Chapter 1369 Energy


“We had long since known that you possess the force that the Longevity Tower left for you. How could we not prepare ourselves for it? Now, what else do you have to say?” Jolt Immortal said mockingly. 

“What do I have to say? I do not understand what you mean.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Ha ha ha! What I mean is, you should hurry up and keep your men. Stop resisting. There is no point in doing so. Seeing as we are of the same clan, I will not trouble you. As long as you hand over the Longevity Scripture, you will be allowed to cultivate in this space. See how concentrated the energy within this space is. It is suitable for the cultivation of us members from the Longevity Clan,” Jolt Spirit said. 

“The way I see it, you fellows must be suffering from cultivation deviation. The energy here is indeed very strong, but it is the wicked power of the Great Fiends. It is not suitable for our Longevity Clan. While you fellows are able to quickly improve your strength by cultivating here, it will leave hidden dangers behind. At any rate, this energy will clash with our longevity energy,” Chen Feng said. 

“Oh, right! How did I forget? You possess the Chaos Constitution, capable of devouring all energy sources. If all of us can obtain this power, we will be able to greatly improve our strength. Thank you for reminding us. Now, you can forget about leaving,” Jolt Immortal said before laughing. 

Looking at the slightly deranged display from them, Chen Feng shook his head. The other party had absorbed too much of the wicked power, causing a change to come over their nature. 

“Although your force here is very strong, it doesn’t seem strong enough to keep me here, no?” Chen Feng then said. 

By dispatching the Gold Immortal stage soldiers and Divine Monarch level combat puppets, Jolt Immortal’s group was only able to stop the army of unique creatures’ momentum. Defeating them appeared impossible. 

“You’ll understand once you observe your surroundings.” Jolt Immortal suddenly snickered. 

Over a hundred combat puppets appeared around them, all at the Gold Immortal stage. A few of them were, in fact, Divine Monarchs. That said, every part of the combat puppets exuded wicked power. It was as though these combat puppets had been soaked inside a pool of wicked power for a long time.  

“These combat puppets must be from this space, no?” Chen Feng said thoughtfully. 

“That’s right. These Fiend Guards are from this space, but now, they belong to us. With just another 10,000 years, our branch will become the strongest branch in the imperial family! Boundless Family? Limitless Family? The Department of Elders? All must submit to us! Our family will become the master of the Celestial Longevity Plane!” Jolt Immortal became increasingly delirious. 

“You guys have truly gone crazy.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“This is not crazy. This is reality! One that will come true very soon! A junior like you is simply be incapable of understanding this. Since you are unwilling to come quietly, you can await your capture and fate as our test subject,” Jolt Spirit said, waving his hand. Instantly, ten combat puppets rushed towards Chen Feng at the same time. As for the other combat puppets, they charged towards the army of unique creatures. 

With that, Chen Feng became truly concerned. The other party was bringing out one force after another. If they could bring out yet another group of combat puppets, he may have to think of a way to escape. 

The 400 unique creatures were completely held down, no longer capable of charging forward as they did earlier. 

“I cannot hide it anymore.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the two Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppets appeared at the same time. Next, a series of banging sounds rang out as the ten combat puppets attacking Chen Feng were sent flying. After that, one of the two combat puppets stretched its hand out as it rushed towards Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit. 


“Paramount Gold Immortal!”

Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit cried out in shock before turning around to flee. They were so fast that the combat puppet actually failed to catch them with its move. 

“Don’t give chase first. Let’s deal with these things first,” Chen Feng said, charging towards one of the enemy combat puppets. 

Unsurprisingly, with the participation of the two Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppets, the situation was turned around. The two combat puppets became like tigers jumping into a flock of sheep and the Gold Immortals standing in their path were all sent flying. 

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng finally decided to also bring out the Gold Immortal stage Battler bugs out. He did not have many of them, only 50. Due to that, Chen Feng had hesitated for a while before finally deciding to bring them out. Fifty was truly not a high number. When compared to the hundred million plus Slaughterers, this number was negligible. 

That said, there was only a small number of cultivators who knew about the bug race. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the number of cultivators who could recognize the Battlers was even smaller. 

He had decided to mobilize practically all of his forces to quickly pacify the situation. Naturally, he did not bring out the Battler Bug Empress and the other bugs that were at lesser cultivation levels. 

Jolt Immortal, Jolt Spirit and several other Divine Princes had disappeared from sight, but Chen Feng knew that they were still within this space. Only, this space was too big. Even at his level, Chen Feng was incapable of scanning the entire space with his divine sense. 

“These fellows sure are fast at running away. Do they not want their army anymore?” Chen Feng chuckled. 

With the participation of the combat puppets and the Battlers, the enemy army began retreating. In the end, the enemy army suffered from a major collapse. 

Chen Feng was very satisfied with the performance of the Gold Immortal stage Battlers. When fighting against those on the same level, a Battler could utterly defeat its opponent. Some could even defeat two. And when fighting together, the number of enemies they could defeat would double. 

The Battlers displayed a very high degree of cooperation with one another. Some of the smaller formations that they assumed were those that the Battler Bug Empress had obtained through its inherited memories. The formations were far greater compared to some other formations that Chen Feng had seen in the past. 

This was the terrifying aspect of the Battlers. If the Slaughterers were to possess this ability, the danger they pose would likely increase tenfold. 

Quickly, though, a massive spatial passageway appeared amidst the chaotic army. Next, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers entered the passageway. Even the Gold Immortal stage soldiers and combat puppets who were fighting against Chen Feng rushed into the spatial passageway.

When the space finally turned tranquil again, Chen Feng’s group cleaned up the battlefield and found that the other party had lost one-fifth of their force. 

“To think that those fellows would have a way of retreating.” Chen Feng shook his head as he gathered up his men. If the other party had not run away, he might have actually ordered for their complete extermination. 

Chen Feng then waved his hand to release a million Heavenly Immortal stage Battlers. After appearing, the Battlers swiftly spread out. Like a flood, they rushed into the energy crystal mine to furiously mine out the energy crystals. 

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Feng then released 10 million True Immortal stage Battlers and 100 million Ascendant Immortal stage Battlers. With that, his surrounding space became enveloped by the bugs. Observing the army of Battlers that belonged to him, Chen Feng felt the urge to find an enemy to kill. 

However, devouring the energy here was of utmost importance. 

Chen Feng’s figure flew up high before finally landing on a million-zhang-tall mountain. Every part of this mountain was formed from the wicked power. The purity of the wicked power there left Chen Feng secretly shocked. 

The mountain became completely covered with Battlers. Part of the power that the Battlers absorbed would be channelled to the Battler Bug Empress while another part would be used for their own advancement. 

On the other hand, Chen Feng did not absorb the energy there. Instead, he watched silently as his army of Battlers grew stronger. The massive mountain kept shrinking even as the army of Battlers kept advancing to the next level. 

This was yet another Heaven-defying aspect of the bugs. There was no need for them to face tribulation. With enough power, they would be able to keep on evolving, advancing. 

Under the instructions of the Battler Bug Empress, all the bugs that had advanced once would stop absorbing the energy there. They would spread out, heading farther into the space in search of items that could be of use to them. 

One by one, Chen Feng brought out the Battlers inside the separate space within his sea of wisdom. By then, there were already 50 Gold Immortal bugs, 500,000 half-step Gold Immortal bugs, 5 million Heavenly Immortal bugs, 50 million True Immortal bugs and 1 billion Ascendant Immortal bugs. In addition, Chen Feng could tell that, due to the wicked power here, that number would increase again. 

The Great Fiend must have been the one who prepared these energy crystals. And now, I am plundering them on such a large scale. I wonder, will this alarm the other party? The thought crossed Chen Feng’s mind and he instantly felt danger. 

“Speed it up!” Chen Feng gave the order. Next, the combat puppets, Gold Immortal stage unique creatures and Battlers no longer absorbed the energy there. Instead, they utilized some secret techniques to collect and store the energy there, to be used for cultivation in the future. 

Finally, the one million-zhang-tall mountain disappeared. Chen Feng then leapt into the sky and flew deeper into the special space, the Gold Immortal unique creatures following beside him while the army of Battlers blotted the sky behind him.

Wherever they went, mountains would disappear. Even the ground’s altitude fell. The suppressive air grew thinner as well. 

The army of Battlers was simply too big. When the number of creatures gathering up reached a certain number, regardless of what their species may be, those creatures would be able to produce a terrifying phenomenon. 

Jolt Immortal’s group had clearly been spending quite some time within this special space. And yet, the amount of energy they had extracted from this place during that time could not even compare to the amount that Chen Feng’s army of Battlers had absorbed in this brief moment. 

They were like a swarm of locusts wiping out all vegetation in its path. 

Finally, some of the Battlers levelled up a second time and the Battler Bug Empress stopped absorbing the energy there. It instead focused on adjusting the evolution routes of its bugs.

Under the Bug Empress’ directive, a high number of the Battlers – after reaching the half-step Gold Immortal stage – returned to the separate space, where they stayed quietly. Chen Feng knew why the Bug Empress did that. In the event that a bug continued to devour energy without any self-control, there was the possibility that the bug would face destruction when it advanced again. Additionally, in the event that a high number of bugs was able to advance to a high enough level, they might be able to break free from the Bug Empress’ control. 

The advancement process of the bugs was a very important matter. The careful navigation from the Bug Empress was needed.

The number of Gold Immortal bugs stayed the same, but the number of half-step Gold Immortal bugs rose up from 500,000 to 3 million. The number left Chen Feng sweating from shock. This was most certainly a formidable force. It was in no way inferior compared to some of the stronger army corps of the Myriad Celestial Planes. 

In addition, the number of Heavenly Immortal bugs had risen up to the 10 million mark. 

The number of True Immortal bugs had broken through the 200 million mark. 

The number of Ascendant Immortal bugs remained at one billion. A portion of the previous batch of Ascendant Immortal bugs had advanced to the True Immortal stage, only for the Bug Empress to produce more to fill in their ranks. 

It was not just the army of Battlers. Even some amongst the 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures had advanced. Only, this place did not allow them to undergo their tribulations. They had to leave this special space in order to do that. 

“Be careful! We cannot go forward along this route anymore. Change direction.” It was then that Chen Feng received the Battler Bug Empress’ vocal transmission. 

“You found the Great Fiend?” Chen Feng’s divine sense swept forward again and again and he discovered a secret space under the ground. However, there was a pliable and formidable power encasing the space. He could sense a formidable wicked power emanating out from the space, but he could not make out any further details. 

At the same time, though, there was a mountain range made from energy crystals there, spanning a length of half a million kilometres. Many of the mountains there were over a million zhang tall. 

This was also why Chen Feng was attracted to this place. That amount of energy was already comparable to that of a planet. By collecting all of them, his army of Battlers would double in size. Even if it was dangerous, Chen Feng did not want to give up on this. 

“This is not just one Great Fiend. It is likely a whole group of them,” the Battler Bug Empress hesitated for a moment before saying. 

“A group?!” Chen Feng frowned. 

“Forget it. Let’s circle around and check out some other places.” Pondering the matter, Chen Feng then decided. 

And so, they circled around, avoiding the mountain range. 

The size of the special space had exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. Next up, they encountered one energy crystal mine after another. In addition, there were also several super large energy crystal mountains. According to the Battler Bug Empress’ speculations, the mountains were all gathered up by the Great Fiends. 

Chen Feng was secretly shocked. If these Great Fiends were truly as formidable as the legends say, letting them out would throw the Immortal Plane into a state of great turmoil. 

Thinking about that, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Looks like I can consider this plan. It is also the reason why I came to this Immortal Plane. I just fear that my Longevity Alliance will suffer as well.

Along the way, Chen Feng also found Jolt Immortal’s group. When they saw Chen Feng, they were first taken aback. Then, they hastily ran farther away. Chen Feng knew that they must be shocked to see his army of Battlers. Only, he could not be bothered about that at the moment. Improving the strength of his force took precedence. 

With the army of Battlers in his possession, Jolt Immortal’s group would be incapable of doing anything, even if they were 10 times stronger. 

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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