Chapter 1383 Graveyard


Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of the Longevity Lances striking the barrier. Although the two combat puppets had lost their life imprints, they retained their vast reservoir of experience. When they saw the thick barrier of sword energy, the two of them had aimed their Longevity Lances at the same spot. 

“Break!” Chen Feng roared and the arrow finally flew out. 

The Longevity Lances finally succeeded in piercing through the barrier. However, doing so also completely exhausted their strength behind the attacks. It was then that the arrow arrived. It made its way through the hole to pierce the Paramount Gold Immortal’s body.


A booming sound rang out and the Paramount Gold Immortal’s body blew up into a clump of chaotically swirling energy. 

“Kill him!” Chen Feng shouted. 

The Paramount Gold Immortal had only just managed to reform his body when the attacks from the combat puppets arrived once more, blowing his body up yet again. 


Chen Feng sprayed out a mouthful of blood essence and pulled the Longevity Bow once more. Again a booming sound rang out. However, this attack only left a large hole on the Paramount Gold Immortal’s body. Even so, it was enough. The attacks had left the Paramount Gold Immortal wounded, again and again. As a result, his combat power had plummeted and the combat puppets were already capable of suppressing him. 


Chen Feng had wanted to press the attack when a beam of sword energy flew towards him and half his shoulder disappeared. Next, his two combat puppets were sent flying. As Chen Feng was in the midst of shock at how the other party’s combat power could suddenly grow so strong, he saw the other party transform into a stream of light before slipping into space, disappearing from sight. 

Sou! Sou!

The two combat puppets returned to Chen Feng’s side. With that, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. The part of his shoulder that disappeared began recovering, but it was slow. It was because the Paramount Gold Immortal’s power was still inside his body. 

Finding a safe place, Chen Feng then unravelled the Paramount Gold Immortal’s power. Finally, he was able to fully regenerate his shoulder. 

A Paramount Gold Immortal indeed. Such power. And that was just a strand of his sword energy. My Longevity Combat Armour was simply incapable of stopping it. Chen Feng recalled the earlier battle. It had looked simple and he even managed to beat back the other party. But what would have happened if the sword beam had struck his head? Just thinking about it caused him to break into a cold sweat. 

I was also lucky with the battle itself. The other party was careless. If the combat puppets hadn’t hidden their strength for that surprise attack, there is no telling what would have happened.

If I can advance to the Gold Immortal stage, I would not have ended up in such a wretched state. Chen Feng shook his head. Next up, he no longer dared to keep the combat puppets. Instead, he had them guard him every step of the way. This was a precaution in case the Paramount Gold Immortal re-appeared. 

Thankfully, it is not impossible to face the other party. Considering the situation, Chen Feng felt that he should be able to look down on the other party from a will perspective. Quickly, though, the atmosphere that Chen Feng stirred up deflated. In the face of absolute power, will alone, no matter how strong it may be, was pointless. 

If the other party was only slightly stronger than him, going all out, coupled with some other means, could indeed allow him to turn defeat into victory. In this case, however, the other party was far stronger than him. Even going all out was pointless here. 

After recovering, Chen Feng began learning more – from the Battler Bug Empress – about the situation of the chaos space. As expected, the Battlers and unique creatures had suffered from some casualties. This was inevitable. Additionally, the amount of harvest they obtained was even greater. According to the Battler Bug Empress, it would not take long before it evolved again. 

When he learned about that, Chen Feng grew overjoyed. However, he quickly found out from the Battler Bug Empress that this evolution process would not result in it reaching the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. It would only put it infinitely close to the stage. In other words, it would remain in the Divine Monarch stage. 

“The amount of power is enough. However, there is a need to form Paramount laws, otherwise I would only be able to use the power to create bugs,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had felt somewhat disappointed, but he quickly came to an understanding. If all the Bug Empresses could so easily evolve just because there was enough power, every universe would have been taken over by the bugs. 

“It’s good that you can evolve. It means that you are getting stronger. Only, would any problems arise during the evolution process?” That was what Chen Feng felt most concerned about. 

“Entering a period of weakness is a certainty. Still, I will not choose to evolve anytime soon. I will wait for an opportune moment for it,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“Alright.” Chen Feng nodded. 

After receiving the news relayed back from its millions of bugs, the Battler Bug Empress arranged them before sending them to Chen Feng. After going through them all, Chen Feng gained a deeper understanding of this space. 

“Princess Purplejade is truly not to be underestimated. She actually possesses a defensive measure bestowed by a Paramount Gold Immortal. Although the number of casualties amongst her subordinates is high, the harvest she obtained is enough to make up for it. Only, there is still no news about the corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals.” That made Chen Feng felt highly apprehensive. Since entering this chaos space, he had utterly lost contact with the outside world. He was worried that something might happen to the Longevity Alliance and the Boundless Corps. 

Actually, I should keep those unique creatures. But by doing so, their strength will not be able to rise quickly. How conflicting. As Chen Feng pondered the issue, the vortex on his chest disappeared. While healing his injuries, he had also been absorbing the power of chaos from deep beneath the ground. Naturally, while he was no longer deliberately absorbing the power of chaos using his own magic techniques, his body continued to – naturally – absorb the surrounding power. Only, the speed at which it could do so was slower. 

If there are no corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals, the corpses of Divine Monarchs are not bad as well. Chen Feng finally emerged. He had received a useful piece of information. Someone had found a graveyard of unique creatures of chaos. Some of the corpses there were of the Divine Prince level and Divine Monarch level. 

Only a small number of cultivators had discovered the graveyard thus far, but thanks to the high number of Battlers, Chen Feng could also be considered as one of the first few to discover it. However, by the time he arrived, he saw that the number of cultivators there had increased. Moreover, there were also Divine Monarchs amongst them. 

Chen Feng was aware that even more cultivators would come. The chaos space was very big and many of the cultivators who entered it were going about their respective business secretly, but there were very few that could actually hide their whereabouts completely. Take Chen Feng for example. Despite possessing the monstrous Chaos Constitution, it had still been possible for others to discover him. If so, those regular Gold Immortals and those beneath that level would be even easier to keep an eye on or locate. 

With the protection of the two combat puppets, Chen Feng swiftly charged towards the massive graveyard. All the barriers protecting the graveyard were already badly riddled with holes and they could do nothing to stop him. It was as though they simply do not exist.

The obstructions that Chen Feng had to face here were not the barriers. Rather, it was the attacks from the other cultivators. Some of the cultivators who arrived earlier had set up some magic arrays somewhere near the entrance of the graveyard to stop others from entering after them. Chen Feng could see some great magic arrays there, strong enough to threaten even Gold Immortals. There were also some formidable illusion arrays. Even Gold Immortals would have to spend quite some time to break free from them. 

As for Chen Feng, he snickered as he simply charged forward, not slowing down in the slightest. Whenever he encountered any great magic arrays, the combat puppets would send out a punch to clear everything, blowing them away like smoke.

Some of the cultivators there had wanted to attack Chen Feng. However, seeing the combat puppet destroy the great arrays with one punch, they decided against it in the end. Those great arrays earlier could have contained even Divine Princes. 

“Where did this fierce fellow jump out from? Why don’t I know him?”

“I don’t know him either. Is he someone from our Immortal Court?”

“Those two combat puppets are actually at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. Incredible! He is too strong. If he enters the graveyard, won’t he be able to snatch up everything inside? We are simply no match for him.”

“Yes. Should we work together to stop him?”

“Hey, don’t pull us down with you if you want to die. His combat puppet can easily kill all of us.”

“Humph, not necessarily! Many experts came in this time. Divine Princes are very common in here. Rather, I have already encountered over ten Divine Monarchs so far.”

“Divine Monarchs? I saw two Paramount Gold Immortals.”


“Forget it if you don’t believe me.”

“Enough. I know who he is.”

As the cultivators were chatting, Chen Feng had already rushed past them. As for their talks about stopping him, those were nothing more but idle chatter. Since noticing the combat puppets beside Chen Feng, they had already decided not to attack. 

“You know him? Who is he? Could he be an elite nurtured by some family?”

“That arrogant fellow is not a member of our Immortal Court. He is from the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Alliance Lord of the Longevity Alliance, Longevity Celestial. I believe you fellows must have heard of his name before.”

“What, Longevity Celestial? The Heaven-defying fellow with the Chaos Constitution?”

“To think that it would be someone from the Celestial Planes. Back then, we should have taken action. The Chaos Constitution. If we can obtain just a bit of his blood, it might end up benefitting us.” 

“Don’t even think about it. If we attack, the only ending for us is death.”

“Not necessarily. We can entangle him and wait for even stronger cultivators to come.”

“Forget it. One punch from his combat puppets is enough to kill us all.”

“Enough nonsense! Hurry up and enter, lest all the good items inside be snatched away.”

“Then, should we repair the arrays here?”

“No. There’s no more time for that. Who knows, maybe Longevity Celestial has already snatched away all the items inside.”

But when they arrived at the entrance, they saw Chen Feng standing there. One of his combat puppets was attacking a multi-coloured energy shield blocking the entrance. 

“He did not enter. What’s going on here? Is that the graveyard’s arrays?”

“Fellows!” Chen Feng then spoke up. 

“I believe you fellows must have seen it. There is a very strong seal before me. I do not know if anyone has already entered or not, but if this seal is not broken down, none of us can enter. Due to that, I hope that everyone here can take action together to break this seal,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Ha ha ha! Longevity Celestial, you have two combat puppets at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. And yet, even you cannot break the seal. As for us minor characters, we would be of even less use,” an Ageless Gold Immortal said, laughing. 

“That’s right. Our cultivation bases are shallow. It’d be better for us to not show off here.” The cultivators there quickly spoke up. It would appear that they did not want to contribute. Fearing that Chen Feng might attack them out of rage, they also silently backed away as they spoke up. 

“As you wish,” Chen Feng replied nonchalantly. 

That said, Chen Feng was feeling somewhat puzzled. According to the information he received, a group of cultivators had already entered this place. How did they enter?

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