Chapter 1356 Stalk


Due to that, Chen Feng ended up yearning for the Slaughterers to continue appearing. Strangely enough, for the next 100 years, the Celestial Longevity Plane ended up enjoying peace. Large armies of Slaughterers aside, not even individual Slaughterers could be found. 

As a result, Chen Feng was unable to continue staying in the stronghold. Moreover, the stronghold’s development was already on the right track. And with that many Divine Princes, Divine Monarchs and True Monarchs keeping watch there, there should be no issues in leaving the stronghold for a moment. 

After arranging things over with Longevity Edge, Chen Feng then left. 

This time, Chen Feng secretly brought a number of the Gold Immortal stage unique creatures with him. In addition, he also brought the Starlight Overlord Beast. The giant interstellar creature had been spending all this time cultivating within the Longevity Tower. After undergoing the training from Tower, his strength had risen by leaps and bounds. He was already infinitely close to reaching the Divine Monarch level. 

Back then, Chen Feng had forced this unique creature from the Chaos Dimension to submit to him and the two agreed that the Starlight Overlord Beast would serve Chen Feng for a certain period of time, after which Chen Feng would let it go. Naturally, the fact that he was forced to submit had left the Starlight Overlord Beast displeased. However, after receiving the pointers from the Longevity Tower, the Starlight Overlord Beast no longer felt any grudge towards Chen Feng. If he could advance to the Divine Monarch level, even following Chen Feng for a long time would not be a problem for him. 

Chen Feng had several goals in leaving the stronghold. He wanted to head to the Immortal Plane, the Dark Plane and kill off some Slaughterers along the way. Additionally, he also wanted to find some sources of essence power. 

The place he would go in search of essence power was the region of ancient stars that the Divine Princes informed him back then. In Chen Feng’s opinion, by finding the place and obtaining some of the ancient star cores there, he would be able to not just improve his own strength, he could also use them on the female bug to create an ocean-like number of Divine Bugs. 

After leaving the stronghold, Chen Feng rode the Starlight Overlord Beast for three months, travelling over 10 trillion kilometres. It was already more than one lightyear. In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to head to the Immortal Plane. On the way there, however, he encountered something that caused him to change his mind. 

It was an army of Slaughterers travelling through the starry space. In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to go kill some of the Slaughterers and collect energy from them. But upon seeing them gather up and advance non-stop, he grew curious. And so, he followed them from afar, wanting to know what they were after. For several months, he followed the Slaughterers who revealed no signs of stopping down. They did not use any teleportation arrays, stop for a break or attack the other star regions. Instead, they simply flew forward at a steady pace. 

A total of ten billion Slaughterers were lined up in an orderly manner. Everywhere they went, they were like a tempest of devastation sweeping through the universe. 

There were no other forces, only Slaughterers. 

Several months later, Chen Feng found that he had deviated far away from his original route. He had travelled across a distance of two lightyears.

He had been riding on the Starlight Overlord Beast throughout the whole journey. For the Starlight Overlord Beast who possessed a lengthy life span, even a 10,000-year-long journey through the starry space was nothing, let alone several months. Thankfully for Chen Feng, this Starlight Overlord Beast was a chatterbox and he did not feel lonely following the Slaughterers.

“Young Master, where do you think these Slaughterers are heading to?” the Starlight Overlord Beast asked curiously. 

“This is the 18th time you’ve asked me that,” Chen Feng replied with a helpless tone. 

“Eighteen? So many times? Well, I’ll ask again, then. I just feel weird. We did encounter several life-bearing worlds along the way, but these Slaughterers actually did not attack them. It is really strange,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said. 

“It is a little strange.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Young Master, can you not think of why they did that?” the Starlight Overlord Beast said. 

“Can you?” Chen Feng said with a smile. They had discussed this topic many times along the way. 

“I have some speculations,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said. 

“Tell me about it.” Chen Feng knew that the Starlight Overlord Beast was from the Chaos Dimension, a place with many strange and ancient unique creatures. Although the past few speculations from him did not feel particularly reliable, maybe this time he would be able to come up with some good ones.

“I think these Slaughterers are likely in the process of a great migration,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said. 

“Well, tell me more about it.” Chen Feng nodded, but there was a helpless smile on his face. 

“It has to be a great migration for this race. Think about it. There are so many Slaughterers there, a whopping 10 billion of them and more. None of them attacked the other life-bearing planets and just continued to move forward. Moreover, there are Earthen Immortals to Gold Immortals there, all of varying levels. They are moving forward steadily without leaving behind any of the weaker Slaughterers. If this is not a migration, what is it?” the Starlight Overlord Beast said. 

“Your words make sense.” Chen Feng nodded.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words of affirmation, the Starlight Overlord Beast grew even more excited. “Back when I was in the Chaos Dimension, I had encountered something like this before. They left their homes, bringing their family members with them. If they are not escaping from something, then they are migrating. Given how many Slaughterers there are, they must not be escaping. If so, it must be a migration.”

“Firstly, I have to correct you about something. These Slaughterers are not leaving their homes while bringing their family members with them. Also, there is one thing that you probably do not know of yet. These Slaughterers are actually bugs,” Chen Feng said. 

“What? Bugs? Did I hear that right?” The Starlight Overlord Beast’s colossal body jolted. It felt as though he was terrified of the word. 

“You heard that right. I can confidently tell you that these Slaughterers are bugs, or rather, a branch of the bug race.” Chen Feng nodded.

“How do you know that? Although these Slaughterers are quite similar to bugs, there is no way to be certain. At the very least, I could not,” the Starlight Overlord Beast then said. 

“Because I have a bug with me,” Chen Feng said. 

“Bugs are not that rare. I have seen many bugs before myself,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said casually. 

“I think you misunderstand. I mean a female bug,” Chen Feng said. 

“What? A female bug? A Bug Empress!” The Starlight Overlord Beast’s colossal body shook again. 

“How could you have something like that? Even True Monarchs might not be able to get their hands on something like that.”

“Might not? In other words, it is possible to obtain them?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Aha ha! I don’t actually know. It is just my speculation.” The Starlight Overlord Beast then became somewhat embarrassed. 

“By the way, is the female bug you obtained also a Slaughterer?”

“Of course not. Mine is a very unique Divine Bug. Its quality and potential are even greater compared to the Slaughterers,” Chen Feng said. 

“If that’s the case, Young Master, you must know where these Slaughterers are heading to, right?” the Starlight Overlord Beast asked. 

“How would I know where they are heading to? However, I can guess why they are doing this.” Chen Feng smiled. He had been chatting with the Ancient Divine Bug along the way. As a result, he believed that he knew what these Slaughterers were doing. 

“Really? Quick, tell me.” The Starlight Overlord Beast oozed with curiosity. 

“Amongst bugs, something like this would usually happen when the female bugs issue a summon,” Chen Feng said.

“The female bug’s summon? Could the female bug be in danger? If it is, these Slaughterers should be going faster,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said after a moment’s consideration. 

“I do not know. Perhaps, it is for something else. However, this is something that would only happen when the female bug is summoning them. In order to figure out the exact details, we’ll have to follow them to the end.”

In truth, Chen Feng was already feeling regretful about following them. They had spent too long on this, travelled too far away. At the same time, turning back now did not sit right with him. At any rate, they had followed the Slaughterers for so long. Pondering about it, Chen Feng – also motivated by his curiosity – then decided to continue following. 

Suddenly, something happened, stirring him out of his bored state. Something that appeared like a torrent of water appeared from afar to quickly merge as one with this stream of Slaughterers that Chen Feng was following. 

“A billion Slaughterers. They came from some other places. Looks like your previous speculation is correct, Young Master,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said. 

Chen Feng nodded and said nothing. He had already caught sight of yet another stream of Slaughterers. 

“Another one billion Slaughterers. Young Master, we’ll have to be more careful,” the Starlight Overlord Beast said and his colossal body shrank considerably. Meanwhile, Chen Feng waved his hand to send out a stream of light, pushing the state of stealth that their bodies were in to a higher level.   

Time passed and more Slaughterers kept coming from various directions to gather up with this stream of Slaughterers. 

The number of Slaughterers rose to 20 billion. 

30 billion.

40 billion.

50 billion. 

When the number reached 100 billion, the Slaughterers began slowing down. 

“Looks like we have reached the destination,” Chen Feng said. 

After that, Chen Feng tried to contact the Longevity Tower. However, the connection between them was faint and he could not receive any response from Tower. 

I’ll have to depend on myself next. However, given the scale of this matter, participating in this will not be easy, Chen Feng thought. 

“The number of Slaughterers has gone up to 120 billion.” By then, the Starlight Overlord Beast’s voice had begun to quaver. Should all these Slaughterers besiege him, there would be nothing left of him. Furthermore, he could also sense several auras capable of threatening him from the army of Slaughterers. 

Finally, the vast army of Slaughterers stopped moving. Instead, they simply hovered quietly in space, occupying a large stretch of the space there. Looking at them from afar, it would appear as though a black star region had appeared there. 

“Master, I sense the aura of the other party’s Bug Empress. It is very strong, probably at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.” The Ancient Divine Bug’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. 

“What, it really is a Bug Empress? But if you can sense it, won’t it be able to sense you as well?” That was what concerned Chen Feng the most. Should the other party sense the female bug, it would also find him. Given the fact that it possessed the strength of a Paramount Gold Immortal, it would have a very easy time dealing with him. 

“It’s not the same. The other party will not find me because I am not exposing my aura. This Slaughterer Bug Empress is deliberately releasing its aura and an air of majesty. Only those of the bug race would be able to sense it. As for the other races, they would not sense it, not even if they are standing right before it,” the Ancient Divine Bug said. 

“Aura and air of majesty.” Chen Feng shook his head. He truly did not sense all that. 

“There are also some peculiar energy waves. According to my analysis, it is the summoning power issued by the Slaughterer Bug Empress. In the face of this summoning power, any Slaughterer created by this Bug Empress, no matter how far away they are from it, would immediately return.”

“No matter how far? There should be some limit, no?” Chen Feng said. 

“If we really want to talk about limits, given this Bug Empress’ strength, the limit is probably 100 lightyears or 1,000 lightyears. It is also possible for it to reach the entire universe,” the Ancient Divine Bug said. 

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