Chapter 1355 Making Divine Bugs


This mountain range was quite famous. It had a high concentration of spiritual energy and several high-grade spirit veins within it. Most importantly, there were many living creatures there. Additionally, there were also several decent-sized forces here. The moment the Slaughterers appeared they, the forces there noticed them. 

After the wave of formidable power teleported the Slaughterers there, they flew down to the ground. 

Tens of millions of Slaughterers thus enveloped the sky, covering a length of almost 50,000 kilometres.

“Oh, no! It’s the Slaughterers!”

“The Slaughterers have entered our Celestial Longevity Plane! What is going on here? Isn’t the Boundless Corps stopping them in space?”

“It really is the Slaughterers. Could the Boundless Corps have fallen? This is bad. Is this the end of our Celestial Longevity Plane?”

“No. Our world is very big. Maybe these Slaughterers came here through some other places.”

“That’s not right. There are soldiers guarding every part of space outside our world. Do not forget, there is also the Longevity Corps, the Limitless Corps and the Palace Corps.”

“Enough nonsense! Hurry up and summon more men over. These Slaughterers don’t seem that strong.”

“But there’s a lot of them.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! The Slaughterers have come! Bring it! Kill!” A cultivator who had only just ended his cultivation retreat brandished his sword as he charged into the army of Slaughterers.

After several clashes, he managed to slaughter a good number of the Slaughterers.

“Fellows, there is no need to worry! The number of Slaughterers is not that high. More, they do not have any Gold Immortals! By having all our forces here work together, we will have no problems dealing with them.”

“I’m just worried that more of these Slaughterers will come.”

“We should take care of this problem first.”

Fifty million kilometres away from this mountain range was a basin. The basin covered a length of hundreds of thousands of li. Interestingly enough, this place had a high number of yao beasts and spirit creatures. Due to that, the force there was named the Yaos and Demons Alliance. Surface wise, this Yaos and Demons Alliance obeyed the instructions of the Longevity Palace. Normally, though, they do not like to interact much with the cultivators from the Longevity Clan. 

On this particular day, the Yaos and Demons Alliance was holding a grand competition. Countless yaos and demons were gathered up at the centre of a valley. However, the competition had only just begun when the experts there sensed a spatial abnormality there. Next, the Slaughterers descended upon them. 


“How did the Slaughterers manage to come inside? Is the Celestial Longevity Plane about to fall? Impossible!”

“This is bad! Those are Slaughterers!”

“Just what are the army corps doing? How can something like this happen?”

“Don’t panic! Hurry, activate the defensive magic arrays and great killing arrays!”

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Although they initially fell into a slight state of turmoil, the yaos, demons and spirit creatures there were very quick to react. Under the command of several Gold Immortals, a layer of thick, multi-coloured energy barrier rose up. Like a bowl, it encased the ground, covering a radius of 50,000 kilometres.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of the Slaughterers smashing against the barrier. The Slaughterers were truly creatures born for the sake of slaughter. Despite not knowing where they were suddenly teleported off to, they furiously attacked the energy barrier, wanting to kill off the yaos and demons within it. 


An energy cannon roared and a thick pillar of light swept out. Instantly, tens of thousands of the Slaughterers were decimated. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Unexpectedly, the Yaos and Demons Alliance would bring out eight energy cannons. One wave of the cannon attacks left the army of Slaughterers in a state of chaos. 


In the beginning, the yaos and demons had panicked somewhat. However, upon seeing how easy it was to slaughter the Slaughterers, they began organizing their own forces to attack. 


Tens of millions of Slaughterers descended upon the military camp of the Longevity Corps. Swiftly, war chariots charged and teams of soldiers rampaged their way forward. The might of the Longevity Corps was indeed not to be underestimated. In the face of the Longevity Corps, the tens of millions of Slaughterers could do nothing but die to them.


The Limitless Corps also came under attack from the Slaughterers. However, the Limitless Corps put on an even greater display of might. They did not dispatch any soldiers for the Slaughterers. Instead, they simply activated a great killing array to kill off every single one of the tens of millions of Slaughterers. 

The imperial family, the Tower Corps, the Palace Corps, the various counties and forces and even some mid-sized sects came face to face with the Slaughterers. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense scanned the situation briefly before retracting. 

“Longevity Celestial, we have already shifted 500 million,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“Shift in another 300 million,” Chen Feng said. 


However, the 18 Divine Princes ended up depleting all of their strength after shifting another 200 million Slaughterers. They then fell limply to the ground. The massive Great Shift Array also dissipated away. The number of Slaughterers that remained was not even enough to satisfy the Boundless Corps. With but a few charges, they managed to kill off every one of the Slaughterers. 

After that, the soldiers tidied up the battlefield. The 18 Divine Princes headed back to recover. As for the situation in the Celestial Longevity Plane, Chen Feng could not be bothered to check. The hundreds of millions of Slaughterers they shifted into the Celestial Longevity Plane were only able to stir up some chaos right after they appeared, but they were quickly pacified. 

“Judging by what happened this time, even letting 10 billion Slaughterers in would not be an issue. However, the Slaughterers that appeared this time is not that strong. Most of them are True Immortals. To think that there would be True Immortals and Ascendant Immortals amongst them. Rather, there were even Earthen Immortals back then. Just what is going on here?” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Master, I need the energy of the Slaughterers and their corpses.” The voice of the Ancient Divine Bug came from his sea of wisdom. 

Oh, that’s right. How did I forget that? Slaughterers are also bugs. They are also created using energy. By devouring them, the Ancient Divine Bug will be able to make even more Divine Bugs. Looks like we’ll have to participate in the next battle. Although Chen Feng was the leader of the Boundless Corps, he could not snatch away their spoils for no reason. At any rate, the crystal cores and corpses of the Slaughterers were all good items for cultivation. 

And so, even more time passed. The force they sent to help the Celestial Malla Plane finally returned. The one million-strong force lost 10,000 soldiers, the equivalent of 1% of its full force. This loss was within Chen Feng’s range of acceptance.

Chen Feng learned from them the situation in the Celestial Malla Plane. To his surprise, the Celestial Malla Plane managed to survive this calamity. 

The news shocked Chen Feng. But after hearing the rest of the details, he understood. 

In total, there were three reasons why the Celestial Malla Plane was able to survive. 

Firstly, in the face of this calamity, the Celestial Malla Plane had come together as one to unleash an exceedingly strong show of might. Even some other cultivators, those veterans who had been living in recluse and those who had been cultivating in outer space chose to join this battle. 

Second was the reinforcements from the Celestial Longevity Plane and the other Celestial Planes. Including the force from the Celestial Longevity Plane, they had a total of eight forces that served as reinforcements. Although their numbers were not high, the combined might of eight forces was nothing to scoff at. 

Third, a dispute had broken out within the enemy forces. For some unknown reasons, the Divine Demon Clan and the cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane started fighting one another. Due to that, their offensive ability fell. 

And so, this tug-of-war between the two sides lasted for roughly 10 years. To their surprise, the army of Slaughterers was not replenished. In the end, the Divine Demon Clan was the first to retreat while the cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane followed. By then, though, only a small number of Slaughterers was left in the space outside the Celestial Malla Plane.  

“How strange. To think that something like that would happen,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“However, the Celestial Malla Plane was badly damaged. Their soldiers took a high number of casualties and many of the spirit veins within the Celestial Malla Plane were either damaged or looted. At any rate, the Celestial Malla Plane would not be able to recover any time soon. If another such attack descends upon it, the Celestial Malla Plane will definitely be incapable of holding,” a Divine Prince from the Boundless Family informed Chen Feng of the situation in the Celestial Malla Plane. 

“Say, if a Celestial Plane chooses to attack the Celestial Malla Plane now, would it be able to hold?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“It probably wouldn’t happen, not unless several Celestial Planes join forces to carve up the Celestial Malla Plane amongst themselves,” the Divine Prince was quick to reply. 

Chen Feng nodded. “Yes. Although the Celestial Malla Plane is badly damaged now, its foundation is still there. With enough time, it will be able to recover quickly. Additionally, the calamity would cause the Celestial Malla Plane to be more united. If another Celestial Plane chooses to attack it, not only would it fail to gain much from it, the attacking force would instead have to face an all-out resistance from the cultivators from the Celestial Malla Plane. The most likely ending would be for both sides to suffer from mutual destruction. The only exception would be if there are three or four Celestial Planes working together to attack the Celestial Malla Plane.”

After thinking about it for a moment, Chen Feng asked again, “How is Magiris doing?”

“Magiris Blackwater performed quite well in the war. Additionally, he also made use of the war to win over several forces. At present, his status has risen greatly. His position in the Blackwater Tribe is now only second to Divine Monarch Blackwater,” the Divine Prince replied. 

“He sure has some abilities. However, Divine Monarch Blackwater still lacks vision. At a time like this, he is still not giving Magiris his full support.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Due to the involvement of the forces of the Malla Corps, the affairs of the Blackwater Tribe are very complicated. Magiris wanted me to relay a message to you, Young Master. He said that he will be sending some cultivators over to the Immortal Plane in the coming days.”

“I understand.” Chen Feng nodded. It would appear that, during this short period, Blackwater’s strength had grown. However, judging from his actions here, it would seem that he was not feeling optimistic about the Celestial Malla Plane’s situation. 

Ten years later, the army of Slaughterers arrived again. This time, there was a total of two billion of them. As they had experienced this before, the Boundless Corps dealt with the situation calmly. A total of 1.6 billion Slaughterers were teleported into the Celestial Longevity Plane while the Boundless Corps finished off the rest. 

This time, Chen Feng also chose to join the battle, unleashing his full power to kill off the Slaughterers. Following Chen Feng’s instructions, 200 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures charged into the army of Slaughterers. Chen Feng and the team of unique creatures by themselves managed to kill off 100 million Slaughterers. Naturally, all of the corpses and crystal cores from the Slaughterers went to Chen Feng. He sent them all into the separate space for the female bug who devoured them all before creating even more Divine Bugs. 

However, in order to test the combat power of the Divine Bugs, Chen Feng also captured some of the Slaughterers and secretly studied them. After letting the two sides fight each other to the death, Chen Feng came to the conclusion that, at the same level, the combat power of the Divine Bugs was slightly higher than the combat power of the Slaughterers. But when it came to fighting as a group, the Divine Bugs’ combat power was several times higher.

Because the Slaughterers were only proficient in slaughter. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they would often rely on their numbers to initiate a mad charge. They would rarely work together, except when there were high-level Slaughterers giving them the order to do so. 

The Divine Bugs, on the other hand, would cooperate with one another. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were able to fight as a unit. In the experiment that Chen Feng conducted, where 10,000 Divine Bugs were pitted against 10,000 Slaughterers, the Divine Bugs would keep on assuming different formations to quickly wipe out the Slaughterers. After that, the Divine Bugs would collect the killed Slaughterers and bring them to the female bug who would then devour the power within the Slaughterers. 

Through the experiment, Chen Feng was able to affirm the utility of the Divine Bugs. At the same time, some other thoughts also grew firm within his mind. He would make more Divine Bugs. With an army of the Divine Bugs, he would be able to turn the situation around in future battles and assume the position of leader.

Looks like I need more energy sources. Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. He brought out some secret techniques in exchange for the Slaughterers’ crystal cores and corpses. By doing so, he was able to obtain several hundred million crystal cores. As for the Slaughterer corpses, due to the war, the number of corpses left was much smaller. 

The female bug worked very quickly and it did not take long before it created another 100,000 Heavenly Immortal stage Divine Bugs and 500,000 True Immortal stage Divine Bugs. In addition, it also created 20,000 half-step Gold Immortal stage Divine Bugs.

This time, it did not create any Gold Immortal stage Divine Bugs. According to the female bug, given its present level of strength, creating more Gold Immortal stage Divine Bugs would cause instability. Additionally, the chances of success were also low. 

In the end, all the Slaughterer crystal cores and corpses that Chen Feng obtained were devoured. It was then that Chen Feng understood. Things that were too good to be true did not exist. The creation of every Divine Bug would consume a large amount of power and materials. More, a high amount of those input would be exhausted during the process of creation. It was not a one-for-one scenario. Additionally, the female bug was not yet devouring the energy sources for her own evolution.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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