Chapter 1375 Princess Purplejade


Sometime after the friction between the Fiend Army and the Longevity Alliance disappeared, the two sides attempted to make contact. Eventually, their relationship developed to the point where they would discuss matters with one another. They even worked together to wipe out some of the surrounding forces. 

Naturally, Chen Feng, who was immersed in the joy of cultivation, was completely unaware of what was happening outside. 

After all these years of cultivation, the number of Heavenly laws within his body had been compressed down to 36 laws. However, these 36 laws were incredibly formidable, shimmering with a golden lustre. Coursing within them were essence power belonging to Chen Feng. 

In addition, there were also strands of very faint purple radiance flowing within. Those were the power of Paramount laws. Given Chen Feng’s present cultivation level, it was only natural that he could not cultivate out this power. Those were the power that he had devoured in the past. Only, his level was still too low. Despite having the Chaos Constitution, he was only able to – after using so long – refine and absorb so little of the power. 

Even so, this was not to be overlooked. This meant that Chen Feng would be able to reach the Paramount Gold Immortal stage in the future. Of course, at present, the most important matter for Chen Feng was still the comprehension of the dao of agelessness. And with the dao of agelessness there to serve as a foundation, he would comprehend the dao of paramountcy that was on a higher level. 

Speaking of which, the 36 Heavenly laws within Chen Feng’s body had long since transformed into something else. Due to how many Ageless laws he had devoured, it would not be an exaggeration to say that every one of the 36 laws was even stronger than the law formed by a genuine Ageless Gold Immortal. They could already be considered as Ageless laws. However, Chen Feng needed to undergo one more Heavenly Tribulation for his spiritual level to improve. 

This time, Chen Feng did not give the Battler Bug Empress the power obtained from the two Paramount Gold Immortals. He needed the power for himself. Moreover, he also possessed a Devourer Bug Empress’ corpse on him that he wanted to refine into a clone. Power was also required to activate the slumbering power within the corpse. 

It is time I undergo my tribulation again, but I still need to stockpile my power for a while longer.

After cultivating some more, Chen Feng felt that both his body and spirit had reached a pinnacle. Such circumstances meant that he could already undergo his tribulation. Chen Feng, though, resolutely chose to suppress it. Advancing to the Gold Immortal stage was very difficult and very important. Thus, he wanted to stockpile enough power before undergoing his tribulation. 

After concluding his cultivation retreat, Chen Feng found that over 100 years had passed. His divine sense then spread out to discover that the Longevity Alliance’s territory had grown greatly while he was cultivating. Furthermore, the strength of the alliance had also doubled. 

In the beginning, this had left Chen Feng taken aback, but he quickly understood what happened. 

“Looks like a lot of things happened during the past hundred years,” Chen Feng mused with a smile. 

“Alliance Lord!” Dao Monarch Heavensdao and Dao Monarch Secularism arrived before Chen Feng. The two of them had advanced to the Gold Immortal stage a hundred years ago. After all this time, they had already stabilized their cultivation base. 

“You guys are here.” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. He did not call them. 

“Princess Purplejade has been waiting here for 10 years now,” Dao Monarch Heavensdao said. 

“Princess Purplejade!” Chen Feng was taken aback again. Next, the image of a lofty and beautiful-looking female figure in colourful clothes and a coronet on her head appeared in his mind. 

“Ten years? Is there anything going on?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. 

“She did not say. However, after hearing that you are in a cultivation retreat, she stayed here. As you have ended your cultivation retreat, I thought that you might want to meet her,” Dao Monarch Heavensdao said. 

“Is there anything else?” Chen Feng asked again. 

“Thirty years ago, Young Master Magiris had come for a visit, but he left soon after. The Demon Plane and Blood Plane separately sent a group of cultivators over. These fellows are very well-behaved and they completely listen to the orders given to them. The Fiend race and our Longevity Alliance has a very good relationship and there is no more friction between our two sides. During the past 100 years, the territory of our alliance has doubled. But recently, some forces have emerged from the Easternmost Region. Three amongst those forces are clearly the strongest. One of them is supported by the Immortal Court while the other two are led by some ancient large sects. These new forces are obstructing our Longevity Alliance quite a bit. Our alliance and the Fiend Army are discussing this issue now. At present, we plan on joining forces next month to attack one of them. The Boundless Corps’ stronghold also sent a message over. Everything is fine. There is no need for you to worry, Alliance Lord.”

“Did anything major happen in the Immortal Plane?” While Dao Monarch Heavensdao’s words were somewhat all over the place, Chen Feng calmly listened to it all. 

“Yes. The most notable incident is that of a formidable and mysterious man attacking the Immortal Court. This person inflicted some casualties upon the Immortal Court and stirred up a ruckus before safely leaving,” Dao Monarch Heavensdao said. 

“That happened?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He himself could not tell just how formidable the Immortal Court was. In his opinion, the Paramount Gold Immortal stage might not be the strongest force in the Immortal Court. For this person to be able to raid the Immortal Court and safely leave, this person must at least be at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.

“One other thing. The Immortal Court had opened up a chaos space. At present, with the Immortal Court as the leader, many forces in the Immortal Plane are sending a high number of cultivators to explore and cultivate inside the chaos space,” Dao Monarch Secularism interjected.

“Chaos space. That is a good place.” Chen Feng felt moved. 

“Aside from those two major events, there is one more. The Immortal Plane has grown even stronger. During this time, three more ancient life-bearing great worlds have fused with the Immortal Plane. As a result, the native cultivators of the Immortal Plane become slightly more talented in cultivation. Due to this, the entire Immortal Plane became even more crazy. They’re growing increasingly ambitious,” Dao Monarch Secularism said. 

“Fusing other life-bearing worlds. To be blunt, they are snatching essence power to improve and strengthen the power of the Immortal Plane’s essence. It is only natural for the living creatures in the Immortal Plane to become stronger as well. As the native cultivators have the innate imprints of the Immortal Plane on them, they will be the ones to benefit from this the most. Even newcomers from other places will be able to benefit from this. This move from the Immortal Court is very good. By doing this, they will be able to stir the ambition of the entire Immortal Plane. This will also lure other forces to join the Immortal Plane.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Your words make sense, Alliance Lord,” the two Dao Monarchs quickly nodded. 

“If there’s nothing else, you fellows can head back first. I’ll go see why Princess Purplejade is here. At any rate, we could already be considered as friends in the past. Moreover, she did help me back then,” Chen Feng said, his heart stirring. At present, he was in opposition to the Immortal Court while Princess Purplejade was a princess of the Immortal Court. She was someone with quite a high position in the Immortal Court. For her to come look for him at a time like this left Chen Feng puzzled. He could not understand what her intentions were. 

The courtyard assigned to Princess Purplejade was abundant with spiritual energy. Even before entering the courtyard, Chen Feng could already see soldiers in distinct suits of armour guarding the place. Seeing that, he burst into a smile. The first time he met Princess Purplejade, she had placed great emphasis on a display of grandeur. It would appear that this part of her remained the same. 

His gaze then swept forward to see another stack of space within the courtyard. Inside the space floated a magnificent-looking palace. His smile grew bigger. This palace was a Divine artifact. Clearly, this was Princess Purplejade’s portable palace.


A ray of golden light descended to quickly form an avenue of light. Chen Feng stepped on it and felt a formidable pulling power. 

The golden light disappeared and Chen Feng found himself inside the palace. 

Princess Purplejade then appeared before Chen Feng, where she gave Chen Feng an ambiguous smile.

“Ha ha! It looks as though I am the guest here,” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“You are my guest.” Princess Purplejade laughed as well. 

“It’s been a while.”

“It’s been a while.”

After that, the two of them laughed, letting go of their poise.

After some time, they recollected themselves.

“Congratulations on advancing to the Gold Immortal stage and becoming an undying existence,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“You are even stronger. As I am right now, I am simply no match for you. I don’t even know how strong you’ll become after you reach the Gold Immortal stage.” Princess Purplejade stared firmly at Chen Feng. 

“Gold Immortal stage, eh? You’ll find out soon enough.” Chen Feng maintained an indifferent look, ignoring Princess Purplejade’s gaze. 

“What, you’re going to advance to the Gold Immortal stage? So fast?” Princess Purplejade was shocked once again. Before coming over, she had made a very conservative estimate of Chen Feng’s strength. But after finding out how strong the Longevity Alliance was and meeting Chen Feng in person, she found out that she had still underestimated him.

“How unexpected. It had only been a while since our last meeting, but you already possess such great power,” Princess Purplejade said, smiling.

“Is that so? However, what you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg,” Chen Feng said jokingly. 

Hearing this from anyone else, Princess Purplejade would have said that the other person was being arrogant. But to hear it from Chen Feng, it instead contained a natural air of dominance. 

Thinking about Chen Feng’s identity, Princess Purplejade immediately felt relieved. While she considered herself as a genius in the path of cultivation, in the face of someone like Chen Feng, she would instantly become nothing.  

The Chaos Constitution was known as the number one constitution for good reason. In the face of this constitution, the other constitutions can just beat it. 

Maybe coming here is the right thing to do, Princess Purplejade thought. 

The two of them chatted affectionately like old friends. After a while, Chen Feng then asked with a smile, “Princess, you must surely have a reason for coming here, no?”

“Can I not come if there is nothing? Or do you not welcome me?” Princess Purplejade rolled her eyes. 

“Of course you’re welcomed. If you want, you may stay here for a long time,” Chen Feng said.

“Sigh! If only that’s the case. As it is, I have encountered some troubles. The reason I came here this time is to seek refuge here.” The smile on Princess Purplejade’s face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a look of concern. 

Chen Feng’s pupils contracted, but he then said, “Ha ha ha! Princess, you jest. You are at the Gold Immortal stage while occupying an exalted position. Would anyone in the Immortal Plane dare to bully you?”

“There are many cultivators that are stronger and more exalted than me in the Immortal Plane. I really came here for refuge,” Princess Purplejade said with a wry smile. 

“Very well. As long as I am capable of helping out, I will never refuse to help. If anyone comes to stir up troubles, they will be provoking our Longevity Alliance.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Hearing that satisfies me a lot. I knew I made the right choice in befriending you.” Princess Purplejade then smiled again. 

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