Chapter 1388 The Dragon of Life


After his soul fused together as one, Chen Feng swiftly noticed the dangerous situation his body was in. And so, he began absorbing the turbulent energies within his body to restore his damaged body. 

Earlier, if the Battler Bug Empress hadn’t led a group of newly-created Battlers to help him stop the attack, his soul would not have simply broken apart. Instead, there would be nothing left of it. 

Thankfully, there is the Bug Empress and the recently-made one million Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers that I did not bring out. Unfortunately, that attack made me lose hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Immortals. A Divine Monarch is truly formidable. Chen Feng was working on his recovery. Despite having reformed his soul, it was still too weak. 

He did, however, have an advantage in terrain. It was the concentrated power of life around him. Large quantities of the power of life flowed into his body and the cracks on his body began disappearing. 

The rate at which he recovered kept rising. When he finally managed a full recovery, he saw Princess Purplejade giving him a peculiar look. 

“What? Is there a flower on my face?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Of course not. I am just surprised to see that you are fine.” Princess Purplejade regarded Chen Feng from head to toe. 

“You sound like you wished to see something happen to me.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“No. What I mean is, you are just a half-step Gold Immortal while the other party is a Divine Monarch. Moreover, he had successfully landed a sneak attack on you. Logically speaking…” Princess Purplejade tried her best to explain herself.

“Logically speaking, that should have killed me, right?” Chen Feng continued.

“That is what I meant.” Princess Purplejade nodded.

“Actually, I was nearly killed earlier. Didn’t you see how long it took me to recover?” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“That alone is very unbelievable for me. How did you do it?” Princess Purplejade’s eye shone with light.

“It’s a secret.” 

Hearing that, Princess Purplejade stopped asking. Instead, she changed the topic. “Earlier, how did you notice the other party?”

“Probably intuition,” Chen Feng said.

Princess Purplejade became somewhat annoyed. Clearly, she was dissatisfied with the answer. A half-step Gold Immortal managed to sense a sneak attack from a Divine Monarch thanks to his intuition? Would anyone believe that? At any rate, she did not buy it. 

“It’s fine if you don’t want to answer. What kind of excuse is that?” Princess Purplejade said coldly. 

“It really is intuition. There’s nothing I can do if you do not believe me.” Chen Feng shook his head. Back when he was under attack, he had entered a very wondrous state. It was something he could not explain, a mysterious thing. However, he failed to sense the second sneak attack. 

“Forget it. Let’s not talk about that. You are right. With this force, I am truly still not able to go about unchallenged. I can already sense danger. If the other party repeats that sneak attack one more time, I might end up dying.” After saying that, Chen Feng contacted the Battler Bug Empress. Next, a slight change happened to the formation of the army of Battlers. The hundreds of unique creatures moved closer to Chen Feng. With such a large force, Chen Feng was able to swiftly set up web-like arrays around him, spanning a radius of half a million kilometres. With the exception of a Paramount Gold Immortal, no one would be able to silently make their way in, not even Divine Monarchs. After breaking in, they would have a hard time breaking out. 

“I will welcome them to come again, as long as it is not a Paramount Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Next up, though, the forces from the Immortal Plane did not attack. The Tree of Life, on the other hand, did.

Four faint-cyan divine dragons tore through layer after layer of space to directly appear before Chen Feng. Even though Chen Feng had already prepared himself, seeing the other party appear before him had still left him somewhat surprised.

Divine dragon! Tree of Life! Chen Feng only had enough time for the two thoughts to flash through his mind before he had to clash against the other party.

Divine Monarchs! Again? The Longevity Combat Armour that Chen Feng had only just formed burst apart once more and his body began breaking apart. However, threads appeared between his flesh to reconnect his body. 

Chen Feng felt so vexed, so much so that he might end up puking blood. It had only been a brief moment, but four Divine Monarchs actually chose to attack him. Moreover, this was a sneak attack. 

Additionally, it was clear that these four divine dragons were connected to the Tree of Life. The life signatures and energy waves coming from their bodies were practically identical to that of the Tree of Life.

Chen Feng had no time to think about why. The situation appeared somewhat serious. The four divine dragons were slightly stronger compared to the Divine Monarchs from back then. More, the Tree of Life also attacked at the same time. It was a very special attack.

All Chen Feng saw was a blur before he entered a special space. This space seemed somewhat different compared to a space with substance. Rather, it felt like a dream.

Chen Feng stood alone within the space. Next, a divine dragon swirled forth with its colossal body before arriving in front of Chen Feng. 

This is bad. Chen Feng looked around. He was incapable of contacting his two combat puppets, let alone the army of Battlers and unique creatures.

Empress! Chen Feng attempted to contact the Battler Bug Empress.

“I am here.” The Battler Bug Empress was quick to reply and Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. It was then that he realized everything was normal within his sea of wisdom. At any rate, he had no confidence in facing a Divine Monarch on his own. The Battler Bug Empress, though, was at the Divine Monarch level as well. More, there were also hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers inside.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Chen Feng asked.

“I am unable to ascertain it. This must be a type of special illusion space. Moreover, there are the energy waves of Paramount laws and a strong aura of life. This must be an attack from the Tree of Life. However, I noticed something interesting from the divine dragon’s body,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“Interesting? Tell me about it.” Chen Feng did notice something strange. However, given his level and experience, he was still incapable of understanding what was happening here.

“Master, have you heard of the Dragons of Life?” the Battler Bug Empress asked.

“The Dragons of Life? You mean the Ancestor Dragons? The ancestors of the Divine Dragon Clan!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“You can call them the Ancestor Dragons. However, they are not the ancestors of the Divine Dragon Clan. They have a very long life span, far greater compared to the other divine dragons. Due to that, they are known as the Ancestor Dragons. This divine dragon coming at us is not a real divine dragon. Rather, it is something created by the power of a Dragon of Life and the Tree of Life. I believe you can already figure out the rest, master,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“So, a Dragon of Life is secretly behind all this. Just the Tree of Life is hard enough to deal with. But now, there is an Ancestor Dragon as well. What do I do?” Chen Feng shook his head, feeling somewhat helpless about it. 

“Master, you are mistaken. The reason this Tree of Life is so strong, possessing such offensive nature, is because of the Dragon of Life. According to my calculations, the Dragon of Life has already fused with the Tree of Life. In order to obtain the Tree of Life, you will need to first deal with the Dragon of Life,” the Battler Bug Empress slowly said. 

“It’s probably not that easy. However, now that we know what’s going on, we will be able to figure a way to deal with it.” Chen Feng nodded, brandishing the Longevity Sword as he kept backing away. The divine dragon in front of him had already begun attacking. 

In a one versus one fight and with no combat puppet to help him, Chen Feng was simply no match for a Divine Monarch. 

But Chen Feng still had some other forces with him. Hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers flew forward in an orderly manner before charging towards the divine dragon. 

“You didn’t think I would still have this force with me, did you?” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Longevity Bow. At the same time, he pushed his eye technique to its limits. This divine dragon was stronger than any other divine dragons that he had ever encountered. Although it was not a genuine divine dragon, the draconic aura of majesty that it emanated went deep into his soul. 

This divine dragon was truly formidable. Its combat power was great and it also possessed a vast amount of experience. Despite facing attacks from the many Battlers, it was still capable of flying forward unimpeded. Every attack from the divine dragon would send a high number of the Battlers flying. It gave off the atmosphere of something unstoppable. 

Chen Feng unleashed two attacks in a row, but the attacks missed. Moreover, the other party appeared to have an endless supply of power. Chen Feng was aware that this was due to the Tree of Life.

Due to that, the Battler Bug Empress, who would rarely participate in battles, finally joined the fight. Immediately, a change happened. The Battler Bug Empress was at the Divine Monarch level. It was also of the Battler class. The moment it appeared, its attack struck the divine dragon. Following that, the Battler Bug Empress unleashed a string of blows upon the divine dragon, not giving it any chance to counter attack. At the same time, the attacks from the other Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers also landed on the divine dragon’s body. 

Due to the attacks from the two forces, the divine dragon’s speed was affected. And so, Chen Feng’s long-ranged attacks finally began to take effect. A huge arrow pierced through the divine dragon’s body. At the back of the arrow was a thread connected to Chen Feng’s body. 

Life energy surged into Chen Feng’s body. 

“Huh! It is truly strong!” Chen Feng took in a lengthy breath. 


The Battler Bug Empress sent two sharp claws shooting forward simultaneously to break the divine dragon’s body into two halves. Without waiting for the divine dragon to reconnect itself, two groups of Battlers fired out ropes to tie up the divine dragon. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and the Longevity Tree inside his body flew out to land on the back half of the divine dragon’s broken body. Next, several roots emerged and stabbed themselves into the divine dragon’s flesh. The dao of devouring within the roots circulated and the divine dragon’s body rapidly withered.

The divine dragon struggled non-stop, but it failed to stop the roots from sucking it dry. In the end, its withered body blew up, not the slightest bit of energy left.

By then, the Battler Bug Empress had chopped the other half of the divine dragon’s body into pieces. The Longevity Tree moved forward again. After devouring the divine dragon, the Longevity Tree became several times bigger. The Longevity Fruits that it produced also had the flavour of the Ageless laws.

After the divine dragon disappeared, the space also quickly disappeared and Chen Feng found that he was still standing on the same spot. Seeing Chen Feng appear, the two combat puppets swiftly positioned themselves in front of Chen Feng. One of the combat puppets held in its hand a colossal divine dragon. Only, this divine dragon was already dead.

“Two of them escaped.” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light.

“It’s one. The other one was completely blown up.” The Starlight Overlord Beast moved forward.

Chen Feng nodded, keeping the body of the divine dragon into his bodily world. The Longevity Tree devoured it and his bodily world grew bigger again.

“Longevity Celestial, this place doesn’t seem safe.” Princess Purplejade said with a note of concern. Although the attacks were always targeted at Chen Feng, just watching it all left Princess Purplejade feeling terrified. There was no telling when she would become targeted. Comparing herself to Chen Feng, she felt herself to be terribly weak. If even someone like Chen Feng could nearly die to the attacks, someone like her would most likely have no chance of surviving. 

“You scared?” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Not scared. Worried.” Princess Purplejade shook her head.

“There’s no helping it. I cannot retreat. I have to get the Tree of Life.” Chen Feng pointed forward with his finger.

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