Chapter 1378 Entering the Chaos Space


This Divine Prince level guard was actually attacking Princess Purplejade. As for the cultivators around them, they looked on with excitement while some discussed the issue. Chen Feng, overhearing their discussion, revealed a thoughtful look. 

Looks like our intel collection regarding the Immortal Court is not good enough. There are many things that I do not know of, Chen Feng thought. 

Chen Feng then cast a curious look at Princess Purplejade. In the face of the attack from the Divine Prince, she had not revealed concern. Instead, she only revealed a slight look of fury. The two Divine Princes beside her also did not take action. All of that showed that Princess Purplejade still had a hidden card. 

As expected, a soft and majestic radiance spread out before Princess Purplejade and the current of power was swept backwards by a power that was ten times stronger. 

The ten plus Divine Princes were sent tumbling backwards in an embarrassing manner. 

The Divine Princes became both terribly furious and fearful. They had wanted to counter, but their fear suppressed that desire. 

The will of a Paramount Gold Immortal. As expected, this Princess Purplejade does have a backer, Chen Feng thought. 

“A Paramount Gold Immortal!” There was a highly entangled look on the faces of the Divine Princes. The token that Princess Purplejade brought out was radiating a soft lustre and a faint atmosphere of power. While it did not appear particularly striking, all the Gold Immortals there could sense the majestic will of a Paramount Gold Immortal from the token. It was something that would directly act upon their souls. 

“With this, can I enter?” Princess Purplejade said coolly, a sneer on her face as she regarded the look of shock on everyone’s faces.   

“Yes, yes.”

“Since you have the token of a True Monarch, it is only natural that you can enter.”

The attitude displayed by the Divine Princes had undergone a world of change. Looking at the token in Princess Purplejade’s hand, they became filled with fear. Naturally, it was towards the token and not Princess Purplejade. 

Interesting. Looks like she is playing it very close to the chest. To think that she would have a Paramount Gold Immortal as her backer. Tsk, tsk. I wonder if she has any more surprises in store for me, Chen Feng wondered. 

“What about my bodyguards?” Princess Purplejade asked again. 

“Yes. No problems at all,” the Divine Prince hastily said. Seeing his attitude, Chen Feng almost burst out laughing. However, none of the cultivators there laughed. Even the surrounding Divine Princes did not reveal the slightest look of ridicule. In the face of a True Monarch, even a Divine Monarch had to show humility. 

“Humph! What are you fellows doing?” Suddenly, Nan Wang walked over. 

“This fellow has come as well. I wonder, what kind of show does he plan to put?” Something of a smile appeared in Chen Feng’s eyes. 

“It’s Nan Wang. By the way, I hear that Nan Wang’s older brother wants to get engaged with Princess Purplejade. Tsk, tsk. We have a show going. “

“Lower your voice!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Although Nan Wang and Princess Purplejade are formidable, it’s not enough to scare me.”

“Shh! Don’t talk about that. Although Nan Wang is not scary, his older brother is very strong.”

Chen Feng’s divine sense slowly spread out and he intercepted some divine senses that were discussing the issue again. Chen Feng pondered silently. No wonder this Nan Wang kept trying to involve himself with Princess Purplejade’s affairs. There is something like this between them. 

In other words, Princess Purplejade must be the one against it. However, looks like this Nan Wang fellow and his older brother and family possess a very formidable power.

“Princess Purplejade, are you alright? Are these fellows stopping you?” Nan Wang said with a smile. 

“This is my affairs. There is no need for you to interfere,” Princess Purplejade said. 

“How can this be your affairs alone? You will be marrying by big brother soon. Which means this matter involves my family,” Nan Wang said, bringing out a token as well. 

The token also radiated with light. It also exuded the aura of a Paramount Gold Immortal. However, the aura it exuded was more overbearing compared to the one that Princess Purplejade brought out. 

“Have you gotten a clear look?” Nan Wang shouted icily. 

Facing the token that Princess Purplejade brought out, those Divine Princes had revealed fear. At that very moment, however, they became terrified. 

“Yes! Sir Nan Wang, please punish us!” The Divine Princes became incredibly obsequious.

“A punishment is only natural for you fellows, but that will wait until I emerge from the chaos space. Now, I want to enter the chaos space. Do you fellows have any objections?” Nan Wang said. 

“We have no objections, Sir Nan Wang!”

Then, Nan Wang turned towards Princess Purplejade. “Let’s head in together. That way, we will be able to take care of one another.”

This time, Princess Purplejade said nothing. It seemed as though she already knew that she could not shake Nan Wang off. And so, she simply led her men into the area with the massive energy pillars. Everyone there made way for Princess Purplejade’s group and they saw a pitch-black spatial passageway. 

It's a spatial passageway and not a spatial portal. Looks like there is quite a distance between the chaos space and this place. Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light. 

“Let’s go,” Princess Purplejade said. One by one, the cultivators under her entered the passageway and it did not take long before it was Chen Feng’s turn. 

Not long after entering the spatial passageway, Chen Feng found himself in another world. During the teleportation process, he had attempted to leave some imprints within the void, but all his attempts failed. 

Sensing the energy waves around him, Chen Feng’s body quivered slightly and a strange sensation emerged from his genes. There was no need for him to investigate anything else. This brief moment was all he needed to determine that they were indeed within a chaos space. Moreover, this was a very ancient and powerful space containing great power. 

This is the best cultivation environment for my Chaos Constitution. A pity, I failed to leave the imprints for the coordinates, otherwise I would be able to stay here long-term for my cultivation.

“How does it feel?” As Chen Feng was pondering, Princess Purplejade appeared. That said, she did maintain a certain distance between the two of them. She was communicating with him via secret vocal transmission.  

“My body tells me that this is indeed a chaos space. I can already sense formidable power. You’re the one who brought me in. I owe you a great favour for this,” Chen Feng said after calming himself down. 

“That is one way to put it, but I am the one who invited you to come with me. It would appear that the results are quite good.” Princess Purplejade smiled. 

Chen Feng understood what she meant. Although Princess Purplejade did make some preparations, this chaos space was simply too mysterious and dangerous. She needed his assistance. The fact that Princess Purplejade could trust him made Chen Feng feel somewhat elated. If it weren’t for that, he would not have so decisively chosen to help her finish off those cultivators that had stepped forward to provoke her back then. 

“Princess Purplejade, where do you plan to head to next?” Nan Wang appeared, the same despicable smile on his face. 

“I have not considered it yet.” Princess Purplejade remained cold towards Nan Wang.

Nan Wang, though, did not care. He waved his hand and a piece of crystal fell into Princess Purplejade’s hand. “This is a map of this space. I believe it will be of use to you.”

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