Chapter 1368 Force


“This is a very special type of energy. According to my memories, this should be from the Great Fiends who came into being alongside the emergence of chaos. Do they still exist?” The female Divine Bug was quick to respond. 

“There are the Great Fiends in your memories?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. 

“Yes. Our bug race is the most ancient race amongst those born from chaos. However, my memories are not that comprehensive. After I advance and awaken the ancient memories, I might be able to obtain even more legacies,” the female Divine Bug said. 

“If so, the energy here?” That was what Chen Feng cared about the most. 

“There are no problems, but it would appear as though there is a living fiend here,” the female Divine Bug then said. 

“Are you certain it’s alive?” Chen Feng slowly utilized his eye technique, but found nothing in the end. All he found were more energy streams. 

As the female Divine Bug had said that there were no issues with the energy there, Chen Feng secretly mobilized the Blood Mustering Bead to gently absorb the surrounding streams of energy. 

This wicked power was very beneficial for the Blood Mustering Bead as well. 

“I am certain, but the other party is in deep sleep,” said the female Divine Bug who – surprisingly – took the initiative to absorb the energy within the space as well. 

“What level is the other party at? We don’t want to wake them up.” Chen Feng grew somewhat worried. 

“There are many other people cultivating within this space. Our participation is negligible. As for the sleeping Great Fiend, it is at least a Paramount Gold Immortal,” the female Divine Bug said while increasing the rate at which it was absorbing the energy there. It did not take long before Divine Bugs with varying appearances were created.

“At least a Paramount Gold Immortal? If they wake up, not a single one of us will be able to escape,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile. 

Thanks to the female Divine Bug’s guidance, Chen Feng finally found traces of Jolt Immortal’s group. What he found shocked him. 

The number of men in Jolt Immortal’s group had exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. The information that he obtained from the captured cultivators proved to be inaccurate. 

These fellows sure are resolute. Our Celestial Longevity Plane is under attack from the Slaughterers, but these fellows chose to not stay behind and contribute. Instead, they came here to improve their strength. Ha ha! Improving one’s strength. In the face of something like this, everything can indeed be tossed aside. Chen Feng then revealed himself, openly walking out. As Jolt Immortal’s group was openly cultivating there, Chen Feng also saw no point in hiding himself. 

Next up, Chen Feng increased the rate at which he devoured the energy there. With the assistance of the female Divine Bug and the Blood Mustering Bead, three rapidly-rotating vortexes swiftly appeared around Chen Feng.

However, he also exercised great caution as he cultivated. Every now and again, he would inspect the streams of energy he absorbed. These energy streams came from Great Fiends, after all. He would end up in a terrible state if the other party had placed something else within the energy. 

“Longevity Celestial!”

Not long after that, Jolt Immortal’s group discovered Chen Feng. Following that, a hundred cultivators charged forward. Ten of them were Gold Immortals while the rest were half-step Gold Immortals. With a glance, Chen Feng could tell that there were large amounts of wicked power within their bodies. The longevity energy that should have been coursing vigorously through them was seemingly on the verge of dissipating away.

“Returning one’s origin!” Chen Feng utilized a minor secret technique to find out the state they were in a hundred years ago. With that, he was able to make a rough guess. Chen Feng estimated that cultivating here had given these fellows a rate of cultivation that was ten times higher than when they were cultivating in the Longevity Heavensrange, maybe even higher. 

Naturally, it was only for the energy aspect. As for their comprehension of the laws, it became limited to the wicked dao of the Great Fiends. 

“Why didn’t Jolt Immortal come?” Chen Feng said with a faint smile. 

“Longevity Celestial, why did you come here?” one of the Gold Immortals stepped forward and asked. 

“Ha ha ha! That’s a good question. Why did I come here? Do I need to explain myself to you where I go? On the contrary, you fellows should report to me what you fellows are doing. If I’m not satisfied, I will punish you fellows,” Chen Feng said, smiling.  

“Punish us? Longevity Celestial, I think you still haven’t figured out what’s going on here. This is not your Boundless Corps. This is our territory. Now that you’ve come here, you would do well to behave yourself. If you offend us, we can take your life at any moment,” a Divine Prince said with a contemptuous tone. 

“Is that so? Looks like there are quite a lot of you here.” Chen Feng nodded. He could see that the number of cultivators on Jolt Immortal’s side had exceeded the one million mark. 

Although there were some Gold Immortals amongst the one million cultivators, most of them were half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals. Even in the Myriad Celestial Planes, this force could already be considered as a formidable force. Even for the Boundless Corps and Limitless Corps, caution was needed when facing this force.  

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there were military barracks spread out before Chen Feng’s eyes. At the centre of the barracks was an extremely concentrated source of power. Jolt Immortal and the others were cultivating there. Through his eye technique, Chen Feng could already see a mountainous pile of energy crystals. The crystals were the product of the wicked power that had reached a certain level of concentration, resulting in its crystallization.

“Crystallized energy! Not bad.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. For Chen Feng, the large number of crystals was the equivalent of batches of Divine Bugs. 

“We don’t need that many people to capture you. If you know what’s good for you, just surrender quietly,” the Divine Prince said. 

Chen Feng shook his head, killing intent stirring within his heart. These fellows were utterly disrespecting him here. 

He could already imagine what would happen to him if he had come here alone. However, that was not the case. He carried with him a formidable force. 

And so, Chen Feng waved his hand and a massive black hole appeared. This time, Chen Feng had directly summoned all 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures. 

The impactful atmosphere from the 400 Gold Immortals shook every part of the special space. It was such that Chen Feng grew fearful that it might awaken the slumbering Great Fiend. 

The overwhelming and impactful aura from that many Gold Immortals caused the hundred-man group to give ground again and again. The weaker ones simply fell limply to the ground. 

Sou! Sou!

Two speed-type unique creatures swiftly took action, capturing the Divine Prince who had been talking smack to Chen Feng earlier. 

“Are you the one talking to me just now? You look different.” Chen Feng then waved his hand and the two unique creatures instantly ripped the Divine Prince into two and devoured the Divine Prince’s soul and flesh. 

The moment Chen Feng took action here, the million-strong army in the distance was immediately alarmed and they dispatched orderly teams of soldiers to attack Chen Feng. 

“Tsk, tsk, there are quite a lot of them. However, against my great formation of Gold Immortals, it is still not enough,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Prepare for battle! Kill as many as you can!” Chen Feng said coolly. 

The 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures unleashed a booming sound as they transformed into their original forms. Following the lead of their Divine Princes, they swiftly formed a battle formation. Golden light rapidly gathered up to form a gigantic torrent of golden radiance.

With one clash, two teams of soldiers were scattered. The majority of the 20,000 soldiers were either wounded or killed. Following that, the number of casualties rapidly rose. 

Every team of soldiers on Jolt Immortal’s side consisted of 10,000 men. But in the face of the 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures, they became as weak as tofu, shattered with a touch.  

“Their strength was forcibly boosted. Forget a million-strong army, not even a ten million-strong army would be able to stop these unique creatures of mine,” Chen Feng said coolly, not feeling worried at all. 

Back then, he had fought against the Slaughterers alongside these unique creatures many times. Thus, he knew all too well how strong they were. 

They could wipe out even a hundred million Slaughterers, let alone these human soldiers. 

If it was a single person, falling into the siege of the opposing party would most certainly end with their death. Even if there were ten plus Gold Immortals, the opposing party would still be able to kill them. However, this was a team consisting of 400 Gold Immortals. The formidable power that they could unleash was on a different level. Moreover, these Gold Immortals were unique creatures with formidable genes. 

“Longevity Celestial, stop right there!”

By then, hundreds of thousands of the soldiers had been smashed apart. And so, Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit finally revealed themselves and they shouted anxiously. 

Chen Feng, though, sneered. He showed no intentions of stopping. 

Tens of Gold Immortal soldiers rushed forward in an attempt to stop the attack from the unique creatures. 

These Gold Immortal soldiers were secretly following Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit’s instructions. Chen Feng had noticed them. That was also why he showed no intentions of stopping. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the other party would only understand how strong he was after getting a thorough beatdown. If it weren’t for the fact that they were from the Longevity Clan, he would have given the order for all of them to be killed. 

The number of casualties on the other party had exceeded 100,000. 

“What else do you have? Just bring it out. You already know that I have an army of Gold Immortals. And yet, you still dare do this? Looks like you fellows must be prepared. You must surely have a trump card,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Longevity Celestial, you’re leaving us with no other choice here!” Jolt Immortal’s face suddenly turned dark. 

“Is that so? Then, let’s consider this as me leaving you fellows with no other choice. Show me how strong you fellows are.” Chen Feng scoffed.  

Jolt Immortal waved his hand and 10 Divine Princes rushed forward. 

“Not bad. Ten Divine Princes. Even amongst the imperial family, this force can already be considered a highly formidable one. You fellows sure can hide it, but this force is still not enough.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the army of unique creatures charged with greater ferocity. It didn’t matter if the ones before them were the teams of soldiers or the defence line created by the opposing Gold Immortals. All of them were easily broken. 

“Naturally, we also have our trump card. Now, we’ll let you witness it. I hope you don’t regret it!” Jolt Immortal said, clapping his hands. Next, ten beams of golden light swiftly appeared to shoot towards the army of unique creatures with lightning-like speed. 

“Tsk, tsk. Ten combat puppets at the Divine Monarch level. Not bad.” Chen Feng nodded. 

As expected, the tens of Gold Immortals and ten Divine Monarch level combat puppets were finally able to slow down the army of unique creatures. Divine Monarchs were quite strong, after all. That said, the unique creatures were still advancing. 

“Looks like they are still not enough,” Chen Feng said in a ridiculing tone. 

“Don’t be hasty.” A smile appeared on the faces of Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit.

“Do you think that you are invincible because you have these unique creatures? We already know you have this force. Would we not be prepared?” Jolt Immortal said and ten more Divine Monarch level combat puppets emerged. 

Chen Feng was taken aback. This display of might from the other party had exceeded his expectations. 

So many Divine Monarch level combat puppets. These fellows sure play it close to the chest. If they had chosen to stir up trouble in the stronghold, it would have been quite the problem, Chen Feng thought. 

“What, are you surprised?” A mocking smile appeared on Jolt Immortal’s face.

“Very surprised.” Chen Feng nodded. 

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