Chapter 139: Escape


“Not enough power, again,” said Mo Ji coolly, not showing any despair due to the failure. Next, she raised the blood-coloured lance again and streams of potent energy flowed through the array into the lance.

Not good, half of my power has been depleted. Chen Feng was secretly shocked. He then focused, sending a strand of his divine sense to absorb the power of the Magic crystals within the Longevity Tower.

The Longevity Scripture that Chen Feng practiced was one of the best cultivation techniques since time immemorial. It was something that should never exist within the realm of mortals. By channelling the cultivation technique, a vast amount of spiritual energy flowed out from the Magic crystals and his depleted energy reserves began replenishing themselves.

Humph! One circulation of my Longevity Scripture’s cultivation technique is the equivalent of 10 times that of the average cultivator. Even its regenerative ability is not something that ordinary cultivators can hope to contend against. Now, let’s see who can last the longest. Chen Feng resolved himself.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mo Ji kept absorbing energy from Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator. After several rounds, the faces of both Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivators turned grim. That was especially so for the old, white-haired cultivator. Sweat the size of beans began oozing out from his forehead. Clearly, the two of them were incapable of handling such a large rate of consumption.

Strange. That kid’s cultivation base is so low. How could he persist until now? Logically speaking, the strain should have broken him long ago. The puzzled Evil Moon Grotto Master pondered.

The energy reserves of the two were being consumed at a high rate. Likewise, Chen Feng was also not in a good state. Although he could absorb the energy from the Magic crystals within the Longevity Tower to replenish his energy reserve, the energy consumption rate needed to operate the magic array was simply too fast. That was especially true when considering Mo Ji’s continuous attacks upon the space before them. It was as though she simply did not understand the meaning of fatigue.

This woman is truly powerful. The two of them are already about to break down, but still she remains unaffected. She is not showing the slightest sign of weakness. It seems as though she has not lost any energy at all. Looking at Mo Ji, Chen Feng felt puzzled.

After attacking a few more times, Mo Ji stopped and turned to look at the old, white-haired cultivator. “Senior, next up, your Ardent Sun Needle will have to attack.”

“Not a problem. However, I have exhausted too much power. I fear I will not be able to unleash the full power of this Prized artefact,” said the old, white-haired cultivator.

“It is time for them to help out.” Mo Ji then turned to look at the group of cultivators in the centre of the magic array.


Suddenly, Mo Xigui stretched his hand out and a dazzling pearl-like gemstone flew out to hover above their heads. It then joined up with the magic array that Mo Ji, Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator had set up.

“Later, everyone must channel all their power into that,” said Mo Xigui as he looked at everyone present.

“That is a type of storage spirit stone that can store and transform energy. That is a good item. I didn’t think that Brother Mo could have something as good as this,” said a young cultivator beside Mo Xigui.

“If you want it, you can use your Purplegrain Spirit Iron to exchange for it,” said Mo Xigui with a smile.

“Dream on. I knew you were eyeing that item. That is the reward I got for completing a task given by my sect. That thing is not easy to purchase,” said the young cultivator with his own smile.

“However, I have no problems exchanging it with your sword techniques, if you are willing, that is.” The young cultivator snickered.

“Enough, stop it. Hurry up and start.” Another cultivator, a tall and handsome-looking youngster had enough of their banter. He was the first to send a white beam of light into the storage spirit stone. The white beam of light was formed using magic power. The moment it made contact with the storage spirit stone, it disappeared into it.

“Let’s start.”

The remaining cultivators began sending their magic powers into the storage spirit stone. It was peculiar. The many cultivators there practiced different types of cultivation techniques and the magic powers they sent out were naturally of differing types. If that were a top-grade Magic artefact, the strain from all the varying energies would have shattered it. However, no such reaction could be seen from the storage spirit stone. Instead, it simply hovered calmly in the air. Toughness wise, it was already comparable to a Prized artefact.

Finally, when everyone there had channelled their magic powers into the storage spirit stone, Mo Xigui flicked his finger to send a sword energy towards the storage spirit stone. Immediately, the gemstone shone with a dazzling light. At the same time, the magic array began circulating furiously. The power bursting out from the magic array this time around was the culmination of tens of cultivators, an incredibly gigantic amount of power. Even the magic array was shaking as a result of the power.

Chen Feng was quick to feel a great amount of strain upon him. The vast, ocean-like power was evenly distributed amongst the four of them and torrents of power flowed through the magic array towards Chen Feng.


Thick magic power charged into Chen Feng’s body and he could feel himself swelling up rapidly. It felt as though he might burst apart at any given moment.

Fortunately, Chen Feng was practicing the Longevity Scripture’s cultivation technique, which possessed a mighty level of vitality and absorption. Any other cultivator on the same cultivation base as Chen Feng would have exploded from that.

What power! Three insight acupoints, turn! Chen Feng shouted inwardly and his Heavenly Origin acupoint and the two Magnetic acupoints exerted powerful suction forces. It was as though there were three huge whales hidden within Chen Feng’s body. With just one gulp, the plentiful power within Chen Feng’s body had been completely sucked in.

An excellent opportunity. I can take advantage of this to absorb more power. Although the attributes are different, I can keep it and slowly refine them. Chen Feng’s mind raced and he opened up his three insight acupoints as he began to secretly absorb the power of the magic array.

Mo Ji was quick to sense something amiss. Looking at Chen Feng, she became secretly shocked. In Mo Ji’s opinion, Chen Feng was likely incapable of absorbing such a violent power. She had originally been curious to see how Chen Feng could handle the power. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could so casually absorb so much of them.

“All right, attack here.” Mo Ji then pointed her blood-coloured lance at a certain point in the sky.

The old, white-haired cultivator began mobilizing his Prized artefact, the Ardent Sun Needle. The unremarkable steel needle abruptly expanded in size, shining with such intensity that Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from closing his eyes. It truly felt as though it was a sun, shining brightly.


The Ardent Sun Needle shot into the sky, shooting straight at the point that Mo Ji had designated.


A plopping sound rang out. It was reminiscent of a stone tossed into a calm surface of water. Next, circular ripples spread out from the Ardent Sun Needle’s location. The landscape of Demon Soul Valley could be seen within the ripples.

“We will succeed soon. Put more magic power into it!” shouted Mo Ji.

“All four Prized artefacts, attack together!”

Chen Feng understood that now was not the time to be shirking his duty. His soul power surged and the Overwhelming Astral Sword swiftly expanded in size before slashing at the broken space. At the same time, Evil Moon Grotto Master’s Sky Toppling Seal attacked as well. The space quaked and air within tens of metres immediately cracked, causing chaotic energy currents to flow about.

The blood-coloured lance in Mo Ji’s hands also unleashed a potent power. A sharp and terrifying roar rang out as a blood-coloured pillar of light smashed the surrounding space into pieces.

All four Prized artefacts were unleashing their frightful power.

The terrifying power of the four Prized artefacts, fuelled by the tens of cultivators there, bombarded the broken space again and again.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The large cracks kept spreading out. Finally, a broken space, tens of metres in size, appeared. The outside landscape could faintly be seen through the broken space.

“Let’s go!”

Mo Ji shouted and Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master, the old, white-haired cultivator and the other cultivators flew outside. Successfully flying out meant escaping the barrier keeping them in. Mo Ji was the first to exit, followed closely by Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator, who rushed out side by side. Chen Feng was the last amongst all the cultivators to escape.

However, just as Chen Feng was about to rush out, Elegant Gentleman, who had been amongst those within the magic array, attacked. With a wave of his hand, he shot a chilling luminescence towards Chen Feng.

“You wanna die?!” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta immediately charged at Elegant Gentleman. The Five Heroes of Pot Mountain were enraged as well. They all rushed forward to besiege Elegant Gentleman. Even those cultivators within the magic array revealed looks of fury. No matter how you cut it, Chen Feng had contributed in their escape. If not for his contribution, it would have been difficult for them to escape. Unexpectedly, during this critical juncture, Elegant Gentleman had executed such a despicable move.

“The few of you think you can deal with me? You are the ones courting death!” Elegant Gentleman sneered as he sent his Soulflame out. A wave of heat burned its way towards them.

By then, the others had all exited while the broken space was quickly closing up. Chen Feng, who was still in the process of leaving, did not panic. Instead, the corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

Rumble! Rumble!

A spinning vortex suddenly appeared from Chen Feng’s glabella. Next, bolt after bolt of lightning, forming a torrent of lightning bolts surged out. Its lightning power rampaged about, further tearing the spatial cracks as it shot towards Elegant Gentleman.

What could compare against the speed of lightning? The torrent of lightning bolts engulfed Elegant Gentleman before he could even mount a response. Not even Evil Moon Grotto Master could respond in time to save him from the attack.

Those purple-coloured lightning bolts were the lightning powers that Chen Feng had collected back in Purplebolt Mountain. All of them were stored within Longevity Tower. According to Tower, those were meant for Chen Feng’s future physical training. The lightning bolts stored within the Longevity Tower were the strongest amongst the lightning bolts available in Purplebolt Mountain. Forget Elegant Gentleman; in face of this unexpected attack, even a high-level character like Evil Moon Grotto Master would be caught off guard.


Chen Feng hurriedly flew out from the spatial crack. With a wave of his hand, he beckoned Ye Ziming and the others to his side. At that moment, Elegant Gentleman, who was engulfed by the lightning bolts, was howling non-stop.

Despite its tyrannical power, the lightning bolts were merely lightning from the mundane world. Thus, it could not instantly kill off someone like Elegant Gentleman.

Having said that, it was still enough to make him suffer. Accompanying Elegant Gentleman’s howls was the pungent scent of scorched flesh.

With a thought, Chen Feng brought out the Overwhelming Astral Sword. He wanted to kill off Elegant Gentleman. By then, however, Evil Moon Grotto Master had already taken action. He sent out his Sky Toppling Seal, directing it to smash down on Chen Feng’s group as he rushed towards Elegant Gentleman.

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