Chapter 1399


Chen Feng hid himself, but he did not work on refining the Chaos Heart. Instead, he worked on healing the wounds that he had sustained in the previous battle. 

This time, though, he did not spend long on his recuperation before a message from the Battler Bug Empress interrupted him. 

“I found the corpse of a Paramount Gold Immortal!” Hearing that, Chen Feng ended his cultivation session. Keeping his grotto-mansion, he swiftly flew up into the sky. 

He did not ask the Battler Bug Empress for the specific location. He could already clearly sense the power of Paramount laws. 

A power, gentle yet pulsating without end, was reverberating within the space. Due to that, more and more cultivators were alarmed. 

Looks like there’ll be another competition, Chen Feng mumbled.

A total of 13 colossal stone statues slowly rose up within the chaos space. Every stone statue radiated waves of fleeting power that swept into its surroundings, seemingly without suffering any loss of power.

Every one of the 13 stone statues had different appearances. However, all of them were unique creatures. Additionally, they were scattered all over the place. Chen Feng only hesitated briefly before rushing towards the Battler Bug Empress’ location.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the Battler Bug Empress – leading its Battlers – had already surrounded a stone statue. There weren’t many other forces there and the few cultivators that came would be either driven away or killed by the army of Battlers. 

A total of 13 stone statues had appeared this time, after all. Most of the cultivators there would not want to face the strongest force in this chaos space head on. 

Even after Chen Feng arrived, the stone statue continued to rise up. Only after reaching a height of nine million zhang did it stop. Just like that, it stood upright between Heaven and Earth and an invisible and formidable atmosphere of majesty swept outwards. Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. By now, he could already confirm that this stone statue contained the corpse of a Paramount Gold Immortal. However, it was encased flawlessly within a layer of stone that cut off 99% of its power from the outside. 

Do we have to break the stone statue to obtain the corpse of the Paramount Gold Immortal? Chen Feng was somewhat puzzled. Looking elsewhere, he saw that some of the cultivators had already begun attacking the stone statues.

“Attack!” There were 13 stone statues. Chen Feng wanted to snatch a few more of them. And so, he issued the order to the Battlers. 

The stone statue in front of Chen Feng had the appearance of a violent ape. Despite being sealed in stone, it remained life-like. It was roaring skywards, releasing an infinite air of courage. 

Chen Feng swiftly retracted his gaze. This stone statue appeared to possess a magic power. Looking at it for too long made him feel like his soul would become trapped within it. 

Following Chen Feng’s order, over 10,000 Battlers charged forward. These Battlers were not combat-type Battlers. Rather, they were made specifically for mining operations. The pincers of the 10,000 plus Battlers were sharper than the combat-type Battlers. And yet, when striking the surface of the stone statue, they failed to leave even a mark. 

The 10,000 Battlers were at the Heavenly Immortal stage.

Frowning, Chen Feng replaced them with 10,000 half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers. At the same time, even the Gold Immortals and unique creatures also rushed forward.

As expected, this time, marks appeared on the surface of the stone statue. However, they were but marks. They could not even be considered as cracks. 

“As expected of something left behind by a Paramount Gold Immortal. It truly is indestructible,” Chen Feng praised. That said, he had a high enough number of subordinates. It was not something that the other cultivators could match up to. 

Looking around, Chen Feng saw that a high number of cultivators was gathering up at each of the stone statues. Some cultivators attacked the stone statues while some slowly investigated them. Some even attacked the others to snatch the stone statues. But for the time being, none of them had managed to break open the stone statue. Even an all-out attack from a Divine Monarch could only leave a crack on the stone statue. For the statue with a height of nine million zhang, a minor crack was nothing. 

“It'd be bad if the Paramount Gold Immortals are lured over. Combat puppets, attack the same spot!” Chen Feng dispatched the two combat puppets. 


The combat puppets moved forward and the Longevity Lances in their hands shot forward to stab into the stone statue. Next, web-like cracks spread out. Following that, the surface of the stone statue became like fragments peeling off a wall, revealing the fleshly body of a Paramount Gold Immortal. As a result, an aura that was 10 times stronger than before radiated outwards, alarming the cultivators who were elsewhere.

“So, that’s how it is. Put more power into it!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. 

Seeing what was happening, though, some cultivators could not stop themselves from charging over. 

“They seriously do not understand the meaning of death. Even after having cultivated up to this level, is their ability to discern so lacking?” Chen Feng scoffed. He simply sent out a group of Battlers to stop them. 

With the actions of the combat puppets and the help of the hundreds of Gold Immortal stage unique creatures, most of the layer of stone on the stone statue was swiftly stripped away. 


One of the combat puppet’s lance struck the glabella of the violent ape and a halo of light radiated outwards. One halo after another spread out and all the remaining layer of stone fell off the stone statue. 

Majestic and powerful, a unique creature that had existed during primordial times appeared before Chen Feng in a domineering manner. The highly lofty aura it exuded seemed to be looking down on everything, causing Chen Feng to become excited.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

This invisible atmosphere assailed them and the Battlers and unique creatures were sent flying. Only the two combat puppets were able to remain unperturbed. Even Chen Feng could feel something formidable impacting his heart, giving him so much pressure that he felt suffocated.

Enduring the pressure, Chen Feng began using the Dimension Sealing Technique. However, he failed several times in a row. In the end, only after the corpse was done releasing its aura was Chen Feng able to – with the assistance of the two combat puppets – seal up the colossal corpse of the Paramount Gold Immortal. The nine-million-zhang tall corpse rapidly shrank to finally transform into a piece of crystal that fell into Chen Feng’s hand. With a flick of his hand, Chen Feng then kept the crystal. 

“Kill!” Following Chen Feng’s order, the combat puppets took action to swiftly disperse the cultivators who came to stir up troubles. 

After having dealt with one of the stone statues, Chen Feng then turned his sights on the other stone statues. 

The one that he had collected earlier was a violent ape. After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng led his army towards a stone statue that looked like a giant elephant. 

There were over 10,000 cultivators around this stone statue, most of them cultivators from the Immortal Plane. There were three Divine Monarchs, 30 Divine Princes and even a certain number of Ageless Gold Immortals. When they saw Chen Feng’s army charging towards them, their faces sank. They did not want to give up on the stone statue, but they were also incapable of stopping Chen Feng’s army. And so, one of the Divine Princes drummed up the courage to step forward and speak up only for one of the combat puppets to kill him with one stab of its lance.

“Scram far away if you don’t want to die. I want this statue,” Chen Feng said. 

“Longevity Celestial, don’t be too arrogant! You have already obtained one stone statue, what else do you want?” one of the Divine Monarchs said coldly. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and 100,000 half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers transformed into human form. Every one of them wielded a longbow. Next, 100,000 arrows shot towards that Divine Monarch. 

The Divine Monarch responded by waving his hand and the 100,000 arrows were crushed. After that, though, he swiftly ran away. He knew that Chen Feng would mobilize the combat puppets next.


Having experienced how to do it once, Chen Feng was able to quickly deal with this stone statue as well.

Next up, Chen Feng mobilized his army to collect the stone statue of a ravenous tiger, 

Every one of them was a corpse of a Paramount Gold Immortal. With that, Chen Feng managed to obtain 7 out of the 13 stone statues. As Chen Feng was about to attack the 8th stone statue, several Divine Monarchs began working together to collect one of the stone statues.

Observing Chen Feng’s actions, these fellows also began searching for the weaknesses of the stone statues. It did not take long before the remaining stone statues were all divided between them. 

Chen Feng, though, had obtained over half of the stone statues. Due to that, the other cultivators cast predator-like gazes at him, their eyes red with envy.

Chen Feng scoffed and simply ordered his army to head forward. He did not care if someone would try to trouble him. Anyone that came too close to him would be attacked by the Battlers. In Chen Feng’s opinion, anyone moving towards the army would be the equivalent of committing suicide.

“Longevity Celestial! Hand over the corpses and you can leave!” a Divine Monarch shouted loudly. 

“That’s right! You are not qualified to have that many corpses. Hand them over and we can spare your life,” another Divine Monarch said as well.

“Fellows, we need to work together. I only need one corpse.”

“You want a corpse for yourself? That won’t do. There are too many of us Divine Monarchs here. We’ll be incapable of dividing the corpses between us that way.”

“Stop arguing. Let’s grab the corpses first.”


Chen Feng didn’t care how many people there were on other side. With but one order from him, 60 Gold Immortal stage Battlers and one million half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers assumed a formation and charged.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

A total of 500,000 arrows flew out to envelop the surrounding space.

“Open a way for me, no matter the cost.” Chen Feng gave the order to the Battler Bug Empress.

“Yes.” The Battler Bug Empress was quick to respond. 

“Young Master, should we attack as well?” The Starlight Overlord Beast stepped forward. The Gold Immortal stage unique creatures were not participating in this attack. Due to that, the attack of the army of Battlers was not as strong as before.

“Wait first.” Chen Feng shook his head. In Chen Feng’s opinion, losing some of the Battlers was an acceptable loss. The number of resources they had obtained from this chaos space was enough for the Battler Bug Empress to create just as many Battlers as they had lost. On the other hand, every death of a unique creature was a permanent loss.

For that reason, Chen Feng decided to use the army of Battlers to wear down the opposing force’s momentum. The unique creatures would only be mobilized during critical moments. 

Before he could do that, however, some newly-arrived forces caused the situation to become even more chaotic. 

A group consisting of 10,000 cultivators suddenly attacked the Immortal Plane’s cultivators. At the same time Chen Feng received a secret vocal transmission from them. “Friend Longevity Celestial, we are the allied forces of the Blood Plane and Demon Plane!”

“Young Master, we have arrived! Please command us!” These were the soldiers from the Boundless Corps.

“Ha ha ha ha! Longevity Celestial, it’s been a long time. I didn’t think you would become such an imposing figure.” This person was also one of Chen Feng’s childhood friends. Unlike Jian Jun and the others, this fellow was a very close friend like Magiris.

“Kid, I’m here. Do you need my help?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked to receive a vocal transmission from the Dark Kirin. 

“Why are you here? Don’t you need to defend the Dark Plane? Did the Slaughterers somehow manage to take down the Dark Plane?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course not. This is just my clone. I had come to the Immortal Plane to do something, but I inadvertently entered this place. I didn’t think I’d meet you here,” the Dark Kirin replied. 

In addition, Chen Feng also received some other vocal transmissions. Some were the allies of the Boundless Corps and some were his close childhood friends.

Upon arriving, they immediately joined the battle, lightening the pressure on Chen Feng’s side. 

“Attack!” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Starlight Overlord beast and the other unique creatures immediately charged forward. This was the charge of 400 Gold Immortals. As a result, the enemy camp fell into an even more chaotic state.

“Ha ha ha! Longevity Celestial, you still have such a fierce personality!” This cultivator was from the Celestial Greatness Plane, named Tian Gang. Although he was from the same Celestial Plane as Zhu Feng, Tian Gang had quite a good relationship with Chen Feng. He was a Gold Immortal. Moreover, he also had quite a decent force with him. And now, he chose to ally with Chen Feng. 

Finally, the army under Chen Feng carved a bloody path out, breaking their way through many obstructions as they did. After that, he smashed his way out of the chaos space.

Returning to the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng looked behind and saw that the chaos space was rapidly collapsing. In his opinion, the disappearance of the resources there was the main reason driving the collapse. The loss of the 13 stone statues, in particular, had hastened the rate of its collapse.

“Longevity Celestial, how have you been?” Tian Gang laughed as he arrived before Chen Feng. There were also some other cultivators beside him. They were from the Celestial Absolute Plane, Celestial Netherking Plane and some other Celestial Planes. These fellows were all taking a stance, revealing that they were Chen Feng’s friends.

“Fellows, it has been a while,” Chen Feng said with a smile. Quickly, however, the expression on his face sank and he shouted, “Get away!”

A stream of spatial turbulence suddenly surged towards Chen Feng and the others and the two combat puppets moved to stand defensively before Chen Feng.

Next, the spatial turbulence spread out right before the two combat puppets. It was like a torrent of water striking a massive boulder, one that could not be budged.

However, the turbulent streams of power that spread out swept through Chen Feng and the others. Through this incident, the difference in strength between them all was put on display. Divine Monarchs put on quite a miserable sight as they were forced to give ground, but they were not wounded by it. Some Divine Princes, on the other hand, were wounded. In fact, some were even badly wounded. Unsurprisingly, the regular Ageless Gold Immortals were also badly wounded. Some died. As for the Heavenly Immortals, even those that were farther away would be ripped apart the moment they were swept into the streams of spatial turbulence. 

The talented cultivators like Chen Feng and Tian Gang, though, showed no hint of panic. They displayed various techniques to back away. Chen Feng, meanwhile, stood behind his combat puppets, not moving an inch. 


Suddenly, a branch – not particularly thick in appearance but highly resilient – appeared to wrap around Chen Feng’s waist. Chen Feng was quick to react, sending a sword beam out to strike the branch instantly. At that very moment, Chen Feng found out just how resilient the branch was. His attack was strong enough to kill even some Ageless Gold Immortals. And yet, it failed to leave even a mark on the branch. 

The combat puppets were no slouch either. The lance from one of the combat puppets swept out and the branch was severed. But a purple-coloured light flashed out and the branch recovered.

Next, the branch tied Chen Feng up and slipped back into the spatial crack. The two combat puppets became like beams of light as they gave chase. However, the unique creatures and Battlers were left behind.


Tian Gang and the others grew dumbfounded. By the time they were able to recollect themselves, Chen Feng had already disappeared.

“Longevity Celestial was taken away.”

“What was it?”

“It looked like the Tree of Life.”

“Didn’t the Tree of Life run away due to the pursuit of the Paramount Gold Immortals? Why did it re-appear here?”

“Yes. It also captured Longevity Celestial. That Tree of Life is a Paramount Gold Immortal. Longevity Celestial is in trouble. What do we do?”

Note: The raws for Chapters 1396-1398 do not exist. I'm guessing the author made a mistake in labelling the chapters and just went with it.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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