Chapter 1367 Mysterious Space


“I’ll answer!” After Chen Feng said that, the subdued cultivators hastily shouted. 

Chen Feng then waved his hand, knocking them back. 

“To think that there are so many greedy and cowardly fellows in our Celestial Longevity Plane. Alright, then. You, answer me. What is Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit doing?” Chen Feng casually pointed at one of the Divine Princes. 

Their group had come together with Chen Feng’s group. They consisted of six Divine Princes and other Ageless Gold Immortals. They could already be considered as a formidable force. In the past, this force would have been able to easily conquer an entire region in the Immortal Plane. However, seeing Chen Feng kill off one of their Divine Princes, they immediately behaved themselves. It didn’t matter what they thought of the situation. Putting on a display of disobedience now would result in their immediate deaths. 

The Divine Prince swiftly informed Chen Feng everything he knew. Hearing that, Chen Feng secretly frowned. 

“Ancient Great Fiends? These creatures came into being alongside the emergence of chaos, existences on par with legends. How could they appear in the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng then thought back to the auras he felt when he came to the Immortal Plane. He did not recall sensing the auras of any Great Fiends.

“And the exact location of Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit?” That was what Chen Feng was most concerned with. 

“It’s a separate space. Without Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit’s guidance, we would have been incapable of entering it,” the Divine Prince said. 

“Back then, we sent you fellows over to the Immortal Plane to stir up troubles for the Immortal Court and expand the might of the Six Daos Alliance. Instead, what did you fellows do? Changing the Six Daos Alliance to the Longevity Alliance without asking for my approval. You even seized authority of the alliance. Again, did you ask for my approval?” Chen Feng said coldly.

“But, the alliance did become stronger,” one of the Divine Princes could not hold himself back from saying. 


With a wave from Chen Feng, a massive palm silhouette appeared to swiftly press the Divine Prince to the ground. 

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking.

“It does look stronger, but one-third of the cultivators in the alliance have gone missing. What is going on here?” Chen Feng asked icily. 

The Gold Immortals dared not say anything. 

“Why isn’t anyone saying anything?” Chen Feng sneered. 

“Those fellows died a natural death,” one of the Divine Princes forced himself to say. 

“A natural death?!” Chen Feng stretched his hand to grab the Divine Prince. Next, the Divine Prince’s body swiftly shrivelled up. 

The Divine Prince screamed as his body then blew up and several golden-coloured laws flew over to swirl within Chen Feng’s grasp. 

Seeing that terrified all the cultivators there. 

Flames then burst out from Chen Feng’s palm to quickly burn and completely refine the laws. After that, Chen Feng waved his hand and the laws transformed into streams of golden light that flew into the bodies of several other Gold Immortals. 

“Thank you, Young Master!” the Gold Immortals were overjoyed that they immediately thanked Chen Feng. 

“Is it a natural death? So many cultivators from our alliance have disappeared, but you actually dare say they died a natural death?” Chen Feng shouted. 

“Longevity Celestial, he is a Divine Prince! You cannot recklessly kill people like him.” Seeing Chen Feng kill another Divine Prince, the other subdued Gold Immortals began panicking and they shouted. 


Chen Feng flicked his fingers and a bloody hole appeared on the cultivator’s glabella. Next, his soul power flowed out and Chen Feng grasped it, quickly refining it. 

“A minor Gold Immortal dares to make a ruckus in front of me?” Chen Feng said. 

Seeing yet another Gold Immortal killed, the rest began struggling furiously to break free. However, each of them was held down by several Gold Immortal stage unique creatures while the power within them was sealed. They were simply incapable of breaking free. 

As for Chen Feng, seeing that triggered a sudden and violent impulse within him. And so, he killed off several more of the Gold Immortals in one fell swoop before they gradually behaved themselves. 

“Lock these fellows up. I’ll deal with them later.” Chen Feng waved his hand. 

The cultivators who managed to survive the disaster secretly breathed a sigh of relief. When those fellows were being taken away, Chen Feng noticed that Dao Monarch Heavensdao and the others were looking at him with a look of dread. He knew then that his actions earlier had terrified them. 

He smiled wryly, no longer interested in continuing this. After having a casual chat with them, he sent them off. 

Although the Six Daos Alliance was not that strong, it was something that Chen Feng had built up since he was still weak. There were many talented cultivators amongst the members of the alliance. Given time, these cultivators would be able to grow, like a sapling growing into a great tree. 

However, all his efforts were ruined by others. More, those fellows were the ones he had personally sent over. In his opinion, the fact that he did not kill them all earlier was already an act of restraint on his part. 

Next up, Chen Feng brought out the 200 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures to quickly stabilize the situation within the alliance. Two hundred Gold Immortals represented a formidable force. And while the Longevity Alliance showed no signs of wanting to expand their territory, the surrounding forces grew terrified and they all gave up part of their territories to the Longevity Alliance. Some of them even came over to acknowledge themselves as the inferior, hoping that it would let the Longevity Alliance give up on its plans to annex their surrounding territories. 

On Chen Feng’s end, he never had any intentions of expanding the Longevity Alliance’s territory. Unexpectedly, his actions of bringing out the 200 Gold Immortals had allowed the Longevity Alliance to double its territory. This incident secretly amused Chen Feng. 

After that, Chen Feng contacted the Boundless Corps’ stronghold and the Dark Plane. It did not take long before the stronghold, the Dark Plane, the Blood Plane and the other great worlds – even the force under Magiris Blackwater – arrived at the Immortal Plane. These cultivators, one million of them, gave the Longevity Alliance a great deal of firepower. 

They were mostly True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals. One fifth of them were Ascendant Immortals. On the other hand, the number of half-step Gold Immortals and Gold Immortals was very small.  

That said, what Chen Feng wanted to do was to stabilize and develop the strength of the alliance. Thus, this force was most suited for the situation. 

Chen Feng was developing his own force while strengthening the stronghold. Naturally, he himself was aware that developing a force in the Immortal Plane was not easy. 

“Imbeciles! They were ordered to stir up troubles for the East Extreme Immortal Palace, but they instead delayed it for hundreds of years.” Chen Feng shook his head, his hatred for Jolt Immortal’s group rising to the max. In his message to the stronghold, he placed great emphasis on the matter and the forces under Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit were all monitored and controlled. This included the highly formidable Divine Prince Jolt Soul. Back then, Jolt Soul had sensed something amiss and had wanted to leave the stronghold only for a Divine Monarch to take action and capture him. 

After that, Chen Feng dispatched several Divine Princes to investigate the East Extreme Immortal Palace. They would also be prepared to take action once they received Chen Feng’s orders. 

Collecting information was the most important issue here. Chen Feng sent forth a group of Dark Soulsmen to collect information while he himself kept watch over the Longevity Alliance. 

It wasn’t until Dao Monarch Heavensdao and the others broke through to the Gold Immortal stage that Chen Feng decided to make his move against Jolt Immortal. It had been but several decades since he arrived, but the Longevity Alliance now had nearly ten more Gold Immortals. 

Although this number was not particularly high, for a developing force like the Longevity Alliance, when considering the time they spent on it, this level of progress was already an extremely Heaven-defying performance. 

The number of half-step Gold Immortals, Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals had also risen greatly. As for the Ascendant Immortals, Earthen Immortals, Human Immortals and those at the lower levels, Chen Feng could not even be bothered to check up on them. There were simply too many of them. By putting his focus on them all, Chen Feng could forget about cultivating. 

During that time, Chen Feng did leave several times, going to some other regions of the Immortal Plane to seize some spirit veins or spirit stone mines. He also raided some of the forces hostile towards the Longevity Alliance. 

He simply needed too much energy and precious materials. 

He needed his female Divine Bug, a Battler Bug Empress, to make more bugs. Due to that, no amount of energy was enough. In addition, he also possessed the corpse of a Devourer Bug Empress. After all these years of research, Chen Feng found out that it was indeed possible to turn the corpse into a clone. However, there was a certain success rate to the attempt. He also needed large amounts of materials for that.  

As they were in the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng had no scruples about using the Heavenstealing Technique to plunder some of the Immortal Plane’s essence.

If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng did not want to lure over troubles in advance, he would have released his Divine Bugs out. With so many of them, he would be able to accomplish a lot. 

Surprisingly, the process of devouring the spirit veins and spirit stone mines went even better than expected. The energy of the spirit veins and spirit stone mines, yet to be processed in any way, was even more suitable for the female Ancient Divine Bug. Chen Feng plundered several spirit stone mines and tens of spirit veins and his army of Divine Bugs began growing again. Their rate of growth delighted Chen Feng. In addition to the growing number of Gold Immortals, half-step Gold Immortals, Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals, the female Divine Bug also produced an outrageous number of Ascendant Immortal bugs.

The number of True Immortal bugs had reached the tens of millions mark while the number of Ascendant Immortal bugs had – in but a short time – exceeded the 100 million mark. 

Chen Feng felt his heart stirring. He thought back to himself and the other living beings. How many difficulties did all of them had to go through to cultivate up to the Ascendant Immortal stage? But for the Bug Empresses, with enough power, they would be able to produce bugs of varying power levels non-stop. 

This was the difference between them and the bug race. But while the bugs produced could develop their own will and sense of self, everything about them was under the control of their Bug Empress. They could be turned into cannon fodder at any moment. Additionally, the moment they began harbouring thoughts that were not in the best interest of the Bug Empress, they would be terminated. Comparison wise, the other living beings who cultivated by themselves had the ability to decide on their own what they wanted to do with their own lives. 

Despite having borne witness to many grand affairs, watching so many Divine Bugs being produced had still left Chen Feng in a secret state of shock. 

That said, this force belonged to him. And so, Chen Feng felt his confidence swelling as well. 

Unfortunately, it is very difficult of the Bug Empress to advance. Once it advances to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, it would be able to produce Gold Immortals on a large scale. That was the one thing that Chen Feng felt regretful the most. 

On this particular day, Chen Feng finally took action. Originally, he had assumed that – given how long he had been waiting – Jolt Immortal’s group would appear. But now, it would appear that they were either afraid of the power in Chen Feng’s hand or they simply didn’t think much about him. Though, there was another possibility. They may be at a critical juncture and were incapable of taking action. 

Thanks to the information obtained from the imprisoned cultivators, Chen Feng was able to swiftly locate the mysterious space that Jolt Immortal’s group was in. After expending some effort on it, Chen Feng then entered the space. 

The moment he entered the space, Chen Feng retracted all his aura. He had sensed very special energy waves within this space and was quick to notice that the energy waves contained a formidable scanning function. 

And even though Chen Feng had perfectly concealed himself the moment he sensed the energy waves, he could not be certain if the other party had already discovered him or not. 

Is this the aura of the Ancient Great Fiends? It is truly wicked. Chen Feng absorbed a strand of the surrounding aura. After inspecting it for a bit, his longevity-type primary energy swiftly fused with it. Although it was only a strand, Chen Feng could feel his primary energy growing stronger. 

The quality of the energy is very high. Chen Feng nodded. For Chen Feng, the attributes of the energy did not matter. The only thing that he was concerned with was the quality. He would devour and absorb all energy sources so long as their quality was high. This was the benefit of possessing the Chaos Constitution.  

Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit have also cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Are they thinking of devouring the power of the fiends to improve their strength? Surely, it’s not that easy. Having thought of that, Chen Feng then brought out the strand of energy that he fused with his own primary energy. It instantly appeared on his palm. He then utilized his eye technique to carefully inspect it before letting it fuse into his body again. This time, the longevity-type primary energy within him scoured the strand of energy. Normally, once was enough for him to refine and absorb other types of energy. This time, however, he scoured the strand of energy many times. 

“No abnormalities!” In the end, Chen Feng absorbed the strand of energy. In his opinion, after having done all that, even if the energy was something left behind by a Paramount Gold Immortal, there would be no more hidden dangers with the energy. 

Looking around, it was a very gloomy-looking place. The clouds high up in the sky were all formed from wicked energy. As for the hard ground, there were red and grey-coloured rocks everywhere, with only a small number of uniquely coloured rocks mixed in. With a light stamp of his foot, Chen Feng sensed that the hardness of the ground had exceeded that of a regular metal mine. 

There were neither vegetation nor living creatures there, as though it was a place of death and desolation. It gave off a suffocating feeling. And yet, Chen Feng was able to clearly sense the pure, high-quality energy streams within the surrounding space. If it weren’t for the fact that he had another objective for coming here, he would have wanted nothing more than to start absorbing the energy there. 

Reaching that train of thought, Chen Feng then absorbed some more energy. This time, he did not absorb it for himself. Instead, he channelled it into the separate space within his sea of wisdom. The energy was absorbed by the female Divine Bug. 

“How is it? Are there any hidden dangers?” Chen Feng had cultivated two devouring-type secret techniques. More, he also possessed the Chaos Constitution. Even so, when it came to his sensitivity and ability to analyse energy, he was still no match for the female Divine Bug. At any rate, the other party was an existence that utilized energy to create new life. 

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