Chapter 1354 Wave of Slaughterers


After entering a state of cultivation, Chen Feng stopped paying attention to what was happening outside. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he had temporarily forgotten everything else. In his opinion, until the enemy forces arrived, nothing would happen to the stronghold. As for the matter of reinforcing the Celestial Malla Plane, the other Divine Princes would take care of it. 

Chen Feng wanted to improve his cultivation base. At any rate, he was now in charge of the Boundless Family, but he was not a Gold Immortal. Some cultivators would think little of him because of this. 

Upon reaching the Gold Immortal stage, Chen Feng’s position, status, influence and combat power would rise greatly. At the same time, though, he knew that this could not be rushed. He utilized the laws of time for his cultivation session. As the Longevity Tower was not here, he used his own power to create a space before speeding up time within. 

Only after the situation within the stronghold became chaotic did Chen Feng stop his cultivation session. Calculating it, he then realized that he had been cultivating for 3,000 years. 

During that time, the female Divine Bug also created another 100,000 Divine Bugs. However, only 10,000 amongst them possessed the combat power of Heavenly Immortals while the other 90,000 were just True Immortals.   

In addition, the female bug also created 10 Gold Immortal stage Divine Bugs. This was the female bug’s limit. As for Chen Feng, doing this had used up all the cultivation materials that he gathered up in the past. It included even a star core fragment that he had yet to devour. 

“They sure are something else. These Divine Bugs have used up all I have. Just the number of Immortal crystals used has exceeded 10 billion.” In the beginning, Chen Feng had felt his heart aching, but upon seeing the rows of orderly Ancient Divine Bugs within the separate space, he felt that all of it was worth it. 

Looking it at from another perspective, even if he had given all the cultivation materials in his possession to other cultivators, it would be very hard to create so many Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals. Even if it could, a very long time was needed for that. The Ancient Divine Bugs, however, were different. By providing the female bug with enough power, it would be able to create countless Divine Bugs. 

This was their advantage over humans. It was practically a Heaven-defying advantage.

Chen Feng’s divine sense swept his surroundings and he found that all the Gold Immortals around him had already left. Next, he strode forward. The guards were still there, lined up in an orderly manner. Upon seeing Chen Feng, they revealed a look of relief. 

“Young Master!” A group of soldiers moved over. The one leading them was a Heavenly Immortal. Seeing Chen Feng, he quickly stepped forward to salute him. 

“What’s going on?” Chen Feng asked. 

“It’s the Slaughterers. There are around one billion of them. For now, no other forces have appeared to join up with them,” the soldier said. 

“Alright. Continue patrolling.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Young Master, we also want to join the battle.” Seeing Chen Feng about to leave, the leader of the soldiers said anxiously. 

Chen Feng, though, smiled and said, “Stick to your post.”

“Understood!” Hearing that, a look of disappointment flashed across the eyes of the soldiers, but they nodded their heads. 

“No need to be anxious. The time for you fellows to step into the battlefield will come. Then, you will not be able to back away even if you wanted to.” Chen Feng sighed. Shaking his head, he left, leaving the soldiers who looked at each other. 

After arriving at the outermost defence line of the stronghold, Chen Feng saw rows of soldiers charging into the battlefield. All of the Slaughterers were stopped at the outermost area of the stronghold’s defence line, incapable of breaking through even the first defence line. 

Chen Feng nodded to himself. Given the Boundless Corps’ present level of strength, these one billion Slaughterers were indeed not much of a threat. They could only be considered as appetizers.

“Longevity Celestial, you’re here.” Divine Prince Heavensfire appeared before Chen Feng, his body completely wreathed in flames. 

“Senior, you joined the action as well?” Chen Feng asked with a chuckle.

“Ha ha ha! My hands felt itchy and I could not hold back.” Divine Prince Heavensfire laughed. 

“One billion Slaughterers. They have less than 100 Gold Immortals. Moreover, there are no other forces with them. I wonder what is on their minds?” Divine Prince Iceform arrived as well. Divine Prince Iceform was only overseeing the battle. Given the situation, he had no desire to take action. 

“Do they have no reinforcements?” As Chen Feng spoke, he inspected the battlefield. The Boundless Corps had mobilized 30% of their soldiers for the fight. Some would rush out to attack while some manned the defensive magic arrays. Occasionally, they would allow some of the Slaughterers into the magic arrays before killing the Slaughterers. 

“This can also be considered as training. However, we will still end up with casualties.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“It is very strange. They don’t have any reinforcements. At the very least, there are no other forces within a radius of 50 billion kilometres,” Divine Prince Iceform said, shaking his head. 

Chen Feng nodded. He was originally thinking of sending out the Divine Bugs and observe their combat abilities. However, after pondering the decision, he decided against it in the end. In truth, he had his own scruples about it. He himself could not tell just how valuable the female bug was. Should he bring it out now, he might end up becoming targeted by some forces. Even True Monarchs might try to snatch it from him. More, the fact that the Ancient Divine Bug in his hands was already at the Divine Monarch level made it even more valuable. After spending all this time studying it, Chen Feng had come to realize some things that he did not know in the past. This female bug was a very high-level existence, even amongst the entire bug race.

Although this was the Boundless Corps’ stronghold, the moment the existence of the Divine Bugs was exposed, news of their existence would quickly spread out. It would be unstoppable. 

Forget it. I should wait some more. Chen Feng shook his head. 

A group of soldiers, covered in wounds, returned from the battlefield. A group of well-rested soldiers then roared as they charged forward. This army of Slaughterers was not that strong, making it a very good opportunity to train themselves and rack up military contributions.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before saying, “What are the Slaughterers up to? Are they planning on using the same method they used with the Dark Plane, sending one batch of Slaughterers after another to exhaust our strength? If it’s only to this extent, forget 10,000 years or even 100,000 years, they would not be able to break our defence line no matter how long they do this for. The battles that our Boundless Corps had with the unique creatures from the Chaos Dimension in the past surpass this.”

“It is somewhat peculiar. However, they really do not have any reinforcements. Regardless, this is a good opportunity for us to exhaust the strength of the Slaughterers,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“I’ll go kill for a bit,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said, brandishing a flaming blade as he charged into the army of Slaughterers again. 

Chen Feng knew that the Divine Prince Heavensfire’s love for battle was only one reason for his actions. The other reason was that he wanted to kill some more Slaughterers to reduce the pressure on the other soldiers. 

“Activate the Great Shift Array,” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

Divine Prince Iceform was somewhat taken aback. “We’re doing that now?”

“Yes. We’ll make use of the fact that the enemy we’re facing is not too strong and let them get used to it first,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“If we shift these Slaughterers directly into the Longevity Corps or Limitless Corps, the Slaughterers are probably not enough to even satisfy them.” Divine Prince Iceform laughed. 

“We’ll shift them separately,” Chen Feng said. 

“Very well.” Divine Prince Iceform sighed. Next, he summoned the other Divine Princes. Quickly, he gathered up a total of 18 Divine Princes. 

Hearing that Chen Feng wanted to utilize the Great Shift Array left the Divine Princes somewhat shocked, but none of them questioned the command. 

“Let’s do it. It’s time for the others to contribute. Our Boundless Corps cannot always be the one that gets taken advantage of.” One of the Divine Princes snickered. He was a veteran member of the Boundless Corps. Every action he took was for the interest of the Boundless Corps. Thus, he had no objections towards Chen Feng’s command. 


A fist-sized crystal ball appeared in the hands of the 18 Divine Princes at the same time. Every one of the crystal balls contained a highly formidable power and multi-coloured streams of light kept flashing from it. Various runes could also be seen flowing within. More, there was also the aura of the dao of paramountcy rippling about. 

The crystal balls were made by Paramount Gold Immortals. 

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Divine Princes utilized the crystal balls to release waves of energy that spread out into the distant starry space. The moment they began using the crystal balls, the faces of the Divine Princes turned grim. Chen Feng knew that they were channelling all their power for this endeavour. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and tens of Gold Immortals instantly appeared. The Gold Immortals spread out to prevent anyone from disturbing the Divine Princes. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Finally, beams of light began radiating out from the crystal balls. Like Ageless Light, the beams of light directly made their way into the starry space, but they turned to finally reach the Slaughterer army. 

The 18 beams of light formed 18 dots. The dots were like fountains and energy kept gushing out from them. Next, the streams of energy connected with one another. Within them were threads, runes and symbols and it did not take long before a thick canopy was formed there. 


The canopy released multi-coloured streams of light that descended upon the army of Slaughterers. Immediately, a stretch of the Slaughterers was enveloped and they disappeared. 

“How many?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Thirty million!” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“Too little,” Chen Feng said loudly. 



The canopy of light descended again and yet another stretch of Slaughterers disappeared. 

“How many?”

“Fifty million.”

“Still very little. Maintain this number and send a total of 500 million in,” Chen Feng said. His divine sense then spread out to inspect what was happening within the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

By then, chaos had begun erupting within the Celestial Longevity Plane. The first to be affected was a rolling mountain range. 

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