Chapter 1380 Nan Wang


“Princess Purplejade, look at this. Don’t force me to attack you!” Nan Wang shouted. 

“The will and imprint of a Paramount Gold Immortal! And one that could attack!” Princess Purplejade grew somewhat shocked. 

“It’s good that you know. I am aware that you also have this. However, these are our strongest trump cards. I believe that you will not use up your killer move for an outsider, no?” Nan Wang said. 

“Very well.” Princess Purplejade did not hesitate to lead her men back. At any rate, she had taken action earlier. She had already helped buy some time for Chen Feng. Moreover, he had the protection of the Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppet. Even if these fellows were to find him, they would not be able to get the upper hand. 

“A wise decision.”

Seeing Princess Purplejade making way for him, Nan Wang snickered and flew in pursuit of Chen Feng. 

“Nan Wang, are you sure that those men are able to capture Longevity Celestial?” Princes Purplejade suddenly asked. 

“No need for you to worry about that.” Nan Wang’s voice rang out from afar. 

After Nan Wang’s group had left, Princess Purplejade’s expression flickered. Nan Wang must surely have some knowledge about Chen Feng’s strength. For example, the Divine Bugs and the Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppet. In Princess Purplejade’s opinion, those two trump cards were likely Chen Feng’s strongest cards. And yet, Nan Wang’s group continued to chase after him. Moreover, Nan Wang appeared very confident. In other words, Nan Wang had made preparations for dealing with Chen Feng. 

And so, Princess Purplejade grew worried about Chen Feng. “Hopefully, he does not encounter danger.”

But before she could further ponder the issue, trouble also came for her. The lands quaked and mountains shook. Formidable energy waves emerged from the depths of the earth to sweep outwards. As a result, those with weaker cultivation levels were knocked away. 

“What is it?” Princess Purplejade opened her third eye and a purple light made its way through the earth. Next, she saw a formidable clump of power charging through the earth. 

“What is that thing? Such power! This is bad. Hurry, get away!” Princess Purplejade had only just given the order when the ground beneath them exploded. A massive unique creature had burst out from underground and a high number of the cultivators around it were either wounded or killed by its roar. 

“Do not panic! This unique creature is only at the Divine Prince level. Join forces, assume formation and attack!” Princess Purplejade was quick to recollect herself and she issued one command after another. Of the tens of Gold Immortals in her group, some of them moved over to protect her while the others moved forward to surround the unique creature. These Gold Immortals displayed a high level of cooperation and they kept firing out one rope after another from their hands, ropes formed using energy. They wanted to tie up the unique creature. 

But the mountainous unique creature kept smashing about, making it impossible for them to approach it. Additionally, its body also unleashed swirling blade-like streams of energy to cut away the energy ropes around it. 

In the end, the unique creature smashed open an opening and charged towards Princess Purplejade. This unique creature was no simple beast. It had long since identified Princess Purplejade as the leader of this group. 

Princess Purplejade did not move. Instead, two Divine Princes stepped forward to stop the unique creature. A series of booming sounds rang out and the two Divine Princes and the unique creature were blasted backwards simultaneously. 

They were at the same level, but this unique creature was able to face two Divine Princes without falling into a disadvantageous position. 

“What a formidable unique creature of chaos! Energy cannons, attack!” Princess Purplejade said. Then, she brought out a round bead. Gritting her teeth, she then hurled it forward. 

The crystal-like bead flew forward before swiftly expanding, transforming into a massive, spherical dimension that entrapped the unique creature.

The unique creature kept roaring and smashing, causing cracks to appear on the dimension’s barrier. 

Finally, the unique creature succeeded in breaking its way out from the barrier. But the moment it broke free, it was greeted by the bombardment of four energy cannons. After the devastating pillars of light disappeared, two Divine Princes swiftly moved forward and it did not take long before the unique creature of chaos ended up in a near-dead state, bound by an Immortal-binding Rope. 

“Your Highness, this is a rare species. This unique creature of chaos’ bloodline is even more noble compared to others that we’ve seen before,” one of the Divine Princes said excitedly. 

“We managed to obtain a great harvest the moment we entered. However, this unique creature is simply too strong. In a one versus one, a Divine Prince could only run from it. Thankfully, I did bring some Dimension Beads made by some Divine Monarchs for this. Unfortunately, I do not have too many of them,” Princess Purplejade said and another round bead appeared in her hand. 

After capturing the unique creature of chaos, they set off once more. Although they did manage to capture a Divine Prince level unique creature, everyone instead grew more cautious. The earlier battle had led to the deaths of several Heavenly Immortals. It would appear that the unique creatures in this chaos space were not to be trifled with. 

As Princess Purplejade embarked on her adventure to catch unique creatures, Chen Feng was hiding inside a small mountain that consisted entirely of rocks. Chen Feng possessed the monstrous Chaos Constitution. Thus, the moment he entered this chaos space, his body had become one with it. Short of him encountering a Paramount Gold Immortal, others would have a very difficult time finding him, even Divine Monarchs. 

By then, Chen Feng had retrieved several of the Battlers he sent out. Thanks to that, he was able to gain a rough estimate of the terrain within a radius of five million kilometres. Naturally, the fact that there were people pursuing him did not escape his notice. 

Chen Feng was also feeling puzzled to see Nan Wang’s group pursue him. He wondered what gave Nan Wang the balls to pursue him. Hot-headedness? Chen Feng did not believe that. Those who could cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage were all monstrous characters with unshakeable minds. If so, the fact that Nan Wang was chasing him meant that he was confident in his ability to take on Chen Feng. 

This Nan Wang already knows that I have a combat puppet at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. This means that he must also possess a force that is capable of dealing with the combat puppet. If that’s the case… Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng sent his divine sense out, deliberately leaving some clues before leaving. 

The Battlers that Chen Feng sent out were all painstakingly created by the Battler Bug Empress. In addition to their proficiency in reconnaissance activities, they were also not easily discovered. 

On his way forward, Chen Feng had only collected a portion of the Battlers he released. Most of them were still scouting the chaos space. With the Battlers helping him, things became more convenient for Chen Feng.

It’d be great if the Bug Empress can advance to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. Then, not only would I possess a huge army of Battlers, I would also have the Bug Empress as a super killer move. Chen Feng pondered while spreading out his divine sense to sense his surroundings. In this chaos space, Chen Feng’s perceptive abilities were several times stronger than normal. Additionally, there were also the continuous reports from the Battlers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng was presently capable of seeing everything. 

Finally, he stopped. After carefully inspecting the place, a faint smile appeared on his face. “At long last, I found a good spot.”

And so, Chen Feng swiftly made some arrangements before leaving again. 

It didn’t take long before Nan Wang led his men over. Interestingly enough, one of the cultivators in the van was a wolf yao. This wolf yao was in charge of sniffing out Chen Feng’s aura. Quickly, he stopped. After confirming that Chen Feng had stopped here before, one of the Gold Immortals brought out a mirror. A soft light shone out from the mirror and space twisted. The power of space-time stirred and the images of Chen Feng arriving at this place was replayed. 

Next, the expression on Nan Wang’s face turned grim. 

“Not good! Hurry up and leave! This kid set up a trap here!”

He had only just uttered those words when tens of Divine Bombs blew up from underground. As a result, an area spanning a radius of 5,000 kilometres was turned upside down while Nan Wang’s group was enveloped by clumps of golden light. 

However, despite the far-reaching extent of the incident, it did not have much effect on the Gold Immortals. And so, a look of surprise appeared on their faces. 

“This is the trap that he set up for us? It’s not even enough to tickle us. Is there something wrong with his brain?”

“Yes. This is nothing. Did he think that he could do anything to us with something like this? Or did he want to delay us?”

“That must be it. I have to admit, he succeeded. He succeeded in stopping us for several breaths’ worth of time.”

“No, I sense something amiss.”

“Nan Wang, what do you think of this?”

“Firstly, he would not foolishly use this kind of method to deal with us. And yet, he did. This means that there must be a reason behind this.” After saying that, Nan Wang’s face abruptly sank. 

“This is bad! Everyone, run!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the lands around them collapsed. It was as though the entire ground had sunk. Naturally, this in itself was not a threat to the Gold Immortals, but the same could not be said of the unique creatures that appeared next. Three Divine Prince level unique creatures leading a pack of lower-levelled unique creatures attacked Nan Wang’s group. In the face of the unique creatures’ furious attacks, Nan Wang’s group could only evade. At the same time, they also understood that Chen Feng had tricked them. 

“Longevity Celestial! He did this! He knew that there are unique creatures here and deliberately lured us over!”

“Now is not the time to be talking about that. Let’s finish up these unique creatures first.”

“Easier said than done. These are Divine Prince level unique creatures. A few of us will likely be dying here today.”

“Nan Wang, hurry up and bring it out, otherwise we’ll be dying here! We only came here to help you!”

“But.” Nan Wang hesitated. 

“What are you hesitating about? I know that your trump card is only to be used during dangerous moments, but is this not a dangerous moment?”

“Very well.” Nan Wang clenched his teeth before nodding. 

Unbeknownst to them, Chen Feng was observing everything that was happening there. At that very moment, Chen Feng was very curious. What kind of cards did Nan Wang possess?

Come, then. Bring it out and show me just what you have that can deal with my combat puppets, Chen Feng thought. 

A three-inch-long flying sword appeared, hovering before Nan Wang. One drop of blood essence after another flew out to drop on the surface of the small sword and were instantly absorbed by the small sword. Every time a drop of blood essence dropped on the small sword, Nan Wang would become a notch weaker. Correspondingly, however, the sealed power within the small sword kept breaking free. 

Chen Feng was observing it all from hiding and his eyes lit up. All the hair on his body stood erect. He knew, this inconspicuous-looking small sword was actually a high-grade Divine artifact. 

Incredible. It is actually a high-grade Divine artifact. I’d underestimated him. Only, it would appear that this Nan Wang is incapable of fully controlling this Divine artifact. A high-grade Divine artifact. Even a portion of its power is beyond anything I can handle. I should exercise caution.

The small sword had shot forward. Next, a skyful of sword beams appeared. Even with his perceptive abilities, Chen Feng was incapable of seeing exactly what was happening. 

But when the flying sword re-entered Nan Wang’s body, the three Divine Prince unique creatures had been slain. Even the hundreds of unique creatures under them had died. 

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