Chapter 1372 Army of Fiends


By then, Divine Monarch Fountain Guard had also realized that the Fiend had played him. However, both his hands moved down as the Heaven-subduing Stone Stele pressed down again, unleashing a second wave of power. 

He’s still attacking? He truly has gone cuckoo. Chen Feng shook his head. Chen Feng could tell that this Fiend was very strong. Although it was already wounded, killing it off was not possible. It was true that killing off the Fiend was a good thing. But to attack it again in a futile attempt to kill it would only cause greater problems. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Gradually, the body of the Fiend was squashed. It seemed as though everything within its body was being crushed apart. However, an even greater amount of destruction engulfed its surroundings. Following that, loud booming sounds rang out and the edges of the great hole beneath the Fiend kept collapsing and the great hole grew even bigger. Another Fiend appeared. This Fiend had the appearance of an ape. Its feet stood steadily upon the ground and its head rose up high, with a body size that surpassed the panther Fiend. After it emerged, it then sent a palm swinging forward and the Heaven-subduing Stone Stele pressing down on the panther Fiend was sent flying. 


After that, the ape Fiend targeted Divine Monarch Fountain Guard. With but one step, it appeared before him. One punch. Divine Monarch Fountain Guard was sent flying as well. 

Formidable! Chen Feng praised. The strength of this ape Fiend was even greater than that of the panther Fiend. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

More Fiends appeared. These Fiends were of varying appearances, but they all shared one similar trait. All of them were ferocious and wicked and thick wicked power shrouded their whole body. However, with the exception of the two formidable Fiends that appeared earlier, the ones that appeared after were beneath the Gold Immortal stage. 

According to the records, only those that have cultivated up to the Gold Immortal stage could call themselves Great Fiends. Those who have yet to reach that level could only be called Lesser Fiends. I wonder, how many Gold Immortal stage Fiends is this lair housing? Chen Feng whispered to himself. 

For Chen Feng, no matter how formidable some creatures may be or how strong their combat power may be, there remained a distinction in power levels. Fiends that had yet to reach the Gold Immortal stage – no matter how many of them there were – were nothing in his eyes. 

Chen Feng’s gaze swept forward to look farther ahead. As expected, Fiends had also appeared in other places. The wicked atmosphere within every inch of the special space they were in began rising sharply in intensity. 

Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit were sending secret vocal transmissions to Chen Feng non-stop, asking for help. The Fiends were targeting them. 

Chen Feng hesitated for a moment. In the end, he sent one of the combat puppets out. The moment the Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppet appeared, it shocked everything there and the Fiends standing in its path were sent flying. Not even the Gold Immortal stage Fiends could stop it. 

When compared to the Slaughterers, these Fiends were more rational. They were like human cultivators. Even though they were wicked, they were no fools. Realizing how formidable the combat puppet was, they did not choose to stop it. Instead, they opened a path for the combat puppet. In fact, when they realized what the combat puppet intended to do, they also stopped attacking Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit.

Carrying Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit, the combat puppet quickly arrived before Chen Feng. Unfortunately for the two of them, they had not managed to collect all of their men. Thus, it did not take long before their men were drowned by the army of Fiends. The two of them had only managed to escape from calamity thanks to Chen Feng. Due to that, they dared not ask Chen Feng to help again. 

“Hurry up and leave. Or do you fellows still want to stay and watch the show?” Chen Feng said in a solemn tone. 

“Yes, yes! We’ll leave right now!” Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit hastily said. Having witnessed Chen Feng’s might, the two of them behaved themselves properly. 

“After getting out, head to the Longevity Alliance immediately. Defend it properly and wait for my instructions,” Chen Feng said again. 

After the two of them left, Chen Feng then received a request for assistance from the cultivators of the Immortal Plane. In response, Chen Feng secretly scoffed. Naturally, he won’t be helping them. 

By then, even more Fiend lairs had revealed themselves. Even with his eye technique, Chen Feng could no longer inspect them anymore. Almost every inch of the special space was now occupied by the Fiends and their numbers kept rising. The strong and thick wicked power was affecting even Chen Feng’s spiritual perception. 

A team of Fiends – led by several Gold Immortal stage Fiends – arrived to surround Chen Feng. When they looked at Chen Feng, a curious expression emerged on their faces. 

“Not a Gold Immortal!”

“So strong! How is this possible? Could there be such a strong human?”

“What a highly wicked dao of blood. Looks like you’ve killed a good number of living creatures.”

“Human, you have the qualifications to be a friend of us Fiends. However, you have to give us a reason for us to not kill you,” one of the Fiends said. 

“A reason? That’s very simple. You fellows are not able to kill me. I can leave anytime I want,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“I don’t think this combat puppet alone is not enough for that.” A Fiend with a strength surpassing the Divine Monarch level then arrived before Chen Feng. This Fiend had a human form. Sporting a very handsome face, he held in his hand a strange-looking weapon. He gave off quite the impactful atmosphere.

“What about now?” Chen Feng waved his hand and another combat puppet appeared. 

As predicted, a wary look appeared in the Fiend’s eyes. Although the Fiend’s strength had surpassed the Divine Monarch level, he had yet to actually reach the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, after all. Thus, his combat power was a notch weaker compared to Chen Feng’s combat puppet. 

“Even two is not enough. Even a Paramount Gold Immortal cannot fight against our Fiend race,” the Fiend then continued. 

“I will admit that you Fiends are very strong. However, there is no reason for us to become enemies. Maybe we should be friends. You fellows have been sleeping for so long. Do you not want to understand the current situation? I can help you fellows a little,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Our Fiend race does not need any help. Besides, if we want to obtain information, we can naturally obtain it by simply capturing some cultivators. You are still too weak. While you have the qualifications and potential to become our friends, you are not. More, the fact that you are here in our space meant that you most definitely have obtained the energy crystals here. Hand it over or die.”

“I do have a second option, leave,” Chen Feng said and the Starlight Overlord Beast swiftly flew away while the two combat puppets attacked at the same time. Their Longevity Lances swept out to send all those Fiends flying. 

“Hurry, run! I can already sense the aura of a Paramount Gold Immortal!” the Battler Bug Empress inside Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom shouted. 

Chen Feng felt his scalp going numb as he too, sensed danger. 

A strangely-shaped tentacle punched its way through space to grab Chen Feng. In response, the two combat puppets moved forward in an attempt to stop the tentacle only to be sent flying instead. Chen Feng’s heart thumped as he became shocked. The two combat puppets were his strongest cards. And yet, not even those two combat puppets could stop the tentacle. 

Quickly, though, the two combat puppets returned to stand beside Chen Feng. One of them took action to open a spatial passageway while the other one unleashed a skyful of lance silhouettes to stop the tentacle’s attack. 

The tentacle swung and the lance silhouettes disappeared, but Chen Feng – under the protection of the two combat puppets – managed to leave the special space. 

While they were no match for the other party, the two combat puppets were made from the corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals. Their strength was most certainly the real deal. Thus, the attack from the tentacle earlier failed to deal any considerable damage to them. 

After leaving the space, Chen Feng swiftly returned to the Longevity Alliance. By then, the Longevity Alliance was already taking action. With Chen Feng’s return, the Longevity Alliance sped up its actions. Chen Feng brought out all 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures, giving the Longevity Alliance a great boost in strength. 

Interestingly enough, the Longevity Alliance did not expand its territory. On the contrary, they pulled back, causing their territory to shrink. Its actions left the surrounding forces in a puzzled state as they did not understand what was happening. 

Without delay, the army of Fiends quickly emerged from the special space to arrive in the Immortal Plane. In but one month’s time, 100 million Fiends descended upon the Immortal Plane and they began rampaging about. 

When compared to the Slaughterers, this army of Fiends was even stronger and harder to deal with. Despite mobilizing all of its forces, the East Extreme Immortal Palace was incapable of stopping it and was forced to constantly retreat. 

On Chen Feng’s end, he knew that the number of Fiends was not limited to just this. He had stayed in the special space for several years, after all. Even then, he was never able to figure out just how big that space was. Additionally, the number of Fiends in the lairs that he found was not limited to just 100 million.

Soon after the 100 million Fiends appeared, they established their own territory. Their territory kept expanding until the border of their territory finally reached the Longevity Alliance’s territory. Size wise, their territory was even bigger than the territory belonging to the Longevity Alliance. 

And so, some fights broke out between the two. Although the Longevity Alliance had already made some preparations, they had still suffered from some casualties during the battles. 

Chen Feng took the initiative to find the high-level Fiends there for a negotiation. In the end, they agreed to not start a war. That said, minor conflicts would still break out non-stop between their two sides. 

A few months later, the number of Fiends doubled. 

After one year, the number of Fiends had risen above the one billion mark. In terms of combat power, these Fiends were superior to the Slaughterers. Due to that, the Longevity Alliance felt threatened. 

Chen Feng himself felt somewhat frustrated. All he could do was watch as the situation developed. Given the situation, the Longevity Alliance could not simply discard its territory here. 

Even though there was no large-scale war between the two sides, Chen Feng – watching the Fiends grow increasingly strong – could not help but feel increasingly worried. 

His objective in coming here was to stir up troubles for the Immortal Court. And now, the troubles had arrived. Only, the troubles were too big. 

Chen Feng was aware that there were Paramount Gold Immortals keeping watch over the army of Fiends. More, he also knew that there were still some Fiends that had yet to awaken inside the special space. 

That said, when compared to the Slaughterers, these Fiends were more rational. Whatever they encountered, they would think and go with the most convenient method to solve the issues. But due to this, in a situation where their strength – the strength of Chen Feng’s force – was on par with the strength of the Fiends, it was very difficult to deal them a serious blow. 

In but a few years’ time, a world-shaking change had come over the Easternmost Region. The Fiends had wiped out many of the forces there, killing off countless number of cultivators. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Fiends were the strongest force in the Easternmost Region. 

It was followed by the East Extreme Immortal Palace and the Longevity Alliance. Chen Feng knew that should the Fiends continue to expand, it would not take long before his own territory come under attack and be seized. 

Why are the experts from the Immortal Court still not showing up? Are they going to just watch as the Fiends develop themselves? Chen Feng was puzzled about the Immortal Court’s behaviour. 

If it was him in their shoes, seeing his territory taken away and his force attacked, he would – no matter what – attack back. 

The friction between the Longevity Alliance and the Fiends was growing bigger and bigger. If it weren’t for the mighty suppression from the leaders on both sides, a large-scale war would have broken out between the two sides long ago. 

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