Chapter 1362 Secret Partnership


“Another deal? Tell me the details.” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. He did not know what the other party had in mind. 

“If you help me get the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ crystal core, I will give you the corpse of a Devourer Bug Empress.” Even though the Devourer was communicating with Chen Feng through a secret vocal transmission, the fluctuation of its transmission lowered. 

This took Chen Feng by surprise and he immediately realized. This was one ambitious bug. 

Like the Slaughterers, the Devourers were also creations of the Bug Empress. However, it was clear that this Devourer harboured the desire to break free from the Bug Empress’ control. Without question, this was a very bold and seemingly impossible thing. 

As bugs created by the Bug Empress, all of them – be it the weak or the strong – lived for the sake of the Bug Empress. The command of the Bug Empress was above all else. One thought from the Bug Empress could kill off all of the bugs. 

Theoretically speaking, it was impossible for the bugs to break free from their Bug Empress’ control. Chen Feng, though, believed that by possessing a strength that surpassed the Bug Empress, the bug would have a chance to break free. 

At any rate, Chen Feng also possessed a female bug. The reason why this female bug would not create bugs that were too strong was because it feared that it would not be able to control them. 

Looking at it from this perspective, there was hope for freedom for the bugs. Only, the probability of that happening was small. 

Having figured out what the other party was after, Chen Feng secretly laughed. He did not know why the other party would choose to trust him and make a bold decision to partner up with him, but he knew that he could make use of this chance to obtain some good items. 

“You want to break free from the Bug Empress?” Chen Feng asked bluntly. 

“Yes. Although I have already made some preparations, I still need some external assistance. You are a very good candidate,” the Devourer said. 

“Why do you say that?” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. 

“Because you are greedy.”

“Fine, though, I wouldn’t call it greed. It is all an effort to become stronger. If we’re going to talk about greed, from what I can see, you’re the one who’s greedy,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. 

“For the sake of freedom, I can throw my life away. This is not greedy,” the Devourer said. 

“Let’s not talk about that and go to the details. You know as well that snatching the Slaughterer Bug Empress’ crystal core is simply impossible for me. I am really curious as to why you would ask that of me. Or do you think I am as strong as a True Monarch?” Chen Feng laughed. 

“You can do it. The combat puppet beside you is very strong, capable of threatening the Slaughterer Bug Empress. In truth, there is something that you might not know of. In the process of advancing, the Slaughterer Bug Empress will become very weak. Its current combat power is not that much higher compared to the combat puppet beside you. If you help me, I will give you the corpse of a Bug Empress. I do not believe that you are not tempted,” the Devourer said. 

“Tempted? Of course I am. However, I am curious about this this corpse of a Bug Empress. What can I use it for?” Chen Feng asked. 

However, he was inwardly laughing. He had already learned from the female Divine Bug how valuable the corpse of a Bug Empress was. 

“I believe you should already know. Those Slaughterers and us Devourers, all of us were created by a Bug Empress. With that, you should know just how important the corpse of a Bug Empress is.”

“I’d be interested if it’s a living Bug Empress. However, there is only a corpse left. What use do I have for it? Or could it still create bugs?” Chen Feng replied with a smile. 

“Yes you can. By refining the corpse into your clone, you will be able to utilize the Bug Empress’ abilities. How about it? You will be able to obtain an army of Devourers. Do you not feel excited at the thought?” the Devourer said. 

“Very tempting, but why can’t you do that?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Do you think I don’t want to do that? I am now under the control of the Bug Empress. If I refine out a clone of another Bug Empress, it will be very easy for my Empress to realize it. You should know, I had to pay a great price to obtain the corpse. Originally, I planned on using it myself after I break free. But now, it would seem that breaking free is more important. How is it? Help me obtain the crystal core of the Slaughterer Bug Empress and my strength will exceed the strength of my Bug Empress. Then, I will be able to gain freedom. As for you, you can obtain the corpse of a Devourer Bug Empress. This is a win-win deal,” the Devourer said, somewhat apprehensive. 

The situation had changed again. While they were secretly conversing, Chen Feng had not remained idle. He had been shooting one arrow after another, killing off tens of Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. By then, the Slaughterers could no longer stop the attacks from the Devourers. And so, the battlefield kept moving forward. It would not take long before they found the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

“It is indeed very tempting. However, I cannot trust you. If you turn on me after I help you obtain freedom, I would be no match for you,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“Don’t worry. After breaking free, I will become weak for some time. Fusing with the Bug Empress’ crystal core will also need some time. Rather, I am the one who should be worried about you turning on me. There is simply no need for you to worry,” the Devourer said. 

“So, are you not worried that I would attack you when the time comes?” 

“Naturally, but I don’t have the time for that anymore. I need to take this risk. How about it? Do we have a deal?” the Devourer asked anxiously. 

“Deal. However, I can only do my best. I am not too confident about this. Before that, though, can you give me some more goodies?” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Bow firing out another arrow. This arrow split into two to pierce two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. 

“I have some more crystal cores from Slaughterers and Devourers here. I hope you can help me this time.” Gritting its teeth, the Devourer then tossed a bunch of items towards Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng chuckled. He kept a small portion of the high-grade crystal cores for himself and handed the rest to the female bug in this sea of wisdom. There were also the Slaughterer corpses that he had obtained earlier. With that, the female bug kept making even more Divine Bugs. 

“If so, I will not take action now. I will preserve my strength for when I have to take action,” Chen Feng said after killing two more Slaughterers. 

The Devourer stopped communicating with Chen Feng as it focused on defending its Bug Empress. 

Once again, a change happened. The Slaughterers were still incapable of stopping the Devourers and their defence line was utterly broken. Quickly, Chen Feng saw a planet-like Slaughterer floating within a special space. The aura of slaughter around it was so concentrated that it became tangible blades that swirled around, seemingly defending the Slaughterer. 

“This is the Slaughterer Bug Empress,” Chen Feng secretly said. 

“It is the Bug Empress. As expected, it is at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.” The female Divine Bug in his sea of wisdom grew excited. 

“Don’t be hasty. Let’s observe first.” Chen Feng felt somewhat entangled. He wanted to obtain the Bug Empress, but he also wanted the corpse of the Bug Empress that the Devourer offered. 

We’ll observe how the situation develops first. Chen Feng secretly made up his mind. 

After locating the Slaughterer Bug Empress, the Devourers became even more ferocious. Following the command of their Bug Empress, the half-step Gold Immortal stage Devourers took the lead in attacking. Only, due to the earlier battle, the number of half-step Gold Immortal stage Devourers had fallen considerably. Upon approaching the Slaughterer Bug Empress, they were shredded by the slaughtering blades swirling around it. 

Next, the Gold Immortal stage Devourers charged. As expected, these Devourers were capable of blocking the blade attacks. Clanging sounds – like that of metals clashing – rang out. Following that, the Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs escorted the Devourer Bug Empress as they charged into the space where the Slaughterer Bug Empress was in. 

Hesitating for a moment, Chen Feng then followed suit. The moment he entered the space, several blades slashed towards him. Chen Feng punched and the blades of light were all shattered and the fragments flew into his body. Those were the product of the aura of slaughter from a Paramount Gold Immortal, very useful for his cultivation of the laws of slaughter. He would not let them go to waste. 


Next, however, a shocking scene unfolded. The surrounding space shook slightly and Chen Feng was taken aback. Using his eye technique, he immediately found out that the entire space had been shifted away. 

Looks like the Slaughterer Bug Empress is prepared. Only, I wonder if it is enough to stop the attacks from these Devourers, Chen Feng thought. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The combat puppet who had been standing beside Chen Feng all this time finally took action again. The Longevity Lance swung and a series of banging sounds rang out. Chen Feng himself grasped and a steel needle-like object appeared on his palm. 

Magic power coursed forth from Chen Feng’s palm and the steel needle-like item blew up, transforming into pure slaughter-type energy. It actually contained the laws of slaughter and a peerless will left by a Paramount Gold Immortal. 


Chen Feng raised his head and saw the Devourers killed in droves. Quickly, all of the regular Gold Immortal stage Devourers were wiped out, reduced to bits before disappearing into their surrounding space. Chen Feng could clearly sense the energy from the Devourers absorbed by the slumbering Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

With that, the Devourers only had Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs left, their Bug Empress protected within their midst. However, Divine Princes were constantly falling as well. 

The steel needles possessed formidable offensive power. Moreover, they were very fast and there was a high number of them. While Divine Monarchs were able to handle them, the steel needles proved to be quite the threat to Divine Princes. 

The combat puppet kept circling around Chen Feng and all the steel needles shooting towards them were struck down. Meanwhile, Chen Feng made use of the opportunity to utilize the Demonic Heavengorging Art and Heavengulping Absorption Technique to slowly absorb the streams of slaughter-type energy around him. 

Is it only these attacks? Chen Feng wondered. The team of Devourers was rapidly approaching the Slaughterer Bug Empress and the distance between the two sides was becoming increasingly small. 


A giant blade of light shot out from the Slaughterer Bug Empress. Even though the Devourers worked together to stop the blade of light, over 10 Divine Prince level Devourers were still killed by the attack. 


The second blade of light killed several more Devourers. By then, all of the Divine Prince level Devourers had been killed.  

A third blade of light sent two Divine Monarch level Devourers flying. Coincidentally, one of them hurtled towards Chen Feng. His eyes flashing with light, Chen Feng then gave his combat puppet an order. 

The combat puppet stretched its hand out to grab the Divine Monarch level Devourer. This Devourer was only badly wounded, not dead. 

Next, the combat puppet swung and the Devourer was sent hurtling towards the massive Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Devourer only made it within a kilometre from the Slaughterer Bug Empress before a beam of light suddenly appeared to shred it to pieces. 

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