Chapter 1360 Exchange


Chen Feng continued to slip through the army of Slaughterers that way, carefully avoiding the Devourers while making use of the opportunity to capture the Slaughterers. 

However, it did not take long before Chen Feng was discovered again. Having captured thousands of Slaughterers, Chen Feng was about to flee when a group of Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers surrounded him. 

The two parties fought and Chen Feng was quickly wounded. The Slaughterers locked down Chen Feng’s position thoroughly. No matter where he tried to run, he would be incapable of breaking out from their encirclement. Just as he was about to release his combat puppets, however, several Devourers suddenly charged towards them. Every one of the Devourers was at the Divine Monarch level. Like a river, they charged forward, smashing the Slaughterers and sending them tumbling around. Chen Feng watched as the Slaughterers that were besieging him were killed, ripped apart and devoured. Next, he felt intense danger. One of the Devourers had set its sight upon him and a rapidly-spinning black hole charged towards Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng’s mind raced and he abruptly displayed the Demonic Heavengorging Art and Heavengulping Absorption Technique. And so, a formidable devouring power collided against the opponent’s devouring power as two massive black holes made contact. Following that, the space around them went still. The chaotic streams of energy within the battlefield stopped moving and it seemed as though the entire universe had frozen. 

The two black holes disappeared at the same time, but even stronger energy waves spread out. The first to bear the brunt of the energy waves were Chen Feng and the Devourer. Cracks appeared on both their bodies before they became incinerated. Two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers happened to be near them, but they could not even let out a cry of misery before their bodies were reduced to ash. Chen Feng retreated as fast as he could. As he did so, he watched as circular ripples spread out across the starry space. Even space was annihilated by them, let alone the objects occupying the space. 

In the process of retreating, Chen Feng’s figure smashed through countless Slaughterers, forcibly punching out a passageway through them. 

When Chen Feng stopped, he saw that at least a million Slaughterers had disappeared. He would have needed to unleash his full strength at least 10 or so times to achieve this. 

Unexpectedly, just one clash between the two of them would result in something like this. Due to that, Chen Feng grew even more curious towards the Devourer’s powers. 

The collision also deleted one third of Chen Feng’s body. Only, by the time he stabilized his position, his body had already recovered. That said, it did consume a portion of his essence power. 

The Divine Monarch level Devourer was also wounded. Rather, it would appear that it was in a worse state than Chen Feng. The collision had destroyed half of its body. After recovering, it cast a somewhat wary look at Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng felt somewhat proud of himself. At any rate, he had faced a Divine Monarch head on. Naturally, he was also aware that this was due to his techniques. If his opponent were not a Divine Monarch level Devourer, he might not have been able to create this result. 

The two sides stayed silent for a moment. Chen Feng did not want to attack. The other party had numbers on their side and high-level guys. And while he had been able to take them head on once, he might not be able to do so a second time. 

The Devourer, on the other hand, appeared somewhat mystified. The Devourer had originally thought of Chen Feng as just a minor human. Even gulping him down was likely to do nothing for it. And yet, the display of strength from Chen Feng had stunned the Devourer.

From the earlier clash, the Devourer had sensed intense danger in Chen Feng. The grand dao of devouring there was actually in no way inferior compared to that of its race. 

“Human, what technique did you cultivate?” the Devourer suddenly asked. As the language used by the two sides were different, it used its soul power to communicate. 

“Naturally, a very wondrous cultivation technique,” Chen Feng said with a smile. At the same time, the Longevity Wings spread open. This time, the wings instantly grew to a length of 100,000 zhang, wreathed with longevity flames. Additionally, there were also various laws of devastation and slaughter flowing across their surface. All the Slaughterers that approached him would be killed. 

“Eh?!” The Devourer grew even more puzzled. For them of the bug race, their powers were somewhat confined to one single attribute. The Slaughterers mainly cultivated the dao of slaughter while the Devourers mainly cultivated the dao of devouring, but Chen Feng gave this Devourer a more complex impression.

In the beginning, he had displayed the dao of devouring, equally matching the Devourer’s attack. At that very moment, however, the Devourer sensed a formidable power of life from Chen Feng’s body. The Longevity Wings on his back also contained the daos of space-time, slaughter, wickedness and death.

Although Chen Feng’s level was very low, this formidable display of power from Chen Feng made the Devourer hesitate somewhat. 

“Ha ha ha! Little brother, I want your cultivation technique.” The Devourer dashed forward to appear before Chen Feng. Two long tentacles spread out and two massive black holes swept to either side. The tens of thousands of Slaughterers that were charging towards them were immediately devoured, all of them. 

“It can be done, but you need to bring some items out in exchange for it,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Various thoughts flashed through his mind. He did not mind bringing out the cultivation technique, but the items used in exchange for the technique must satisfy him. 

“Exchange. I like this word. What do you want?” the Devourer said. 

It was a peculiar situation. A human was chatting with a Devourer within the chaos embroiling the army of Slaughterers. Moreover, it would appear that the two parties were quite friendly with one another. 

However, there were also two Devourers standing guard over their surroundings. The two Devourers kept killing and devouring the surrounding Slaughterers. As for the other Devourers, they advanced deeper. No questions were needed to know that they were also after the Slaughterer Bug Empress. 

“Ten crystal cores from Devourers at the Divine Monarch level,” Chen Feng said. 

“So, you need crystal cores. This is simple. How about the crystal cores from Slaughterers?” the Devourer said casually. 

“I need crystal cores from Devourers more. I believe you should know as well. You want my cultivation technique to improve your strength while I also need your Devourer race’s dao of devouring,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Human, you are very gutsy. Your strength is not that great. Just now, it was purely due to luck that you were able to block my attack. Are you not afraid that I would attack again to kill you off?” the Devourer said. 

“Do not forget, I have companions.”

“Ha ha ha! If you wanted to attack, you would not have chosen to exchange so much nonsensical words with me. I will admit that I am no match for you all. However, if I want to leave, you fellows will not be able to stop me. If you really want to force the issue, I have no problems making it so it ends up with mutual destruction,” Chen Feng replied with a laugh. 

“We Devourers are not afraid of dying.”

“What a coincidence, I am also not afraid of dying. But I think you should reconsider this. Consider what you came here to do. Do you want to waste your time here?” Chen Feng said. 

“I can sense danger from you. So, I do not want to fight you. And yet, I want your devouring-type cultivation technique,” the Devourer said. 

“Are you Devourers all so long-winded? Give me 10 Devourer crystal cores at the Divine Monarch level and I will give you the cultivation technique,” Chen Feng said. 

“Alright. Here are the crystal cores.” The Devourer considered for a moment before bringing out the crystal cores, tossing them over to Chen Feng. 

After accepting the crystal cores, Chen Feng said with a smile, “These are indeed Divine Monarch level crystal cores. Here is the cultivation technique.” Chen Feng extended his palm and a stream of light rapidly converge to form a crystal piece before flying towards the Devourer. 

“This is indeed a devouring-type cultivation technique. Although it is somewhat rudimentary, there are things to be learned from it. However, why is it incomplete?” The Devourer looked at Chen Feng, intense killing intent could be sensed within its soul waves. 

“That’s all I have. If you do not believe me, there is nothing else I can do.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s body grew bigger. This time, his Chaos Gold Body instantly grew to a height of 80,000 zhang. Golden light shimmered out from the Longevity Wings on his back. Next, his eyes flashed with light as he charged forward and the two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers in his path fell to his illusion technique. 

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng rapidly moved forward to kill off the two Slaughterers. Next, brandishing his weapon, he charged into the army of Slaughterers. By then, the Gold Immortals of the Slaughterer army had been lured away by the Devourers. Thus, although the remaining number of Slaughterers was still high, they no longer had the ability to kill Chen Feng. 

The Devourer who traded with him earlier hesitated for a moment before turning and leave. Its two companions also disappeared. 

After those Devourers left, Chen Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, he was truly worried that those Devourers would attack him. In the face of three Divine Monarchs, Chen Feng was not confident that he could escape. He had only put on a strong front earlier. 

Ten Devourer crystal cores for the Demonic Heavengorging Art. I wonder, am I being taken advantage of here? Chen Feng wondered, a wry smile on his face.

Regardless, Chen Feng had managed to profit from this. Regardless if he brought out the Demonic Heavengorging Art or not, he would not lose anything. For him to be able to gain something from it was something of an extra gain.

Moreover, these crystal cores were all the essence power of Divine Monarchs. At the very least, Chen Feng was – given his present level – incapable of getting them on his own.

Pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then waved his hand and a crystal core entered his sea of wisdom. Next, his soul flame surged forward and began burning it. 


A formidable will radiated out from the crystal core. Containing a power that could seemingly devour the Heavens and annihilate the Earth, the will became like a living creature to sweep through Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, desirous of devouring his soul and replace him. 

Chen Feng knew that this was not some trick of the Devourer who gave him this crystal core. Rather, it was the will and power left behind by the owner of this crystal core after their death. In the event that Chen Feng’s will was not steady enough and his soul not strong enough, it may collapse in the face of the other party’s will. There was also the possibility that the other party would be able to devour his soul. He would die to facilitate the other party’s rebirth. 

Chen Feng had long since anticipated this situation. Due to that, he did not panic. As he mobilized his soul flame to burn the crystal core, he also mobilized the power of laws to assail and cut the crystal core. 

At any rate, this was not a genuine Divine Monarch. Rather, it was just the essence left behind after the Divine Monarch’s death. While its will was strong, it did not possess its own life imprints. Due to that, in the face of Chen Feng’s two-pronged attacks, the coercive power of the will kept weakening. 

Normally, Chen Feng would have taken his time with this, using his own power to refine the crystal core. At present, however, he also had to deal with the attacks from the Slaughters. And so, following Chen Feng’s orders, the Ancient Divine Bug attacked. With but one beam of Ageless Light, it shattered the crystal core. 

After that, a massive maelstrom appeared in Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. With every rotation, a portion of the crystal core’s power would be devoured. It did not take long before Chen Feng completely devoured the crystal core. 

As expected, Chen Feng then felt some changes coming over his dao of devouring. The Demonic Heavengorging Art brought with it the violent and overbearing attributes while the Heavengulping Absorption Technique brought with it the attribute of something exalted and inviolable. And now, the attributes of madness and devastation were added to the dao. Regardless, at the end of the day, they were – at their very core – of the dao of devouring. Chen Feng’s grand daos had gained more foundation, allowing them to become even stronger and more resilient. 


Chen Feng punched and a stream of energy transformed into a massive hurricane. The 10,000 plus Slaughterers before him were all sucked into the hurricane. Next, Chen Feng’s fist spread into a palm and his fingers abruptly curled in a grasping manner. Instantly, 10,000 plus motes of starlight were sucked over and they all entered Chen Feng’s body. 

Those were the purest life forces within the Slaughterers’ bodies. 

Immediately after that, a spatial crack appeared before Chen Feng and the corpses of the 10,000 plus Slaughterers were pulled in. 

The female bug was behind that.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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