Chapter 1393 Wild


Seeing that, Chen Feng broke into a smile and the arrow in his longbow flew forward. The arrow pierced through the shield in Jian Jun’s hand to nail itself into Jian Jun’s shoulder.


Half of Jian Jun’s body disappeared and a wretched cry escaped his lips. 

At the same time, the blade and sword energy unleashed by the young blade cultivator and sword cultivator enveloped Chen Feng. As a result, the Longevity Combat Armour that Chen Feng wore began breaking. Following that, cracks began appearing on his body. 

“Tian Dao, De Jian, I remember you two brothers,” Chen Feng said. 

“So what if you remember us? Longevity Celestial, you didn’t think you’d die by our hands, did you?” Tian Dao said with a smile. It was as though Chen Feng was already a dead man in his eyes. 

Suddenly, another ray of light descended to envelop Chen Feng. As a result, the blade and sword energy around Chen Feng dissipated away. 

“Everyone, be careful! It’s the Cosmic Mirror!”

“It’s the Longevity Palace’s Bing Xing. It is said that there is a marriage contract between her and Chen Feng.”

“I’ll go deal with Bing Xing.”

Suddenly, space twisted and two unknown cultivators swiftly flew up into the sky. It would appear that they were going after Bing Xing. 

“Any problems?” Chen Feng secretly asked Bing Xing using a secret technique. 

“No problems.” Chen Feng quickly received Bing Xing’s reply. It was a soul-type secret technique, something at a higher grade compared to sending vocal transmissions using divine sense. No energy waves were involved in their communication. Even cultivators with cultivation bases that were several levels higher than them would have a very hard time intercepting the contents of their conversation. 

“If so, this will be interesting.” Chen Feng laughed, golden streams of light swirling around his body. Quickly, his body recovered. Even the Longevity Combat Armour had returned to its flawless state. 


Before his opponents could attack, the Cosmic Mirror fired out four rays of light in one go. The four rays of light enveloped Tian Dao, De Jian, Lei Jia and a beautiful female cultivator. Lei Jia was the one with the copper hammer while the female cultivator was the one with the seven-coloured ribbon. 

The light that the Cosmic Mirror fired out was very special. Those who were enveloped by it found that they were actually incapable of breaking free. More, the suits of armour and weapons on them also began disintegrating like the arrow back then. 

Chen Feng pulled the Longevity Bow. As he was pulling the bowstring, the Blood Mustering Bead sent out a wave of blood that fused with the arrow. Then, the arrow flew out before splitting into four arrows that shot towards the four cultivators respectively. 

Chen Feng then charged forward. Just as he was about to kill off his opponents in one fell swoop, runes flashed out from the bodies of the four cultivators. Next, they teleported far away. 

“This is a battle between us juniors. You’re making it hard for me by taking action here.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the two combat puppets flew forward.

One of the combat puppets punched, causing space to quake. As a result, a cultivator – his mouth coughing out blood – fell out. 

“Longevity Celestial, stop!” Despite his grievous injuries, the cultivator attempted to speak up. 


However, the two combat puppets had long since received Chen Feng’s order. The two of them moved forward to stab with their lances. And so, the cultivator blew up with a bang. At the same time, the Blood Mustering Bead flew out. A blood-red palm emerged from it to collect the cloud of blood.


The combat puppets attacked once again and another cultivator was forced out of hiding. He cut quite the miserable sight. This cultivator had witnessed what happened to the previous fellow. Knowing that trying to speak up now was useless, he quickly fled. In the end, though, he was still killed by a lance attack from the combat puppets. 

After killing off the two cultivators, the combat puppets dashed back to re-appear beside Chen Feng. 

“Two Divine Monarchs. Not bad. My Blood Mustering Bead’s advancement will depend all on you fellows,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

The Blood Mustering Bead slowly rotated, releasing wave after wave of blood-coloured halos of light. Following the spread of the halos of light, the cultivators who were half a million kilometres away felt the blood energy within their bodies stirring. 

“What a formidable magic treasure! That is just a mid-grade Divine artifact. If it advances to the high-grade Divine tier, won’t it become even more of a defiance of Heaven?!” someone blurted. 

“Jian Jun, Qing Xia, Lei Jia, Tian Dao, De Jian, Zhu Feng, and my fellow friends from back then! Are there anyone else who wants to attack?” Chen Feng’s voice rang out, reaching far into the distance. 

No response.

“Working together for a sneak attack, coupled with the secret protection of your seniors. Is this the results of your cultivation throughout the years? It doesn’t seem like much to me. No wonder so many of you would be beaten up so badly by me,” Chen Feng continued. 

“Longevity Celestial, don’t be too arrogant! Don’t you also have someone secretly helping you? Without those combat puppets beside you, do you have the guts to fight us?” one of the hidden fellows spoke up. 

“You have a death wish!” Chen Feng promptly pulled the Longevity Bow.


An arrow flew out and the hidden cultivator had wanted to evade only to be enveloped by a ray of light that suddenly descended upon him. His body turned stiff and all he could do was watch as the arrow pierced his glabella. 


The arrow and the fellow’s head blew up at the same time. His soul had failed to escape. 

“A minor character like you should shut up,” Chen Feng said. 

“Longevity Celestial, no matter how powerful you may be, can you fight against so many of us? The way I see it, your Celestial Longevity Plane must want to be destroyed.” A Divine Monarch stepped forward. Beside him was another Divine Monarch. They were followed by a group of Gold Immortals. 

“So, it’s the guys from the Holy Light Clan. Your Holy Light Clan colluded with the Immortal Court and Slaughterers. And now, you’re lurking around to stir up troubles. Putting aside the question of whether you fellows can truly unite so many forces, even if you can, our Celestial Longevity Plane will not fear you,” Chen Feng said. 

“To be displaying such arrogance at such a young age. You will not be able to go far in the future,” the Divine Monarch said coldly. 

“No need for you to worry about that. You will be dying soon,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

Sou! Sou!

By then, the two combat puppets had appeared before the cultivators from the Holy Light Clan. Two Longevity Lances swung forward at the same time. 

The Divine Monarchs from the other forces simultaneously revealed themselves to stop the two combat puppets. 

Boom! Boom!

The two parties backed away, seemingly evenly matched. Chen Feng, though, frowned.

“Go all out!” Chen Feng shouted and the auras of the two combat puppets rose by 10%. At the same time, the light from the Cosmic Mirror descended again. 

And so, chaos broke out within the Divine Monarchs’ group as the attacks from the two combat puppets forced them to give ground. 

“Attack!” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light as his killing intent was put on display. The 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures, 60 Gold Immortal stage Battlers and 500,000 half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers formed blade-like teams to attack the forces from the other Celestial Planes. 

This display from Chen Feng was even more overbearing when compared to his actions against the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. 

As Chen Feng was fighting against the cultivators from the other Celestial Planes, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane split into two. One group went along with the two Paramount Gold Immortals to attack the Tree of Life while the other group watched. 

In the beginning, seeing so many other forces entering this chaos space, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane had prepared themselves for battle. Unexpectedly, the cultivators from the Celestial Planes would get into an infighting instead. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Good! It’d be for the best if these fellows become mutually wounded. Then, we can join forces to finish them off!” One of the Gold Immortals observing them laughed.

“It probably won’t be that simple.”

“Those fellows are truly stupid. Why did they go provoke Longevity Celestial? Can they not see that he possesses the strongest force here?”

“We’ll never understand the thought process of those cultivators from the Celestial Planes.”

“No wonder the status of the Celestial Planes would gradually decline. Seeing this, I finally understand.”

The number of cultivators who came from the Celestial Planes was quite high, but Chen Feng’s force was simply too strong. With the combat puppets and the army of Battlers that had no fear towards death, Chen Feng was able to gain the upper hand.

Suddenly, the appearance of two wills – belonging to Paramount Gold Immortals – brought a change to the chaotic situation. The two were from the Celestial Planes. When they saw what was happening, they swiftly put a stop to it. And so, Chen Feng’s force and the other party pulled back at the same time. 

“Ha ha ha, consider yourselves lucky! Don’t bump into me in the future!” Chen Feng laughed loudly. 

Some of the cultivators who fought Chen Feng earlier – his childhood friends – revealed a somewhat contorted expression. They have been envious of Chen Feng since they were very young. At any rate, Chen Feng’s talent was simply too monstrous. Later, following Chen Feng’s disappearance, they felt the great mountain pressing down on them disappearing as well. However, Chen Feng then reappeared. 

His re-appearance caused some thoughts to surface within them. That was even more so when they found out that Chen Feng’s cultivation base was very low. They began looking down on Chen Feng. But when they found out that Chen Feng was still strong, they began to grow envious again. And now, upon meeting Chen Feng in this chaos space, the decided to attack him. 

In truth, they were only thinking of probing Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng was so strong. Moreover, he also brought with him such a formidable force. The two Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppets beside him were the most outrageous force of them all.  Their existence brought fear to the Divine Monarchs from the various forces.

As the battle went on, the cultivators attacking Chen Feng began regretting their actions. And yet, Chen Feng’s offensive momentum left them with no other options. Thankfully, the appearance of the Paramount Gold Immortals allowed them to stop the fight. But when they heard Chen Feng’s threatening words, they could not stop themselves from revealing wry smiles. 

Chen Feng was too strong. Even though so many of them were joining forces to attack him, he had still managed to gain the upper hand. Should Chen Feng come find them when they were alone to settle the score, how would they stop him?

How did Longevity Celestial become even more domineering and arrogant? This exceeds that of his younger self. A good number of cultivators who knew Chen Feng had that same thought.

After intervening in the battle, the two Paramount Gold Immortals did not reveal themselves. Chen Feng had already noticed that one of them was from the Celestial Longevity Plane. However, he could not tell who it was. That said, he sensed that the Paramount Gold Immortal did not hold any ill will towards him.

Those fools. You’ve offended me. In the future, you’re all dead! Chen Feng gritted his teeth. Following that, he laughed loudly and gathered up his forces. Then, he began observing what was happening to the Tree of Life. 

Four Paramount Gold Immortals have appeared. Moreover, all four might be main bodies. The Tree of Life will likely be incapable of stopping them. But with this, obtaining the Tree of Life will be difficult.

Chen Feng then watched as the attacks from True Monarch Heavenly Abundance and Immortal Emperor Actionless failed to obtain the desired effect. The display of might from the Tree of Life shocked Chen Feng once more. 

This was a force consisting of two Paramount Gold Immortals and a group of Gold Immortals. Surprisingly, the two parties were evenly matched. Moreover, as time passed, the cultivators' side would definitely become exhausted faster than the Tree of Life. 

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