Chapter 1363 Attacking the Bug Empress


“As expected, it is not that easy.” Chen Feng smiled. Next, he realized that his Devourer partner had taken up a very interesting position. The Devourer had positioned itself behind the Bug Empress, making it very difficult for the formidable attacks from the Slaughterers to reach it.   

That fellow sure is a crafty one. I wonder if the other Devourers are as shrewd. Maybe not. Chen Feng mused as he pulled the Longevity Bow, aiming at the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

Next, Chen Feng felt a chill gripping his heart and his whole body froze. After that, the arrow formed by the Longevity Bow moved to aim at one of the Devourers. 

This shocked Chen Feng, who immediately knew that he had fallen for the enemy’s move. His soul flame burned and he felt much better. Then, he released his fingers and the arrow flew forward.

The arrow flew towards the body of the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

The power within this arrow was the equivalent of 60% of Chen Feng’s full power. To his surprise, the arrow managed to insert itself into the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

This was supposed to be a probing attack. He had not expected it to succeed. And yet, this Slaughterer Bug Empress had indeed become wounded from his attack. 

Could its period of weakness be so severe? Chen Feng felt suspicious. After having successfully struck the Slaughterer Bug Empress with the attack, Chen Feng did not continue to advance. Instead, he took several steps back. 

The arrow had left a large hole on the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body, but the large hole swiftly disappeared, the arrow along with it.


Another giant blade of light swept forward. This time, it shot towards Chen Feng, but Chen Feng did not evade. Instead, he pulled the Longevity Bow again. 

The combat puppet stepped forward. With one stab of its lance, it smashed the giant blade of light. The Devourers nearby then made use of the opportunity to rush forward. Several of them arrived beside the Slaughterer Bug Empress. The might of these Divine Monarchs was not to be underestimated. All of them unleashed their full power and cracks filled the entire space. After that, thick streams of void power emerged from the cracks. 

Chen Feng grew shocked. Judging by the streams of energy emerging from the cracks, he could tell that this was no ordinary place. In fact, he felt hints of danger from them. 

Given my current level of strength, even entering a large void storm would not give me this feeling. I wonder, what is outside?

That said, Chen Feng was aware that this was not the time to be thinking about that. Dealing with the Slaughterer Bug Empress was the most important issue here. 

“Little brother, bring out what you have. Stop hiding it,” Chen Feng’s Devourer partner suddenly said. 

“Hey, I’m doing my best here.” Chen Feng chuckled. Naturally, he was secretly sneering. He would definitely take action, but not go all out for it. The fact that he could follow the Devourers into this space was already a mark of his Heaven-defying luck. At the moment, the strength of the other party far exceeded his own. Thus, he would not be taking out some of his trump cards. 

Chen Feng had already gained a slight understanding towards the strength of the Divine Monarch level Devourers, but he knew practically nothing about the two Bug Empresses. Due to that, he had to be cautious. 

Surface wise, though, Chen Feng fired out two more arrows. Interestingly enough, the two arrows were effective, leaving two large holes on the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body. 

Suddenly, strands of rapidly-moving light flashed out from the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body and the Divine Monarch level Slaughterers that came to close to it were struck. After that, their bodies began falling apart. 

What a formidable attack! Chen Feng was astounded. If the other party had utilized this attack earlier, his arrows would not have been able to do much against it. 

The number of Devourers is about to run out, Chen Feng thought. 

However, the remaining Devourers showed no fear towards death and all of them rushed forward. As for the Devourer Bug Empress, its body grew bigger as it too, sped up. 

The Devourers were about to unleash their final charge. Failure meant complete extermination while success meant killing off the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

Finally, some of the Devourers landed upon the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body. One black hole after another kept appearing and large amounts of life force were extracted from the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body. The Devourers then devoured the life force.

This was the overbearing attribute of the Devourers.

Next, Chen Feng watched as the planet-sized Slaughterer Bug Empress shook slightly. A purple-coloured stream of light swept out and the Devourers were immediately sent flying. 

Chen Feng noted that the Devourers were not killed. With that, he could see that the Slaughterer Bug Empress was indeed very weak. 

Chen Feng hesitated for a moment, but he did not move forward. Instead, he attacked from a distance. His attacks also grew weaker compared to back then.  

It was then that the Devourer Bug Empress charged forward. The resulting collision sent the planet-like Slaughterer Bug Empress tumbling backwards. As for the Divine Monarch level Devourers, they pounced forward like vicious wolves. 

Quickly, wounds appeared all over the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body and its massive body began shrinking. This was all due to the Devourers who kept extracting its power away.

Chen Feng pondered. In the end, he was incapable of resisting the temptation. Thus, he utilized a spiritwalking technique to quickly land on the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ massive body as well. Then, he promptly utilized the Demonic Heavengorging Art and the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, causing streams of energy to surge into his body. 

Chen Feng had only taken in the streams of energy and not absorbed it into himself. The female Divine Bug was inside his sea of wisdom and no matter how much power he took in, all of them would be swiftly digested. At the same time, group after group of Divine Bugs would be made. 

The number of Divine Bugs within the separate space rapidly rose at a speed that surpassed Chen Feng’s imagination. Chen Feng felt his heart stirring. The energy sources and materials that he had to risk his life to obtain back then could not even be compared to the amount of energy he managed to absorb this time. 

A Paramount Gold Immortal indeed. Its power is truly great. Chen Feng felt delighted. 

The separate space within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom kept expanding. It was already the size of a small world. Within it was a high number of Divine Bugs. The number of True Immortal bugs had already reached 20 million, Heavenly Immortal bugs at 2 million and half-step Gold Immortal bugs at 20,000. However, the number of Gold Immortal bugs did not increase. There was not enough time to create Gold Immortal bugs. Given the situation, creating Divine Bugs beneath the Gold Immortal stage was much faster.

Just as Chen Feng was happily devouring the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ power, his heart suddenly felt chilly and he swiftly rushed to the side. But it was already too late. A stream of formidable power struck Chen Feng and a high number of cracks spread out across his body. In the end, his body blew up.

The cloud of blood gathered up and Chen Feng’s body was quickly reformed. He then saw that his combat puppet was entangled by a phantom silhouette. 

No wonder the combat puppet did not block the attack for me. So, that had happened. It must be something created by the other party’s will. To think that it could suppress the combat puppet. But is that it? Chen Feng then grew somewhat relieved. Brandishing the Longevity Lance, he then stabbed it into the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body to continue devouring its power. 

The other Devourers became like vampiric bats. No, the words ‘vampiric bats’ were no longer enough to describe them. Every one of the Devourers would create a massive black hole that furiously extracted the power within the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ body. As its power kept flowing away, the Slaughterer Bug Empress would become increasingly weak. 

Moreover, upon attempting to advance, most Bug Empresses would not only enter a weakened state for a time, they would also be incapable of waking up when attacked. In other words, before they succeeded in advancing, they would not be able to recover. All they had were the limited means that they had left behind to protect themselves, such as summoning their brood to protect them and splitting out some wills to fight off attackers.

It was exactly what Chen Feng had encountered at the moment. The phantom silhouette fighting the combat puppet was a manifestation of the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ will. Moreover, its opponent was a group of Devourers, creatures that cultivated the dao of devouring. The longer the fight dragged on, the worse the situation would become for the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

If this Slaughterer Bug Empress did not shift the space and had instead summoned some more Slaughterers, it might not have ended up in such a situation, Chen Feng thought.

“Little brother, hurry up and seize the crystal core.” Chen Feng’s Devourer partner suddenly arrived before Chen Feng.

“Easier said than done.” Chen Feng rolled his eyes. 

“We had a deal. You need to get the Bug Empress’ crystal core,” the Devourer said. 

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Besides, don’t you find this whole thing somewhat strange?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“It is a little strange. I had thought that the other party would have some more killer moves. But while it did have some, they are not strong enough. At present, though, we have already devoured 30% of the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ power. I do not believe that it could do anything else at this point,” the Devourer said before suddenly letting out a sigh. 

Chen Feng had felt puzzled by that, but he quickly understood what was happening. With the exception of Chen Feng, all the power devoured by the other Devourers were channelled to the Devourer Bug Empress’ body. 

The strength of the Devourer Bug Empress was constantly rising, moving closer towards that of the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

I supposed this is also good news, Chen Feng thought to himself. 

“Master, what do you mean?” The female Divine Bug who was in the midst of making more bugs asked curiously. 

“Thankfully, these bugs from other universes are not united, otherwise the situation would be even worse for this universe,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. 

“This is nothing to be surprised about. There are conflicts even within a single brood, let alone different broods. Although the Slaughterers, Devourers and the other Divine Bugs are all part of the bug race, there are clear differences between them. Every one of them is considered a race of their own. We Battlers are also a race of our own. More, there are Bug Empresses with different attributes and even different essences. It is similar to you humans. There are distinctions between normal humans and Heaven-defying races,” the female Divine Bug slowly said. 

“That makes sense. Where did you get that knowledge from?” Chen Feng was able to increase his knowledge through this conversation with the female Divine Bug. 

“The knowledge is embedded deep within my genes. Simply put, it is an innate thing.” 

“I understand.” Chen Feng nodded. It was similar to the Chaos Constitution that he was born with. Even other cultivators have combat-type constitutions, holy-type constitution, immortal-type constitutions that they were born with. There were many profundities within these special constitutions, just waiting to be found and utilized. At the very least, Chen Feng had only just reached the beginner phase when it came to the utilization of the Chaos Constitution. 

“By my speculations, the Slaughterer Bug Empress should have some more cards up its sleeve,” the Devourer said. 

“I think so too, but it is not displaying anything. I am beginning to wonder if I might be overthinking things.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Something’s wrong!” the Devourer suddenly said.

“What?” Chen Feng grew puzzled. 


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Here, instead of evolve (进化)( jìn huà), which were used in previous chapters, the author uses the words advance (进阶)(jin jie) for the Bug Empress. Just something to note.