Chapter 1389 Snatching the Fruits of Life


Princess Purplejade shook her head. It felt to her like Chen Feng had become crazy, so much so that he had lost his mind. 

“Then, have you figured out a solution? Staying here like this is not the way to go,” she said. 

“Not yet.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Although I haven’t figured out a solution, I did figure out a general path. By following this path, I will surely succeed in the end.”

“Very well. I hope that you can succeed. However, I will not be staying here anymore. This place is too dangerous. I need to consider the lives of my subordinates as well,” said Princess Purplejade after a moment’s consideration. 

“I understand. There is no need for you to feel guilty.”

“I’m not feeling guilty.”

Princess Purplejade felt like Chen Feng’s personality had changed. Compared to when she first met him, he had seemingly become somewhat different. But she was not alone here and there were many people counting on her. Thus, she decided to leave. She was quick to lead her subordinates away from the place. That said, she also did not go too far. After reaching a spot that was five million kilometres away from the Tree of Life, she stopped. 

In her opinion, this place should be safer.

“Your Highness, if the Tree of Life attacks, even this place is not safe.” A half-step Gold Immortal who thought himself to be clever spoke up in a flattering tone. 

“Do you think I don’t know that?” Princess Purplejade answered coolly. Upon seeing the expression on Princess Purplejade’s face, the half-step Gold Immortal immediately felt his heart lurching. He knew then that he had said something he shouldn’t.

“Understood!” He lowered his head and backed away.

After Princess Purplejade left, Chen Feng sighed. In truth, he was not as calm as he was letting on. He knew that Princess Purplejade’s words were logical. He was not invincible. 

Looks like I got too arrogant after my strength soared. I had assumed that with this army of Battlers and unique creatures, I would be able to do whatever I wanted. Looks like, in the face of absolute power, it is still nothing more than an illusion. My own strength is still the most important factor. Chen Feng came to understand that his strength was still lacking. This thought flashed through his mind and his cultivation base actually improved. His thoughts became more concise and his will became more resolute. They were like a piece of iron that had undergone countless tempering processes, resulting in the ejection of the impurities within it.

Just one Divine Monarch is enough to fatally wound me. Dealing with a Paramount Gold Immortal is just wishful thinking. Back then, I was lucky that I was able to beat back the Paramount Gold Immortal. Chen Feng pondered, bringing out another Fruit of Life before gulping it down. This time, his cultivation base did not improve. The Fruit of Life transformed into energy that rapidly disappeared within his body. At the same time, he felt hungry. This feeling grew increasingly strong. 

I was actually so badly wounded just back then! Although it appeared as though I have recovered, my essence has taken grievous damage. Looks like my body is not as mighty as I had imagined. Rather, it may be more accurate to say that I am still not able to utilize the profundities of the flesh. Chen Feng then gulped down another Fruit of Life. This time, he ate all the Fruits of Life that he managed to snatch over. Again, not only did his cultivation base not improve, he instead sensed some of the wounds in his body. 

There are new wounds, but there are also previous wounds that had remained hidden all this time. Is the number of hidden injuries so high? There was no way for Chen Feng to know but to investigate it. After investigating it, Chen Feng was immediately astounded. While the surface appeared flawless, there were countless wounds beneath the surface. There were also several types of power deposited deep within the depths of his body. Even though he cultivated the longevity-type primary energy, he was still incapable of getting rid of them. If not for the Fruits of Life, he would not have discovered them. Should these hidden wounds erupt, Chen Feng would be incapable of handling the aftermath, not even with the Chaos Constitution. 

Any other Ageless Gold Immortal would end up with their bodies collapsing if they are suffering from such injuries. Chen Feng’s longevity-type primary energy circulated swiftly. His blood energy was also stirring again and again. Even some of the special characteristics of the Chaos Constitution began to emerge. One such example was the various powers hidden deep within his body. Those powers gradually fused with Chen Feng’s body while some harmful impurities were ejected.

Chen Feng’s fleshly configuration transformed as well. Some modifications were happening to his foundation. This signified that the power of the Chaos Constitution was gradually being developed.

Even so, the number of hidden injuries was simply too high. Healing them up quickly was not possible.

I was a little too careless. It would appear that I did not understand myself as much as I had thought. Thankfully, I did not take the risk to undergo tribulation. If these hidden injuries erupt altogether during the tribulation, I’d be in serious trouble.

Having eaten all the Fruits of Life, Chen Feng then used the Longevity Fruits as substitutes. Unfortunately, the effects of the Longevity Fruits were not that good. Due to that, Chen Feng decided to take the risk to approach the Tree of Life and pick some of the Fruits of Life.

If it weren’t for the Dragon of Life, the difficulty involved in collecting this divine tree would be halved. The hidden Dragon of Life is the most crucial factor here. Some of the information regarding the Dragons of Life emerged from Chen Feng’s memories. After going through the information, however, Chen Feng felt it to be useless. Without sufficient power to back him up, the information would not help him at all. 

After waiting for some time, Chen Feng saw that the cultivators from the Immortal Plane were not taking action. And so, he could only take action by himself. In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to take action when the cultivators from the Immortal Plane were attacking the Tree of Life. It would appear, though, that they were no fools. After what happened the first time around, these fellows would not do something that would end with their deaths. 

Chen Feng began advancing towards the Tree of Life. He exercised great caution, moving very slowly and firmly. 

“He’s gone mad!” Princess Purplejade swiftly found out about his movements. 

“Ha ha ha! Longevity Celestial is taking action! Let’s watch the show.”

“A chance might appear.”

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a bargain from this.”

“If he dies to the attacks from the Tree of Life, we might be able to snatch some corpses. That would be good.”

“That’s true. The Chaos Constitution. Just hearing those words can set one’s heart aflame. I pray that this fellow not die without leaving a corpse behind.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Look, some fellows are already following him. To be taking action right now, are they stupid?”

Those words were exchanged between the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. Naturally, none of them thought well of Chen Feng. Ninety per cent of them hoped that Chen Feng would die while the other ten per cent hoped that he would not die too quickly. 

45,000 kilometres. 

40,000 kilometres. 

35,000 kilometres. 

30,000 kilometres. 

Even after reaching a distance of 25,000 kilometres, the Tree of Life did not attack. 

And so, Chen Feng’s figure abruptly burst forward. The Longevity Wings on his back flapped so quickly that they became a blur. Chen Feng pushed his speed to its limits, arriving before the Tree of Life in less than half a breath’s worth of time. With a swing of his hand, he sent a massive Great Longevity Palm towards the spot with the highest abundance of Fruits of Life.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Tree of Life shook and countless branches shot towards Chen Feng like spears and lances. At the same time, some branches became like ropes to form a prison to entrap Chen Feng. 

Despite having prepared himself, this response from the Tree of Life had still shocked Chen Feng. The two combat puppets flew out and a high number of the branches was cut down. 

Twenty Divine Prince level unique creatures also appeared. After appearing, the twenty unique creatures immediately transformed into their original forms to unleash their strongest attacks. 

All the branches attacking Chen Feng were wiped out while the great palm that he sent forward grasped. Over a hundred Fruits of Life fell into his grasp. In the beginning, Chen Feng had planned on leaving as soon as he succeeded. But seeing so many Fruits of Life, he changed his mind. He swung his hand again and a massive palm silhouette moved to grab a thick branch. There were over 1,000 Fruits of Life on the branch. 

This time, though, the attempt to snatch the Fruits of Life did not go smoothly. A thick branch pierced the Great Longevity Palm before moving across the arm as it shot towards Chen Feng. But Chen Feng was prepared. His two clones appeared and the blade and sword in their hands cut down the branches. Following that, two Great Longevity Palms emerged to grasp forward.

This time, Chen Feng was able to get a big harvest. A total of 200 Fruits of Life fell into his hands. 

At that very moment, the two combat puppets and 20 unique creatures were fighting the Tree of Life. Moreover, it would appear that they were able to stop it. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he created five Great Longevity palms in one go, grabbing at the spot with the highest number of Fruits of Life from different directions. 

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Three of the Great Longevity Palms were shattered by the attacks of the Tree of Life while the other two succeeded. However, as they were returning, one of the palms was broken and over 100 Fruits of Life were scattered. A vortex suddenly appeared to collect the fruits.

“Five hundred Fruits of Life. This is enough. Let’s go!” Chen Feng waved his hand and the unique creatures and combat puppets formed a circle around him, protecting him as he charged out. 


An attack pierced the body of one of the unique creatures. Next, the branches struck another two unique creatures. By then, almost all of the unique creatures were already wounded. Chen Feng waved his hand to collect them all, leaving only the two combat puppets.

He had sensed great pressure. Although the two combat puppets were very strong, this Tree of Life was a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal with roots that were well-developed and a luxuriant foliage. More, there was also the hidden Dragon of Life that was secretly taking action. 

Thinking about the Dragon of Life sent a chill down Chen Feng’s heart. Despite not turning his head, he could sense two thick branches transforming into two divine dragons behind him. Emanating a coercive air of majesty, they pursued Chen Feng while roaring. 

This is bad! Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. As expected, the greater the harvest, the greater the danger.

The cultivators from the Immortal Plane that were observing Chen Feng from afar had been talking about him the moment he took action. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these fellows were all Chen Feng’s enemies. Due to that, most of them did not want him to succeed.

But when Chen Feng managed to obtain a high number of the Fruits of Life, those cultivators fell into an uproar. Naturally, they were all expressing envy. Some had been following Chen Feng from a distance, planning to fish in troubled waters. Seeing Chen Feng obtain the fruits agitated them so much that they howled. At any rate, for most cultivators, the Fruits of Life were highly beneficial items.

And so, a thought came to their minds. If Chen Feng can succeed, they too can succeed. Some who had been simply watching were finally incapable of holding back. They grouped up and charged towards the Tree of Life. 

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