Chapter 1392 Childhood Friends


Next, however, several forces attacked the army of Battlers. This time, they had several Divine Princes take the lead. Due to that, some openings appeared on the defence line created by the army of Battlers. A mid-grade Divine-tier warship broke through. In addition, there were also several avenues made from golden light. Cultivators could be seen on the avenues. 

The number of cultivators attacking Chen Feng rose. 

Chen Feng could see that some of the forces were not purely from the Immortal Court. Additionally, there were also some hidden enemies. And while these fellows have not revealed themselves, he had a foreboding feeling. 

“Enemies from the Celestial Planes, eh? To think that these fellows are actually not going after the Immortal Court. Even now, they want to start another infighting amongst the Celestial Planes.” Chen Feng was more ruthless towards his enemies from the Celestial Planes. When compared to the Immortal Court, he found these fellows even more detestable. 

Meaning, he would swiftly kill them off.

“Ha ha ha, Longevity Celestial! It’s been a long time since we last met, old friend. It’s good to see you again. Only, you don’t seem to be doing too well.” Suddenly, a wave of divine sense reached Chen Feng.

“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked, secretly searching for the other party’s location. However, his actions were found out.

“Longevity Celestial, are you looking for me?” Following the wave of divine sense, the hologram of a young man appeared before Chen Feng. 

“A projection of the will, Ageless laws.”

“So, it’s Zhu Feng from the Celestial Greatness Plane. It has indeed been a long time since I last saw you. Unexpectedly, you could cultivate up to the Ageless stage,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Really? Did you think that I would not be able to reach this level?” The other party did not reveal himself. Instead, he continued to communicate with Chen Feng using his divine sense. 

“Yes. I didn’t think you would be able to cultivate so fast. What is this, Zhu Feng? Are you not willing to show yourself after meeting an old friend?”

“You have too many experts beside you. If I head over, one mistake and I might be killed.”

“In other words, you want to be my enemy?” Chen Feng asked.

“That would depend on how big the interest is,” Zhu Feng said. 

“Very well, I understand. Next up, if I see you, I will not hold back.” Chen Feng nodded. He understood what Zhu Feng meant. 

“I won’t be holding back either.”

“Then, we’ll see who’s the better man.”

The two of them then stopped talking to each other. Chen Feng sighed, his face turning somewhat dejected. Although the friendship between him and Zhu Feng was not as good as his friendship with Magiris, Zhu Feng was still his childhood friend from back then. But now, after all these years, only a portion of the innocence of the bygone days remained. In its place was interest. Still, Zhu Feng had – due to their past friendship – chosen to introduce himself instead of initiating a sneak attack.

“If that’s the case, I will not hold back,” Chen Feng said. 

In truth, Chen Feng understood as well. Although he did have some friends back during his childhood days, the good relationship between them was only on the surface. He knew that most of them were actually envious of his Chaos Constitution. Rather, some might have been harbouring a more sinister thought towards him. Chen Feng had not wanted to think about it, but Zhu Feng’s appearance caused some of his childhood memories to appear within his sea of wisdom. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Ten thousand arrows appeared from the distance, targeting Chen Feng. On Chen Feng’s end, his eyes narrowed as he sensed a hint of danger. The 10,000 arrows were actually advancing along different trajectories. Even their speed was fluctuating. More importantly, the arrows were in a different layer of space. Due to that, it was very hard for the army of Battlers to stop the arrows. 

“This attack style feels familiar,” Chen Feng said, a reminiscent look flashing across his face again.

Several Gold Immortals and unique creatures stepped forward, wanting to stop the attacks only for Chen Feng to stop them. 

“I’ll do it myself.” Chen Feng waved his hand, bringing out the Longevity Bow. He slowly pulled the bowstring. By then, several arrows had arrived before Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and the arrows seemingly struck an invisible barrier before bursting apart. 

Next, even more arrows arrived but Chen Feng ignored them, allowing the arrows to land on his body. He instead continued to pull the Longevity Bow, forming a thick arrow on it. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of the arrows striking Chen Feng’s body. The high number of seemingly-formidable arrows had actually failed to break through his defence.

“If all these arrows are fused as one, it might be able to threaten me somewhat. However, when split up like this, they will not work. These arrows will not be able to break through my Chaos Gold Body, let alone my mid-grade Divine-tier Longevity Combat Armour,” Chen Feng said.  

It did not take long before a swarm of arrows filled Chen Feng’s vision, but he continued to look ahead, not the tiniest bit distracted. Finally, he released the bowstring and the thick arrow shot forward like a divine dragon. The opposing arrows that came to close to it were all shattered apart and a passageway appeared before Chen Feng. 


The thick arrow exploded like fireworks. The other party had blocked Chen Feng’s attack, but Chen Feng’s second attack arrived. Like earlier, this attack was also a thick arrow. This time, though, the arrow split into two mid-way. The two arrows blew up at the same time. After that, a young man with a lean body and a longbow in his hand walked out. He spread out both hands and a shocking beam of light arrived before Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng fired another arrow. The two arrows then collided to create a sky-shocking boom. 

“Jian Wang from the Celestial Tranquillity Plane, it’s been a long time. It looks like your archery technique has not improved much,” Chen Feng said. 

“I am not Jian Wang anymore. You can call me Jian Jun.” The young man’s eyes were like hooks, staring intently at Chen Feng, desirous of locking down his position. However, Chen Feng’s figure appeared fleeting, giving off a feeling of the unfathomable [1]

“Jian Jun? That sounds like a self-proclaimed name. You are just an Ageless Gold Immortal. You are simply no match for me. As long as you put down your longbow and come admit that you’re wrong for attacking me earlier, I will let you go,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“You? You’re not even a Gold Immortal, just a half-step Gold Immortal. Even with the talent granted by the Chaos Constitution, your cultivation rate is still so slow. You are practically a piece of trash,” Jian Jun said with a scoff, intense killing intent radiating off his eyes. It was undeniable, however, that there were also hints of envy there.

“Very well. Whether or not I am a piece of trash, you will find out soon enough,” Chen Feng said, striding forward. One step brought him through countless folds of space. At the same time, he also locked down on Jian Jun’s aura. 

“Bring it on!” Jian Jun shouted and he swiftly pulled his longbow.


This arrow from Jian Jun contained an inferno-like will, burning like a flaming dragon. 

Chen Feng did not let his guard down. At any rate, his opponent was wielding a mid-grade Divine artifact. More, he was also talented in the dao of the arrow. The attacks he fired out were not to be underestimated.

The Blood Mustering Bead floated out and a blood-coloured wyrm charged forward to stop the flaming dragon. 

Despite doing that, Chen Feng did not stop moving. He kept advancing. Seeing the distance between himself and Chen Feng narrowing, Jian Jun remained very calm. He released his bowstring again and another 10,000 arrows shot towards Chen Feng. 

The Longevity Shield appeared before blowing up. Next, it transformed into a massive vortex. The vortex pulled the 10,000 arrows into itself and swiftly devoured them all. 


Chen Feng transformed into his 90,000-zhang-tall Chaos Gold Body. Brandishing a gigantic Longevity Sword, he slashed it towards Jian Jun. 

“Jian Jun! Show me how strong you are!” Like thunder, Chen Feng’s voice rolled forward. 

I can’t stop it! In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the thought emerged from Jian Jun’s mind. He did not pull the longbow in his hand anymore, neither did he have the time to do so. And so, Jian Jun kept the longbow and swiftly retreated. This retreat made his atmosphere even weaker. The Longevity Sword in Chen Feng’s hand was already descending upon him. 

A seven-coloured ribbon suddenly flew over to stop the Longevity Sword’s descent. Amidst the burst of sword light was a multi-coloured glow of light that spread far into the distance. Chen Feng then kept the Longevity Sword. 

Jian Jun’s attack had arrived once again, but the Longevity Shield appeared to block it. And so, a booming sound resembling that of a temple bell rang out. 


The seven-coloured ribbon swirled towards Chen Feng like a river of stars. Chen Feng could sense the vast and radiant power of the stars within the ribbon. 

As the seven-coloured ribbon was attacking Chen Feng, another person, looking like an ancient God of War attacked. Brandishing a massive copper hammer, he attacked Chen Feng’s head. Laws of lightning kept flashing from within the copper hammer, causing Chen Feng’s hair to stand up. 

“Are you all here?” Chen Feng’s figure shook and his two clones emerged. One of the clones brandished the Longevity Staff to block the copper hammer while the other clone brandished the Longevity Chain to entangle the seven-coloured ribbon. As for his main body, it slowly pulled the Longevity Bow. Chen Feng had become infuriated. He had decided to finish off one of them. 

The seven-coloured ribbon blew up before reforming itself somewhere far away. As for the cultivator wielding the copper hammer, he was sent flying. However, those two only paused for a moment before attacking Chen Feng again. At the same time, Jian Jun also fired out an arrow. 

But that was not all. Two more young men, Gold Immortals, brandished a blade and a sword each to attack Chen Feng. 

These fellows were not regular Ageless Gold Immortals. Rather, they were like Chen Feng, cultivators with Heaven-defying talent for cultivation. The combat power of each was on par with that of a Divine Prince or more. 

Back then, Chen Feng had faced five Divine Princes before. But even then, he did not feel as pressured as he did now. 

“Are you fellows not afraid that I would take on some damage to kill off a few of you?” Chen Feng revealed a smile of disdain. These fellows attacking him were all his childhood friends of the same generation. Due to that, Chen Feng did not utilize his combat puppets. The combat puppets would have been able to change the situation. 

That said, the other party may also have some formidable cards.


As Chen Feng was fighting against Jian Jun and the others, a female cultivator with flawless beauty appeared somewhere high up in the sky. There were several folds of space between her and Chen Feng. Within her eyes, stars shimmered and a circular mirror hovered before her. The battle between Chen Feng and Jian Jun’s group was playing on the surface of the mirror.

Seeing Chen Feng come under attack by several people, a hint of fury and killing intent flashed across the eyes of the female cultivator. When she saw Chen Feng in distress, the female cultivator was finally incapable of holding back. She jabbed a finger forward and the circular mirror immediately fired out a dazzling ray of light that made its way through the many folds of space to envelop the arrow that Jian Jun fired.

The arrow was something that Jian Jun had fired using all his strength. If struck by it, even the body of a Divine Prince would shatter apart. And yet, the ray of light rapidly disintegrated the arrow, which disappeared entirely. 


 1 Here ‘Jian Wang’ is translated from ‘箭王’, pinyin: ‘jiàn wáng’. It can be translated as ‘Arrow Prince/ Arrow King’. His new name ‘Jian Jun’ is translated from ‘箭君’, pinyin: ‘jiàn jūn’. It can be translated as ‘Arrow Monarch’.

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