Chapter 1390 Sudden Attack


Before the cultivators could arrive, Chen Feng had already begun his retreat. As a result, the furious attacks from the Tree of Life also fell upon the other cultivators.

The cultivators who had wanted to take advantage of the situation were taken aback. They did not know if they should advance or retreat. In that brief moment, Chen Feng charged towards them. 

On Chen Feng’s side, facing the attacks from the Tree of Life had left him in a somewhat flustered state. Moreover, there were also two divine dragons chasing after him. Should they succeed in catching up to him, a big battle would surely erupt. Whether or not he could escape was an issue in itself. Thus, when he saw a group of cultivators coming his way, he broke into a smile.

Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward, darting into the group of cultivators. He was followed by the attacks from the Tree of Life. And so, everything there fell into a state of chaos.

Chen Feng felt the pressure on him lessening. Thanks to the protection of the two combat puppets, he was able to escape the pursuit of the Tree of Life, for now.

That was because the Tree of Life had already locked down Chen Feng’s aura. Although the appearance of the cultivators from the Immortal Plane did affect it somewhat, some thick branches continued to make their way through space in pursuit of Chen Feng. Rather, it wasn’t just the branches. Even roots emerged from the ground, breaking apart the fabric of space to target Chen Feng from the ground. 

As Chen Feng was flying away, he gulped down ten Fruits of Life in one go and the feeling of hunger within him finally disappeared. At the same time, he also gained tens of thousands of years’ worth of cultivation.

A feeling of relaxation and might spread throughout Chen Feng’s body and he felt a desire to stop and fight. However, he suppressed it. He knew that those feelings were a result of his increased strength. But by choosing to stop and fight the enemy here, he would only receive a blow, one that would harshly wake him up. 

Finally, Chen Feng made his way into his army. After that, the army of Battlers and unique creatures took action. The great killer arrays that they had prepared beforehand began operating and the thick branches coming after Chen Feng were all severed.

“These are all good things.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the severed branches were all collected. Then, he had the Longevity Tree devour them. The value of these branches, by dint of the life energy contained within them, was not much inferior when compared to the Fruits of Life.

However, this action from Chen Feng infuriated the Tree of Life. Despite the distance of 50,000 kilometres between them, the Tree of Life’s attacks continued to sweep forward, enveloping the sky as they did. In the face of the attacks, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane were thrown into disarray. Only several of them managed to escape while the others, over 100 of them, were killed by the Tree of Life. 

Branches and roots kept attacking. Space meant nothing to the attacks. Additionally, some divine dragons also made a surprise appearance. 

The two billion Battlers, following Chen Feng’s command, began fighting the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life could be considered as the origin of life, the earliest ancestor of all life. The Battlers, on the other hand, were creatures produced by the Battler Bug Empress. They possessed formidable combat powers and showed zero fear towards death. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were the counter to the Tree of Life. 

A high number of branches and roots were cut down; even the divine dragons were killed. For Chen Feng, all of those were good items. He could keep them for cultivation or give them to the Battler Bug Empress to make more bugs.

Although the number of casualties amongst the Battlers was constantly on the rise, it would appear that this degree of loss was still within Chen Feng’s range of tolerance.

With every sweep of the thick branches, over 10,000 Battlers would be swept aside. However, the branches would be quickly cut down by the attacks from the Battlers. Naturally, in addition to the Battlers, there were also several hundred unique creatures. Speaking of which, the combat power of these unique creatures was even greater than that of the Battlers. At any rate, the advantage of the Battlers lay within their numbers. They did not have many Gold Immortals. The unique creatures, though, were all Gold Immortals. There were also some Divine Princes amongst them. 

The participation of the Gold Immortals brought pressure to the Tree of Life. Due to their numbers, the combined attacks from the Battlers and unique creatures could even kill off a Paramount Gold Immortal.

The battle lasted for three full days. The number of casualties amongst the Battlers reached the tens of millions mark. Even some of the unique creatures fell in the battle. As for the Tree of Life, it lost countless branches and roots. Additionally, over 100 Gold Immortal stage divine dragons were also killed there.

The Tree of Life was the first to back away, but Chen Feng knew that if they had continued the battle, he would be the one to lose. Although the Tree of Life appeared to have sustained significant damage, it will be able to grow out even more branches. 

The other party was most likely frightened by the display of fearlessness from the Battlers, prompting it to retreat.

Its retreat also allowed Chen Feng to breathe a sigh of relief. He was worried that the Tree of Life would choose to go all out against him. 

After calculating the result of the battle, Chen Feng was pleased to find out that his side was the winner. By giving all the branches, roots and corpses of the divine dragons to the Battler Bug Empress, the number of Battlers it could produce exceeded the casualties they had sustained earlier.

Due to the way the Battlers was made, Chen Feng did not feel too regretful about the casualties sustained by the Battlers. Instead, he was more distressed at the loss of several of the unique creatures.

At any rate, these unique creatures were the ones that Tower had subdued and handed over to him. These unique creatures’ levels were very high. There were also some rare types amongst them. Not to mention, they had followed Chen Feng for quite some time now. Every death was a great loss. 

“Young Master, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane are attacking again,” the Starlight Overlord Beast stepped forward to report.

“They sure know how to choose the right timing.” Chen Feng scoffed.

“This time, the force that they are sending forth is twice as strong as the last time,” the Starlight Overlord Beast continued.

“Kill!” Chen Feng waved his hand.


This time, all of the unique creatures stopped guarding Chen Feng and they charged to the van. As for the army of Battlers, they seemed to know not the meaning of exhaustion. Utilizing the best combat technique, they reacted with the fastest time possible to swiftly battle the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. 

Chen Feng waved his hand again and one of the combat puppets left, leaving only one to defend himself. 

The two combat puppets under Chen Feng were formidable killing machines capable of killing Divine Monarchs. This time, he had taken the risk of sending one out. As predicted, upon entering the battle, the combat puppet became like a tiger pouncing upon a flock of sheep. With one thrust of its Longevity Lance, several enemy Gold Immortals were killed. 

Clearly, though, the other party was already prepared to deal with the combat puppet. After it killed off two more Gold Immortals, five Divine Monarchs utilized a Five Elemental Sealing Technique to entangle the combat puppet. 

Divine Monarchs! It’d be great if I can get my hands on a few Divine Monarchs. Chen Feng shook his head.

The Battlers and unique creatures were already putting a great deal of effort into the battle, but a group of enemy cultivators was still able to break through the layers of obstructions to arrive before Chen Feng. 

“This fellow!”

Naturally, Princess Purplejade would not be taking part in this battle. However, she could not stop herself from feeling concerned for Chen Feng. He was presently in a rather disadvantageous position. 

Chen Feng waved his hand again and the final batch of Battlers, hundreds of thousands of them, charged out like a torrential river. Their charge forced the cultivators from the Immortal Plane to give ground, again and again. In fact, several of their Gold Immortals were inundated by the swarm of Battlers. 

That said, a group of them continued to charge forward. This group consisted of Divine Monarchs and Divine Princes. Their charge gave Chen Feng a strong sense of danger.

“Now that it’s come to this, are you still not going to run?” Princess Purplejade’s voice came over.

“Why should I run? Because of these fellows?” Chen Feng responded with a smile.

“Arrogant fellow!” Princess Purplejade stomped her feet and said nothing else.

The combat puppet silently disappeared only to suddenly re-appear before one of the Divine Monarchs. With a punch from it, the Divine Monarch was blasted to bits. It then continued with a swing of its Longevity Lance and several Divine Princes was sent flying. 

“Sealing Dimension!”

Two Divine Monarchs joined forces to create a dimension to trap the combat puppet. However, the combat puppet punched a huge hole through the dimension’s barrier with its Longevity Lance. After rushing out, it swung the lance and the two Divine Monarchs were sent flying.

Following that, however, four Divine Monarchs utilized a secret technique involving the Four Symbols, entangling the combat puppet.

And so, Chen Feng’s two combat puppets, his strongest card, became entangled by the Five Elemental Sealing Technique and the Four Symbols Dimension Technique respectively. Due to that, Chen Feng became vulnerable.

They dispatched so many Divine Monarchs to entangle my combat puppets. They sure think highly of me. Chen Feng scoffed and his body promptly grew in size. His Chaos Gold Body grew up to a height of 90,000 zhang before stopping. Even his two clones emerged. His main body wielded the Longevity Sword while the two clones wielded the Longevity Bow and Blood Mustering Bead. Although the three magic treasures were not high-grade Divine artifacts, they were still the best amongst mid-grade Divine artifacts. 

Chen Feng unleashed his triple combat power mode right from the start and stopped five enemy Divine Princes.

“This fellow! Is he still human?” Seeing that, Princess Purplejade gaped. She was incapable of facing even one Divine Prince. And yet, this Chen Feng was actually capable of stopping five of them on his own. That said, his opponents were not limited to just five Divine Princes.

That was indeed the case. Chen Feng’s triple combat power mode was only capable of stopping five Divine Princes for a short time. 

In truth, given his current level of strength, Chen Feng could kill off a Divine Prince in a one versus one battle and fight off two Divine Princes. The reason he could face five Divine Princes here was only because he was going all out. 

Although all the enemy Divine Monarchs were presently entangled, there were three more Divine Princes there. After arriving, the three Divine Princes waved their hands to release tens of Ageless Gold Immortals. 

Chen Feng was in a seriously unfavourable situation. Stopping five Divine Princes was already his limit. More, he would only be able to maintain this for a short period. And now, he had to face another group of Ageless Gold Immortals who surrounded him the moment they appeared. 

“This doesn’t look good. What will he do?” Seeing Chen Feng in danger, Princess Purplejade felt anxious. Only, she was incapable of helping him. She could only hope that Chen Feng had some other cards up his sleeve.

Thankfully, all the Divine Monarchs are stopped. Chen Feng secretly sighed.

“Empress, it’s time for you to take action.”

“Not a problem. I have long since wanted to take action.” As the Bug Empress of the Battler bugs, it would rarely do battle. However, this did not mean that it could not fight. All of the Battler bugs were created by the Battler Bug Empress. Thus, when it came to the ability to do battle, the Battler Bug Empress was the strongest.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The moment the Battler Bug Empress appeared, eight sword-like limbs spread out before swiftly slashing out. In but the blink of an eye, the tens of Ageless Gold Immortals were reduced to clouds of blood. After that, two thick tube-shaped objects emerged from the Battler Bug Empress’ back. They released a formidable suction force, sucking in all the clouds of blood in half a breath’s worth of time. 

“What?! He still has more trump cards?!” The other Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs grew frightened. They became shocked at the unending number of cards in Chen Feng’s possession. 

“That’s a Divine Monarch level bug! It’s the Bug Empress!” After their shock passed, the Divine Monarchs and Divine Princes became somewhat crazed. The army of bugs, be there one billion or two billion bugs, was not even as valuable as one Bug Empress.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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