Chapter 1373 Deal


Naturally, Chen Feng did want the Fiends to stir up troubles in the Immortal Plane. However, the Fiends were too strong. It had reached the point where they were threatening him. 

Helpless, the Longevity Alliance gradually displayed its formidable strength. The 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures that Chen Feng brought over served as the foundation of the Longevity Alliance’s strength. No matter where they may be, this was a very strong force. Only, despite their strength, their numbers were somewhat lacking. 

That said, the Boundless Corps also sent over another group of soldiers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this Longevity Alliance was already their second strongest force, second only to the stronghold. 

Moreover, Jolt Immortal’s force had also been added into the Longevity Alliance. The might of hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals was not to be underestimated.

Additionally, there were also reinforcements from the various other regions in the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Dark Plane and the cultivators under Magiris Blackwater in the Celestial Malla Plane. These forces were quite formidable. 

Calculating it, Chen Feng felt that the Longevity Alliance had become very strong. 

Naturally, he still couldn’t release the army of Battlers. If he did, he would have been able to fight the army of Fiends head on. 

When the number of Fiends rose up to the one billion mark, Chen Feng wondered how many more there were inside the special space. This number was already very terrifying. 

The number of Great Fiends – Fiends at the Gold Immortal stage – had alarmed Chen Feng. Furthermore, it would appear that the army of Fiends had more than just one Paramount Gold Immortals. To Chen Feng’s relief, they did not appear. Perhaps it was because they did not want to condescend and take action, or perhaps it was because they had yet to fully awaken. Or perhaps they had awakened, but had yet to fully recover their strength. Even so, Chen Feng could already sense their concealed yet formidable aura. Their auras appeared to be complementing the other auras within the Immortal Plane. 

On the other hand, the army of Fiends was also exercising restraint, stopping any large-scale battles with this formidable force known as the Longevity Alliance. When compared to the other forces in the Immortal Plane, the Longevity Alliance was harder to handle. 

Given how their Paramount Gold Immortals could not take action, some of the experts on the Fiends’ side do feel somewhat fearful of the combat puppets in Chen Feng’s possession. 

Chen Feng himself had given the order, making it a policy to not provoke the Fiends. Even when they decided to expand, it would be against the territories belonging to the other forces in the Immortal Plane. 

Chen Feng, though, felt somewhat puzzled. He did not understand why the East Extreme Immortal Palace and the Immortal Court were not taking any effective measures against the Fiends. Both the Fiends and the Longevity Alliance were constantly expanding their territories. But while the other forces and loose cultivators from the Immortal Plane would step forward to fight them, the Immortal Court was practically silent about the whole thing. This puzzled Chen Feng. At the same time, it also gave him a feeling of pressure. 

After several more years, the momentum of the Fiends slowed down. Judging from some of the signs he saw, Chen Feng estimated that some problems must have arisen within the Fiends’ headquarters.

Due to that, Chen Feng decided to head to the Fiends’ headquarters to investigate the situation. This time, he did not bring the Gold Immortal stage unique creatures. He only brought the Battlers and combat puppets. 

This time, he had a smoother time entering the special space. The moment he entered, he sensed a formidable atmosphere of oppression bearing down on his soul and his thought processes began showing signs of freezing. 

A war between souls! This is a battle of wills! The thought appeared in Chen Feng’s mind. 

“Four Paramount Gold Immortals are currently fighting. This is indeed a battle of wills. However, two of the wills are very strange,” the Battler Bug Empress inside Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom suddenly said. 

“Four Paramount Gold Immortals!” Chen Feng’s neck shrunk backwards.

“This is dangerous.”

He had only just said that when a formidable will swept across the world to attack him. For Chen Feng, it felt like the advent of the Heavenly might, a manifestation of the grand dao. Deep within his heart, he felt this will to be unstoppable. 


A formidable force entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and he recovered. Next, his soul flame began burning. That was the Battler Bug Empress’ strength. Next, the army of Battlers unleashed a formidable power in unison to form a massive shield within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, immediately stopping the will assailing him. 

Chen Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Alone, he was incapable of withstanding the attack of a Paramount Gold Immortal. However, with the assistance of so many Battlers, it became a different matter. 

Failing to kill off the intruder in one attack left the attacking Paramount Gold Immortal in a state of surprise. But they did not have the chance to attack again as the battle between their two sides became increasingly fierce. 

“It’s a two versus two. Human Paramount Gold Immortals versus Fiend Paramount Gold Immortals. They’re all experts who have reached the dao of paramountcy.” After receiving the support from the Battler Bug Empress, Chen Feng gradually came to understand the battle that was unfolding in the distance. 

Beneath two gigantic mountain ranges were two colossal Fiends. The two Fiends were in a very peculiar state, both awake and not awake. 

Not far away were two human cultivators. They were seated cross-legged on the ground with their eyes closed, seeming in the midst of cultivating themselves. Chen Feng, though, knew that their divine senses were fighting inside a special space. Broadly speaking, this was a direct battle between their souls. It was essentially a battle on a higher level. 

These two human Paramount Gold Immortals sure are daring. They actually entered this space to fight the Fiends. The one who attacked me earlier is also one of them, Chen Feng secretly mumbled. 

“Little friend, you are back.” Chen Feng then received a secret vocal transmission from one of the Fiends. 

“Ha ha ha! I am here to see what’s going on,” Chen Feng replied with a laugh. He was not surprised. Rather, it would be more surprising for them to not notice him. 

“Little fellow, you are something else. From what I can see, you have a beef with these fellows from the Immortal Plane. As long as you help us deal with these two fellows, you will become a friend of our Fiend race,” the Fiend said. 

“Very tempting. In truth, I am not on the same side as those guys from the Immortal Plane. Only, you guys are all exalted Paramount Gold Immortals. A mob like me will probably be incapable of intervening,” Chen Feng replied. 

“No need to sell yourself short. Don’t you have that two combat puppets made from the bodies of Paramount Gold Immortals? You can make use of them right now. At present, we are in the midst of a soul battle. We are simply incapable of unleashing even a fraction of our fleshly bodies’ strength. With just a little external help, we will be able to tilt the balance of this battle,” the Fiend continued to entire Chen Feng. 

“But I won’t be getting anything out of this. I’m not going to work for no pay.” If the enemies were anyone else, Chen Feng would have scooted his ass away long ago. However, the enemies were cultivators from the Immortal Plane. This changed things. Moreover, one of them even attacked him once just now. 

“You will become a friend of our Fiend race.”

“That’s just an abstract promise. What I need is tangible rewards,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. I know that you have a Bug Empress on you. Only, its level is not too high. How about this? I have the crystal core of a Paramount Gold Immortal. What do you think about it?”

“Deal! Send the item over.”

“No. You must take action first. Only then will we give it to you.”

“Ha ha ha! I must receive the items first. My Longevity Alliance is just beside your Fiend race’s territory. Surely you fellows aren’t worried that I would run away,” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“Very well. Here.”

Next, Chen Feng felt his hand becoming slightly heavier as a blood-red crystal core appeared in his hand. 

Oh, a fire-type creature! Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Although the crystal core was encased tightly with restrictive arrays and seals, he could still feel the vigorous power within it. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and the crystal core entered the separate space within his sea of wisdom, where it floated before the Battler Bug Empress.

“It’s yours,” Chen Feng said. 

Regardless if there were any issues with the crystal core, the power within it was genuine. With this crystal core, there was a chance for the Battler Bug Empress to grow stronger. While it might not be able to reach the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, it would at least be able to take another step forward.

“Since I’ve already received the reward, I will have to take action,” Chen Feng said with a smile and waved his hand. The two combat puppets appeared before charging towards the body of one of the human Paramount Gold Immortals. 

“Kid, you’re courting death!” The Paramount Gold Immortal became infuriated. Both his hands swung and the space in front of him fluctuated. Next, a thick barrier appeared to stop the combat puppets. 

Although the two sides were engaged in a war of souls, they did leave a portion of their wills with their bodies. But they were incapable of unleashing their full power. In the face of the attacks from the two combat puppets, the cultivator was only able to utilize some defensive moves. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two combat puppets possessed formidable combat power, after all. Thus, they were able to quickly break open the barrier stopping them. Following that, the three of them fought. 

Doing so, however, affected the cultivator’s soul battle against the Fiends. Originally, their side had been suppressing the Fiends. At that very moment, however, their side fell into a disadvantageous position. 

“Kid, hurry up and scram. I will not pursue you for this. Do not forget, you are now in our territory!” The cultivator began threatening Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha, what a joke! Your territory? Is the Immortal Plane your territory? The place I am in is my territory! Enough nonsense. If you two know what’s good for you, you should hurry up and leave. Stop causing troubles here,” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“Insolence!” The cultivator became truly infuriated. Normally, a Paramount Gold Immortal like him would not have cared about a minor character like Chen Feng. But things were different now. External intervention could change the balance of their battle. Regular Gold Immortals who approached them would have died to their divine senses, but the combat puppets that Chen Feng brought out was giving the two of them a headache. 

“Master, there are no problems with the crystal core, but there are many seals on it. Due to that, the process of absorbing it will be slower. Do you want me to make more bugs with it or do I absorb it for my advancement?” The Battler Bug Empress suddenly contacted Chen Feng.

“Absorb it and advance,” Chen Feng said without hesitation. 

Outwardly, the Fiend has not done anything to it. However, there is no telling what it would do after this, Chen Feng thought as he directed the two combat puppets to attack. 

Bang! Bang!

One of the Paramount Gold Immortals was hit and his huge body was knocked away. The divine sense that was left on his body was dispersed. Having no other choice, the cultivator had to borrow power from his soul that was presently in battle. Not doing so would leave his body at the risk of being snatched away. As a result, the Fiends were able to gain the upper hand. 

“I can feel it now. These two Paramount Gold Immortals are actually utilizing a very wondrous body-snatching technique,” the Battler Bug Empress suddenly said. 

“Body-snatching technique? Are they thinking about snatching the bodies of these Fiends?” Chen Feng was taken aback. 


Suddenly, Chen Feng felt his body flinch. A stream of light shot into his sea of wisdom before transforming into a human form. Exuding the atmosphere of an existence devouring the Heavens, this person then charged towards Chen Feng’s soul. 

Not good! The other party has charged in. Chen Feng had been careless. He failed to account for the possibility that the other party would so quickly pull back from the battle and target him. 

“The other party wants to snatch your body and soul,” the Battler Bug Empress said and it swiftly mobilized several billion Battlers to launch will attacks at the incoming person. 

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