Chapter 1385 Tree of Life


It had been a long time since its death. And yet, the unique creature continued to remain standing on all fours, with its huge head raised high and its pair of eyes wide open. A domineering wave of energy surged outwards. 


The Battler Bug Empress emerged from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and moved to stand before the unique creature. It then inserted a spike into the body of the unique creature, extracting a stream of its blood before analysing it. 

“This unique creature has been dead for over a billion years,” In the end, the Battler Bug Empress came to that conclusion. 

“A unique creature at the Divine Monarch level. I can use its blood essence to concoct some Longevity Pills,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to keep the corpse into one of his bodily worlds.

“Come. There’s nothing else of value inside this space.” After the unique creature was collected, cracks began appearing across the space there and Chen Feng knew that it was about to collapse. 

As predicted, after Chen Feng left, the space – having lost the support of the unique creature’s power – gradually broke apart. Naturally, some time would be needed for the space to completely disappear. 

As there was no Paramount Gold Immortal stage opponent, Chen Feng was practically invincible inside the graveyard. During this time, three Divine Monarchs had joined forces and attempted to launch a sneak attack at Chen Feng. However, the combat puppets killed one of them and badly wounded the other two. 

Due to that, everyone came to know of Chen Feng’s strength and no one dared to trouble him again. When they saw Chen Feng, they would – regardless of what they were doing or how many treasures there were before them – quickly leave. Chen Feng had shown that he was not one to hold back. 

In addition to the cultivators, the graveyard also had some dead spirits born from the death energy there. Dead spirits that could grow up here all possessed formidable combat power. Even though there were not many of them, almost all had reached the Gold Immortal stage. They were strong enough to threaten and trouble some of the cultivators there. 

After some time, Chen Feng sent his divine sense out again. Adding the information sent to him by the Battlers, he found out that the number of casualties amongst the cultivators who entered the graveyard had risen to a high number. Rather, even Divine Princes had died there. Moreover, Chen Feng also found out that even some of the dead spirits had used this opportunity to leave the graveyard. He knew that it was because they had felt danger. 

A pity. There are no Paramount Gold Immortal corpses in this graveyard. Chen Feng shook his head, feeling somewhat regretful. The corpses belonging to Gold Immortal stage unique creatures that he obtained could already be considered as a big harvest. However, he found no Paramount Gold Immortal aura there.

Chen Feng spent several months exploring the graveyard. He sent out the Battlers and unique creatures to sweep the whole place, allowing him to obtain a great harvest. In the end, he gathered his forces and left the graveyard.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, given the haughtiness of the Paramount Gold Immortals, they would not condescend to be buried alongside lower-levelled unique creatures. Moreover, these were characters who could cultivate up to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. Dying was a hard thing to accomplish for characters like them. Perhaps this place did have Paramount Gold Immortals before, but they must have already left to go elsewhere. 

After leaving the graveyard, Chen Feng continued to explore the chaos space while cultivating himself. He did encounter some dangers along the way, but almost all of them were dealt with by the combat puppets. 

“Master, I found an interesting place,” the Battler Bug Empress suddenly said. 

“Interesting?” Chen Feng felt surprised. For the Battler Bug Empress to say that, this must be quite the extraordinary place. 

“Come. Let’s go have a look.” Chen Feng’s interest was piqued. 

“Longevity Celestial!” Suddenly, Chen Feng received a distress transmission from Princess Purplejade.

“I’ve encountered a problem. Come quick!”

“Looks like there is a need to make a detour.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“No need for that. We are heading towards Princess Purplejade’s location,” the Battler Bug Empress said with a smile. 

“What a coincidence!” Chen Feng was shocked. 

“It is very much so. The place I mentioned is interesting, but also very dangerous. It contains a power beyond that of Divine Monarchs.”

“Could it be a Paramount Gold Immortal?”

“I do not know of the details myself. We’ll have to go there first.”

There was a curious expression on Chen Feng’s face as he followed the Battler Bug Empress’ instructions and moved forward. After advancing across a distance of over half a billion kilometres, all of his pores opened up and strands of pure life force entered his body. 

“What a strong life force! Could there be a Longevity Tree here?” Chen Feng smiled. As he possessed the Chaos Constitution, he was sensitive towards all kinds of energies. Additionally, he had also cultivated longevity-type techniques, giving him a greater ability to sense some power of life.

If the power of chaos was something that brought indescribable benefits to Chen Feng, the power of life within chaos was one level higher in terms of importance for Chen Feng.

“I do not know if it is a Longevity Tree, but I know another name for it, the Tree of Life.” The Battler Bug Empress was also somewhat excited.

“The Tree of Life! A divine tree born from chaos. Our Celestial Longevity Plane’s Longevity Tree is something that split off from the Tree of Life. This is a thing of legend. Even some Paramount Gold Immortals have not seen it before. Is there actually one inside this chaos space?”

“Most likely. However, it is not that first divine tree born from chaos,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“Naturally, if this is the first Tree of Life, not even Paramount Gold Immortals would be able to approach it.” As Chen Feng chatted with the Battler Bug Empress, he advanced through yet another 50 million kilometres. Even so, he still could not see the Tree of Life, but the power of life around him was becoming increasingly strong. 

After advancing through hundreds of millions of li, the surrounding death energy began thinning and minute rays of light, resembling that of sunlight, made its way towards him.

It was the light of life, dispelling the surrounding death energy.

Then, a colossal tree appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes, sending shockwaves into his soul. Its light shone brilliantly to encompass a radius of countless zhang. And yet, it did not feel eye-piercing. And while this was not the biggest tree that Chen Feng had ever seen, the waves of life energy that it was radiating shook his soul.  

“Huh! It is the Tree of Life.”

Chen Feng had never seen the Tree of Life before, but he had instantly determined that it was the Tree of Life. He could already sense an aura similar to that of the Longevity Tree. The same waves of life energy and the same essence. However, there were some differences. The waves of life energy that this Tree of Life radiated contained a certain vigour, like the emerging sun at dawn. This was somewhat different to the ceaseless quality of the longevity energy.

“I must obtain this Tree of Life. As it so happens, I can use it to support my bodily worlds.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light. At that very moment, it did not matter what dangers there were up ahead. He had made up his mind to obtain this Tree of Life.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, with this Tree of Life, other items such as the corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals no longer mattered. 

“Summon all the bugs,” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

“I have already summoned them. I know that this divine tree is very important to you,” the Battler Bug Empress was quick to reply.

Chen Feng nodded as he began summoning the rest of the Gold Immortal stage unique creatures. In his opinion, this divine tree will not be easy to obtain. 

“Longevity Celestial! Where are you? I won’t be able to hold on for much longer!” It was then that Princess Purplejade sent another secret vocal transmission again. 

“I’ll be arriving soon. I can already see the Tree of Life,” Chen Feng replied. 

“What? You just saw the Tree of Life?!” Princess Purplejade cried out in shock. Following that, Chen Feng came to realize why Princess Purplejade would cry out in shock. Although he had seen the Tree of Life, there was still a very lengthy distance between him and the divine tree. By his estimate, even after pushing the Longevity Wings to its limits, he would still need one joss stick’s worth of time to reach it. 

But can Princess Purplejade last that long?

“Hurry!” Chen Feng retracted the Longevity Wings on his back before the two combat puppets caught him. Next, the rate at which they advanced rose severalfold. 

The might of Paramount Gold Immortals was truly not to be underestimated. In but a few breaths’ worth of time, they had arrived before the Tree of Life. By then, the power of life around them had already reached an unthinkable level. With every breath, Chen Feng could clearly feel his life force improving. For his life force to improve greatly after having reached his present level felt like a dream. 

Quickly, though, Chen Feng sensed danger. Two green-coloured phantom silhouettes shot towards him with lightning-like speed and he promptly evaded. However, the other party continued to firmly go after him. The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back flapped and he promptly flew, retreating through a distance of over 500 kilometres in an instant. The two green-coloured phantom silhouettes then elongated forward as they continued to entangle Chen Feng. Only then was Chen Feng able to see that the two phantom silhouettes were actually the branches extending out from the Tree of Life. 

At the same time, he also noticed some cultivators hovering above the Tree of Life. They were all tied up by the branches of the Tree of Life. There were Heavenly Immortals, half-step Gold Immortals and even Gold Immortals there. 

One of the Heavenly Immortals screamed wretchedly before his figure was reduced to ash. Despite the thousands of li between them, Chen Feng could see that all the life force within the cultivator’s body had been devoured by the Tree of Life. 

The Tree of Life can plunder the life force of others? Chen Feng grew surprised. Quickly, he found Princess Purplejade’s figure amongst the many branches there. She was also tied up by a thick branch the size of an arm. The life force within her was being continuously drained by the branch. By then, her face had already turned pale. It seemed she would not be able to last for much longer. She would die the very moment all her life force was drained away. 

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt his waist becoming tight as two branches tightly wrapped around him. Immediately, he felt the aura of resilience and dominance from the two branches. After that, strand after strand of his life force began flowing into the branches. 

“Interesting. Looks like there is something wrong with this Tree of Life,” said Chen Feng and his body sent a pulse of formidable power surging forward. Swiftly, cracks began appearing on the branches tying him up. Quickly, though, an even stronger power flowed in and the two branches became even more resilient. Even though Chen Feng was strong, he remained incapable of breaking free. On the contrary, the devouring power of the branches grew stronger. 


Following Chen Feng’s instructions, a combat puppet swiftly arrived before Princess Purplejade. On its way forward, it evaded countless branch attacks. The Longevity Lance in its hand flashed forward and the branches tying up Princess Purplejade were cut apart. After regaining her freedom, Princess Purplejade pointed at a distant spot and shouted loudly. And so, the combat puppet carried her before charging into the thick foliage. After some time, the combat puppet re-appeared, brandishing the Longevity Lance to carve out a path, cutting down a high number of branches. 


Chen Feng watched as a green beam of light struck the combat puppet, sending it tumbling backwards. Shocked, Chen Feng sent the other combat puppet to retrieve them. After cutting down countless branches, they finally managed to bring Princess Purplejade and her group out. 


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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