Chapter 1395 Chaos Heart


“Longevity Celestial, you are being too overbearing here! You cannot just monopolize this spirit vein for yourself!” The one who said that was Jian Jun. The force from the Celestial Tranquillity Plane was participating in the fight for the spirit vein as well. 

“Those words alone tell me that you will not go far. You have no way to even compare yourself with me.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from amidst all the streams of chaos energy. 

Jian Jun grew highly infuriated and he promptly pulled his longbow, aiming it at Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng simply ignored him. Seeing that, Jian Jun took several deep breaths before slowly allowing the longbow to curve back to its original form. 

There was no one standing guard beside Chen Feng, but a foreboding feeling had emerged from Jian Jun’s heart. It felt as though the one who would die following his arrow attack would not be Chen Feng, but him. 

Retracting his longbow, Jian Jun then felt a crack appear on his dao heart.

This is bad! Fear has emerged within me. This will affect my cultivation. Only by killing Longevity Celestial will I be able to recover from this! The expression on Jian Jun’s face flickered before turning resolute. Then, he pulled his longbow and fired an attack at Chen Feng.

Even as the arrow was flying forward, a great hand grabbed and shattered it to bits. One of the combat puppets took a step forward, re-appearing in front of the force from the Celestial Tranquillity Plane. The Longevity Lance in its hand swung to create lance silhouettes that shot towards Jian Jun. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three Divine Monarchs moved forward simultaneously to stop the combat puppet’s attack. In the end, though, Jian Jun and the Divine Monarchs were sent flying. Although they were not killed by it, the attack did leave them badly wounded.

“Trash!” Chen Feng said. 

I should have no issues undergoing my tribulation now. The thought emerged from Chen Feng’s mind, but was quickly suppressed. At present, his cultivation base was rapidly rising. This was the best time to cultivate himself. He could not let a single moment go to waste.

Although his magic treasures could no longer advance again anytime soon, there was nothing to prevent them from devouring more power to increase their level of accumulation. Additionally, his bodily worlds had no limit. It was possible for it to keep on expanding to the point of becoming universes.

Chen Feng had wanted to keep on cultivating, but he could not. In the end, the spirit vein was finally gone, divided between them all. At any rate, no matter how big a spirit vein may be, it could not last in the face of so many forces.

Next up, Chen Feng’s army moved forward again. They found two more large spirit veins, but they were slightly too late. The number of cultivators entering the chaos space was becoming increasingly high and the resources within the chaos space were rapidly disappearing. 

Finally, one of the Battlers reported that it had found a super-large spirit vein, one that had yet to be discovered by others. 

The Battler Bug Empress had created many types of Battlers. One of them was made specifically for the sake of seeking of treasures. It was precisely this treasure-seeking Battler that had discovered the spirit vein. 

This spirit vein is comparable to a hundred normal spirit veins. Its grade is very high, already at the Divine tier. Even Paramount Gold Immortals would fight over the energy within such a spirit vein. Moreover, it is very common for such a large spirit vein to have a Chaos Heart.

Simply put, the Chaos Heart was a clump of energy. Only, this clump of energy was of a higher level; purer and infinitely close to the primordial chaos. For ordinary cultivators, refining and absorbing the Chaos Heart would allow them to undergo a bodily rebirth. They would even obtain some of the attributes of the Chaos Constitution. Although it still could not be compared to a genuine Chaos Constitution, it would still surpass some other constitutions. 

That was just for ordinary cultivators. 

For those with special constitutions, refining and absorbing this Chaos Heart would bring about an even greater effect. As for Chen Feng, who possessed the Chaos Constitution, the benefits of refining and absorbing the Chaos Heart exceeded that of devouring a hundred spirit veins. 

What kind of effect would absorbing a hundred spirit veins into his body bring? Chen Feng could not even begin to imagine it. 

Thinking of the Chaos Heart caused his heart to instantly become aflamed. And so, he swiftly issued one order after another and the army of Battlers and unique creatures began moving forward. Forming an arc shape, they advanced. 

Finally, Chen Feng arrived at the spirit vein’s location. There were several reasons as to why it could remain undiscovered for this long. Firstly, there was a natural barrier there that stopped the spiritual energy there from spreading out. Secondly, the mountain there was very ordinary. It was quite the inconspicuous-looking place. Thirdly, the super-large spirit vein was located quite deep in the ground. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and the army of Battlers moved forward to quickly clear up part of the mountain covering the spirit vein. Their actions revealed a medium-large spirit vein.  

The super-large spirit vein was hidden beneath this medium-large spirit vein. 

“It is very well hidden,” Chen Feng said with a smile. For the other Gold Immortals, obtaining the spirit vein here might be somewhat difficult. But for Chen Feng, who possessed an army, this was not an issue. No matter how big the mountain range may be, in the face of over a billion Battlers, it would be levelled in a short time.  

The Battlers designed to lead the way took the lead, swiftly making a passageway for Chen Feng, who led the two combat puppets inside. 

It had to be said, Chen Feng’s army was simply too big. Every move they make would attract the attention of others. That was especially so now that he was gathering up his entire army. The gazes of the other cultivators shifted over. However, when they saw that it was a medium-large spirit vein, they lost interest.

In their opinion, it was not worth fighting Chen Feng and his army over a spirit vein of this size. Everyone knew that – here in this chaos space – Chen Feng was not to be trifled with. 

After losing interest in it, though, some cultivators swiftly grew suspicious. Even so, their hesitation bought Chen Feng some time. 

“No, that’s not a medium-large spirit vein! It is a super-large spirit vein! It is several times bigger than the large spirit vein from back then!” someone shouted, immediately causing a stir. 

“It is very common for a spirit vein of this size to have a Chaos Heart. I believe there is no need for me to say what functions the Chaos Heart possesses, no?”

Hearing the words ‘Chaos Heart’, all the cultivators there grew excited. A super-large spirit vein and the Chaos Heart. Those two broke down their feelings of wariness towards facing Chen Feng. Not to mention, as news of the spirit vein spread out, even more cultivators were lured over. 

“Fellows! I believe everyone here understands the situation here. If we do not work together, we will surely be incapable of breaking through the army of Battlers!” someone took the lead to speak up. 

“Join forces!”

“That’s right, join forces!”

“Snatch over the Chaos Heart! Snatch over the super-large spirit vein!”

“The spirit vein does not belong to Longevity Celestial alone! It is ours! Since we are here, we have the qualifications to get a share of it!”

“Distribute the super-large spirit vein!”

“If Longevity Celestial obtains the Chaos Heart, his cultivation base will surely advance by leaps and bounds. I recall that Longevity Celestial is someone who remembers old grudges. In the future, he will surely come settle the score with us. This is a good opportunity for us!”

“Attack! We cannot stop here!”

In the face of both interest and pressure, some cultivators began charging towards the army of Battlers. The moment some cultivators took action, more followed. And although the number of Battlers was very high, they could not stop the combined might of all these cultivators who came from various places. In the face of the cultivators’ assault, the Battlers began retreating steadily. 

That said, despite the fact that the Battlers could not stop the other party, they did not disperse. Instead, they retreated back into a magic array that they had set up beforehand. There, they were able to unleash a greater power to stop the other party. 

The Gold Immortal stage unique creatures also joined the army of Battlers. They did not go all out to fight the other party. Instead, they simply worked on entangling the other party. 

That said, it would appear as though it was just a matter of time before the other party made their way through. 

“The Chaos Heart! If Longevity Celestial gets his hand on it, we will…” The few leading figures from the Celestial Planes who had attacked Chen Feng earlier discussed the issue. Despite not stating it, they knew what was on each other’s mind. And so, they too, began taking action. 

On Chen Feng’s end, he had already made his way through the medium-large spirit vein and enter the super-large spirit vein. Sensing the concentrated energy around him, every part of his body quivered in excitement. He wanted so badly to stop and take in large gulps of the energy there. But he knew that this was not the time to stop. His objective was the Chaos Heart. 

The 100,000 half-step Gold Immortals who were following Chen Feng, on the other hand, acted as porters. They began to furiously plunder the spirit stones around them.  

“Have you found the Chaos Heart?” Chen Feng asked the Battler Bug Empress. 

“No. According to my analysis, this spirit vein should have a Chaos Heart, but I have yet to sense it,” the Battler Bug Empress replied. 

“Then, hurry up and find it,” Chen Feng said. By borrowing part of the Battler Bug Empress’ power, Chen Feng was able to find out what was happening outside. He knew that he did not have much time for this. 

“Open the way for me.” Chen Feng gave the two combat puppets the order.

Boom! Boom!

The two combat puppets casually swung the lances in their hands and the spirit stones containing chaos energy up ahead became like shattering crystals, making it easier to absorb and transport. Quickly, one passageway after another spread outwards.

“I think I sense the Chaos Heart,” the Battler Bug Empress hastily said. 

“I sense it too. More accurately, my body sense it. However, the Chaos Heart’s power only gave off a slight energy wave.” Chen Feng grew excited. What he sensed earlier was not an illusion. Although brief, he was certain that there was a Chaos Heart here.

And so, the two combat puppets attacked with greater ferocity. Large swaths of the spirit vein around them were shattered and the Battler Bug Empress made use of the opportunity to collect the pieces of energy. It used the energy to create more Battlers before releasing them out. It did not take long before an additional 100,000 half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers emerged. 

Unlike the others, the 100,000 Battlers did not work on transporting the spirit stones there. Instead, they spread out in search of the Chaos Heart. 

“One hundred thousand is not enough. Send the other hundred thousand to search as well,” Chen Feng suddenly said. By then, some of the cultivators outside had broken through the defence line formed by the army of Battlers. They began bombarding the medium-large spirit vein above. 


The medium-large spirit vein was shattered apart and the cultivators who arrived later snatched all the spirit stones. After that, they began bombarding the super-large spirit vein. 

Chen Feng could sense the reverberations from the attacks outside. 

“Found it!”

“Found it!”

Chen Feng and the Battler Bug Empress spoke up at almost the same time. Following that, Chen Feng dashed forward with a speed that surpassed even that of lightning. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Feng’s body released booming sounds of joy while exerting a wondrous suction power. To Chen Feng’s surprise, this suction power was somewhat different from devouring power. It was more like a pulling power. This had never happened before. 

Is this also one of the Chaos Constitution’s powers? Could it be pulling the Chaos Heart over? Chen Feng wondered.

In the beginning, it had been but a speculation. Quickly, though, Chen Feng was able to determine it to be true. The pulling power was truly pulling something over.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

It felt like a beating heart, like a war drum beating from the depths of hell. Hearing the sound, Chen Feng then forgot about all else and his body began responding to it. 

“It’s the Chaos Heart!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Although he had yet to actually see the Chaos Heart, it had appeared within his sea of wisdom. Moreover, an uncontrollable feeling also came over his heart.

His heart became one with the beating sound. He had finally found it. 

Like the mass of primordial chaos at the very beginning of the universe, the beating sound came from it. It was as though a universe was brewing within. And yet, Chen Feng could sense the Chaos Heart within it. 

“It actually has the same shape as my heart. Could it be due to the Chaos Constitution?” Chen Feng’s eyes shone brighter.

“Longevity Celestial! Don’t even think about getting the Chaos Heart!” By then, someone had already found Chen Feng. The combat puppets charged forward. But after they killed off two Divine Princes, several Divine Monarchs managed to hold them down.

Outwardly, Chen Feng appeared to be ignoring them. However, he sped up, rushing towards the Chaos Heart. 

Sou! Sou!

Two Divine Princes rushed forward to stop Chen Feng. At the same time, two more Divine Princes rushed towards the Chaos Heart.

“There sure are a lot of people here,” Chen Feng said. 

Puchi! Puchi!

The Battler Bug Empress descended from above and its blade-like limbs swept out to cut the two Divine Princes into two before gulping them down. Next, golden light shot out from its eyes to pierce the other two Divine Princes.

“Empress, I’ll leave it to you,” Chen Feng said. 

“Not a problem.” The Battler Bug Empress’ body abruptly grew bigger, becoming like a mountain that had existed for countless years. Its huge and sharp limbs swung again followed by beams of Ageless Light. And so, the group of cultivators that charged forward were all killed. 

Even though it was not yet at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, the strength of the Battler Bug Empress had surpassed that of most Divine Monarchs. Additionally, the Battler Bug Empress was the ruler of the Battlers. Its will to do battle exceeded that of most other living beings.

With the Battler Bug Empress there to stop them, Chen Feng was able to arrive before the Chaos Heart. Before he could even figure a way to seize the Chaos Heart, the pulling power radiating from his body abruptly grew stronger. Following that, the Chaos Heart was instantly enveloped by a formidable power and it flew into Chen Feng’s body. Next, the Chaos Heart fused with his heart, shocking him further. 


One heartbeat. 

Chen Feng felt an incomparably formidable power coursing through his whole body in an instant and his body grew bigger before shrinking down. The power was simply too strong. It had nearly blown him up. 

“What a formidable power!” Chen Feng blurted out words of praise. After that, though, he grew worried. That was just one heartbeat. Should it continue to beat, he would be incapable of absorbing so much power. In the end, it would overload him and blow him up. 

If this was before, Chen Feng would have been able to exert control over his own heart. At that very moment, however, the situation was different. Fusing with the Chaos Heart was the equivalent of gathering up 100 spirit veins together and shoving it into his heart. It was only thanks to the special attributes of the Chaos Heart and his Chaos Constitution that he did not blow up on the spot.

Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. His heart was moving again. 

This is bad! I can only do this. Chen Feng jumped forward. At the same time, he sensed that his strength and agility had grown much stronger. He had wanted to rush forward and attack a Divine Prince. However, due to the excess strength, he failed to control his movements and instead smashed into the other party. 


The Divine Prince burst into a cloud of blood. 


Finally, the heart issued its second heartbeat. The resulting power was so strong, it resembled the explosion of a star. Once again, the power coursed through every part of Chen Feng’s body. Just as Chen Feng was about to blow up from overload, a Divine Monarch appeared before him. The Divine Monarch stretched his hand out to grab Chen Feng. 


The power within Chen Feng’s body found an outlet, allowing it a place to vent. Immediately, power gushed out furiously and the Divine Monarch was blasted away. 

Chen Feng then felt the load on his body lightening. 

“This Divine Monarch is my saviour. In order to show you my thanks, I’ll kill you,” Chen Feng said, rushing towards the Divine Monarch. Along the way, several Divine Princes had wanted to stop Chen Feng only to be repelled with his movements alone. 

With the support of the Chaos Heart’s power, Chen Feng’s combat power became over 10 times stronger. 


Another Divine Prince was struck by Chen Feng and his body instantly burst apart.

Finally, Chen Feng caught up to the Divine Monarch and landed a punch on his body. For Chen Feng, a Divine Monarch was still an exalted existence that he would not be able to take on alone. At that very moment, though, his punch sent the Divine Monarch flying. 

“This power!” Chen Feng became intoxicated within the ocean of power. Unfortunately, this was more towards pure power. It was lacking in the corresponding laws. Due to that, Chen Feng’s attack was only able to send the Divine Monarch flying and not kill him. 

That said, Chen Feng would have no issues dealing with the Divine Princes. 


Another heartbeat.

Chen Feng charged towards the incoming cultivators, knocking two Divine Princes away before throwing out a punch. In the face of the fist power, two more Divine Princes had their bodies disintegrated.

“He has fused with the Chaos Heart! His strength has increased greatly! We are no match for him!”

“Divine Monarchs! Hurry up and take action!”

“You fool? Didn’t you see him blow away the Divine Monarch earlier?”

“There are so many of us, there is no need to fear him! So what if he has fused with the Chaos Heart? This is just temporary.” 

“That’s right! Attack together!”

The situation became increasingly turbulent. The cultivators charging in were all targeting Chen Feng. However, not only did Chen Feng possess a high number of subordinates, his own strength had also risen. 

A chaotic clash erupted and both the army of Battlers and human cultivators suffered from mounting casualties. 

These fellows aside, there were more who knew that they had no hope of snatching over the Chaos Heart. These fellows instead chose to snatch up the super-large spirit vein. 


Chen Feng’s heart continued to beat. In order to prevent his body from blowing up, all Chen Feng could do was to attack non-stop. After 10 heartbeats, the number of Divine Princes who had fallen under Chen Feng’s hands had exceeded 20. 

Chen Feng had never felt such exhilaration before while killing his enemies. While fighting, he also clashed with some other Divine Monarchs a few times. In the end, he came to a conclusion. With enough strength, it was possible to change the laws. If it weren’t for that, strength alone would not have helped him deal with Divine Monarchs.

In the end, the super-large spirit vein began collapsing. The many forces had completely divided the spirit vein between themselves.

A crack appeared on Chen Feng’s body, alarming him. He knew then that his body was still suffering from an overload. And so, he began gathering up his forces and fly away. 

The way Chen Feng left appeared like an attempt to flee. Due to that, the ones attacking him grew even more manic. 

The two combat puppets guarded Chen Feng firmly, killing anyone coming at him. Their main objective was to deal with any incoming Divine Monarchs. Occasionally, one or two Divine Monarchs would succeed in arriving before Chen Feng, but all of them would be repelled. 

Chen Feng’s heart grew increasingly strong and resilient. Gradually, it became the strongest and most durable organ within his body. In comparison, the other parts of his body became somewhat weak. 

More and more cracks had appeared on his body. Just as he was worrying about it, the heart stopped beating. Seeing that, he took advantage of the reprieve to set up many layers of seals to seal up the power of the heart. Only after having done that was he able to breathe a sigh of relief. With this, the Chaos Heart was now under control and he could take his time refining it. 

But without the supporting power of the Chaos Heart, Chen Feng suddenly felt weak. His strength fell rapidly, becoming weaker than before. 

Sensing Chen Feng’s state of weakness, the Battler Bug Empress quickly arrived beside him. Together with the two combat puppets, it protected Chen Feng.

Naturally, the other party also noticed Chen Feng’s state. Due to that, they saw hope. The attacks they unleashed became increasingly ferocious and Chen Feng felt greatly pressured. 

These fellows have truly gone mad. So many people have died already. Are they not afraid? Is the allure of the Chaos Heart so great? Or, is the fact that I obtained the Chaos Heart more dangerous for some of them? Chen Feng pondered for a moment and came to understand what they were thinking. 

“Killing me is impossible. I have so many Battlers. Moreover, all of them are not afraid of death. How are you fellows to compare?” After Chen Feng said that, 100,000 Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers blew themselves up. The formidable shockwaves produced by the move inflicted grievous casualties upon the other party and paved a passageway through them. 

Under the protection of the three experts, Chen Feng quickly rushed forward. Chen Feng’s eyes then flashed with light and another 100,000 Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers blew themselves up. 

And so, more Battlers occupying certain crucial positions kept blowing themselves up, seriously wounding and confounding the other party while giving Chen Feng the chance to leave.

Chen Feng, though, was also secretly clenching his teeth. He thought to himself that the price he had paid in order to obtain the Chaos Heart was somewhat too high. Of course, for the sake of obtaining the Chaos Heart, even if he had to take on 10 times the amount of losses here, it would still be nothing. 

In the end, the self-destruct move from the Battlers triggered the explosion of some of the other spirit veins there that had yet to be completely plundered. This brought about a greater effect. Two Divine Monarchs failed to evade in time and were blown up.

After sacrificing one million Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers, Chen Feng was finally able to break out. The Battler Bug Empress, on the other hand, remained at the rear to gather up the Battlers amidst the chaos.

Huh! Thankfully, this chaos space is big enough, otherwise I would have to leave. Chen Feng released a lengthy sigh. 

Chen Feng casually found an inconspicuous mountain and one of his magic treasures transformed into a grotto-mansion. Then, with the two combat puppets standing guard nearby, he inspected his own state. 

With the Battler Bug Empress leading its army to whip up a storm, he believed that a portion of the cultivators would be entangled. 

If it weren’t for the fact that there are still some good items inside this chaos space, I would have left long ago. However, the issue here is that I am unable to reveal myself, otherwise they will discover me. In a one versus one, there are some opponents that I am not afraid of, but I am worried that all of them would join forces to deal with me. Chen Feng, who was seated there, frowned as he considered his situation. 

Still, I managed to obtain the Chaos Heart this time. With this, everything is worth it. When I have the time, I can undergo my tribulation and refine the Chaos Heart. Then, I would no longer have to fear Divine Monarchs. 

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