Chapter 1361 Devourer Bug Empress


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Next up, Chen Feng attacked again and again to kill off over a million Slaughterers in one fell swoop. After that, his body rapidly shrank and the Longevity Wings also shrank to only a length of one zhang. However, his speed instead rose and he kept flitting through the army of Slaughterers. As they did not have any Gold Immortals on their side, the Slaughterers had a very hard time stopping Chen Feng. Several times, they had worked together to attack only for Chen Feng to evade them all. 

That said, a few of those attacks did prove problematic for Chen Feng. 

Once, hundreds of millions of Slaughterers had unleashed a large-scale attack of devastation that engulfed Chen Feng and the Slaughterers around him. 

“How vicious! They’re even attacking their own guys.” The energy barrier that Chen Feng formed around him was quickly shattered by the chaotic streams of attacks. Following that, the Longevity Combat Armour also became deformed. By the time Chen Feng managed to extricate himself from the attacks, blood could be seen trickling down from his body. 

Even when fighting against a Divine Prince, Chen Feng would not fall into a disadvantageous position, but the combined might of so many Slaughterers beneath the Gold Immortal stage had managed to wound him. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, felt fortunate. The attacks from the Slaughterers were very chaotic and their powers were all over the place. if it weren’t for that, even if he were 10 times stronger, he would have been incapable of blocking a wholly concentrated attack from all of them. 

Another time, several Gold Immortals had secretly commanded the Slaughterers to attack. Hundreds of millions of Slaughterers had worked together to form a net that nearly trapped Chen Feng. 

The most serious one involved three blades of light, formed by the Slaughterers power. After shattering one of them, Chen Feng’s hand became badly wounded. With that, he knew that he would not be able to stop the other two blades of light. Helpless, he summoned one of his combat puppets. The combat puppet swung the Longevity Lance in its hand to shatter the two blades of light. After that, by relying on the protection of the combat puppet, Chen Feng rapidly charged forward. The combat puppet that Tower left him was truly formidable. With but some casual swings of the Longevity Lance in its hand, it was able to create a path and the Slaughterers were incapable of locking down on Chen Feng’s position. 

The Devourer from back then had been constantly keeping an eye on Chen Feng, albeit secretly. When it saw what happened, it released a secret sigh of relief. It felt thankful that it did not take action earlier, otherwise it would have died. 

Although there was only one combat puppet beside Chen Feng, the combat puppet would have no issues killing off several Devourers at the Divine Monarch level. 

Finally, Chen Feng caught up to the Devourers. He could sense a total of 30 Devourers, all at the Divine Monarch level. Sensing that shocked Chen Feng. That said, several of the Devourers had also died to the army of Slaughterers. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, even though these Devourers were formidable, there were too few of them. Whether or not they could break the Slaughterer’s defence line was still up in the air. Even if they could, they may not be a match for the Slaughterer Bug Empress.

This was what puzzled Chen Feng the most. Having reached their level, the Devourers were no fools. They must surely realize the situation they were in. And yet, they had chosen to charge forward recklessly. If they were not planning on killing themselves, they must surely be planning something else. 

That was why he decided to follow the Devourers. However, he did not go too close to them. He could sense that this situation was not to be underestimated. 

Naturally, the Devourers had also noticed Chen Feng, but they ignored him. It may be because they believed that Chen Feng was not a big threat. Additionally, the Devourers were also in trouble. 

By then, the Devourers had already broken through to the innermost area of the Slaughterers. In other words, by breaking through the defence line before them, they would be able to find the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

But the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers before them formed a thick defence line that gave Chen Feng – who had only given them a casual glance – a fright. 

There were three thousand regular Ageless Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers.

Three hundred Divine Princes.

Fifty Divine Monarchs. 

At the front, there were countless half-step Gold Immortals who formed orderly lines of battle teams. By Chen Feng’s estimate, this force alone was enough to easily rampage into the Celestial Longevity Plane. His family’s Boundless Corps was simply incapable of stopping this force. 

Number wise, the Slaughterers had more Divine Monarchs than the Devourers. And so, Chen Feng began wondering what the Devourers planned on doing. Would they continue to push forward or would they retreat? Or would something else happen?

The 30 Devourers formed a circle. It was then that Chen Feng noticed it. At some unknown time, another Devourer had appeared within their midst. When Chen Feng saw the Devourer, light flashed across his mind and he uttered, “Bug Empress!”

It was a form of intuition, something that would burst forward on its own after having accumulated a certain amount of knowledge. 

The fact that Chen Feng was able to determine that it was a Bug Empress on the spot meant that it was certainly a Bug Empress. 

Size wise, this Devourer was relatively bigger than the rest. Next, a rapidly-rotating black hole appeared and other Devourers swiftly charged out from the black hole, like a torrential river. 

“Now this is what I’m talking about.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. In that one moment, over 10,000 Devourers had emerged. The level of the Devourers was not high, only at the half-step Gold Immortal stage. But after emerging, they formed battle teams to charge into their surroundings. 

With that, the Devourers took the initiative. And although the Slaughterers were still able to stop them, the situation had fallen into a state of chaos. 

Meanwhile, the 30 Devourers remained stationary as they stood guard over the Devourer Bug Empress. 

Chen Feng had already noticed it. The Devourer Bug Empress was only at the Divine Monarch level. However, the number of Devourers that it brought with it was quite high. 

Soon enough, the number of Devourers that emerged from the black hole rose up to 100,000.

It was then that the Gold Immortals from the Slaughterers’ side began assuming their own formation to charge forward. With but one confrontation, two of the Divine Monarchs on the Devourers’ side were killed. 

Quickly, though, two more Divine Monarch level Devourers flew out from the black hole that the Devourer Bug Empress created to fill in the vacancy. Furthermore, more formidable streams of light flew out and it did not take long before the number of Divine Monarchs on the Devourer’s side rose up to 40. With this number, they would be able to take on the attacks from the Slaughterers, albeit barely.  

When the number of Divine Monarch level Devourers reached 50, the attacks from the Slaughterers were no longer as effective. 

At any rate, Devourers were originally slightly stronger than Slaughterers. 

More, even the number of half-step Gold Immortal stage Devourers had risen to 500,000. At the same time, the number of Ageless Gold Immortal stage Devourers had risen to 300.

Chen Feng knew that the balance of the battle was tilting non-stop. The might of the Devourers was gradually increasing while there was nothing the Slaughterers could do about it. 

The Slaughterers fought and killed, going all out for it. For the sake of defending their Bug Empress, the Slaughterers seemingly went mad and it did not take long before a large number of the half-step Gold Immortal stage Devourers were killed. However, the black hole sprayed out Devourers at an even greater rate. In Chen Feng’s opinion, to stop the Devourers, what they needed to do the most was to stop the Devourer Bug Empress. 

But there were 40 Divine Monarch level Devourers defending it. Exterminating this bug would be difficult. 

Moreover, they had a total of 50 Divine Monarchs, on par with the Slaughterers. 

Sparks began flashing across Chen Feng’s eyes. He knew that this next battle would be even more intense.

Overall, the Slaughterers had the numerical advantage while the Devourers came prepared. 

That said, it would appear that the Slaughterers’ side was still the stronger. Chen Feng knew, the Devourers were here specifically for the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

“A Divine Monarch level Bug Empress devouring a True Monarch level Bug Empress, is that possible?” Chen Feng secretly asked. 

“Theoretically, yes. However, it will be difficult to accomplish that in reality, very difficult. Even though this True Monarch level Bug Empress is in a weakened state, it is still not something that a Divine Monarch could handle. That said, there are no absolutes in this world. Any Divine Monarch level Bug Empress would be moved by such an opportunity,” the female Divine Bug said. 

“Even you?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“Yes. In the face of something like this, even if the chances of success are but one in ten thousand, I would still charge forward and try my luck,” the female Divine Bug said. 

“Even if failure means death?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Even if it means death.”

“Very well. Later, we can try to find an opportunity. If there is an opportunity, we’ll risk it. If you can successfully devour this Slaughterer Bug Empress, will you be able to advance?” That was what Chen Feng was concerned with the most.

“I will definitely grow stronger, but whether or not I can advance to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage is uncertain,” the female Divine Bug said. 

“Alright, you should prepare yourself,” Chen Feng said. 

“I’m already prepared.”

The black hole that the Devourer Bug Empress created finally disappeared. There was no change to the number of Divine Monarchs, but the number of Divine Princes, Ageless Gold Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals tripled. 

The Slaughterers below the Gold Immortal stage were incapable of approaching this battle between high-level experts. All they could do was fire long-ranged attacks from afar.

As for Chen Feng, he was in quite a dangerous situation. Even after shifting his position several times, he was still dragged into the battlefield. 

When Chen Feng entered the battlefield, he was quickly attacked by both sides. However, the combat puppet beside him stabbed its Longevity Lance outwards and a ripple spread out. Immediately, two Divine Monarchs, one from the Slaughterers’ side and one from the Devourers’ side, were pierced by the attacks. Chen Feng then beckoned and two crystal cores appeared in his hand. 

Chen Feng happily collected the crystal cores. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the Devourer who traded with him earlier. 

“Little brother, join forces with us. I can give you some rewards.”

“Let’s talk about the rewards first,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“Slaughterer crystal cores, Gold Immortal stage.”

“Deal!” Chen Feng nodded. 

“I’ll give you some in advance first.” The Devourer waved its hand and over 10 crystal cores appeared in Chen Feng’s hand. All of them were at the Gold Immortal stage. 

“Ha ha ha! The pleasure’s mine!” Chen Feng said. Then, while the combat puppet protected him, he brought out the Longevity Bow. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng targeted the regular Ageless Gold Immortals amongst the Slaughterers. He fired three arrows in a row to kill off three Slaughterers. 

Although the Longevity Bow was already infinitely close to the high-grade Divine tier, it was still unable to achieve a 100% kill rate against Divine Princes. However, killing off regular Ageless Gold Immortals was not an issue. 

One by one, Chen Feng killed up to 10 Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. After that, two Divine Monarch level Slaughterers descended upon Chen Feng. But before they could attack Chen Feng, the combat puppet sent them flying with a swing of its lance. 

Chen Feng had ordered the combat puppet to only defend and not take the initiative to attack and kill so as to not become entangled by the other party. At any rate, the combat puppet’s combat power could not reach that of a true Paramount Gold Immortal. If it weren’t for that, Chen Feng would have been able to – by relying on the two combat puppets – carve a path forward and capture the Slaughterer Bug Empress.

Naturally, the reason why Chen Feng would dare to make such a risky move here was because he had the two combat puppets. 

“Little brother, well done!” The Devourer sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission. 

“We have a deal. Besides, I also need these things,” Chen Feng replied, shooting down two more Slaughterers. 

“I wonder, why do you need so many crystal cores? Is it just for cultivation?” the Devourer asked all of a sudden.

“Of course. You should know, having cultivated the dao of devouring, advancing further would require even more power,” Chen Feng replied coolly. 

“That is true. Little brother, would you be interested in making another deal?” the Devourer then said with a smile. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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