Chapter 1364 The Immortal Plane’s Divine Monarchs


“It simply shouldn’t be this easy. I can already sense danger. Due to some reasons, I am somewhat different from the other Devourers. This feeling of mine is very accurate. It has never been wrong before,” the Devourer said. 

“Intuition.” Chen Feng nodded. 

The two of them continued to devour the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ power even as they were communicating with one another. As for Chen Feng’s combat puppet, it had already gained the upper hand. Breaking apart the phantom silhouette, it then arrived beside Chen Feng. By then, Chen Feng had already – secretly – made some preparations. Although he had yet to see any signs of danger, his intuition galvanized him to do so. 


A great hole suddenly burst open somewhere within this crack-filled space and ray after ray of light shot into the space. 

As expected. While surprised, Chen Feng did not panic. He had speculated that this would happen. With a thought from Chen Feng, the combat puppet promptly stabbed forward with its lance and another bloody hole appeared on the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body. Chen Feng stretched his hand and grasped. Next, surging streams of energy flowed out, several times faster than before. 


As Chen Feng was focused on devouring the power, a thick arrow shot towards him. The combat puppet thrust his lance forward to knock the arrow away. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng’s pupils narrowed. He knew that the other party was very strong, otherwise that arrow would’ve been shattered and not just knocked away.

A total of 10 Divine Monarchs arrived to defend the Slaughterer Bug Empress. Moreover, Chen Feng could also sense the aura of a Paramount Gold Immortal from two of the Divine Monarchs. 

Are they actually clones of a Paramount Gold Immortal or is it the effect of a power boost? Ten Divine Monarchs. This will be enough to change the situation. Chen Feng sighed as he took the initiative to move forward. He stood alongside the Devourers. Given the current situation, going at it alone would only result in him losing. 

The Devourers were also quick to react. They gathered up and moved to defend their Bug Empress.

Chen Feng assessed the situation of the two parties. In addition to the Bug Empress, the Devourers’ side still had 20 Divine Monarchs. Although the earlier battle had wounded the Bug Empress somewhat, it also managed to devour large amounts of power earlier, resulting in its strength rising somewhat instead. 

On the other side, there was the Paramount Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer Bug Empress and the 10 Divine Monarchs that had appeared all of a sudden. 

Previously, the Devourers’ side was able to gain the upper hand, but only slightly. And now, the appearance of these Divine Monarchs tipped the balance of the battle once more. 

These Divine Monarchs were all humans. The moment they arrived, they noticed Chen Feng. One by one, they directed their gazes at him. 

“A human.”

“A cultivator from the Longevity Clan.”

“Ha ha ha! So, it is Longevity Celestial. Before coming, my divination had revealed that I would be able to obtain a great harvest here. I had assumed it to be the Devourers. But now, it would appear that the great harvest is you. Isn’t that right, Chaos Constitution?” The Divine Monarch revealed a smile as he looked at Chen Feng.  

Hearing that, the other Divine Monarchs and the Devourers turned to look at Chen Feng. 

“To think that the Longevity Clan would work together with the Devourers.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng, on the other hand, laughed. 

“Is there anyone in the entire Limitless Immortal Region who do not know that your Immortal Court is the one who led these Slaughterers here? To think you would have the audacity to spout those words right now. Are you not afraid of becoming a laughing stock?” Chen Feng retorted in a ridiculing tone. 

“It doesn’t matter what you say. Since you’ve chosen to appear here, you can just die here.” One of the Divine Monarchs then stepped forward, appearing before Chen Feng with that one step. 

The combat puppet beside Chen Feng stabbed with its Longevity Lance and the Divine Monarch was sent flying. And so, the battle resumed. Two Devourers charged towards the Divine Monarch that was thrown back but the other Divine Monarchs joined forces to attack. 

As the Devourers were fighting the Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane, the massive Slaughterer Bug Empress formed two shapeless phantom silhouettes.

The individual combat power of the two phantom silhouettes was greater than that of a Divine Monarch, but slightly weaker compared to the previous one. Even so, now that there were two of them, they would be able to confront Chen Feng’s combat puppet. 

Considering it for a moment, Chen Feng finally decided to bring out five unique creatures of chaos. Amongst them was the Starlight Overlord Beast. All five were at the Divine Prince level. They could already be considered as the strongest amongst the unique creatures. While Chen Feng was aware that they were not suited for the current battle, the situation was very dire. Without these fellows, he would likely be incapable of defending himself. 

After the five unique creatures appeared, a phantom silhouette rushed over. The combat puppet stopped it while three of the Immortal Plane’s Divine Monarchs charged towards Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng swore silently. This was the equivalent of diverting 30% of their force against him. Next, the five unique creatures moved to stop two of the three Divine Monarchs while Chen Feng confronted one. 

A mountainous pressure piled down on him. 


The combat puppet’s combat power was higher than the phantom silhouette created by the Slaughterer Bug Empress while the five Divine Prince level unique creatures were able to obstruct the two Divine Monarchs for a moment, albeit barely. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had to face a Divine Monarch on his own. This was somewhat too much for him. Despite utilizing the cloning technique to unleash his triple power mode, he was only barely able to stop one attack from the other party. 

“Huh! Hurry, help!” Chen Feng shouted, but the Devourers did not respond. In truth, Chen Feng was aware that the Devourers were also not in a good spot. Only, he needed to vent his frustrations. 


Golden light flared and Chen Feng was sent flying, both his arms numb. A strange power of laws attempted to enter his body only for him to unravel the power. 

“A Divine Monarch, indeed. How should I address you, senior?” Chen Feng said with a smile while the Longevity Wings on his back turned semi-transparent. As a result, the surrounding spatial laws were no longer capable of controlling Chen Feng. It felt as though he would be able to go beyond this space at any moment. 

In truth, Chen Feng had another killer move. By bringing it out, he would be able to turn the situation around in an instant. However, he would not do so. That was his strongest card, only to be used during the most critical moment.

That said, he may not have a choice. Both he and the Devourers had – the moment they clashed against the other party – fallen into an unfavourable position.

“Kid, if you don’t want to die, just surrender quietly,” the Divine Monarch said as he stepped towards Chen Feng. While his moves appeared casual, they actually sealed up all paths of movements for Chen Feng. Helpless, Chen Feng then stabbed forward with the Longevity Sword, but the other party responded with a skyful of sword silhouettes, forcing him to give ground again and again. 

Quickly, sword marks covered every part of his Longevity Combat Armour. More, there were also streams of sword intent making their way into his body. 

“Come help,” Chen Feng said and a spatial crack appeared nearby. Next, a team of unique creatures charged forward. A total of 100 unique creatures joined forces to attack, stopping the Divine Monarch who was attacking Chen Feng. 

“So many unique creatures. A pity, they are just regular Gold Immortals.” The Divine Monarch was somewhat taken aback but he then smiled. 

“They’re enough to stop you.” Chen Feng dashed, putting some distance between him and the Divine Monarch before bringing out the Longevity Bow. He aimed at the Divine Monarch. 

As expected, the Divine Monarch’s face turned grim. He could sense a life-threatening danger from the Longevity Bow. 

“The Longevity Bow is already close to the high-grade Divine tier! Did the kid refine it himself?” The Divine Monarch dashed towards Chen Feng. 

Allowing Chen Feng to maintain a long distance between them would surely put him at a disadvantage. However, the moment he attempted to rush forward, he was greeted with the attacks from the 100 unique creatures. Helpless, the Divine Monarch had to retreat. He cut quite the miserable sight as he did. These unique creatures were slightly stronger compared to human Gold Immortals, after all.  

“Chance!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and an invisible arrow flew forward. It was the special function of the Shadowless Bow. 


The Divine Monarch’s hand shot out to grab the arrow only for it to turn pliable, becoming like a stream of water as it continued onwards to strike the Divine Monarch’s shoulder. 

Following that, the armour on his shoulder cracked and blood scattered. The Divine Monarch retreated, working on unravelling the power acting on his shoulder. 


The Great Roc of the Nine Heavens, the fastest amongst the unique creatures, appeared. A slash of its talon left several marks on the Divine Monarch’s body. At the same time, the combined attacks from the other unique creatures also struck him. As for Chen Feng, he moved forward, wanting to make use of this opportunity to finish off the opponent. 

But this Divine Monarch was not to be underestimated. Despite his perilous situation, he was able to block Chen Feng’s attack and even punched Chen Feng back, sending him flying. That said, his punch only contained half his usual strength. 

Chen Feng coughed out blood. He knew that he had been too careless. Knowing that he could not engage the other party in close combat, he pulled the Longevity Bow again. The blood that he had coughed out earlier gathered up to form a bloody arrow. At the same time, the power of the Blood Mustering Bead also flowed out, giving the arrow an even redder colour. 

Noticing what was happening, another Divine Monarch who was fighting the Devourers charged over. Chen Feng silently swore at the uselessness of the Devourers. In the end, he summoned another 100 unique creatures. 


The instant the unique creatures emerged, they unleashed a roar in unison. In the face of the incredibly formidable shockwaves, blood trickled down from the Divine Monarch’s seven orifices while cracks appeared all across his body. He became utterly stained in blood. Before the Divine Monarch could even unleash a single attack, he had become badly wounded. 


The arrow in Chen Feng’s hand flew out. The arrow did not attack the bloodied Divine Monarch. Instead, it once again shot towards the previous Divine Monarch. Already badly wounded earlier, the Divine Monarch was currently entangled by the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens and the other unique creatures. Then, the bloody arrow pierced his body. As a result, his mighty ageless body began cracking and it finally blew up into pieces. 

Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward, wanting to devour the Divine Monarch’s flesh and blood, but someone beat him to it. Two Devourers arrived at practically the same time to furiously devour the scattered power from the Divine Monarch. 

When the Divine Monarch finally managed to reform his body, he found that he had less than half of his original power left. A look of dread flashed across his eyes as he made to leave only to be stopped by the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens and the Blazing Fire Kirin. Next, the two Devourers rushed forward once more. Working together, they killed off the Divine Monarch. 

Following the death of the Divine Monarch, the Devourer Bug Empress grew stronger again. As for Chen Feng, a ferocious light glinted across his eyes. The two Devourers had dared to snatch the prey that he caught. 

Chen Feng, though, quickly recollected himself. At present, the Devourers were in a disadvantage. All he could do here was assist the Devourers in dealing with the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. 

And so, Chen Feng worked together with the 200 unique creatures. Add the attacks from the Devourers, they were able to quickly kill off another Divine Monarch.

As time passed, the balance of the battle tilted once more. The Devourer Bug Empress fought the Slaughterer Bug Empress while the combat puppet finally shattered the phantom silhouette. Chen Fen then began retreating. He teamed up with the other unique creatures to attack the Divine Monarchs from the Immortal Plane. However, the attacks Chen Feng fired out this time were clearly much weaker. After several waves of attacks, they only managed to entrap one of the Divine Monarchs. It would appear that some time was needed for them to kill off the Divine Monarch. 

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