Chapter 136: Trapped


“It is dangerous up front. Why aren’t you fellows staying behind?” asked Chen Feng with a smile.

“Although it is dangerous up front, there are plenty of us. Additionally, there are experts within our group. I also don’t have a good feeling about staying behind. Besides, given our level of strength, we will probably suffer from heavy casualties in our attempt to leave Demon Soul Valley,” said Big Pot Bro with a bitter smile.

“Furthermore, we can rest easy following Brother Chen, Brother Ye and Brother Lu,” continued Big Pot Bro.

“Since you fellows are willing to stay here, I will leave you fellows to your own devices. Those of you willing to follow me, let’s go,” said Mo Ji calmly. She did not reveal any emotions despite what had happened.

This woman is not to be underestimated. No matter how dangerous of a situation we encounter, she could always remain calm. Either she has a powerful state of mind or there is a powerful force backing her up. Chen Feng speculated. He felt puzzled about this mysterious woman and wanted to tear out her mask to see what kind of person lay underneath it. However, Chen Feng understood his limits. Even if he were to disregard Mo Ji’s immeasurable power, he could not even defeat her four bodyguards.

In the end, only 50 cultivators were willing to follow Mo Ji. Naturally, the four bodyguards and the young escorting cultivators were excluded from that number.

Seeing the other cultivators chopping down the trees in excitement, Chen Feng could not help but sigh.

“Aren’t these fellows being extremely foolish?” asked Ye Ziming in an amused tone.

“Even though forging ahead is incredibly dangerous, staying behind will most likely spell doom for them. It will be quite difficult for them to safely make it back,” Chen Feng lamented.

“Don’t worry about them. We are probably in serious danger as well. Brother Chen, we will have to quickly figure out a plan,” said Ye Ziming in a rather concerned tone.

“After making our way out of this forest, if we still cannot find what we want, we will turn back,” said Chen Feng seriously.

The Five Heroes of Pot Mountain were following Chen Feng’s group of three closely. Firstly, they could fight any enemies together by banding together. Secondly, since Chen Feng possessed a Prized artefact, they could receive a modicum of protection by following Chen Feng.

After two hours, however, the faces of every one of the cultivators there turned grim. Some had even turned pale.

After advancing for so long, they should have covered a distance of over a hundred li. However, they had yet to exit the forest (1 li = 0.5 km).

Before entering the forest, they had observed that the radius of the forest should only reach up to tens of li. At that moment, however, they had advanced through a distance of over 100 li. And yet, they were still incapable of seeing the end of the forest. Around them were the same towering Wild Tung Trees, exotic flowers, grasses and thick spiritual energy. However, they all felt a chill running down their hearts.

“What is going on here?” one of the cultivators shouted.

“Why can’t we get out? The length of this forest is clearly only tens of li. Why can’t we exit it after entering?”

The advancing cultivators all possessed high cultivation bases. At that moment, however, some of them began panicking. 

“Were we trapped within an illusion all this time?” one of them speculated.

“I fear this is no illusion. Maybe we have entered a mysterious dimension. I told you fellows earlier, this place is not to be underestimated.”

“Did you all notice it? Logically speaking, there should be quite a number of cultivators entering Demon Soul Valley. And yet, why can’t we find other cultivators here?” someone suddenly raised the matter.

“That makes sense. Although Demon Soul Valley is incomparably huge, there is an uncountable number of cultivators in this world. Even if only one of ten thousand chooses to come here, the number of cultivators coming here should still be aplenty. If so, we should see some of them making their way past this forest, no?”

“Yes. This forest is quite sizable. Why are there no yao beasts here? Rather, why aren’t there even any birds?”

“This is bad. I have this foreboding sensation. We have fallen into a dire state of crisis.”

“Let’s turn back.”

“It is useless. Even if we turn back, we will not be able to exit.”

Every one of the cultivators there possessed formidable powers. Although they had panicked for a moment, it did not take long for them to recollect themselves. Finally, they all turned their gazes towards Mo Ji. At any rate, this woman was their employer. Additionally, she also possessed an immeasurable level of power.

At that moment, Mo Ji too was in a state of contemplation. Her brows were slightly furrowed as she seemingly considered how to deal with the situation facing them.

“Little girl, it is still not too late to turn back now. If we turn back now, I am 50 % confident I can bring you out. If we continue advancing, I won’t be able to guarantee anything.” The elderly voice spoke into Mo Ji’s ear again.

“It hasn’t been easy to make it this far. I will never turn back. No matter what, I must obtain ‘that’,” Mo Ji whispered.

“Even if it means losing your life?” asked the elderly voice.

“That is right. Even if it means losing my life, I must go all out for this. I would rather die here if it means failing to get that,” said Mo Ji firmly.


The elderly voice sighed and stopped talking.

“If that is the case, I will do my best to help you,” said the elderly voice after some time. At the same time, a powerful but invisible ripple spread out from the air. Then, the space within a radius of hundreds of metres around them quaked. One by one, the towering Wild Tung Trees were cut down by an invisible force, falling to the ground with a crashing sound.

“What happened?” the group of cultivators exclaimed.

“Enough, don’t ask so much. You fellows, follow me,” Mo Ji suddenly spoke up.

“It seems something is amiss,” whispered Chen Feng.

“I can sense it too. The cultivation technique I practice is the void technique. Thus, I am sensitive towards the power of space. That powerful ripple earlier did not come from Mo Ji. I believe there should is someone lurking in the dark near her,” said Ye Ziming.

“Someone is secretly protecting her. Additionally, judging from the power of the ripple earlier, it is not hard to see that the fellow is most likely a Sky Human stage cultivator. To have the protection of a Sky Human stage cultivator, this Mo Ji is definitely no ordinary character. She must have a big backing,” Chen Feng speculated.

“Cultivators with the backing of infamous orthodox sects will never recklessly come risk their lives here unless they have a sufficient level of strength and the protection of powerful cultivators. It seems this Mo Ji truly does have an objective for coming to Demon Soul Valley. Perhaps, that primordial ruin that she mentioned is real,” said Ye Ziming.

“For her to bring out Prized artefacts as rewards, the item that this woman wants to find is certainly extraordinary. It is at least a top-grade Prized artefact. Though, it is more likely to be a Sacred artefact. Additionally, this woman must surely possess clues pertaining to the item, a good amount of clues. If so, everything can be explained.” Chen Feng’s mind raced quickly and was able to analyse matters at a quicker rate than before. This was the advantage of having opened up his 2nd sea of wisdom layer.

“In that case, what she said about there being Prized artefacts is also true.” Ye Ziming’s eyes lit up.

“Yes. However, the corresponding level of danger will rise as well.”

“Risks and rewards come hand in hand. If we can truly get our hands on some Prized artefacts, taking some risks is not out of the question.”

“Ha ha ha, it seems we have been lured in by the rewards as well.”

“We are different from others. When facing danger, we have the means to protect ourselves.”

Chen Feng and Ye Ziming quickly discussed the matter and quickly settled upon their next step.

Everyone followed Mo Ji. Along the way, invisible ripples kept quaking in the air. As the ripples spread out, their surroundings too, began changing.

“This is no illusion or another dimension. This is a strange magic array containing the power of space. Everything we see is real. However, this strange power of space has re-arranged them to give us a wrong perception of it. Even a Sky Human stage cultivator would find it hard to escape after entering this place,” said Mo Ji in a hushed tone.

“If that is the case, does that mean we can no longer get out?” one of the cultivators was quick to ask.

“No, we can. However, there is a need to borrow everyone’s strength,” said Mo Ji as she slowly swept a glance at the others.

“Miss Mo Ji, just tell us what to do. We will work together to accomplish it,” said another cultivator.

“In order to deal with this situation, we need four Prized artefacts. I have a magic technique that requires the combined might of four Prized artefacts to break through this predicament facing us.” As Mo Ji spoke, the blood-stained lance suddenly appeared in her hand to exude a devilish aura.

“I can utilize one Prized artefact. The rest will depend on everyone else,” said Mo Ji coolly. The dark-red lance in her hand began vibrating, seemingly brewing a violent power that was on the verge of surging forward.

Although the lance is a demonic artefact, the aura it exudes is incredibly powerful. In terms of offence, it is most likely above my Overwhelming Astral Sword. If I can obtain it, I can use it to safeguard one of my Magnetic acupoints after refining it. It is not a bad choice. Seeing the dark-red lance in Mo Ji’s hand, Chen Feng felt his heart thumping with excitement.

“We are just cultivators at the Concealed stage. How could we have any Prized artefacts? Aren’t you just trying to take advantage of those in peril?” some cultivators muttered in dissatisfaction.

However, some of the cultivators turned to look at Chen Feng. Clearly, everyone had known about Chen Feng possessing a Prized artefact.

“He he, I am willing to help,” Chen Feng stepped forward and said with a smile.

“So, we are just missing two more Prized artefacts,” said Lu Ta.

“We are now in a crisis. Everyone, stop holding back. Fellow friends with Prized artefacts, stop hiding it. If this situation continues, we will be in trouble,” said Mo Ji coolly. 

“He he, I am also willing to help,” said the short, middle-aged cultivator standing beside Elegant Gentleman with a smile on his face.

“To have the Grotto Master of Evil Moon Grotto accept my task, I am too honoured.” Mo Ji smiled.

“What? This fellow is Evil Moon Grotto’s Grotto Master? Evil Moon Grotto has a total of eight thieving leaders and the eldest is the Evil Moon Grotto Master. It is said that this fellow’s cultivation base is incredibly high, a demon who kills without hesitation and is on the verge of breaking through to the Sky Human stage. How unexpected! To think that someone with such renown could be such a short cultivator,” one of the cultivators exclaimed.

“Evil Moon Grotto has the aegis of a Prized artefact. No wonder the immortal dao sects kept failing in their attempts to besiege them. He is one who feels disdain for even the Six Great Sky Grottoes. For this big demon to accept this task alongside us, he probably has another objective for coming here,” someone else speculated.

This fellow actually possesses a Prized artefact as well! Earlier, when he was fighting with his bare hands, he had given off an unfathomable atmosphere. If he brings out his Prized artefact, I fear it would be problematic for me. Chen Feng felt his heart roiling. He had not considered Elegant Gentleman as much of a threat. However, that short, middle-aged cultivator had constantly given him a peculiar feeling. Since he possesses a Prized artefact, if we get into a fight, I will be in a disadvantageous position. 

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