Chapter 1358 Temptation


Compared to the tens of billions of Slaughterers, the force that Chen Feng possessed was truly nothing much. Occasionally, Chen Feng would feel puzzled. He simply did not understand how the Slaughterer Bug Empresses could produce so many Slaughterers. He could not even begin to imagine how much power and materials were needed for that. 

Do the other universes contain a lot of energy sources? Chen Feng felt his heart stirring. He began thinking. Once he was strong enough, he would travel out from this universe and explore the other universes. 

Despite this view, Chen Feng still wanted to figure out the situation with the Bug Empresses. At any rate, there was no way every one of the Bug Empresses would come to this universe with so many pre-birthed Slaughterers. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the Bug Empresses must have other sources of energy, a lot of them. 

If I can find these energy sources, the Divine Bug will be able to evolve, no? After it evolves to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, it will be able to fight against the army of Slaughterers quite a bit. At the very least, it will be able to defend itself from them. This can be considered my biggest killer move.

In order to increase his force, Chen Feng’s ambition began growing. He decided to risk it. And so, he stopped roaming the surrounding starry space and returned to the headquarters of the Slaughterers. 

After arriving, Chen Feng was shocked to find that the number of Slaughterers gathered there had reached 300 billion. In his opinion, should this many Slaughterers move together, they would be able to rip asunder a Celestial Plane. At the very least, Chen Feng had no confidence in the Boundless Corps’ ability to stop them. 

Can a female bug at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage bring with it so many bugs? This is simply outrageous. Looking at this alone makes this species an apex existence. It is not something that the other life forms could hope to resist. Chen Feng shook his head. 

Chen Feng then charged towards the Slaughterer headquarters. He utilized a stealth technique as he did so, going all the way into the army of Slaughterers before suddenly attacking. Instantly, he killed off over 10,000 Slaughterers. When the Slaughterers flew towards him, Chen Feng swiftly fled. To Chen Feng’s disappointment, they did not give chase. Just as he was thinking of returning, a massive blade of light emerged to attack him. 

A million Slaughterers had joined forces to fire that attack. 

Run! Naturally, Chen Feng would not take this attack head on. The Longevity Wings spread out and he flew away as fast as he could. Chen Feng managed to evade the blade of light but failed to evade the next attack, a beam of Ageless Light. The attack punched a small hole through his body and a will of slaughter and the power of devastation furiously rampaged within Chen Feng’s body. Even so, he was able to smoothly escape. 

After arriving at a safe spot, he quickly dealt with the wounds on his body. After that, he took action again. It did not take long before he slipped into the army of Slaughterers again. 

This time, Chen Feng secretly released a batch of the Divine Bugs. These Divine Bugs were the ones that the female bug recently created. Externally, the bugs appeared like Slaughterers. Although their combat power was not particularly high, they were capable of reconnaissance work and stealth. 

A total of 10,000 of those Divine Bugs swiftly disappeared into the army of Slaughterers. As scouting bugs, they also possessed another ability. They would self-destruct the moment they were found and their bodies would transform into chaotic streams of energy, making it very hard for the other party to investigate them. 

Chen Feng continued to head deep into the army of Slaughterers. With a wave of his hand, he tossed out over a hundred special Divine Lightnings. One by one, the Divine Lightnings blew up and the Slaughterers around him fell into a state of chaos. Next, the Starlight Overlord Beast and a combat puppet appeared beside Chen Feng. The combat puppet was the one that the Longevity Tower had made using the corpse of a Paramount Gold Immortal. Although it was still no match for a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal, its combat power far surpassed that of a Divine Monarch. As for Chen Feng, he utilized his triple power mode, giving himself the combat power of a Divine Prince. And so, the three of them began attacking. 

The explosion from the hundred plus Divine Lightnings killed at least 10 million Slaughterers. The charge from Chen Feng’s team of three killed another 10 million plus Slaughterers, most of them dying to the combat puppet. This was Chen Feng’s first time using the combat puppet. Its combat power had exceeded his expectations. 

This time, his actions enraged the Slaughterers and a group of Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers immediately went after him. Behind them were hundreds of millions of Slaughterers, all of varying levels. 

“Let’s go! They’re catching up!” Chen Feng shouted. 

Chen Feng used the Longevity Wings while the Starlight Overlord Beast’s whole body shone with starlight, allowing it to fly quite quickly. As for the combat puppet, it remained at the rear.

Chi! Chi!

Moving at an extremely high velocity, those were the Ageless Light attacks from the experts on the Slaughterers’ side. Back then, Chen Feng had failed to stop them.

The combat puppet swung its Longevity Lance to shatter the beams of Ageless Light. With another swing, several of the Gold Immortals pursuing Chen Feng – despite a distance of half a million kilometres between them – were killed off. 

“Stop attacking! Let’s bail!” Chen Feng was startled and he hastily shouted. The combat puppet was simply too strong. Should its display of might scare the Slaughterers off, his plan would fail. 

And so, the combat puppet stopped attacking. It simply blocked the attacks coming at them from behind. Chen Feng’s team of three flew very quickly and it did not take long before they covered a distance of five billion kilometres. They arrived at a very strange area of space. It was a place formed from broken asteroids. There were also hurricane-like void storms rampaging through the place. Chen Feng’s team of three swiftly slipped into the area, disappearing from sight. 

Over 100 million Slaughterers arrived. In the past, Chen Feng had managed to finish off this number of Slaughterers before. This time, however, there were more Gold Immortals within this group. Due to that, Chen Feng did not feel too confident about his chances of winning. 


Over 100 million Slaughterers attacked at almost the same time and the asteroids there were scattered while the void storms were dispersed. Their attacks had swept away everything within the starry space there. 

Chen Feng, the Starlight Overlord Beast and the combat puppet flew away in three different directions. 


The Slaughterers chased again. Suddenly, the space around them transformed. The middle part of the space that the Slaughterers were occupying suddenly collapsed while the surrounding space moved towards the centre. Quickly, a black light shone out from the middle part. After the black light disappeared, a pitch-black black hole appeared. The black hole spun rapidly as it kept expanding in size and all the Slaughterers around it were devoured by it.

“Ha ha ha! They’ve finally fallen for the ambush!” Chen Feng returned. At the same time, the 400 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures appeared as well. This time, Chen Feng did not utilize the Divine Bugs. He knew that he could not finish off all of these Slaughterers. Using this great killing array that he had set up beforehand, he would kill as many of the Slaughterers as he could. 

The experts from the Slaughterers’ side attacked the black hole until it disappeared. However, the black hole managed to devour at least 10 million Slaughterers. Next, the 400 Gold Immortal stage took up the positions of the array cores to mobilize the great killing array to furiously attack the Slaughterers. Chen Feng also released the second combat puppet. 

The display of might from the two combat puppets shocked Chen Feng. Every swing of their Longevity Lance would result in tens of thousands of the Slaughterers reduced to bits. The two combat puppets strode forward, clearing a stretch of the starry space with each swing. Not a single one of the Slaughterers there could stop them. Even when joining forces, they were still incapable of stopping the combat puppets. 

With a stab, the lance pierced through a Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer. Following that, the lance swung and another Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer was sent flying, colliding into and killing a large number of Slaughterers. With a punch, another Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer was blown up. 

Witnessing the combat power of the two combat puppets, Chen Feng felt that, with enough time, they would be able to kill off all of the Slaughterers. 

Finally, the great killing away was broken through. By then, however, 20 million Slaughterers had fallen. After that, the 400 unique creatures became like wolves pouncing into a flock of sheep as they charged into the army of Slaughterers.

The Starlight Overlord Beast’s colossal body kept smashing forward, waves of starlight shining from his body. Any Slaughterer struck by the starlight would immediately disintegrate away. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, wielded the Longevity Bow and kept firing with it. In but several breaths’ worth of time, its attacks had pierced through the bodies of 10 Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Arrow after arrow of light flew forward to easily pierce through over a thousand Slaughterers. Occasionally, some of the arrows would blow up and the formidable shockwaves were like the explosion of a black hole, immediately taking out an entire region of space. 

Chaos and more chaos…

Slaughter and more slaughter…

That said, the Slaughterers were not to be underestimated as well. Several of the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers arrived before Chen Feng. They were the stalkers, the stealth units of the Slaughterers. One of them slashed a blade diagonally at Chen Feng while the other one used an illusion technique to disrupt Chen Feng’s divine sense. Two more Slaughterers silently sealed up Chen Feng’s movement paths.

Chen Feng swung the Longevity Bow and the blade-wielding Slaughterer was sent flying. As the Slaughterer was flying backwards, its body split apart. The bowstring had cut it. 

As for Chen Feng’s two clones, one of them held a blade while the other one held a sword to stop another two Slaughterers. As for the illusion technique, it did not have much effect on Chen Feng. On the contrary, Chen Feng fired a soul attack. 

“Soul Subduing Technique!”

The three Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers cried out wretchedly. Next, three streams of light flowed and the bodies of the three Slaughterers were cut apart at the same time. 

“Huh!” Chen Feng took in a lengthy breath. Back when he had first encountered the Slaughterers for the first time, he’d had to join forces with others to attack a Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer. At present, though, he could singlehandedly kill off four Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. 

However, there were also experts on the Slaughterers’ side. Chen Feng had only just finished off the Slaughterers when a whip struck his body. The formidable power behind the whip sent him flying. 

Even before he could stabilize his body, Chen Feng could already sense the cracks appearing on the Longevity Combat Armour. 

Divine Princes! Chen Feng estimated.

Sou! Sou!

Two Slaughterers swiftly appeared before Chen Feng, who instantly felt slicing power descend upon his body. At the same time, a soul power kept assailing his soul. 

The other party is targeting me here. Chen Feng was quick to realize the other party’s plan. The Longevity Wings flapped outwards only to be shredded by the enemy attacks. In doing so, however, Chen Feng managed to buy some time. He unleashed his triple power mode to instantly send the two Slaughterers flying. 

As for the enemy soul attack, upon entering Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, it was dealt with by the Ancient Divine Bug.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Suddenly, a whip swirled around like an agile snake as it targeted Chen Feng. It was none other than the whip that struck Chen Feng earlier. Chen Feng had wanted to stop it, but the whip was too peculiar. Something flashed before his eyes and Chen Feng was once again sent flying. 

So strong! This strength is already close to that of a Divine Monarch! Chen Feng was secretly shocked. Next, a thick layer of bloody light seeped out and the damaged Longevity Combat Armour rapidly repaired itself. This was the power of the Blood Mustering Bead. 

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