Chapter 138: Forming the Array


Such power! If I had failed to avoid the earlier attack, I would have been badly injured. Even the Overwhelming Astral Sword would be damaged from that. Although the power of his magic treasure is great, it appears to be somewhat lacking in dexterity. I am no match for him. Unfortunately, this is not the type of situation where I can show weakness. After considering that, the Overwhelming Astral Sword in Chen Feng’s palm rapidly shrank to the size of a steel needle. It then drew a line through the air as it shot towards Evil Moon Grotto Master once more.

“Hey, hey, junior. If you want to die, don’t blame me for this,” said Evil Moon Grotto Master with a sneer. Next, he blew, causing swirling patterns to appear in the air. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his flying sword – which was connected to him – become slow. It was not due to some ripple of power. Rather, it was a change in the governing laws of the world.

“What kind of attack is this?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

Then, Evil Moon Grotto Master pointed a finger at Chen Feng and air currents suddenly swept forward violently. They were like the undercurrents deep within the ocean and Chen Feng, who was in the middle of them all, was visited by an unsteady feeling.

Rumble! Rumble!

Like a small mountain, the Sky Toppling Seal charged straight towards Chen Feng, bringing forth strong winds wherever it went. Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, who tried to step forward to help Chen Feng, were immediately blown away.

Feeling the power of the incoming Sky Toppling Seal, Chen Feng’s face finally sank. This time, there was a high chance that he would be incapable of taking the attack. The consequences of that was incredibly serious. In the best-case scenario, his bones and muscles would be broken. In the worst-case scenario, he would die on the spot. Chen Feng was not deluded enough to think himself capable of stopping the attack of a Prized artefact by himself. 

Do I have no choice but to expose the Longevity Tower? Chen Feng considered. The Longevity Tower was his trump card. Although there was no guarantee that it could suck in the Sky Toppling Seal, it should still be possible to handle this crisis facing him. Besides, there was also a Great Yao within it. If it truly came down to it, he would simply release the Great Yao.

The trump card was something that should only be used when absolutely necessary. Additionally, after using the Longevity Tower, there was no way for Chen Feng to know whether his actions would cause further problems.

And yet, the situation he faced was truly dangerous. The Overwhelming Astral Sword was blocked while he was currently restrained, incapable of escaping. Meanwhile, a Prized artefact was smashing down on him. This was not something to joke about. Not to mention, the Prized artefact was the Sky Toppling Seal, a big and heavy-type Prized artefact.

“Originally, I did not want to kill you so quickly, but since you are so eager to attack, don’t blame me for being rude. This Sky Toppling Seal contains a great deal of rare metals. Its weight alone exceeds one million jin. It is the equivalent of a small mountain. Even a Sky Human stage cultivator will suffer if he gets hit by this.” Evil Moon Grotto Master sneered as he channelled his magic power. The Sky Toppling Seal grew even stronger and it truly appeared as though a mountain was smashing down against Chen Feng (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

Go all out! Chen Feng finally decided to risk it using the Longevity Tower. Although it might not be able to suck in the Prized artefact, it should still be capable of blocking the attack. Besides, Chen Feng believed that Tower could not continue sleeping in face of such a crisis.

Suddenly, a chilling beam of light descended from the sky. It was the dark-red lance from Mo Ji’s hand. It stabbed down into the ground, right between Chen Feng and Evil Moon Grotto Master. Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say it was blocking the Sky Toppling Seal’s trajectory.

Seeing the demonic artefact, brimming with devilish aura, Evil Moon Grotto Master felt somewhat fearful. He waved his hand and the Sky Toppling Seal shrank down before flying back into his palm.

Chen Feng recollected himself and quickly retrieved his Overwhelming Astral Sword as well. It was just one exchange within a short time span. However, the might that either side unleashed had been considerable. Additionally, it was also evident that Chen Feng was the inferior one. In the eyes of all present, were it not for Mo Ji’s interference, Chen Feng would have been smashed by the Sky Toppling Seal.

“You two, please stop. Now is the time to be working together, otherwise it will be difficult for us to get out. We might end up getting stuck in here until the day we die,” said Mo Ji coolly. With a wave of her hand, she summoned the blood-stained lance back to her hand.

What a powerful atmosphere this demonic artefact is exuding! It seems as though it can tear the sky and crack the earth. It is no wonder the old fellow would hesitate. Chen Feng pondered.

“Kid, consider yourself lucky,” Evil Moon Grotto Master said with a smile.

Elegant Gentleman too, sneered at Chen Feng. However, the fact that they failed to kill Chen Feng was something regrettable.

“The lucky fellow might not necessarily be me. Maybe it is you,” Chen Feng replied coolly. Although it was clear that he was no match for Evil Moon Grotto Master, he could not afford to show any weakness.

With Mo Ji’s intervention, the two of them stopped fighting and Chen Feng could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

My strength is still not enough. Additionally, even my magic treasure is not as good as his. There will likely be problems later on. Chen Feng considered.

Still, it is highly likely that the four of us are not the only ones with Prized artefacts. A number of them are still laying low. Besides, there is no way Mo Ji only has one Prized artefact. Even the escorting cultivators beside Mo Ji are extraordinary characters. As disciples of immortal dao sects, they probably possess certain methods. This Mo Ji, she does not want to use her own power and is instead exhausting our power. Tsk tsk. Things will probably be getting pretty lively soon. However, it will also be very dangerous. Chen Feng was feeling worried. He possessed a Prized artefact to protect himself, but Ye Ziming and Lu Ta did not.

Hopefully, I can find Soulguard Flowers as fast as possible. After that, we can turn back and stop taking such a big risk. Chen Feng thought to himself with a feeling of helplessness.

“I have a set of array technique here that requires the joint support from four Prized artefacts. If we can successfully find the surrounding spatial nexus, we can bring everyone here out. I will say this one last time. In order for us to get out, everyone must unite and work together.” After saying that, Mo Ji waved her hand and three motes of light flew towards Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator.

Chen Feng reached out with his hand to grab the mote of light and found it to be a piece of white jade. It was the size of a finger and it glowed with light.

Sending his divine sense inside, he immediately found a magic array inside it. The operating principles, structure and all related information were clearly imposed upon Chen Feng’s mind.

After some time, Chen Feng opened his eyes. There was nothing complicated about this magic array. He only needed to follow the instructions given to unleash its incredible power.

Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator nodded their heads as well. Clearly, they too understood how to perform the magic array.

“Let’s not delay this. Hurry up. We can save whatever discussions for after we make it out from here,” said Mo Ji. Next, her figure flashed forward and she positioned herself at a certain location.

Both Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator moved as well to take their respective positions. Chen Feng was the only one left.

“Brother Chen, be careful,” said Ye Ziming through secret vocal transmission.

“Don’t worry, I know what I am doing. If it comes down to it, I will simply release that Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm,” replied Chen Feng with a wry smile.

After that, Chen Feng flew forward to stand on the final spot. Then, the four of them began setting up the magic array. Immediately, the space around them quaked and a peculiar, square-shaped space appeared in the middle of the four of them.

“Hurry up and come to this central area. This place can protect you fellows from getting wounded,” shouted Mo Ji.

The moment they fully set up the magic array, Chen Feng felt his body tremble. His soul power was quickly diminishing. In merely a few breaths’ worth of time, Chen Feng could feel one third of his soul power getting consumed away and a feeling of fatigue flowed into his mind.

If I hadn’t condensed out my Soulflame, my soul power would be empty by now. Chen Feng considered. Next, he linked up with the Overwhelming Astral Sword, entering the man and sword as one realm. After that, the consumption rate of his soul power gradually declined. His three insight acupoints churned as well to provide his sea of wisdom with a constant source of power.

“Hey, hey, kid. If you cannot hold on, make sure to tell us in advance. Don’t drag us all down later,” said Evil Moon Grotto Master with a sneer.

“No need for you to worry about it. You just worry about your end,” replied Chen Feng coolly.

“Let’s go!” Mo Ji snapped and the space nearby shook somewhat. Next, Mo Ji moved towards a certain direction.

The instant Mo Ji made her move, the state of the entire array changed. Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator moved as well. At that moment, Chen Feng could feel that not only was his soul power getting drained, even a portion of the primary energy and blood energy within his body was getting drained quickly.

This is not a pleasant task. Chen Feng lamented to himself.

The four of them were temporarily forming a square cage, used to contain everyone within it before concentrating the power of the four Prized artefacts to break a point within the space there in order to escape.

“Brother Ye, it seems our current circumstance is caused by the power of space. Can your spatial magic arrays do anything against it?” asked Chen Feng.

“The spatial barrier here is very strong. My little power is simply insufficient to break it. Even if I possess the Magic artefact needed to break it, I do not have the strength to maintain it,” replied Ye Ziming.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Mo Ji kept stabbing at the air using her blood-stained lance, creating snapping sounds as a result. The surrounding power of space flowed out as a result and the nearby trees were reduced to smithereens.

Seeing that, Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from giving praise to the power of space. Those nearby trees were all Wild Tung Trees, after all. Their toughness was such that normal flying swords would be incapable of cutting them down in one stroke.

The lance in Mo Ji’s hands stabbed into the sky over 100 times. Then, she abruptly raised the lance upwards. The magic array suddenly moved and a great amount of power flowed out from Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old, white-haired cultivator. Without wasting a single drop, all that power gathered upon the blood-stained lance in Mo Ji’s hand.


Mo Ji shouted softly and potent energy surged out from every part of her body. Her black clothes billowed upwards and the white skin on her neck was exposed.

The red and bloody lance released a sharp and dreadful sound. Next, faint, red-coloured flames rose up and the dim-looking lance tip shot out to stab forward, seemingly stabbing into something tangible. After that, the lance spun quickly, causing the surrounding air currents to move as cracks began spreading out from the lance tip.

Beyond the crack was not the chaos of the void. Rather, it was a greyish landscape. It was none other than Demon Soul Valley. They were presently trapped in by a barrier. By breaking the barrier, they could escape back into the Demon Soul Valley.

The cracks continued to spread up to a distance of tens of metres. However, after the power of the blood-stained lance was depleted, the spider-like cracks began closing up.

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