essence imprint burst, spreading out to regain control over his body. 

His body grew limp and he nearly fell to the ground, but his two combat puppets moved over to support him, one on the left and one on the right. 

“Sigh! This feeling of losing power is really unpleasant,” Chen Feng said. Taking a deep breath, he then exhaled. By then, a wave of power had emerged from within him and he was able to stand firmly. 

“I managed to refine the Dragon of Life and obtained the Tree of Life. My harvest this time is simply too great. However, I have also greatly over exhausted my body. Despite the power of life and Chaos Constitution, I still do not know when I’ll be able to recover from this.” Chen Feng smiled wryly. 

Given how great the harvest was, though, Chen Feng believed that it would be worth it even if he had to take even more damage.

The Battler Bug Empress transformed into a stream of light before flying into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. The previous battles had also left it wounded and in need of healing.

Before that, though, the Battler Bug Empress created a bug to serve as Chen Feng’s mount.

“Come, let’s go back,” Chen Feng said as he sat on the Battler. The two combat puppets stood guard beside him. 

With the two combat puppets, even if Chen Feng were to lose all his power, no one – save Paramount Gold Immortals – would be able to harm Chen Feng.

The return trip was very smooth. That said, only after reaching the Longevity Alliance did Chen Feng breathe a sigh of relief. Even with the protection of the combat puppets, Chen Feng did worry that he might end up encountering problems. At any rate, he had obtained both the Dragon of Life and the Tree of Life. If one or two Paramount Gold Immortals were to come over as a result, it was not hard to imagine what would happen. 

“The Alliance Lord has returned!” 

Chen Feng’s return did not cause much of a stir and only a few of the higher-levelled members came to greet him. After Chen Feng gave them some instructions, they went back.

At that very moment, the Longevity Alliance had the army of Battlers and unique creatures of chaos standing guard there, making it a very well-defended place. Due to this new force, the Longevity Alliance’s territory grew again by several notches. 

Not even the Immortal Court would recklessly attack it, let alone the surrounding sects that Chen Feng did not even view as a threat.

Since the secret of him possessing an army of bugs was already exposed, Chen Feng did not collect the Battlers. With the Battlers waging wars all over the place, the Longevity Alliance’s strength soared by leaps and bounds. 

Chen Feng was aware that doing this would only cause him to be targeted by even more of the forces in the Immortal Plane. However, he did not have the luxury to care or think about it. After making some arrangements, he began working on his own recovery.

Back then, Princess Purplejade was the one who invited me to the chaos space. I wonder, what happened to her afterwards? Chen Feng thought back to Princess Purplejade.

Maybe she’ll come find me. Chen Feng sighed before continuing with his recuperation efforts. 

One month later, Chen Feng concluded his recuperation session and slowly walked out from his grotto-mansion. He had yet to recover even 10% of his strength. 

After spending that one month on his recuperation, Chen Feng had found that his wounds were not the type that would recover with just hard work. It was something that required time, a very long time. Due to that, there was a somewhat contorted expression on his face.

“I don’t even have 10% of my strength left. Tsk, tsk. I have become a genuine half-step Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng laughed.

Checking up on the Battler Bug Empress, Chen Feng’s brows furrowed again. The Battler Bug Empress was in slightly better shape than him, but it had yet to fully recover as well. Even though the Battler Bug Empress was very strong, it had yet to reach the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, after all. The previous battle had affected its essence. 

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