Chapter 1387 Military Training


“If I have this army of Divine Bugs, my position in the Immortal Court would rise straight up. Those who had been going against me would likely come and try to ingratiate themselves with me instead,” Princess Purplejade said in a somewhat dazed tone. 

“I you have an army of Divine Bugs, you will likely not have long to live. When the time comes, Divine Princes, Divine Monarchs and even Paramount Gold Immortals would take action to snatch it from you. How do you plan on dealing with them?” Chen Feng’s voice rang out. Clearly, he had heard Princess Purplejade.

“What about you?” Unconvinced, Princess Purplejade asked.

“I can withstand the attacks of a Paramount Gold Immortal, maybe even kill them,” Chen Feng replied.

“By relying on those two combat puppets? I don’t think it’s enough,” Princess Purplejade said again. 

“Do you think I have no other cards up my sleeve?” Chen Feng laughed and the vortexes around him abruptly elongated and the rate at which they were devouring the power of life rose again. Princess Purplejade, who was somewhat close to him, became affected.

“Aren’t you going too fast here? Could any problems arise from this?”

“No, not at all. Do not forget what type of constitution I possess. How can you put me on the same pedestal as ordinary cultivators,” Chen Feng said with a grin. 

“Humph!” Princess Purplejade then stopped talking to Chen Feng. She brought out a palm-sized white jade bottle. After the stopper was pulled out, a stream of energy floated out. Like clouds, the energy then enveloped the surrounding space. Quickly, droplets of water fell before flowing into the bottle. The rate at which the droplets fell rose higher and higher and they finally formed a line. In the end, it became a stream.

“Tsk, tsk. That’s a good magic treasure,” Chen Feng pondered before saying. He could see that the water entering the bottle was formed from the power of life. The function of the magic treasure was to compress the power of life in the surrounding space into liquid form, making it even purer and easier to absorb. 

One by one, the unique creatures under Chen Feng arrived. Two billion Battlers and several hundred Gold Immortal stage unique creatures. It was a magnificent sight to behold. While the unique creatures could also absorb the power of life for their cultivation, what they were doing was far inferior compared to the army of two billion Battlers.

The Battlers were not just absorbing the power of life for themselves. They would also channel the excess power to the Battler Bug Empress. In other words, the Battler Bug Empress had two billion bugs providing it with power. 

Although the Battler Bug Empress had devoured a large amount of power since following Chen Feng, it still had a long way to go before it could reach the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. Chen Feng, though, knew that this could not be forced. At any rate, there were many cultivators who could not reach that stage even after having cultivated for countless years. When compared to the other living beings who had to bitterly cultivate themselves, the bug race was an extremely monstrous existence.

Chen Feng desperately wanted to obtain this divine tree. However, he suppressed himself from taking action. He knew, given how strong this Tree of Life was, even a Paramount Gold Immortal would have a hard time against it. Recklessly charging in could result in his death.

As Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade were cultivating, some other cultivators arrived as well. Upon arriving, they were astounded by the sight of the army of Battlers. However, they could not resist the allure of the Tree of Life. And so, they carefully circled around Chen Feng to arrive before the Tree of Life.     

Some cultivators were relatively lucky and they managed to obtain one or two Fruits of Life. Every one of the Fruits of Life on the Tree of Life could greatly increase a cultivator’s life force. Moreover, it could also give them 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation. 

Most of them, however, ended up dying there. Observing the situation, Chen Feng noticed a pattern. Cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage, no matter how lucky they may be, would most certainly die once the Tree of Life decided to attack them. In the face of the Tree of Life’s attacks, regular Ageless Gold Immortals had a 1% chance of escaping, maybe higher. For Divine Princes, their chances of escaping were higher. Of the several hundred cultivators who came after them, only several Divine Princes were able to successfully obtain the Fruits of Life. However, they had to make some sacrifices in order to escape from it. One of them was already on the verge of death. 

They were a bunch of unlucky fellows. They had obtained the Fruits of Life and successfully escaped from the Tree of Life only to come under attack by the Battlers. In the end, the Fruits of Life in their hands ended up with Chen Feng.

Chen Feng held both the Fruit of Life and the Longevity Fruit in his hands and compared them. With a perfunctory look, one would have assumed that the two fruits were the same. However, a detailed look would reveal that there were some differences on the shimmering patterns on the fruits. Additionally, the power contained within the two fruits was also different. One was the power of life while the other was the power of longevity. 

Only, the power contained within this Fruit of Life was much stronger compared to the Longevity Fruit produced by the Longevity Tree inside his body. 

Eating one of the Fruits of Life, Chen Feng felt as though a planet was blowing up within his body. Next, stream after stream of energy flowed before melding into the various corners of his body. 

After he was done refining the Fruit of Life, he found that he had gained 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation base. This shocked him. 

It had to be said. Cultivators at varying levels would gain varying degrees of improvement from this fruit. Back when Chen Feng was still weak, say at the Ascendant Immortal stage, one spiritual fruit could give him a million years’ worth of cultivation. However, at the True Immortal stage, that same spiritual fruit would likely be incapable of giving him even 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation. In other words, at his present level, the amount of power he absorbed on a daily basis was many times greater than that of a Heavenly Immortal. 

Due to that, the fact that the Fruit of Life could give him – a half-step Gold Immortal – 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation, truly shocked him. 

That also made him even more determined to obtain this divine tree.

And so, Chen Feng gulped down the second Fruit of Life. Unlike medicinal pills, which had restrictions on their usage, making it so taking too many of them within a short time was not possible, the Fruits of Life were different. This was the purest power of life. It was very easy to refine and absorb this power, even for other cultivators, let alone Chen Feng who possessed the Heaven-defying Chaos Constitution. 

The second fruit, however, only gave him 80,000 years’ worth of cultivation. Chen Feng, who had long since expected this, was not surprised. Instead, he stopped cultivating. He had obtained 180,000 years’ worth of cultivation. Due to that, his body felt somewhat saturated.

“Longevity Celestial, you’ve killed too many of our Immortal Plane’s cultivators. I fear that some troubles might arise from this.” By then, Princess Purplejade had recalled most of her subordinates. She was also able to find out about some of the happenings in other places. Due to that, when she saw the look of indifference on Chen Feng’s face, she could not stop herself from giving him a reminder. 

“Not some, but a lot,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. 

“What do you mean?” Princess Purplejade grew puzzled. 

“Look there,” Chen Feng said. 

Princess Purplejade utilized an eye technique to peer ahead and noticed a high number of cultivators flying towards them. The cultivators were not coming from one direction. Rather, they were coming from various directions. There were the various cultivators – all of varying levels – who had entered this chaos space. Radiating a furious killing intent, they locked down on the positions of Chen Feng and his unique creatures. Sensing that, Princess Purplejade knew that they were not simply here for the divine tree. Instead, they were after Chen Feng. 

Princess Purplejade’s eyes wavered. After some time, still in a state of shock, she said, “So many forces.”

“Say, if I beat up all the cultivators from the Immortal Court in this space, how would the Immortal Court react?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“Impossible, you are not able to do it,” Princess Purplejade was quick to reply. 

“Surely, you are not thinking that with these Divine Bugs and unique creatures, you can defeat everyone? The number of cultivators who entered this chaos space is unimaginably high. Remember what I told you back then? You simply do not understand the strength of our Immortal Plane. Do you still remember the Ten Thousand Immortals Mountain Range?” Princess Purplejade felt that Chen Feng was becoming arrogant to the point of underestimating everyone. 

“Naturally, I remember. Then, what do you think I should do? Keep my forces and run for my life?” Chen Feng said smilingly. By then, the two sides had already clashed. 

The unique creatures did not join the battle. They simply gathered beside Chen Feng. That said, all of them radiated surging waves of killing energy, desirous of moving forward to join the battle. But without Chen Feng’s command, they had to restrain themselves. 

Tens of thousands of cultivators from the Immortal Plane charged into the army of Battlers and a brutal battle erupted between the two sides. 

“You think these fellows are a match for my army of two billion bugs? I do not understand why these fellows would choose to commit suicide in this manner, like moths to the fire,” Chen Feng said. 

The Immortal Plane had sent forth tens of thousands of cultivators in one go. Amongst them was a group of high-level cultivators. Their objective, Chen Feng. Only, in order to get to Chen Feng, they had to make their way through the two billion Battlers. Given the scale involved, it could already be considered as a war between worlds. 

When compared to the Slaughterers, these two billion Battlers were more compliant to orders. Moreover, they displayed a high degree of cooperation. They were also knowledgeable in group battles. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the two billion Battlers were comparable to ten billion Slaughterers. 

One billion Ascendant Immortal stage Battlers orderly retreated to the edges of the battlefield, every million coming together to form a massive battle formation. 

Every 100,000 True Immortals would form a battle team. 

Every 10,000 Heavenly Immortals would form one team and a total of 500 teams was formed, becoming the main attacking force. Each of the teams consisting of 100,000 True Immortals was in charge of fighting one Gold Immortal. Meanwhile, the five million Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers could deal with 50 Gold Immortals.  

In addition, there were also 500,000 half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers. These bugs were one level higher compared to the Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers. Their combat power and ability to kill had improved. They could already set up some great killing arrays, capable of threatening even Divine Princes.

Naturally, the number of Gold Immortal stage Battlers was relatively small. There were only 60 of them. The 60 Gold Immortal stage Battlers formed an assault team, specializing in attacking the enemy Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs.

But even though the Battlers exhibited a high level of cooperation, allowing them to display a formidable combat power, many of them had still fallen. It was because the other party had Divine Monarchs. 

A single attack from a Divine Monarch could easily break apart the teams of Battlers. Chen Feng frowned. Earlier, a Divine Monarch had smashed apart a team of 10,000 Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers. Only several of the Battlers had managed to survive while the rest were all smashed to bits.

Chen Feng became somewhat apprehensive, but the Battler Bug Empress was very calm about it. “Do not worry. Although these bugs possess battle genes the moment they are born, they still require training. Consider this as military training.”

“Training. Isn’t the price a little too high?” Chen Feng said. These Battlers were all made from the energy sources that he had provided in the past. Seeing so many of them die left his heart aching.

“By putting in something in, you will be able to get something back.” The Battler Bug Empress maintained a great look of calmness. It was as though it was not the one that had created the bugs. 


The Divine Monarch dispersed yet another team of Heavenly Immortals with a punch. At the same time, he also evaded the attacks from ten other teams of Heavenly Immortals. However, a pillar of light the size of an arm pierced his body. 

That was the combined attack from 40 Gold Immortal stage Battlers. Following that, the attacks from a team of 10 half-step Gold Immortals arrived. This time, the Divine Monarch failed to evade and was inundated by the chaotic attacks.

The Divine Monarch then rushed out from the barrage, but several grievous wounds could be seen on his body. 

“Sigh! Their strength is indeed quite good. Unfortunately, the number of Gold Immortals is still too little. While they are able to face Divine Princes, Divine Monarchs are a little too much for them.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Do not worry. After I evolve one more time, I will be able to create more Gold Immortals,” the Battler Bug Empress comforted Chen Feng, who swiftly asked.

“How many?”

“The number of Gold Immortals can be increased 10 times,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“Ten times. That means up to 600. Although they are just Gold Immortals of the lowest level, that is not bad. Only, creating a Gold Immortal requires not just power, but also some divine objects and Ageless laws. Sigh! Thinking about it is exciting, but doing it is tiring.” Chen Feng shook his head. He had managed to stockpile some power, but he will need to put some more work into procuring the naturally-occurring divine objects and Ageless laws.

Chen Feng hoped that one day, he would be able to lead an army of over 10,000 Gold Immortals into battle. For now, though, that was only something he could fantasize about. 

Finally, a Divine Monarch managed to break through the army of Battlers only to be surrounded by 100 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures.

In the beginning, 90% of the unique creatures under Chen Feng had been regular Ageless Gold Immortals. But following the recent years of honing themselves, 10% had risen to the Divine Prince level. And while the others had yet to advance, their strength had risen greatly. 

Due to that, the combat power of the 100 unique creatures was extraordinary. They instantly sent the wounded Divine Monarch tumbling with their attacks. Following that, another 100 unique creatures charged forward, desirous of killing off the Divine Monarch in one fell swoop. 

But the Divine Monarch hurled out three Dimension Beads. Upon exploding, three Divine Monarchs emerged from the beads. All three charged towards Chen Feng from three different angles. 

“This is bad!” Princess Purplejade promptly shouted. But seeing the unshaken expression on Chen Feng’s face, she said nothing else. 

“I forgot. He still has the combat puppets.”

Are these fellows stupid? Do they not know that I have the combat puppets? Chen Feng scoffed. 

Two teams of unique creatures rushed forward to stop two of the Divine Monarchs. And so, the number of Divine Monarchs charging towards Chen Feng fell to one. Chen Feng abruptly stood up, pulling the Longevity Bow. Next, a grand and shocking power flew out.


The Divine Monarch managed to stop Chen Feng’s attack, but his figure tumbled backwards a few times. Chen Feng pulled the Longevity Bow again, sending three arrows out in quick succession to lock down the other party from three directions. 

However, the Divine Monarch waved his hand, causing the three arrows to change directions. The very next moment, he appeared before Chen Feng. 


The Divine Monarch’s figure blasted backwards like a meteor, hurtling through a distance of tens of thousands of li without pause.

Standing before Chen Feng was one of the combat puppets.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was feeling somewhat shocked. It was not because the other party was sent flying. Rather, it was because the other party was not blown up. Even a Paramount Gold Immortal would have to exercise caution against that punch from the combat puppet.

“The suit of armour he wears is emanating energy waves of the Paramount laws,” said Princess Purplejade, who was nearby.

“A high-grade Divine-tier body armour, eh?” Chen Feng mumbled.

“It’s probably not yet at the high-grade Divine tier.” Princess Purplejade was not too certain. 

“Even if it’s truly at the high-grade Divine tier, he had taken that punch. Even if he could survive, his combat power will be lost for some time.” Chen Feng shook his head in indifference. 

Turning, he saw the other three Divine Monarchs retreating again and again in the face of the attacks from the 400 unique creatures. Chen Feng then made use of the opportunity to fire another arrow. The arrow pierced the shoulder of one of the Divine Monarchs. It was followed by another arrow that nearly shattered half of the Divine Monarch’s body. 

Sensing danger, the three Divine Monarchs exchanged glances before utilizing a secret technique, allowing their combat power to abruptly rise. After that, they transformed into three beams of light to escape from the unique creatures’ encirclement. 

While the Divine Monarchs were no match for so many unique creatures, escaping was still not an issue for them. 

The three Divine Monarchs made their way into the army of Battlers. Taking the other cultivators from their side with them, they quickly disappeared from sight. 

“Those fellows were aiming to kill me. Did they think that they would be able to do that with just these fellows?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Perhaps they have a different objective,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“Perhaps.” Chen Feng nodded.

Next, it was time to assess the battle result. Chen Feng’s face turned somewhat contorted again. The number of casualties amongst the Battlers had exceeded his estimate. However, the Battler Bug Empress was quick to say that this was normal. 

The silver lining there was that their side also managed to kill off a high number of enemies. This comforted Chen Feng somewhat. 

Hopefully, this can increase the Battlers’ combat power. That was all Chen Feng could think about it.

“Naturally. Only through battles can we Battlers continuously improve. You will discover that, the more battles we fight, the stronger our combat power will become,” the Battler Bug Empress was quick to say. 

“Then, I’ll be waiting eagerly for it,” Chen Feng replied smilingly. 

“Purplejade, what do you think? What objective did the other party have?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“How would I know?” Princess Purplejade’s answer was very succinct.

“It’s possible that they really do have some other objectives. For example, to test my strength,” Chen Feng said. 

“Even so, there is no need to sacrifice that many men,” Princess Purplejade countered.

“For some high-level guys, some deaths are no big deal. The most important issue is getting enough value from them. Maybe they will come again, with more cultivators, more power. They might send 10 Divine Monarchs in one go, or maybe a Paramount Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng speculated.

“If that’s the case, you’ll have a really bad time,” Princess Purplejade said with a smile. 

“Perhaps. Say, what if the Tree of Life also attacks?” Chen Feng said again. 

“You’ll have an even worse day.” Princess Purplejade chuckled.

“You are so close to me. You’ll be having a very bad day yourself.” Chen Feng chuckled as well.

“Looks like I need to put some distance between us.” Princess Purplejade then made a gesture of wanting to leave.

“Alright. Regardless of what their objectives may be, I need to make some preparations,” Chen Feng said before he began taking action. 

“Aren’t you able to sweep aside everything with this army? Now you know just how powerful the other party is,” Princess Purplejade said with a ridiculing tone. 

“That’s not the same. Just because I am arrogant that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. It also doesn’t mean that I can look down on everything. Do not forget, I am just a minor half-step Gold Immortal. In the face of these Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs, there is still a need for me to exercise caution, even with the protection of this army. Who knows? They might be able to break through them to appear before me,” Chen Feng said and his figure suddenly disappeared.

The very space that he was occupying suddenly split open and a beam of sword light appeared. Turning swiftly, it chased after Chen Feng. 


The beam of light shattered and a combat puppet stabbed its Longevity Lance into the void. Following that, a cloud of blood burst out. A wretched cry rang out and the hidden cultivator attempted to flee. However, the other combat puppet attacked. Another lance attack and the cultivator’s wretched cry came to a halt as his life was ended.

“As expected, some of them are still lurking around. It is truly not that simple.” Chen Feng shook his head. A crack had appeared on the back part of his suit of armour. Thankfully, he had been quick to evade earlier, otherwise the attack would have split him in half. 

“How did you realize that there is someone lurking around?” Princess Purplejade asked in surprise.

“That’s because… oh, no!” Before Chen Feng could finish speaking, a palm appeared behind him. A banging sound rang out and the Longevity Combat Armour that he wore was shattered to pieces. As for Chen Feng, his figure hurtled away like a meteor.


The two combat puppets were quick to react. One of them attacked the hidden enemy while the other one quickly went after Chen Feng.

“Divine Monarchs!” Princess Purplejade’s eyes widened. The two cultivators who attacked Chen Feng earlier were shockingly Divine Monarchs. One of them was killed by the two combat puppets. The second one, though, succeeded in landing a hit. Although the combat puppet managed to wound him as well, he was able to escape in the end. Meanwhile, there was no telling how Chen Feng was doing.

“A half-step Gold Immortal taking a sneak attack from a Divine Monarch. Can he survive?” Princess Purplejade mumbled. That attack would have blown her up. 

And while the attack did not blow Chen Feng up, he was likely in a critical state.

Quickly, though, the combat puppet returned, carrying Chen Feng’s body with it. He was in a very bad state. Every part of his suit of armour had broken apart and a high number of cracks could be seen on his exposed body. It seemed as though he might break apart with just a touch.

“Hu! He should be fine, right?” Princess Purplejade said. However, sensing the chaotic streams of energy coming out non-stop from the cracks, she grew worried again. 

Even though Chen Feng possessed the Chaos Constitution, an attack from a Divine Monarch was not that easy to handle. The fact that a half-step Gold Immortal could endure this much was already a highly Heaven-defying matter. Not even a Divine Prince would be able to accomplish this.  

Chen Feng appeared to have lost consciousness. He sat cross-legged on the ground, not saying a word. One of the combat puppets moved its palm slightly and a dimension encased Chen Feng. After that, a purple light shimmered. This was the work of a Paramount Gold Immortal. Even a Divine Monarch would have a very hard time wounding Chen Feng now.

Whether or not Chen Feng could recover would depend on himself. 

Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was a mess. His soul power had been reduced to countless fragments. Suddenly, the imprint left behind by True Monarch Turbulence shone before transforming into True Monarch Turbulence’s figure. Observing the turbulent sea of wisdom, he took action. Strand after strand of purple-coloured threads flew out to connect the broken soul fragments in the sea of wisdom. Quickly, the fragments began to fuse together. The rate of fusion grew increasingly high until all the fragments had fused as one. The fused soul swiftly assumed Chen Feng’s appearance.

“Thank you for the assistance, senior,” Chen Feng said gratefully. 

“Even if I hadn’t taken action, you would have been fine. Only, your rate of recovery would be slower,” True Monarch Turbulence said before transforming back into an imprint. 

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