Chapter 1384 Corpses of Unique Creatures


Chen Feng pondered the issue while the combat puppet continued to attack, ignoring the cultivators there. Seeing Chen Feng ignore them, some of the cultivators there could not help but speak up. 

“Longevity Celestial, you have two combat puppets. Why not send them both?” one of the Gold Immortals asked. 

Chen Feng, though, merely gave him a glance and said nothing. Next, he waved his hand and a screen of light appeared in the air. Images began playing across the surface of the screen. 

“A time-rewinding technique.”

Quickly, everyone there watched as some cultivators made their way through the screen. The last one to enter, a Divine Monarch, then made use of certain techniques that caused some changes to happen to the screen.

“Someone entered.” Everyone there exchanged glances and they began to grow anxious. 

“This seal was set up by the cultivators who entered earlier! Oh, no! We should have joined forces to attack earlier!” 

“It’s not too late to do that now.”

“Attack! I didn’t think that so many people have entered already. They must have already taken some of the good items inside. They might be plundering the place right as we speak.”


After saying that, tens of the cultivators there swarmed forward and they began attacking the seal. More cultivators arrived and they too, joined in on the attacks. Only Chen Feng remained standing there without moving. Instead, he had one of his combat puppets attack while the other one stood guard over him.  

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One by one, some unique creatures and Battlers – having received Chen Feng’s summon – arrived. Naturally, Chen Feng had only summoned some of the stronger ones. At any rate, he did not know the situation within the graveyard. Having a stronger force with him was important.

Upon their arrival, the unique creatures and Battlers joined in on the attack. Finally, the seal was destroyed and all the cultivators there howled as they charged in. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, walked in steadily. Promptly, the expression on his face flickered slightly. The energy streams around him had changed. 

What a formidable death energy! This is undoubtedly a graveyard. I wonder, how many corpses of unique creatures are there in here, Chen Feng pondered after sensing his surroundings. 

Looking at it from the outside, the graveyard did not appear particularly large. But after entering, he found that the dimensions inside the graveyard were different from the outside. It was practically a world of its own inside. 

Only, the death energy there was too strong. Due to that, the place took on a thick grey tint. There was also blackness flowing around. Even Gold Immortals, upon entering this place, would have their sight and senses affected.

Chen Feng swiftly released a batch of Battlers out to explore this place. Absorbing and analysing the death energy within the graveyard, he found that the death energy was detrimental towards most cultivators. Naturally, it was also something that cultivators cultivating the dao of death liked the most. 

After absorbing just some of the death energy, Chen Feng stopped. As he had also formed death laws, the death energy here was a great supplemental item for him. However, he also knew that this was not the time to cultivate. He had already found a corpse belonging to a unique creature. 

Though, the credit of discovering the corpse actually went to the other cultivators. For the sake of obtaining a corpse belonging to a unique creature at the Divine Prince level, a group of cultivators was fighting one another non-stop. After arriving, Chen Feng gave it but one glance before leaving. Although the corpse was quite good, it was not at the level where he absolutely had to snatch. He believed that there would surely be better items around. 

“The way I see it, we should not fight against ourselves. This space is very big. There must be a high number of corpses here. There is no need to be going all out just for this one corpse!” one of the cultivators there shouted. 

“You sure can paint a nice picture, but if so, why are you taking action? Why not give us the corpse?”

“That’s right! Are you not ashamed of yourself?”

Meanwhile, Chen Feng kept roaming around. More and more corpses of unique creatures were being discovered. The unique creatures and Battlers under Chen Feng also began snatching up the corpses. As for Chen Feng, he sent his aura to lock down on the few Divine Monarchs who had entered before him. 

It's this fellow. Chen Feng’s gaze then fell upon a Divine Monarch. This was the one who had set up the seal on the entrance of the graveyard. Due to that, Chen Feng’d had to expend some effort to enter. He was already thinking about finding this fellow to trouble him. And now, seeing this person discover the corpse of a Divine Monarch level unique creature, Chen Feng had an even greater reason to trouble him. 

The Divine Monarch had utilized a dimension-sealing technique to seal the massive corpse in front of him into a round bead. Right after that, Chen Feng arrived. 

“Friend, your sealing technique is quite good,” Chen Feng said the moment he arrived. 

“A half-step Gold Immortal.” After giving Chen Feng a glance, a look of disdain flashed across the Divine Monarch’s eyes. However, it quickly turned into one of shock and panic. 

It was due to the combat puppet at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, appearing right before him to fire a punch forward. 

“Not good!”

Despite his might, this was a power that was one level higher than him. He was incapable of blocking the punch, which sent him flying. The round bead in his hand escaped his grasp and was caught by Chen Feng instead. 

Tsk, tsk. This fellow is quite strong. He actually survived the combat puppet’s attack. Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked. What happened next, though, shocked him even more. As the Divine Monarch’s figure was hurtling backwards, he swiftly set up several layers of seals. By the time the combat puppet managed to break open the seals, the Divine Monarch had disappeared from sight. 

Chen Feng chose not to give chase. He looked at the round bead in his hand. The corpses of several unique creatures were sealed within it. This must be the harvest that the Divine Monarch had obtained. And now, all of them would end up benefitting Chen Feng. 

“Forget it. Seeing as you have already given me these things, as long as you don’t show up before me again, I will not kill you,” Chen Feng said coolly.

He did not ponder much about what to do with the corpses. Instead, he simply sent them all to the Battler Bug Empress. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the corpses were not that useful to him. On the other hand, increasing the Battler Bug Empress’ strength was very important to him. 

Naturally, the Battler Bug Empress did not devour and absorb all the corpses. It did leave some items like the crystal cores behind. 

“Longevity Celestial!” Chen Feng then received a secret vocal transmission from Princess Purplejade. With that, he knew that Princess Purplejade had also entered this graveyard. However, the two of them did not meet up. After discussing for a moment, they decided to act separately. Princess Purplejade did have a very formidable force with her, after all. She was more than capable of exploring the place on her own. 

Chen Feng’s eyes were like torches within the greyish-black space. A detailed look would reveal that his eyes were releasing strands of suction power, pulling over the surrounding streams of death energy non-stop.

What a formidable atmosphere of majesty! It is not a Paramount Gold Immortal, but stronger than a Divine Monarch. Looks like I found a pretty decent guy. It might be a unique creature who failed to advance to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. Chen Feng’s eyes then transformed into two black holes and the death energy within a radius of 50 kilometres was completely devoured. 

A special space appeared before Chen Feng. The barrier encasing the special space was covered with various seals that radiated with a primordial power. Chen Feng could see a semi-transparent silhouette within the space. 

Standing outside the barrier were three Divine Monarchs. One of them was none other than the one who had ran away from Chen Feng earlier. 

“Tsk, tsk. What a coincidence. Consider yourself unlucky.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a combat puppet charged forward. Unexpectedly, the Divine Monarch showed zero interest in fighting back. Instead, his figure elongated as he fled into the distance. 

Before leaving, the Divine Monarch said, “Young man, don’t go overboard. I’ll let you have this unique creature.”

As for the other two Divine Monarchs, they cast a look of dread at Chen Feng. Naturally, they were afraid of the two combat puppets beside Chen Feng. 

“Are you two not going to leave yet?” Chen Feng said.

The two Divine Monarchs were fearful of the combat puppets beside Chen Feng, but they were also unwilling to leave. Instead, they only retreated slightly. 

“Friend, there is no conflict between us in the past. I hope we can avoid getting into one,” one of the Divine Monarchs said. 

Chen Feng did not say anything. In the face of interests, a conflict would erupt between them soon enough. 


Chen Feng took the lead and a formidable force roared as it smashed against the barrier. However, watery ripples spread out and the attack from Chen Feng disappeared. The barrier returned to its normal state.

Observing Chen Feng attacking the barrier, one of them said, “It’s useless. We have already tried earlier. There are over 9,000 seals incorporated into this barrier. All of them were set up back when the other party is at their prime. Breaking them down one by one will take a very long time.”

“Will it take a long time?” Chen Feng nudged with his head and the two combat puppets then stepped forward at the same time to attack. Similar to their fight with the Paramount Gold Immortal back then, both their attacks landed on one single point. Next, an explosion rang out as an opening was created. Chen Feng then made use of the opening to enter. 

“Eh!” The two Divine Monarchs gaped. This barrier that had seemed indestructible to them had been breached just like that. 

By the time the two of them recollected themselves, Chen Feng and the two combat puppets had already made their way through the barrier. After that, however, the opening disappeared. The two Divine Monarchs attacked again for a moment before they eventually gave up. 

Right after entering the space inside, Chen Feng saw a 5,000-kilometre-tall mountain of ice. Sealed within that solid mountain of ice was a massive unique creature of chaos. Even though it was already dead and sealed, the atmosphere it radiated was still capable of shaking one’s soul. 

“The other party must have created this seal right before they died.” Chen Feng moved forward and punched the mountain of ice. It was a punch capable of blowing up a planet. And yet, the mountain of ice remained immobile. 


Chen Feng pulled out the Longevity Sword to send a huge astral sword slashing down, but a black hand appeared all of a sudden to stop it. The astral sword managed to cut the black hand in half before slowly disappearing away. As for the two halves of the black hand, it swiftly reformed itself. 

Streams of black energy roiled about before promptly transforming into a 100-zhang-tall unique creature. It roared at Chen Feng, who felt as though the death energy there had become like a blade slashing towards his soul. 

“Dead spirit!” Chen Feng immediately realized that they were the creatures born from death energy. Life energy could give birth to life. Conversely, upon reaching a certain level, death energy could also give birth to life. And while this dead spirit did not possess the strength of a Divine Monarch, its attacks were even more ghastly. 

“Longevity Flames!”

In the face of the incoming attacks, Chen Feng stretched his hand out and a ball of flames erupted before burning fiercely. Quickly, Chen Feng felt his whole body growing warm with the fire. High-level flames were the best way of dealing with dead spirits.

Next, though, something flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes. The dead spirit appeared before him and a sharp spike shot towards his chest, accompanied by a sharp shriek. 


One of the combat puppets took action, crushing the dead spirit with one move. The pure streams of energy that burst out were all devoured by Chen Feng before they could disperse. 

“Not bad. With a few more of such dead spirits, my death laws will improve further,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 


One of the combat puppets moved forward to punch the mountain of ice. In the beginning, nothing happened. Quickly, though, cracks began spreading out from the insides of the mountain. In the end, the massive mountain of ice shattered to powder with a bang before turning into nothingness. After that, the colossal and mighty body of a unique creature of chaos appeared before Chen Feng.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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