Chapter 1382 Clone of a Paramount Gold Immortal


I wonder. If this keeps up, will the other cultivators come and besiege us? Occasionally, Chen Feng would think about it, but he did not slow down. By then, he had already snatched a total of five spirit veins there. His cultivation base rose by leaps and bounds and even the unique creatures of chaos under him broke through. The number of Divine Princes had doubled. Rather, more Divine Princes would emerge with every passing day.

Chen Feng was already imagining having hundreds of Divine Princes under him. Naturally, he also knew that this was just a dream. Although it was possible to undergo tribulation within this space, not all of the unique creatures would succeed in overcoming their tribulations. 

Some of the unique creatures chose to stockpile their strength while some advanced. However, some also failed their tribulations, resulting in their deaths. 

This was the Heavensdao in motion. There was nothing they could do about it. While cultivation was an act of defying Heaven, their actions of defying Heaven were still part of the operation of the Heavensdao.

The advancement of the Battlers, though, was different. With enough power and the oversight of the Battler Bug Empress, the evolution of the Battlers would never fail. 

In truth, there was a difference between advancement and evolution. 

The majority of the one billion Battlers under Chen Feng had evolved again. Due to that, the number of Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers grew increasingly high. For some reasons, the Battler Bug Empress then made some more Battlers at the Ascendant Immortal stage.

After obtaining five spirit veins, the number of Battlers under Chen Feng had almost reached the two billion mark. Moreover, there were also other items besides spirit veins there, such as medicinal herbs, mines, naturally-occurring divine objects and the living creatures there. Again, every part of a unique creature at the Gold Immortal stage was a treasure. Their value far exceeded that of some naturally-occurring divine objects. 

It had been over ten years since Chen Feng entered the chaos space and his overall strength had improved. On this day, he received a message from Princess Purplejade, which prompted him to cancel his plan to move forward once more. At the same time, he sent out the Battlers and unique creatures, allowing them to move about freely. As for himself, he melded with his surrounding space and hid deep underground. After that, he retracted all his aura and even made use of some Heaven-shrouding techniques. He did so because a Paramount Gold Immortal stage cultivator might be coming to capture him. 

According to Princess Purplejade, the Paramount Gold Immortals that entered this chaos space were mostly clones. This fellow who was coming after him was likely also a clone, but Chen Feng dared not be careless about this. He still did not understand the dao of paramountcy. Even though he did possess two combat puppets at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, they were just puppets. They would be no match against a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal.

Chen Feng had only entered this chaos space to seize cultivation resources and not to go all out and fight the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. While he could kill some ordinary Gold Immortals along the way, he would have to avoid Paramount Gold Immortals. Besides, he did not even know if this person was just a clone or a main body. 

At any rate, he had managed to obtain a high number of spirit veins. Hiding himself and cultivating was the best plan here. As for the Battlers and unique creatures, they would have a more convenient time moving within this chaos space compared to human cultivators. Moreover, Chen Feng was also unwilling to let so many good items fall into the hands of the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. He had pondered it many times before finally deciding against keeping them. 

Additionally, the Battler Bug Empress was able to control them from afar. Thus, nothing should happen. 

And so, Chen Feng acted according to his plan. Unexpectedly, the other party managed to find him anyways. 

After hiding himself deep underground, Chen Feng spent three years cultivating there. On this particular day, he was in the midst of comprehending an insight left behind by Tower when the Battler Bug Empress awakened him. 

“Danger!” Even before the Battler Bug Empress said anything, Chen Feng could already sense great danger. The arrays that he had set up around him were swiftly blowing up.

“A Paramount Gold Immortal,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

“The main body or clone?” Chen Feng was quick to ask. 

“A clone, but he is very strong. I am no match for him. As for the combat puppets, unless you send out both of them, they would be incapable of stopping him,” the Battler Bug Empress swiftly replied. 

“If that’s the case, let’s book it,” Chen Feng said, activating the teleportation array that he had prepared beforehand. Spatial power fluctuated and Chen Feng disappeared. The very moment he disappeared, a series of magic arrays assailed a Paramount Gold Immortal there. 

“Humph, a minor trick! Let’s see how far you can escape.” The Paramount Gold Immortal quickly dealt with the measures that Chen Feng had left behind. Then, he disappeared, seemingly having melded with space. 


After emerging from the spatial passageway, Chen Feng looked at his surroundings and his face sank sharply. “The teleportation was disrupted.”

Even as he said that, he threw out another teleportation array and another spatial passageway was opened. But not long after he entered, a formidable power disrupted it again. At the same time, a great will made its way through space to envelop him. 

“Forget it. Given the circumstances, it’d be more convenient for me to use the Longevity Wings.” The Longevity Wings spread out from Chen Feng’s back and he began spatial jumping through space. At the very same instant, a high number of Divine Bombs flew out. 

But before the Divine Bombs could even blow up, a great hand, shining with a purple light, broke through space and grasped. As a result, all of the Divine Bombs were sucked into the palm of the hand. 

So strong! He is able to catch up so quickly. Chen Feng was reminded of how he was pursued back in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. After so many years, his strength had improved compared to back then. Unexpectedly, he would still end up being the pursued. This time, though, there was no Dark Kirin to help him. 


Due to the intense feeling of danger, Chen Feng had no intentions of staying behind to fight at all. All he could think of was how to shake off the other party. Suddenly, however, his whole body sank and his sea of wisdom shook. He knew then that the other party had locked down on his position. Under such circumstances, it no longer mattered how much distance he could put between him and the other party. He would no longer be able to escape. 

“Looks like this fellow is even stronger than Immortal Emperor Blackfang. He is a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal. Chen Feng then brought out the Longevity Sword and slashed, cutting space apart. Taking advantage of the resulting turmoil, Chen Feng then jumped in and changed the Longevity Sword with the Longevity Bow. Next, an arrow shot into the void. 

The purple-coloured great hand appeared once again to easily crush the arrow. Following that, the great hand casually grasped and the surrounding space began collapsing. All of the streams of energy and objects there converged upon the centre of the palm, even Chen Feng.

What a formidable grasping the cosmos move. The control exerted by this move onto the power of space is far beyond anything I can deal with. If I can advance to the Gold Immortal stage, I might have the chance to charge out using the Longevity Wings. As I am right now, it won’t work. Chen Feng stopped escaping and instead steadied his figure. He then raised the Longevity Bow and aimed at the other party. At the same time, his two combat puppets charged forward. 

“You’re just a clone,” Chen Feng said with a sneer and power surged out from every part of his body. Swiftly, an arrow formed using laws and power appeared. Chen Feng’s eyes grew increasingly bright, seemingly in an attempt to lock down on a certain target. Although the Longevity Bow was very strong, it would be useless if it could not lock down its target. 

“Oh, combat puppets made from the bodies of Paramount Gold Immortals. Good items. They’re mine now.” The great hand disappeared and a middle-aged man strode out. 

Laws swirled all around the middle-aged man’s body and the formidable power there caused his face to appear blurry. Upon seeing the two combat puppets, the True Monarch revealed a look of delight and took the initiative to attack. He wanted to seize the two combat puppets. 

Chen Feng’s body began trembling even as his eyes lit up. A True Monarch was simply too strong. Due to that, he was unable to lock down the other party’s position. 

In truth, the Paramount Gold Immortal had been keeping a close eye on Chen Feng. And while the longbow in Chen Feng’s hand did give him a feeling of danger, he did not feel worried. The difference between their levels was there, after all. No matter how strong the longbow may be, it was useless if its attacks failed to hit him. 

“Longevity Bow, not bad. However, your level is too low, little friend. Wait until you’ve become a Divine Monarch before coming to fight me again.” Despite having to face the two combat puppets, the Paramount Gold Immortal still had the leeway to ridicule Chen Feng. 

“Senior, you are a Paramount Gold Immortal, after all. Attacking a junior like me, do you not care about your reputation?” Chen Feng said. 

“Ha ha ha! What reputation? Might is all there is! Naturally, the biggest factor here is that you are too arrogant. Our Immortal Court is the one who opened this chaos space. The fact that you, an outsider, could make it here should already be cause for you to feel thankful. And yet, you actually dared to strut about and put on a show. Heaven will not forgive me if I don’t kill you,” the Paramount Gold Immortal said, laughing. 

“Heaven will not forgive you? While you may be strong, you are just a clone while I have two combat puppets. Killing me is still not possible for you.” Chen Feng’s body had stopped trembling, but cracks began spreading out. 

He was channelling all of his essence, energy and soul power into the arrow. Only, this was still not the time to fire. And so, he felt like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting. He had yet to lock down the other party, meaning he had no place to vent this power. 

“Your combat puppets are truly formidable. Against Divine Monarchs, they’ll work fine. But against me, they’re still somewhat lacking,” the Paramount Gold Immortal said as he clashed with the two combat puppets head on. Following that, all three were thrown backwards. Surprisingly, the two sides were evenly matched. 

“These are good combat puppets. I can’t even bear to unleash heavy attacks against them.” the Paramount Gold Immortal frowned before finally bringing out a weapon. It was a sword. Surprisingly, it was a high-grade Divine artifact. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt pressured. 

In truth, the Paramount Gold Immortal was feeling pressured as well. The strong point of combat puppets was the fact that they had no fear towards death, allowing them to utilize suicidal moves. These combat puppets were made using the bodies of Paramount Gold Immortals. Due to that, their defensive might was even stronger than the Paramount Gold Immortals back when they were still alive. Additionally, Tower had utilized some secret techniques to refine them. As a result, their offensive power was not that much weaker compared to a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal. 

“Another high-grade Divine artifact.” Chen Feng shook his head. He knew that he could not delay it any longer. It was time he revealed his strongest card. Although the Longevity Lances in the hands of his combat puppets were mid-grade Divine artifacts, there was a world of difference between them and a high-grade Divine artifact.


Chen Feng issued the order through his sea of wisdom and the auras of the two combat puppets abruptly rose. The Longevity Lances in their hands stabbed forward. At that very moment, the might that the two combat puppets were displaying had doubled.

“Oh, no!” The Paramount Gold Immortal was quick to realize that he had been bamboozled. The two combat puppets had been holding back on their true strength all this time. It was to lull him into a false sense of security before unleashing their strongest attack on him by surprise in order to inflict serious damage upon him. 

“Not so fast!” the Paramount Gold Immortal shouted and the sword in his hand blew up with a boom, transforming into countless beams of sword light that encased him. They formed a thick barrier of sword energy. He had utilized a defensive move.


Advance. The raw for that is ‘进阶’, pinyin: ‘jìn jiē’.

Evolve. The raw for that is ‘进化’, pinyin: ‘jìn huà’.

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