Chapter 1394 Snatching Resources


This Tree of Life is truly formidable. However, a large part of this is likely the Dragon of Life’s strength, Chen Feng thought. Even under such circumstances, the Dragon of Life was not forced to reveal itself. This showed just how good the Tree of Life was at stopping them. 

Still, the Tree of Life was already feeling threatened. Shockingly, it rapidly shrank down to the size of a small ordinary tree, only around 10 metres in height. At the same time, the space around it began shaking. 

“Not good. It wants to escape.”

“Seal up space!”

True Monarch Heavenly Abundance and Immortal Emperor Actionless swiftly took action and the surrounding space instantly became quiet. This move from them involved the laws of space and time. It was even stronger than a dimension-sealing technique. 

However, the divine tree suddenly fired out a thick branch. This branch was somewhat different from the previous branches. Purple in colour, it shone with a formidable power of laws. With a strike from the branch, the still space abruptly fell into a state of chaos. It was as though someone had thrown a pebble into a tranquil lake. And so, space broke and the Tree of Life swiftly jumped into the crack. 

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

True Monarch Heavenly Abundance and Immortal Emperor Actionless quickly gave chase. The three of them disappeared.

I wonder if the other two Paramount Gold Immortals managed to catch up? Despite wondering that, Chen Feng was certain that they would definitely catch up. At the very least, the Paramount Gold Immortal from the Celestial Longevity Plane would surely catch up.  

Chen Feng quickly gathered up the Battlers and unique creatures before giving chase, but it did not take long before he stopped. The other party consisted of Paramount Gold Immortals. Given his level of strength, chasing up to them was simply an impossibility. 

“The Tree of Life!” Chen Feng felt as though his eyes were about to spray out flames. However, snatching an item from Paramount Gold Immortals was no different from committing suicide. 

Reality and reason informed Chen Feng that he was likely not destined to have the Tree of Life. Even so, he felt unwilling, terribly so. 

“Forget it. The amount of harvest I obtained this time is already quite good.” In the end, Chen Feng shook his head.

By then, more cracks had appeared across the chaos space, allowing even more cultivators to enter. Thus, everything that was of use there was being discovered. With a glance, Chen Feng saw several spirit veins being extracted. 

Seeing that, the feeling of unwillingness raged within Chen Feng again. Following that, he released all his Battlers and unique creatures. This sky-blotting army then followed Chen Feng’s order to plunder all the sources of energy and materials inside the chaos space. 

This chaos space is very wondrous. There are graveyards of unique creatures and the Tree of Life. It might even possess something of greater value. That was the thought going through Chen Feng’s mind. Searching around, he did find several more spirit veins. However, he did not find anything that was as valuable as the Tree of Life. 

“Empress, create a batch of half-step Gold Immortals,” Chen Feng ordered. 

“With the current amount of energy and divine objects, I can create one million half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers,” the Battler Bug Empress quickly replied. 

Chen Feng considered it for a moment before saying, “Make half a million. You absorb the remaining power.”


The Battler Bug Empress created the bugs at a rapid pace and it did not take long before half a million Battlers were created. Chen Feng swiftly released this force into the open. 

The half a million half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers could drown out even more Gold Immortals. Against Heavenly Immortals, not even ten million Heavenly Immortals would be able to stop the charge of this half a million Battlers. 

This new force from Chen Feng shocked some of the cultivators who were thinking about attacking him. In the end, these fellows chose to behave themselves. 

Next up, whenever they managed to collect any energy sources and divine objects, Chen Feng would give them to the Battler Bug Empress to create even more Battlers. And so, his army of Battlers began increasing again. 

The number of Gold Immortals remained the same but the number of half-step Gold Immortals had reached the one million mark. 

The number of Heavenly Immortals had reached the 10 million mark. Moreover, that number was still rising. 

The number of True Immortals had reached the 100 million mark while the number of Ascendant Immortal remained the same. 

As the Paramount Gold Immortals had gone to snatch the Tree of Life, there was no longer any danger for Chen Feng. Bringing his army along with him, he became like a wave of locusts. Everywhere they went, space would be reduced to nothing while the lands became desolate.

Regardless of who might be occupying the area with a spirit vein, the moment Chen Feng set his sights on the spirit vein, he would send his army forward to snatch the spirit vein. Soon enough, Chen Feng became public enemy number one in the chaos space. Chen Feng, though, did not care. At any rate, the Battlers could be created with energy. Due to that, he was not afraid of incurring losses. So long as he could snatch more energy sources, he could quickly replenish those losses.

Moreover, Chen Feng had also received some new information. Some of his allies were also coming. They would be entering this chaos space soon. 

“Longevity Celestial, you cannot keep doing this. You have already offended everyone.” Taking advantage of the chaos, Princess Purplejade arrived before Chen Feng. 

“Didn’t you see what happened earlier? Even though I did not attack them, they had all joined forces to attack me. We are all enemies to begin with. There is no need to put on a façade. Besides, in the face of interests, even friends and allies would turn on each other,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. 

“So, will you turn on me?” Princess Purplejade asked. 

“That depends on how much interest is on the line,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Humph! Longevity Celestial, you are becoming more and more arrogant now!” Princess Purplejade harrumphed coldly. She stopped talking and led her subordinates away. 

“Young Master, we discovered a large mine up ahead. It contains thick chaos energy. However, some Divine Monarchs are occupying the place.” Chen Feng received a secret vocal transmission from the Battler Bug Empress. 

“Snatch it.” Chen Feng did not hesitate to issue the order.

“The other party is strong. The Battlers we have is probably not strong enough.”

“Then, send all the unique creatures forward as well. There are no more Paramount Gold Immortals in this chaos space. We can handle a couple Divine Monarchs,” Chen Feng said resolutely. 

“Understood. If it is still not enough, I will also take action,” the Battler Bug Empress replied. At the same time, it flew out from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to direct the army of Battlers. 

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng then sent forward his two combat puppets as well. These two combat puppets could stop around 10 Divine Monarchs. 

“Young Master, I suggest leaving at least one combat puppet to defend you. This place is too dangerous,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“No need. At present, my strength is already on par with that of a Divine Prince. Besides, I also have some other cards to play.”

With the participation of the Battler Bug Empress, the army of Battlers and unique creatures swiftly pounced upon the large spirit stone mine, where they began plundering the spirit stones. At the same time, they also sent out one force out to drive away the other cultivators. 

This move from Chen Feng triggered the rage of all the cultivators there. The force there was quite strong to begin with. And so, the situation swiftly fell into a state of chaos. Even the large spirit vein began breaking apart.

That said, the size of the spirit vein exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. This spirit vein alone was bigger than several of the spirit veins that Chen Feng had obtained previously. Moreover, when it came to their grade, it was also one notch higher. The moment Chen Feng approached, the chaos essence energy within the spirit vein swiftly converged and flowed into his body. 

Eh! It’s comparable to the power that the Tree of Life exudes! Chen Feng was surprised. After that, he gave it his all to devour the power. He put the might of the Chaos Constitution on display and the surrounding chaos energy transformed into wyrm-like streams that charged towards Chen Feng. 

Two vortexes appeared on Chen Feng’s body. Next, the number of vortexes kept increasing until there were 13 vortexes around his body. Every vortex was connected to a stream of chaos energy. 

Once again, Chen Feng was different from other cultivators. He had opened up many bodily worlds all at once. Due to that, the amount of power that he required was even greater. As Chen Feng was operating his bodily worlds, the Blood Mustering Bead, Longevity Sword and many other magic treasures entered his bodily worlds. Quickly, they fused with the respective bodily worlds. With the power of the magic treasures, the rate at which Chen Feng devoured the power rose higher. 

Calculating it, Chen Feng found that the amount of power he was devouring was the equivalent to that of 10 Divine Princes. In the end, it was not possible to even see Chen Feng there. All that one could see were the streams of energy, roaring and twisting about non-stop. And in the middle of them all was Chen Feng.

It was an extremely pleasant feeling for Chen Feng. Due to the number of bodily worlds within him, they were never able to reach a big size. At least, they were far inferior compared to Gold Immortals. At that very moment, however, all of the bodily worlds furiously expanded. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

One by one, some of the lower-levelled magic treasures within his body began advancing. The number of magic treasures that advanced this time was the highest ever. 

In the past, the magic treasures inside Chen Feng’s body had advanced from the Immortal tier to the Divine tier. However, only a small number was able to advance to the mid-grade Divine tier while the rest remained at the low-grade Divine tier. Along the way, Chen Feng had also collected some rare and valuable materials for artifact forging and refining. And at that very moment, Chen Feng had also obtained a large quantity of chaos energy. It was finally time for the low-grade Divine artifacts to advance to become mid-grade Divine artifacts.

The Longevity weapons and some of the treasures that Chen Feng collected along the way advanced to the mid-grade Divine tier. But advancing further to the high-grade Divine tier would be difficult. Chen Feng knew that even after he advanced to the Gold Immortal stage, levelling up a Divine artifact to the high-grade Divine tier was an incredibly difficult feat.

Take the Blood Mustering Bead, Longevity Bow and Longevity Sword in his possession as examples. In terms of power and quality, these magic treasures should have no issues advancing to the high-grade Divine tier. However, they were still lacking in the accumulation aspect, something developed through time. It was something that needed to settle deep within the magic treasures. Additionally, Chen Feng’s level and efforts were also lacking. Sometimes, power alone would not represent everything. Some other things were required. Some examples of that were foundation and accumulation. 

The advancement of the magic treasures and the expansion of the bodily worlds. All in all, it meant that Chen Feng’s strength was continuously growing stronger. Chen Feng did not focus on cultivating his fleshly body here. Instead, by simply focusing on the other two matters, he could feel his fleshly body becoming far denser than before. His strength was also steadily increasing. 

Like a bottomless black hole, Chen Feng devoured the power there for his cultivation. As for the Battlers and unique creatures, they continued to plunder the spirit vein and fight the other cultivators there. 

That said, the spirit vein was big enough. Not to mention, the other party’s strength was also very strong. Due to that, Chen Feng’s army did not – as imagined – sweep everything there.

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