Chapter 1402 Scheme Vs Scheme


“I need you fellows to come in.” Suddenly, Chen Feng received a message from the Tree of Life. 

“Go in? The Dragon of Life is now seriously wounded. Can you not handle it?” Chen Feng asked suspiciously. 

“Be it defeating or driving away the Dragon of Life, I can do it. At present, however, I want to devour it. If this succeeds, I will share 30% of the Dragon of Life’s power with you. How about it? I believe there is no need for me to explain how valuable it is,” the Tree of Life said. 

“You don’t feel like a Tree of Life, more like a devil.” Chen Feng laughed.

“This deal is too attractive. I cannot refuse.”

Following that, a suction force enveloped Chen Feng. He did not resist. Instead, he brought the combat puppets and the Battler Bug Empress with him as they headed to a new battlefield.

As expected of a Paramount Gold Immortal, Chen Feng did not even feel anything abnormal as he was brought to a different place. It was a bizarre space. 

There were formidable energy waves moving about everywhere. Even with his current level of strength, Chen Feng found himself incapable of standing steadily. 

The two combat puppets and the Battler Bug Empress moved forward, placing Chen Feng in between them. Only then did Chen Feng feel the pressure on him lessening greatly. 

I’m too weak. In truth, I should not be participating in a battle of this level. One careless mistake and I will die. Still, in the face of such a great temptation, I am simply incapable of resisting. Chen Feng looked around and his gaze swiftly fell upon two clumps of energy. Those two were the manifestation of the energies belonging to the Tree of Life and Dragon of Life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that those were their wills. 

The two clumps of energy kept clashing. The one belonging to the Dragon of Life was gradually losing.

Chen Feng found himself incapable of defending against the shockwaves from their clashes. Despite the protection from the combat puppets and Battler Bug Empress, cracks kept appearing on the Longevity Combat Armour on his body. He could not even bring forth an energy shield to protect his body. 

Although the power here is very strong and turbulent, the power of life here is very thick and its grade is extremely high. It has exceeded my expectations. Chen Feng reached out and grasped. Next, a strand of crystal-like energy appeared on his palm. Then, it disappeared into his palm. 

Tsk, tsk. What a formidable power of life! Just absorbing the strand of power caused Chen Feng’s eyes to shine with light.

“Kid, you dare come here?!” A roar rang out and a massive dragon talon swept towards Chen Feng. 

Immediately, Chen Feng felt himself becoming lost in the river of life and his body was incapable of moving at all. It had seemed like an ordinary attack, but this was an attack from a Paramount Gold Immortal’s will. In comparison, Chen Feng was like a miniscule bug. 

It wasn’t until the combat puppets moved forward to stop the dragon talon that Chen Feng was able to recover, albeit slowly. Back when his body was immobile, he had sensed streams of life force entering his body, gradually giving his frozen body more vigour. 

Chen Feng was aware that it was the wondrous attribute of his Chaos Constitution. After recovering, his eyes flashed with light and transformed into two vortexes to devour the surrounding power of life non-stop. 

Amount wise, Chen Feng did not devour too much of the power there. Even so, he felt as though he would blow up from overload. His bodily worlds felt like a small pond that had been connected to a great river. It began to expand rapidly, from a small pond to a lake. Even then, it continued to expand, becoming like an ocean. 

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The rapid expansion of his bodily worlds made Chen Feng feel as though his body was tearing apart. It felt so unbearable that he felt the urge to shout loudly. After that, various magic treasures and weapons began thrumming, releasing formidable waves of power to support the development of the bodily worlds. At the same time, the various laws that Chen Feng had refined began coursing through the worlds to make them even more stable. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng’s soul flame kept bursting, transforming into countless motes of starlight. Then, every mote of starlight transformed into raging flames. Quickly, his sea of wisdom became a sea of flames. 

Unlike other flames, these flames were not hot. Instead, they contained concentrated power of life. The flames of life burned and the light of life illuminated the surrounding space. The level of Chen Feng’s soul began improving. 

Chen Feng, though, knew that this was a very dangerous situation for him. His body was like a ball. By injecting air into it, the ball could expand. However, too much air and the ball would explode. 

At the same time, he also knew that this was a rare opportunity that would only appear once in a blue moon. Every strand of the power of life he absorbed would give him a world of benefits. 

As for the matter of fighting the Dragon of Life, the Tree of Life was of course the one playing the main role. Chen Feng had already dispatched the combat puppets and Battler Bug Empress to join the fight. The most important thing that Chen Feng needed to do at the moment was to protect himself and to absorb the power of life as best he could. 

The massive dragon claw was finally broken apart. The two combat puppets and the Battler Bug Empress occupied three different positions to stop the Dragon of Life’s escape routes. 

This was in order to utterly finish off the Dragon of Life. Be it for the Tree of Life or Chen Feng, the Dragon of Life was simply too important. Although it was not as valuable as the Tree of Life, it was not that much inferior.


A stream of power appeared out of nowhere to send Chen Feng flying. Blood then flowed out from the various cracks on his body, but he instead laughed. 

The Dragon of Life did not stop attacking Chen Feng. At any rate, the combat puppets and the Battler Bug Empress were all under Chen Feng. Finishing off Chen Feng was the equivalent of finishing off the combat puppets and the Battler Bug Empress. With that, it would only have to face the Tree of Life. Even if it was no match for the Tree of Life, it would still have a chance to escape.

But even though its earlier attack struck Chen Feng, it did not have the power to kill him. With that, Chen Feng knew that the Dragon of Life’s strength had fallen drastically. 

Chen Feng stood up and the cracks on his body swiftly disappeared. The power of life surged through his whole body and he quickly became reinvigorated. The wounds that he took earlier completely healed up. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, he would have been incapable of blocking even 1% of a Paramount Gold Immortal’s power. And yet, he had managed to block the earlier attack. This was the reason why was so happy. 

Next, he opened his mouth to abruptly inhale. A faint-looking black hole appeared within his mouth to furiously absorb the surrounding power of life. It was not just the power of the Dragon of Life. A portion of the power was from the Tree of Life. 

“Kid, have you gone crazy?!” the Tree of Life was quick to say.

“Don’t be so stingy. This is just a bit of power. It is nothing for someone like you. Besides, you will be following me in the future. You’ll be providing me with the power of life for cultivation too, no?” Chen Feng responded with his divine sense.

“Humph! I am currently in the midst of a battle!” The Tree of Life then ignored Chen Feng, who continued to absorb the surrounding power of life with all his strength. 

Thankfully, he possessed the Chaos Constitution. Any other cultivator – even Divine Monarchs – would blow up from overload after devouring so much power.


Suddenly, a dragon’s roar rang out and a dragon-shaped phantom silhouette suddenly flew into Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, a branch flashed out to tie him up once more.

“What is happening?” Chen Feng shouted.

“The Dragon of Life’s essence imprint has made its way into your body.” The Tree of Life’s voice rang out. 

“In other words, the Dragon of Life has been defeated.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. 

“Yes, it is defeated.” A clump of light burst out in front of Chen Feng, transforming into the Tree of Life. Although it had the appearance of a tree, Chen Feng could sense its gaze on him. 

“Since it has been defeated, we can consider this matter concluded. According to our agreement, you will follow me in the future,” Chen Feng said while secretly searching for the Dragon of Life inside him. 

“No need to rush. I want to search for the Dragon of Life. It’s too dangerous to leave it in your body,” the Tree of Life said and one of its branches transformed into a sharp lance before stabbing towards Chen Feng. 


The branch was severed and the Battler Bug Empress stood before Chen Feng. 

“As expected,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“How could this happen?” The Tree of Life became surprised. 

Oh, no! Something’s not right! The smile on Chen Feng’s face disappeared and a hint of panic appeared in his eyes. 

The Tree of Life was surprised because it had failed to trap the Battler Bug Empress. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was panicking because he had lost contact with his combat puppets. 

“Tree of Life, did you forget the Chaos Oath you made?” Chen Feng’s body shook before growing, from a height of 90,000 zhang to 100,000 zhang. 

“It’s useless. Your level is too low. As it is, even if your strength can increase a hundred times, you are still far from a match for me,” the Tree of Life said and two branches shook. Next, green light shone from every direction and a barrier formed using the power of life began shrinking, with Chen Feng in the middle. 

At the same time, a wave of energy emerged from space and a ball of energy floated out. Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He had sensed the scent of the Chaos Oath from the ball of energy. 

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng understood. 

The ball of energy flew into the Tree of Life’s body and disappeared.

“I did indeed make a Chaos Oath, but it was a show only for you,” the Tree of Life said smugly. 

“The Chaos Oath did not fuse with chaos. Instead, it was placed in a space that you had prepared beforehand,” Chen Feng said. 

“That’s right. Did you think I was telling the truth? Putting aside the fact that you are just a minor half-step Gold Immortal, even if you are a Paramount Gold Immortal, you still do not have the qualifications to do anything to me. Enough! You may die now.” After the Tree of Life said that, its branches swung and the surrounding barrier of life shrank even faster. It would not take long before Chen Feng’s figure shrank as well. 

This was the power of spatial laws.

“Do you not know?” Chen Feng calmly said.  

“Know what?” The Tree of Life grew somewhat puzzled. It did not understand how Chen Feng could remain so calm at a time like this. 

“Once the Chaos Oath is made, it is impossible to completely control it. Although it appears as though you have managed to retract the Chaos Oath back, the Heavensdao will still be able to sense it. Even if only a minute bit of its energy spreads out, the Chaos Heavensdao will still punish you. Did you not realize that the Chaos Oath that you retracted is slightly weaker?” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“What?!” The Tree of Life shook. Clearly, Chen Feng’s words had shaken it. 


Chen Feng shouted. It was like a divine thunder of chaos. His body furiously expanded in size, growing from a height of 100,000 zhang to 130,000 zhang. After that, he swiftly pulled the Longevity Bow. The surrounding barrier of life transformed into a stream of energy that flew towards the Longevity Bow, gathering there before transforming into an arrow. 

The moment Chen Feng shouted, the Battler Bug Empress attacked. Surprisingly, the aura that it exuded was two notches stronger than before. A massive blade-like limb slashed towards the Tree of Life. The limb was so sharp that it sliced apart even the space there.

“Unexpectedly, you were hiding your strength.” The Tree of Life reacted very quickly. A thick branch struck the Battler Bug Empress’ body. At the same time, a lightning attack descended from the void. The Battler Bug Empress cried out wretchedly and its body – completely black in colour – tumbled backwards.


Chen Feng fired an attack. But before the arrow could even approach the Tree of Life, it was smacked aside. Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he swiftly appeared beside the Battler Bug Empress. 

“How are you?” he quickly asked.

“It’s the Lightning of Life. Its power is even greater than Devastation Lightning on the same level,” the Battler Bug Empress said, its body releasing wave after wave of power. The charred parts of its body swiftly disappeared.

“Do you think we can break out?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“Of course not. Even with the two combat puppets, we would likely be incapable of breaking out,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“Yes. Looks like the situation does not bode well for us. The other party prepared this scheme long ago. For the sake of the benefits, I was lured in. Even though I was prepared, I am still no match for such an existence.” Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. 

“Dragon of Life, do you plan to keep on hiding inside me forever? If you don’t take action now, when will you?” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Do you think I will take action? I will wait until you two are mutually wounded before taking action!” The Dragon of Life’s voice rang out from within Chen Feng’s body. 

“Is that so. Looks like I am in quite the pickle. First, the Tree of Life would kill me. Then, it would kill you. Is that how it is?” Chen Feng said, chuckling. 

“Regardless, I will not be taking action,” the Dragon of Life said. 


A branch swung forward, arriving before Chen Feng. Next, Chen Feng stretched his hand out to grab it. The branch that was tying his body up had been reduced to bits long ago.

“How is that possible? How did you?” The Tree of Life’s massive body shook. Clearly, it was highly shocked. 

It would not have felt shocked to see the combat puppets or the Battler Bug Empress block its attacks, but Chen Feng was a different story. 

“Is it strange?” Chen Feng said smilingly. At the same time, his gigantic Chaos Gold Body grew in size again, from a height of 130,000 zhang to 180,000 zhang. The aura his body radiated was also gradually rising. Quickly, Chen Feng’s aura of a half-step Gold Immortal changed to that of an Ageless Gold Immortal before rising again to that of a Divine Prince. 

However, it did not stop there. Instead, it shot up to the Divine Monarch level. 

By then, the Tree of Life had already sensed that the situation was not looking good. It would appear that everything was not going according to plan. Already, it was starting to stray away from its control. 


Stream after stream of purple-coloured bands of light circled around Chen Feng non-stop. He had entered the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. 


“You have the imprint of a Paramount Gold Immortal in your body!”

The first to speak up was the Tree of Life, followed by the Dragon of Life. 

By then, Chen Feng had completely handed the control of his body over to True Monarch Turbulence. This was the trump card in his hand that gave him the confidence to cooperate with the Tree of Life. 

“Senior, there is a Spirit Entrapping Array left behind by the Longevity Tower inside my body. Do you want to activate it? After refining the Dragon of Life, dealing with the Tree of Life will not be an issue.” Chen Feng’s soul essence transformed into his human shape, hovering within his sea of wisdom as he observed the battle outside. 

“The chances of success are not high enough. I am just an imprint, after all. Thankfully, the Tree of Life and Dragon of Life are both badly wounded. They have less than 10% of their strength remaining. If it weren’t for that, even with my assistance, you would be incapable of even escaping, let alone gulping them down,” True Monarch Turbulence said, activating the Spirit Entrapping Array inside Chen Feng’s body. 

The array was something that Tower had engraved into Chen Feng’s body. According to Tower, even a whole Paramount Gold Immortal can forget about escaping after entering this array. It would be even more effective against an essence imprint. 

By then, the Dragon of Life had already sensed danger. And so, it fought desperately to escape from Chen Feng’s body. Quickly, though, it became a struggle. Eventually, it began to cry loudly in dread.

“Spirit Entrapping Array! There is actually a Spirit Entrapping Array inside your body?! Just who are you?” The Dragon of Life shouted non-stop. However, it was only an essence imprint now. While the Tree of Life might still be able to display one tenth of its power, the Dragon of Life could not. 

“I am just a very ordinary half-step Gold Immortal, a minor cultivator.” Chen Feng, who was inside his sea of wisdom, laughed. 

“Naturally, the one that’s taking action right now is not me, but a Paramount Gold Immortal. As for the one who set up the Spirit Entrapping Array, that fellow is a super monstrous existence that has existed for who knows how long. You may have heard of his name before.”


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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