Chapter 1381 Snatching the Spirit Vein



The other cultivators there uttered words of praise. Even Chen Feng was doing so, albeit secretly. 

“Of course it’s formidable. This is my strongest killer move. Originally, I had wanted to use it to deal with Longevity Celestial. Unexpectedly, I would have to bring it out right now,” Nan Wang said with a somewhat weakened tone. 

“Truly, I didn’t think that you would possess a high-grade Divine artifact. How enviable.”

“Ha ha ha!” Nan Wang grew somewhat smug. 

“Only, the price of using it, even once, is too high.” Nan Wang shook his head. After taking some medicinal pills, his face looked somewhat better. However, he still looked slightly weak.

“What do we do now?”

“Collect the corpses of the unique creatures first. This could already be considered a sizable harvest. As for Longevity Celestial, I believe he must be long gone by now. Still, no need to worry. We will surely meet him again after this. When the time comes, we’ll be sure to settle this score with him,” Nan Wang said coldly. 

Chen Feng secretly grinned. At that very moment, Nan Wang was likely incapable of exerting even half of his combat power. But after considering it for a moment, he decided against attacking. Although this was a good opportunity, the pressure exerted by the flying sword just now was simply too strong. The attack from the flying sword back then was something that he could not have blocked. 

In truth, the Great Wilderness Ding in Chen Feng’s possession was also a high-grade Divine artifact. However, it was a broken artifact. Chen Feng had only managed to gather up a handful of the 108 fragments of the blown-up artifact. Chen Feng himself was uncertain if he could collect all of them and reform the Great Wilderness Ding. 

Without the Longevity Tower, the strongest weapon in his disposal was the Longevity Bow, but the Longevity Bow was still only a mid-grade Divine artifact. It still lacked a little something before it could advance.

As he was not feeling confident about it, Chen Feng decided against taking the risk. Moreover, there were other cultivators there besides Nan Wang. The fact that Nan Wang would partner up with them meant that they were not to be underestimated as well. Perhaps they too possessed some formidable killer moves. 

Chen Feng hid himself, waiting until Nan Wang’s group had left before emerging. He had already gained a slight amount of understanding towards the strength of the unique creatures there. They were slightly stronger compared to unique creatures from other places. Only, it would appear that they were somewhat lacking in the wisdom aspect. This might be why they had remained in this chaos space all this time. 

I wonder if there are truly the corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals here. That was the biggest reason why Chen Feng entered this place. Only, the Battlers that he sent out failed to find any information about that. 

“Empress, make some more scouts,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration. 


Quickly, a hundred thousand Battlers swiftly spread out. Now that he had entered this chaos space, Chen Feng would no longer shy away from using certain means. 

It did not take long before the Battlers reported to Chen Feng that they had found a spirit vein. Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. A spirit vein in a chaos space. What did this mean? It meant that this spirit vein was formed from the most ancient of essence power. For a bearer of the Chaos Constitution, this was a most alluring thing. 

Without hesitating, Chen Feng swiftly set off and he quickly arrived at a rolling mountain range. He did not recklessly charge in. There were some unique creatures of chaos living within the mountain range. 

Even though he had only just entered this chaos space, by resorting to some methods, he was able to gain a certain level of understanding towards the situation within the chaos space. In the end, he came to the conclusion that, while there were not too many living creatures in this place, those living creatures were – when compared to the living creatures elsewhere – extremely formidable. 

There’s actually a Divine Monarch level unique creature keeping watch over this place. The number of unique creatures on the lesser levels is also quite high. Still, the size of this spirit vein makes it worth taking action. Chen Feng then released a million Battlers out. The Battlers swarmed forward. Despite their numbers, they quickly disappeared into the mountain range. 

The Battlers had been given the order to collect the spirit stones and spiritual herbs there. It did not take long before a conflict arose between the Battlers and the unique creatures living there and a battle broke out. 

The battle swiftly lured other cultivators over. When they saw the bugs covering the entire mountain range, the cultivators were first taken aback. After that, though, they grew excited. Naturally, it was not due to the Battlers, but the spirit vein. 

“Which fellow friend is it? Can you keep these Divine Bugs? We can work together to collect this spirit vein. What do you think?” a middle-aged Gold Immortal said. 

Chen Feng did not recognize him. However, from the immortal energy emanating from his body, Chen Feng could tell that he was from the Immortal Plane. And although the other party had quite a lot of men, they were not strong enough for Chen Feng to view as a threat. 

“No need. I am occupying this place. You fellows, hurry up and leave,” Chen Feng said, walking out at the same time. 

“Insolence! You are but a minor half-step Gold Immortal who’s relying on some Divine Bugs. What qualifications do you have to be putting on airs before us?”

“Since he has Divine Bugs, he must also have a Bug Empress. Everyone, attack! Kill him and snatch his Bug Empress!”

The cultivators promptly clamoured and several of them took the lead in charging towards Chen Feng. Despite knowing that these fellows were aiming to rob him, Chen Feng could not stop himself from shaking his head. 

These fellows know about the Divine Bugs and the Bug Empress. They could already be considered as knowledgeable fellows. However, to charge forward like this, thinking that they could get a bargain when they don’t even know who I am, that’s a little foolish. 

That said, Chen Feng did notice that only a portion of the cultivators had chosen to take action. As for those who did not, some had wanted to observe his strength while some had sensed danger. Naturally, there was also the possibility that some of them had recognized him. 

Chen Feng did not personally take action. Instead, he waved his hand and 10,000 Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers flew forward to promptly engulf the cultivators. 

True to their namesake, these Battlers specialized in battles. Their combat power was superior to Slaughterers. With but one confrontation, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane were killed. They had failed to create even a ripple. 

Chen Feng also released the 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures that he brought along with him. The moment they emerged, they were attracted by the spiritual energy around them. 

“It’s chaos space.”

“What a formidable essence power! This is a very well-preserved chaos space. There is even a spirit vein here.”

All of the unique creatures became excited. When compared to human cultivators, these unique creatures had a closer connection with chaos essence. Like Chen Feng, upon arriving at this chaos space, they became like fish in water. 

“Everyone, no need to get all excited! This is just one spirit vein. There are many more in this chaos space, enough for your cultivation needs,” Chen Feng said loudly. 

Even so, the unique creatures grew very excited. The destructive power of 400 Gold Immortals was very strong. Working together with the Battlers, the spirit vein spanning a distance of several million li was snatched up. The gigantic mountain range completely collapsed and the massive spirit vein twisted in the air, like a divine dragon. It was a spirit vein formed from the purest chaos power. Due to that, it already had a mind of its own. Even though it was being collected, it kept trying to fight back. Chen Feng could see that this spirit vein possessed the destructive power of a Divine Monarch. In the end, however, it was not a living creature that had successfully cultivated itself. Other than struggling, it had no other special means of attacking. 

Furthermore, the army of Battlers and hundreds of unique creatures kept devouring it, causing the spirit vein to gradually weaken. Soon enough, in the face of the pulling power of the unique creatures, cracks began spreading out across the spirit vein. 

Suddenly, the Divine Monarch level unique creature of chaos that had been slumbering there finally showed up. To Chen Feng’s surprise, this unique creature did not reveal its true form. Instead, it assumed a human appearance, transforming into a handsome young man with an elegant demeanour. Brandishing a sword, he killed a high number of the Battlers, smashed his way into the encirclement formed by the unique creatures under Chen Feng and carved a way out. Finally, his figure leapt forward to disappear from sight. 

“He escaped?” Chen Feng found himself gaping somewhat. He had assumed that the Divine Monarch would go on a furious rampage after emerging, waging an all-out battle against Chen Feng’s army to defend his birthplace. In the end, though, Chen Feng’s army would be able to finish him off, either capturing him or killing him in the end. However, while the Divine Monarch did reveal his fury and a formidable combat power, his running speed was even more formidable. It was precisely because his actions were completely unexpected that he managed to escape in the end. 

He was a Divine Monarch, after all. Even some of the Divine Prince level unique creatures under Chen Feng were incapable of stopping him. 

“Forget it. If he managed to escape, then so be it. It is the right thing to do. The fact that we can get a spirit vein here is already quite good,” Chen Feng said, his body darting forward. Next, two clones emerged from his body and all three of him opened their mouths at the same time, creating three black vortexes as they began to furiously devour the power of the spirit vein. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Finally, every inch of the dragon-like spirit vein snapped apart. Following the Bug Empress’ order, the Battlers absorbed and channelled the power. As for the 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures, they displayed various methods to extract the essence power. Naturally, this also included the Starlight Overlord Beast.

This spirit vein was big enough to support a medium-large sect for ten million years. And yet, Chen Feng’s forces managed to snatch it all up, dividing it amongst themselves in the shortest time possible. 

The one with the fastest absorption rate was Chen Feng. He was utilizing his triple combat power mode, after all. Not to mention, he possessed the monstrous Chaos Constitution. However, the one who devoured the most was the Battler Bug Empress. At any rate, it had millions of Battlers taking action at the same time. 

Even the Gold Immortal stage unique creatures were able to obtain a lot. Still, the expression on their faces revealed that they still wanted more. This was ancient essence power. There was no such thing as too much. 

“I feel like I am going to break through.” More than one of the unique creatures said that.

“During this brief moment, I managed to gain 10,000 years’ worth of cultivation. This feels too good. A pity, there is only one spirit vein. This is far from enough.”

“Fellows, do not be anxious. Did you all forget where we are? There is definitely more than just one spirit vein here,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

As predicted, after hearing that, the many unique creatures fell silent. However, their inflamed states did not cool down. 

Shaking his head, Chen Feng then arranged them into a formation before setting off. This time, he did not collect the Battlers and unique creatures. Instead, he simply led this army along with him, rampaging his way across the chaos space. Any unique creatures they encountered would be either killed or captured. Any spirit veins their find would be snatched away. And when they encountered the cultivators from the Immortal Plane, they did not hesitate to take action. Those who were too slow to run would be immediately killed off. At any rate, they were their would-be enemies.

It did not take long before the other cultivators in the chaos space learned about this formidable force under Chen Feng. Some forces partnered up in an attempt to stir up troubles for Chen Feng. They even mobilized several Divine Monarchs. In the end, however, Chen Feng sent out his combat puppets to kill off the enemy Divine Monarchs. As for the rest, they were killed by the unique creatures and Battlers. 

Chen Feng’s means and strength utterly astounded the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. And while some continued to harbour some thoughts about it, for the time being, none dared to face Chen Feng head on. 

1 li = 0.5 km

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