Chapter 1401 A Deal with the Tree of Life


Chen Feng felt somewhat puzzled. He could not figure out what the Tree of Life wanted to do. Back then, it had only brought him over without harming him. And now, it had released him. 

“I need help.” An unfamiliar voice rang out within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. 

“You are, the Tree of Life?” Chen Feng asked.  

“Yes. I need you to help me deal with the Dragon of Life. As a reward, I will select you as my master,” the Tree of Life said. 

“So good?” Chen Feng chuckled. He did not believe it.  

“This is a win-win situation for us both. You help me deal with the Dragon of Life and I will, as the number one divine tree of the universe, increase your strength. I can sense that you have more than one bodily world. By adding my power to yours, you will be able to support your bodily worlds, allowing them to expand infinitely,” the Tree of Life continued.

“Isn’t the Dragon of Life more suitable for that?” Chen Feng asked. 

“It’s not the same. The Dragon of Life is too strong. It keeps trying to devour me whole. Moreover, there isn’t that much of a connection between me and the Dragon of Life. You, on the other hand, possess the Chaos Constitution, which shares the same origin as me,” the Tree of Life said again. 

“I still find it hard to believe. I am not even a Gold Immortal, just a minor half-step Gold Immortal. How can I face experts at your level? To tell you the truth, I am afraid that you are plotting something against me,” Chen Feng said bluntly. 

“You’ve said it as well, you are far inferior to me in strength. Is there a need for me to plot against you? If I can capture you, I can also kill you. There is simply no need for me to do this,” the Tree of Life said.

“That makes sense.” Chen Feng nodded.

“The reason I chose you is because our cooperation will bring benefits to the both of us. I can help you improve your strength. As for you, the bearer of the Chaos Constitution, you will definitely have a bright future. When the time comes, I will be able to rise alongside you,” the Tree of Life continued.

“Makes sense.” Chen Feng nodded again. 

“If you do not believe me, I can make a Chaos Oath. I am someone born of chaos while you possess the Chaos Constitution. You should know the constraints that the Chaos Oath has on beings like us.” Seeing Chen Feng remain unmoved, it then brought out its strongest card.

“Alright.” Chen Feng nodded.

“I’ll believe you. Now, please make the Chaos Oath,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

An energy wave, mysterious, ancient, profound and unfathomable, radiated out from the Tree of Life. Quickly, it made its way through layer after layer of space into the depths of the universe.

Chen Feng nodded. It was indeed the Chaos Oath. Even though this was his first time seeing it, as the bearer of the Chaos Constitution, he was able to determine that this Chaos Oath was authentic. 

“How about it? You can believe me now, no?” The Tree of life’s voice rang out again. 

“I believe you. Then, how do we deal with the Dragon of Life? The other party is also a Paramount Gold Immortal, after all. I am likely incapable of rendering much assistance,” Chen Feng said. 

“Don’t worry. The Dragon of Life is currently badly wounded. However, it had been controlling me and fusing with me in the past. Due to that, even though it is now weaker than me, I have a very hard time driving it out on my own. By adding your strength into the equation, this balance will be broken. Besides, even though your level is not high enough, you have quite some good items on you. By bringing them out, you can grievously wound me and the Dragon of Life,” the Tree of Life said. 

“If so, when do I attack?” Chen Feng asked.

The Tree of Life, though, did not answer. Instead, two branches shot towards Chen Feng all of a sudden.

Sou! Sou!

The combat puppets appeared, moving forward to block the attacks. 

“You!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“That wasn’t me. Those attacks were from the Dragon of Life.” The Tree of Life’s voice quickly made its way over.

“In other words, the fight begins now.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s body grew in size, only stopping after reaching a height of 90,000 zhang. The Longevity Sword in his hand radiated with the power of slaughter and devastation. At the same time, the Battler Bug Empress also appeared in front of Chen Feng, its mountainous body charging towards the Tree of Life.  

“My will is facing the Dragon of Life’s will. I will leave the matters outside to you,” the Tree of Life said. 

“I’ll do my best,” Chen Feng said. 

This time, the Tree of Life did not answer. It had most likely met the Dragon of Life in battle. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One branch after another stretched out. But before they could approach Chen Feng, the combat puppets and the Battler Bug Empress intercepted them, cutting them into pieces. 

In but several breaths’ worth of time, no more branches appeared. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the Dragon of Life likely no longer had the extra power needed to control the Tree of Life’s body to attack him. 


Chen Feng shouted and light shone out from his eyes. Two rays of light fused as one in mid-air, transforming into a more tangible stream of light before making its way into the Tree of Life. 

A colossal dragon-shaped creature appeared within Chen Feng’s line of sight. Next, a formidable atmosphere of pressure made its way through Chen Feng’s gaze to put pressure on him. Pain assailed his eyes and he had to close them. Following that, blood trickled down both his eyes. 

“The dao of paramountcy. It is truly something I am incapable of prying into,” Chen Feng said. He stopped investigating the Tree of Life. He had already seen the Dragon of Life. 

“Do I attack the Tree of Life?” Chen Feng hesitated. Now that the branch attacks had stopped, he did not know what to do. 

“I can lock down the Dragon of Life,” the Battler Bug Empress suddenly said. 

“Very well! Use soul attacks!” After Chen Feng said that, the Battler Bug Empress and the two combat puppets unleashed formidable waves of soul energy. Only, the combat puppets were but puppets, after all. While they did retain some soul power, there was too much of a difference between their present soul power and their past soul power. It was weaker compared to the Battler Bug Empress’ attack.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The energy waves entered the Tree of Life, prompting a series of booming sounds. At the same time, some wretched cries could also be heard coming from within. 

“Good! The effect is very good!” The Tree of Life shook excitedly. 

“Keep it up. I may be able to turn the tables and devour the Dragon of Life instead!” The Tree of Life sent Chen Feng a message, a slight hint of excitement in its voice.

Chen Feng did not answer. The combat puppets and Battler Bug Empress continued attacking.

The Tree of Life swayed with greater ferocity. Chen Feng, meanwhile, continued to hold the Longevity Sword, preparing for an attack. 


Suddenly, a divine dragon charged out from the Tree of Life. The roar it released slammed a combat puppet away. The other combat puppet swiftly rushed forward, pinning the divine dragon onto the ground with its Longevity Lance. 

“A clone at the Divine Monarch level. Looks like the Dragon of Life could already feel danger. However, one Divine Monarch is not enough.” Chen Feng scoffed. The Battler Bug Empress moved forward to quickly cut the divine dragon into several pieces before gulping them up.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Something happened and Chen Feng felt a chill running through his whole body. With that, he knew that danger had come. Next, he watched as several dragon-shaped streams of energy sprayed out from the Tree of Life. Then, each of the streams of energy transformed into a divine dragon. Roaring, they charged forward. Surprisingly, every one of them was a Divine Monarch as well. 

“The Dragon of Life has the title of Ancestor Dragon. Looks like this will be difficult,” Chen Feng said, brandishing the Longevity Sword at one of the divine dragons. 

One divine dragon alone was able to exert a mountainous pressure down on Chen Feng. To his surprise, the Battler Bug Empress was actually capable of blocking three divine dragons. Moreover, it would appear that the Battler Bug Empress had the upper hand. As for the remaining divine dragons, there were all taken care of by the two combat puppets. 

Swinging the Longevity Sword, Chen Feng put all his formidable sword techniques on display to take on the other party head on. Given his current level, he knew that he was still no match for a Divine Monarch. Even so, stopping one for a short while should not be an issue. 

As expected, after several rounds, Chen Feng gradually found himself incapable of holding on. It was then that the Battler Bug Empress’ blade-like limb flashed out to cut the divine dragon fighting Chen Feng into two. Next, the two combat puppets moved forward at the same time. The Longevity Lances flashed out and the divine dragon’s body was decimated. In the end, it transformed into a torrential stream of energy that the Battler Bug Empress devoured.

As the Dragon of Life, it possessed not only a formidable life essence power, but also the overbearing genes and power of divine dragons. More, it also possessed some of the wondrous attributes of the Ancestor Dragons.

The power of the Dragon of Life and Tree of Life was a great, Heaven-defying supplement. Chen Feng could directly devour it for his cultivation. As for the Bug Empresses of the bug race, they could – by absorbing this power – advance or create even stronger bugs. 

After finishing off the divine dragons, Chen Feng prepared himself for more battles. However, it would appear that the Dragon of Life no longer had any power to attack him. And so, Chen Feng utilized his eye technique again to see the Dragon of Life’s body. Unlike earlier, the Dragon of Life’s body had shrunk by several notches. Moreover, Chen Feng also did not receive an attack from its aura. 

Looks like it has become a one-sided situation. I wonder, is it settled? Chen Feng nodded, knowing that the Dragon of Life would lose for certain here. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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