Chapter 1379 Splitting Up


Princess Purplejade became surprised. She did not understand what Nan Wang meant. 

“We’ll have to split up next. I have a very important personal matter to do.” After saying that, Nan Wang strode away. Flashing a few times, his figure then disappeared from sight. 

“Ha ha ha! This fellow is quite interesting.” Chen Feng then walked out from the team of bodyguards. 

“Nan Wang is a very dangerous fellow,” Princess Purplejade said, jabbing with a finger. Next, the crystal in her hand blew up and a massive map appeared in the air. 

“Although it is not detailed, markers have been placed to give a rough picture. Looks like Nan Wang is not lying to me.”

“Nan Wang. That is quite the interesting name. Could there also be a Bei Wang, Dong Wang and Xi Wang?” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“Yes. Dong Wang, Nan Wang, Xi Wang, Bei Wang and even Zhong Huang. The five of them are the most outstanding experts of their generation. All of them have the title of War Immortals, the leading figures amongst the War Immortals,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“What a coincidence! They really do exist. In the past, I had met this guy named Dong Wang back in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. I wonder how he’s doing now. I heard that he is an Immortal Palace Envoy,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“What Immortal Palace Envoy? That is just a minor title. That Dong Wang is not to be underestimated. Like Nan Wang, he has a formidable background. Moreover, he has already advanced to the Gold Immortal stage as well,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“Those two aside, Xi Wang, Bei Wang and Zhong Huang are also at the Gold Immortal stage. Amongst the five of them, Zhong Huang is the strongest.”

“Then, who is Nan Wang’s brother?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

As expected, a peculiar expression appeared on Princess Purplejade’s face. Then, she recollected herself and said, “Nan Wang’s brother is You Hun. I wonder, have you heard of this name before?” 

“You Hun? The one who cultivates the Abyssal Soultake Mantra?” Chen Feng was shocked. 

“Exactly.” Princess Purplejade nodded.

“This You Hun is quite famous. How is his combat power?” Chen Feng asked with a chuckle. 

“Very strong. The moment he entered the Gold Immortal stage, he had killed off Divine Princes. As for how strong he is at the moment, no one knows,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“And your fiancé,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

Princess Purplejade’s eyes suddenly lit up. “He’s not my fiancé. We are not engaged yet. This is just an arrangement by my family and I am the sacrificial pawn.”

“From what you’ve said, this You Hun is a very strong character. Becoming his partner is not a loss for you,” Chen Feng then said. 

“What are you talking about? There are many formidable cultivators. Would I like all of them?” Princess Purplejade glared at Chen Feng. 

“Very well. Let’s not talk about that now. What do we do next?” Chen Feng said, his divine sense retracting like a tentacle. At the same time, his body naturally melded with the surrounding space and the power of chaos there kept flowing into his body. 

This was the monstrous aspect of the Chaos Constitution. In this chaos space, there was no need for Chen Feng to cultivate. He could simply lay down and do nothing and still his strength would continuously increase.

“I may want to cultivate here for some time,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“You’re getting yourself a big bargain here,” Princess Purplejade said enviously. At that very moment, Chen Feng was in a unity of Man and Heaven state. Even some Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs would have a very hard time finding him, let alone the average Gold Immortal. 

“I’ll have to thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to enter,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Next, tens of thousands of scouting Battlers emerged, covering the sky as they spread outwards, quickly disappearing from sight. 

“You!” Princess Purplejade was shocked as she looked at Chen Feng. 

“We are trusting one another here. So, I will let you know a little something about me as well,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Just now, those are bugs! How could you have the bugs?” Princess Purplejade jumped to her feet. She was in complete shock. 

“Ha ha ha! Your Immortal Court is controlling the Slaughterers to attack everywhere. As for me, I have only managed to gain control over a small portion of Divine Bugs. What is so shocking about it?” Chen Feng laughed. 

“No. No. You must have a Bug Empress with you, otherwise how can you control those Divine Bugs?” Princess Purplejade then recollected herself. 

“What is so surprising about it? I do have a Bug Empress. Unfortunately, its level is very low. That said, using it to create some special types of bugs is still not an issue,” Chen Feng said.

“Thank you for this show of trust. However, I would suggest that you do not expose the fact that you have a Bug Empress, otherwise some people will surely come after you.” By then, Princess Purplejade had completely calmed down. 

“It is already exposed. Should I silence the other party?” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“Sure, go ahead.” Princess Purplejade chuckled. 

“The fact that I possess a Bug Empress has been found out long ago. I believe you know of the Fiends incident. Back in the Fiend space, I had used these Divine Bugs to fight the experts from your Immortal Court. But, only some of them managed to escape in the end,” Chen Feng said.  

“Looks like you will be facing a lot of troubles after this.”

“I’m not afraid of troubles.”

“You’re strong, but how did you get mixed up with the Fiends? The Fiend race is a brutal race that loves killing. They are not the kind you want to get involved with,” Princess Purplejade said with a slight tone of concern. 

“Are you worried about me here?” 

“As if I’d be worried about you. I’m just stating facts.” 

“Compared to your Immortal Court, the Fiends are more reliable. We share a common enemy and interest,” Chen Feng said.

“Your words make sense. However, while it would appear that your Longevity Alliance and the Fiend race are very formidable, they are still no match for the Immortal Court. In recent years, the Immortal Court has been spreading itself too thin. Due to that, it is incapable of concentrating its forces. Another way of putting it is that the Immortal Court is focusing more on the wars off world, leading to its forces being scattered. To be blunt, the Immortal Court is simply looking down on your two forces,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“Perhaps, but the fact remains that the Immortal Court does not have much power to deal with us. With enough time, my Longevity Alliance will be able to develop itself. At present, it may be but a nail. But in the future, it may grow up to become a sword. Perhaps, even a towering great tree,” Chen Feng said. Already, some of the Battlers were returning to relay the information they found back to Chen Feng. 

“Do you want to follow the map or follow me?” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“I think it’s be better for me to follow you. I do not believe the map that Nan Wang gave me.” Princess Purplejade shook her head. 

“Very well. Let’s go. I wonder, what kind of harvest will we obtain this time,” Chen Feng said as he digested the information he gained from the Battlers. 

After Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade had left, the space there suddenly rippled and two cultivators walked out. One of them was the one that had left earlier, Nan Wang. 

“As expected, there is an issue. Who is the young man beside Princess Purplejade? He actually possesses the Ancient Divine Bugs. This is big news,” Nan Wang said. 

“Ha ha ha! Nan Wang, your intelligence network must be slacking. That is the renowned Longevity Celestial from the Celestial Longevity Plane. He possesses a formidable force even in the Immortal Plane.” The cultivator beside Nan Wang laughed. 

“So, it’s Longevity Celestial, the one who established the Longevity Alliance. Recently, though, I heard that he has joined forces with the Fiends. The two of them are constantly going against our Immortal Court. I have always wanted to go wipe them out. As it so happens, I managed to encounter him here,” Nan Wang said. 

“The way I see it, you are after the Bug Empress, no?” the cultivator beside him chuckled. 

“What about you, Tian Guang? Why did you take the initiative to partner up with me this time?” Nan Wang said, a cold smile on his face. 

“I hear that Longevity Celestial has a lot of treasures on him.” A look of greed appeared on the face of the Gold Immortal known as Tian Guang.

Far in the distance, Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade were in the midst of exchanging friendly banter when Chen Feng suddenly extended a finger out to draw an arc with it. Water-like ripples spread out and the image of Nan Wang and Tian Guang appeared before him. 

“It’s Nan Wang and Tian Guang!” Princess Purplejade was somewhat surprised. 

“I’m wondering if I should kill these two fellows now.” Chen Feng smiled. After hesitating for just a moment, he sent out a combat puppet. 

“That just now!” Princess Purplejade grew surprised. The movement speed of the combat puppet was too fast, so much so that it was like a phantom in her eyes. 

“A combat puppet.”

“What level is it at? That speed!”

“You’ll know soon enough.”

He had only just said that when the combat puppet appeared before the two of them, shocking Princess Purplejade. Seeing the combat puppet hold Tian Guang in its hand, her eyes widened with shock. 

“Nan Wang escaped. He is truly something else. Surprisingly, he has some formidable tricks up his sleeve,” Chen Feng said coolly. After that, he grasped and the soul within Tian Guang’s sea of wisdom floated out. But before he could search the soul, the soul burned up into nothingness. 

“A pity. There is a shackle left behind by a Divine Monarch in his sea of wisdom,” Chen Feng said with a twinge of regret, shaking his head. 

“This is a Paramount Gold Immortal!” Princess Purplejade could not stop herself from taking a few steps back. 

“Ha ha ha! It’s just a combat puppet. It is not able to display the full might of a Paramount Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng said, keeping the combat puppet. 

“A Paramount Gold Immortal combat puppet. Just how many cards do you have up your sleeves?” Princess Purplejade said, somewhat lost for words. 

“Without some trump cards, would I dare come here for an adventure with you? You did say that even Paramount Gold Immortals have entered this place,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“It is true that Paramount Gold Immortals have entered this place, but only their clones. With a Paramount Gold Immortal combat puppet to safeguard you, your safety is not an issue,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“It’s not that simple. I can sense a great serendipity waiting within this space. Correspondingly, I also sense great danger. More, now that my whereabouts have been exposed, some people will be coming after me soon. We each have our own fortune. I believe we should split up for now,” Chen Feng then suggested.

“Very well. I have no objections. Let’s split up for now.” To Chen Feng’s surprise, Princess Purplejade did not hesitate to agree.

“Then, goodbye.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward, with the Starlight Overlord Beast and his other subordinates behind him. At the same time, Princess Purplejade also received a secret vocal transmission from Chen Feng. 

“I’m sorry. There is a reason why I need to leave.”

This fellow! I knew he was hiding something from me. Princess Purplejade stomped her foot and an annoyed look appeared on her face. Quickly, though, it turned calm. Nan Wang had led a group of cultivators over. 

“These fellows sure are fast. Formation!” Princess Purplejade shouted and 3,000 of her cultivators lined up in formation. At the same time, two Divine Princes appeared beside Princess Purplejade. One of them waved his hand and a small dimension swiftly expanded in size before finally blowing up. Next, 30 Gold Immortals emerged, assuming a small formation. 

“It truly is suffocating inside. Time to come out and get some air,” one of the Gold Immortals said with a smile.

“It is indeed the chaos space. I can already feel the power of primordial essence laws.”

“Ha ha ha! Are we going to fight now? But why is our opponent the guys from the Immortal Court? No matter, if they dare offend Princess Purplejade, they cannot blame us for being rude.”

Every one of the Gold Immortals was very courageous. Several were rubbing their fists, eager for battle. 

“Princess Purplejade. As expected, you have some cards hidden in your sleeve. I underestimated you, but we are not here for you. Hand Longevity Celestial over!” Nan Wang shouted.

“What a joke! Longevity Celestial is not here. Can’t you sense it?” Princess Purplejade sneered. 

“However, you fellows actually charged at my men? This is a provocation aimed at me. Since you’re doing this, don’t blame me for being rude. Attack!” Princess Purplejade said and the 30 Gold Immortals promptly joined forces to fire out a torrent of river that stopped Nan Wang’s group. 

“Princess Purplejade, you must have gone crazy! We haven’t even asked you for an explanation, but you dare attack us?” one of the Gold Immortals shouted. 

“Humph! Back then, I was targeted by assassins. According to the information I obtained, you fellows are the ones behind it. I haven’t even settled the score with you,” Princess Purplejade said, wielding her massive war blade as she personally joined the battle. 

“Nonsense! What does the assassination attempt on you have to do with us? Don’t slander us!” the Gold Immortal became apprehensive. 

“So, you don’t want to admit it?” Princess Purplejade continued asking. 

“We didn’t do it! Why should we admit anything?!”

“Whether or not you fellows are the ones behind it, we’ll find out soon.” Princess Purplejade arrived before the Gold Immortal, the war blade in her hand slashed down heavily. A 100-zhang-long flaming astral blade burst outwards. 

“Don’t go all out! She is trying to delay us! Longevity Celestial must have only just left. I will stop them. You guys, go after him!” Nan Wang said, bringing out a round bead. Next, an exalted and unstoppable will, seemingly capable of looking down on the world in disdain, swept outwards. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m


Nan Wang. Raw: ‘南王’, pinyin: ‘nán wáng’.          Could be translated as either ‘South Prince’ or ‘South King’.

Bei Wang. Raw: ‘北王’, pinyin: ‘běi wáng’.             Could be translated as either ‘North Prince’ or ‘North King’.

Dong Wang. Raw: ‘东王’, pinyin: ‘dōng wáng’.     Could be translated as either ‘East Prince’ or ‘East King’.

Xi Wang. Raw: ‘西王’, pinyin: ‘xī wáng’.                  Could be translated as either ‘West Prince’ or ‘West King’.

Zhong Huang. Raw: ‘中皇’, pinyin: ‘zhōng huáng’. Could be translated as ‘Central Emperor’.

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