Chapter 1374 Intermission


“Body snatching, eh?” Chen Feng sneered. His sea of wisdom stirred chaotically to instantly transform into a massive maelstrom. It spun non-stop, capable of devouring all the power that flowed into the sea of wisdom. 

“Bugs!” The human figure that invaded Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom cried out in surprise before the Battlers attacked him. 

Despite his might, the attacks from billions of Battlers were still a little too much for him. And so, his body blew up, reduced to chaotic streams of energy. As for Chen Feng, he made use of the opportunity to plunder the streams of energy with his soul maelstrom. 

By the time the human figure managed to reform his body, part of it was already devoured by Chen Feng. 

“Kid, you dare absorb my soul power? You really do not know the meaning of death. Are you not afraid of overloading yourself?” the Paramount Gold Immortal said before using a secret technique. Following that, strands of energy flew out from the maelstrom to fuse with his body. 


The Battlers attacked again. This time, though, the other Paramount Gold Immortal also entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and the two of them worked together to stop the attacks from the Battlers. 

Chen Feng grew somewhat anxious. This was the place where his soul was housed. It was the most important place within his body. Any damage would be beyond his ability to handle. He would not have felt worried if the ones invading it were regular Gold Immortals. He could instantly kill them off. But these two were the souls of two Paramount Gold Immortals. They were existences that could destroy a star region with one move. And now, they were inside his sea of wisdom. Failure to deal with the situation would result in the destruction of both his body and soul. 

I cannot wait anymore. Time to use my trump card! Chen Feng thought. Next, a blazing sun burst out from within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and a cultivator strode forward. 

“You’re using me so soon?” the cultivator said with a smile. His whole body was like a star, radiating a light that could burn everything. 

It was none other than True Monarch Triple Yang. Back when Chen Feng went to invite the Paramount Gold Immortals to help the Boundless Corps, he had obtained the imprints from True Monarch Triple Yang and True Monarch Turbulence. However, each imprint could only be used once. Due to that, he had always been unwilling to use them. But due to the severity of the situation, he finally decided to use it. 

“To think that it’d be two Paramount Gold Immortals from the Immortal Plane, but they are just two juniors,” True Monarch Triple Yang said before taking a large step forward. With one punch, his fist transformed into a giant sun that swept towards the two intruders. 

At the same time, the Battler Bug Empress also mobilized all its bugs to unleash a wave of attacks. 

“The soul imprint of a Paramount Gold Immortal!” The two Paramount Gold Immortals exclaimed. They knew that the situation had changed. At the same time, they also recognized True Monarch Triple Yang. They grew anxious and wanted to escape. However, they were unable to do so. All they could do was to muster all their strength to stop this attack.  


Next, Chen Feng felt his thought process improving. He knew that this was caused by the power generated by the clash between the two sides. Even though the two sides were clashing in a parallel space, their battle had still left Chen Feng with serious injuries. The soul maelstrom that was rapidly rotating shattered and Chen Feng felt as though even his soul would break apart. After he recovered from the aftermath, albeit with great difficulty, he found that the battle had already ended. 

True Monarch Triple Yang’s imprint had disappeared. Likewise, the two cultivators from the Immortal Plane had disappeared as well. But there were two big clumps of energy left inside his sea of wisdom. There were wyrm-like purple laws roaming within the two clumps of energy. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that his side had won. 

By linking up to the Battler Bug Empress, Chen Feng was able to find out what happened earlier. The attack from True Monarch Triple Yang and the Battlers had left the two cultivators with serious injuries. In that instant, the two had fled, leaving behind one third of their power behind. Within the power they left behind were some of their Paramount laws. 

Chen Feng also saw that the fleshly bodies of the two cultivators had disappeared. Clearly, they had escaped. While Chen Feng did feel somewhat regretful at the fact that the two cultivators were able to escape, he had managed to escape the calamity and even obtained some goodies from it. Thus, he felt somewhat excited. 

“Little friend, you are something else. To think that you can beat back two Paramount Gold Immortals. I had underestimated you back then.” Chen Feng heard one of the Fiends say.

Chen Feng merely chuckled. Back then, the Fiends had chosen to not take action. If he did not have any means to protect himself, he would have died back then. That said, he did not feel furious. It was a very normal thing. In their shoes, he would have done the same thing. He was, however, surprised that the two of them did not finish off the two cultivators from the Immortal Plane. 

Looks like these two Fiends have not fully awakened, otherwise they would not have left their bodies underground and use their souls to fight.

“I bid you two farewell. I hope that you can restrain your subordinates and not provoke our Longevity Alliance. At any rate, we do share some common interests. Here in the Immortal Plane, the both of us need allies.” After that, Chen Feng left. The two Fiends did not stop him. 

It was not until Chen Feng disappeared that the two Fiends began discussing the issue. 

“I thought that you would take action to snatch the crystal back.”

“Ha ha! I was sincere in making the deal with him. Besides, did you think that I’d be able to deal with him if I took action? Besides, he has probably already absorbed the crystal.”

“Yes. This fellow is not to be underestimated. We have yet to fully recover while he has those combat puppets. More, he also has a Bug Empress. Dealing with him will not be easy.”

“It’s not just that. Those two guys from the Immortal Plane are Paramount Gold Immortals who cultivate body-snatching type secret techniques. They possess formidable soul power. And yet, the kid actually managed to drive them off. Not to mention, he also managed to seriously wound them. If it weren’t for the fact that those two were quick to flee, they might had died here. If we had attacked, would we also end up like those two?”

“We may be Fiends, but we would generally honour the deals we make. I will give the command for our army to not disturb the Longevity Alliance. It is as the kid said. Our enemy is the Immortal Plane. Even if we do not join forces, we should not be enemies. Moreover, this human does have the qualifications to become our allies.”

After leaving the special space, Chen Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief. He had been worried that the other party would attack him. While he was able to stop them, doing so would make him lose his final trump card. 

The Fiends were simply too strong while Chen Feng had enough enemies as it was. He did not want to make new enemies. Additionally, he also wanted to make them his allies. He had a feeling that those two should not be the only Paramount Gold Immortals within the Fiend space.

By having one Paramount Gold Immortal keeping watch over them, a race would be able to occupy an important place within the universe. They could even shine gloriously for a very long time. Most races could not even reach the Gold Immortal stage. This Fiend race that had appeared all of a sudden, on the other hand, had experts and an army. Here in the Immortal Plane, with the exception of the Immortal Court, the Fiend race would have a very hard time meeting their match. 

If he could ally with the Fiends, Chen Feng would not feel as pressured when facing the Immortal Plane. 

Right after returning to the Longevity Alliance, Chen Feng noticed a change in the Fiend army. In the past, there would be a small number of incidents where some Fiends would get into a conflict with the cultivators from the Longevity Alliance. But now, those incidences were no more. 

While their relationship was not as harmonious as that of allies, this was at least a good start. Chen Feng knew that this must be due to the orders from the two Fiend leaders. 

Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief again. Without the Fiend army threatening it, the Longevity Alliance should accelerate its development plans as well. 

The decision was swiftly implemented. Without the threat from the Fiends, the pressure on the Longevity Alliance was lifted as well. And so, it began expanding its territory. 

Surface wise, the three strongest forces in the Easternmost Region were the East Extreme Immortal Palace, the Fiend race and the Longevity Alliance. However, Chen Feng knew that there were many other formidable forces residing in this vast region. Only, due to various reasons, those forces did not make contact with him. That was why Chen Feng did not grow arrogant. Instead, he cautiously developed his own force. 

In the past, every time he returned to the alliance, he would bring out large quantities of cultivation materials for distribution. But since obtaining the Battler Bug Empress, Chen Feng had been getting the feeling that no matter how many items he obtained, they would still be insufficient. Still, the Longevity Alliance now had a high number of experts and it was able to continuously expand its territory. After gulping down some spirit veins, they no longer lacked cultivation materials. 

Chen Feng had obtained a great deal from entering the Fiend space. The number of Battlers had multiplied. There were also still large piles of energy crystals stored within the separate space inside his sea of wisdom. 

In addition, he had also obtained a fire-type crystal core left by a Paramount Gold Immortal. Naturally, that was already given to the Battler Bug Empress for its evolution. Chen Feng had only extracted one of the laws within it. 

Lastly, he had also obtained a portion of the two Paramount Gold Immortals’ power. This power had been forcibly ripped away from the two back then. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the power left behind by those two was comparable to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage crystal core.

After returning to the alliance, Chen Feng entered a cultivation retreat. Interestingly, Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit had contributed a lot during this time. They appeared desirous of mending things up with Chen Feng. They contributed some treasures that they had collected in the past and even their hundreds of thousands of soldiers joined in on the efforts to develop the Longevity Alliance with fervour. 

Meanwhile, another force arrived from the Celestial Malla Plane. This force was led by Magiris Blackwater himself. However, as Chen Feng was completely immersed in his state of cultivation, he did not know about Magiris’ arrival. After some time, Magiris then left. 

Next up, something interesting happened. The Demon Plane and Blood Plane separately sent forth a group of over 100,000 cultivators. This time, the Dark Plane did not participate in their actions. There was also no communication between the two worlds beforehand. This was something of a private show of support for the Longevity Alliance. 

This puzzled the other higher-ups of the alliance. But as Chen Feng was in a cultivation retreat, they were unable to ask him for instructions. After arriving, the forces from the Demon Plane and Blood Plane showed a high degree of cooperation with the arrangements made for them and they quickly integrated themselves with the alliance. Seeing that, some of the higher-ups of the alliance breathed a sigh of relief. 

The Longevity Alliance was made up of various forces, after all. There were the forces from the Immortal Plane, the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Celestial Malla Plane, the Dark Plane, the Demon Plane, the Blood Plane and some other worlds. True to their name, they were truly a great alliance formed from a number of forces. Due to that, it was only natural for there to be some friction between the members. With Chen Feng around, they would be able to suppress the friction. The high-level members, however, were very concerned. On normal days, they would be able to close one eye to some matters. However, in the event that a war broke out and these fellows do not obey the commands given to them after they arrived at the battlefield, the situation would become very bad. 

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