Chapter 1353 Divine Bugs


“Combat puppets?” Chen Feng became surprised. He did not understand what Tower meant. 

“Combat puppets made using the corpses of Paramount Gold Immortals.” Tower chuckled. 

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and a look of joy appeared on his face. “Does that mean they have the combat power of Paramount Gold Immortals?”

That was what Chen Feng cared about the most.

“Although they cannot be compared to the real thing, their combat power surpasses that of Divine Monarchs. At any rate, their fleshly bodies and the strength within are things left behind by Paramount Gold Immortals,” Tower said. 

“Only two?”

“In order to refine these two combat puppets, I have not rested at all,” Tower said in a displeased tone. 

“By the way, the raw materials, the corpses of the Paramount Gold Immortals, where did you get them?”

Chen Feng grew shocked. The Longevity Tower had only just recovered to the high-grade Divine tier. Killing off Paramount Gold Immortals would not be easy even at that level. 

“At present, I have opened up all nine floors. There are some items left inside me from back then. Paramount Gold Immortals are difficult to kill, but not impossible. Besides, having reached that level, their corpses will not be easy to destroy. In the past, I managed to collect some useful items while exploring the starry space. The unique creatures that I gave you are one such example,” Tower said. 

“I understand. By the way, there are too many enemies right now. The unique creatures you gave me is not enough. Do you have anymore? Gave me another thousand,” Chen Feng said. 

“Huh?!” Tower – still inside Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom – jumped to his feet.

“Do you think that those unique creatures are cabbages now? Those are all rare species in our universe. The ones that could cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage are even smaller in number. I was lucky enough as it is to be able to collect that many. And you actually want more? Is there something wrong with your head?” Tower said with displeasure.

“If you don’t have, then it’s fine. I was just asking.” Chen Feng felt awkward about it. 

“Actually, I do have some,” Tower suddenly said.

“Eh, you do?” Chen Feng grew surprised.

Pondering for a moment, Tower then said, “How should I put it? Unlike the unique creatures of chaos that I gave you, this one is an Ancient Divine Bug that I found in a mysterious place.”

“An Ancient Divine Bug? Like my Ancient Flame Beetle?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. The Ancient Flame Beetle in his possession was currently cultivating using fire. It could devour various types of fire. In all honesty, it should be classified as a fire-type unique creature of chaos. After all this time, it had already cultivated up to the Heavenly Immortal stage. This rate of cultivation could already be considered as fast.

Immediately, Chen Feng’s face turned dark. He believed that the Ancient Divine Bug that Tower had found would not have a particularly high cultivation level. 

“Unlike your Ancient Flame Beetle, the one I found is a female bug.” Tower shook his head. 

“A female bug?!” Chen Feng’s voice rose up. He was truly shocked.

“Yes. Even though there is only one female bug, after all these years of nurturing from me, it can already create an army of Divine Bugs.”

After Tower said that, Chen Feng felt another separate space appearing within his sea of wisdom. Floating within the space was a massive Divine Bug that was as big as a mountain. Its entire body was black, with mysterious-looking patterns on its surface that shone with light. It had sharp teeth and a pair of large wings emerged out from its back while sharp blades jutted out from its eight limbs. At its rear part was what appeared like a coiled-up whip. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, he felt his mind connecting to the Divine Bug. It was as though the Divine Bug had become part of his body. 

“A Divine Monarch!” Chen Feng was shocked. 

“Ha ha ha! Back when I obtained this Divine Bug, it had only just reached the Ageless Gold Immortal stage,” Tower said smugly. 

“It advanced so quickly!” Chen Feng was surprised. 

“These Ancient Divine Bugs are different from other lifeforms. As long as there is enough power, they will be able to quickly advance. Interestingly enough, the ones created by this female bug are all battle-type Divine Bugs. Although their quality is not that high, they have numbers on their side. Enough. You’ll have to slowly figure out the rest on your own. I will be leaving in one month’s time.” After saying that, Tower disappeared from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. 

Chen Feng’s attention was completely taken up by the Divine Bug. He could sense formidable power radiating from the Divine Bug’s body. In fact, there was also a sense of devastation there. There was also the aura, which was different from the living creatures that he had encountered in the past. At any rate, the Ancient Flame Beetle that he obtained in the past was not a female bug. Chen Feng only had the ability to command the Ancient Flame Beetle to fight and not truly understand it. This female bug, though, was clearly of a higher level. Additionally, it was also of a completely different type compared to the Ancient Flame Beetle. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, two passageways appeared at the bottom part of the Divine Bug’s body, close to its forelimbs. Next, one small Divine Bug after another crawled out from the passageways. Of course, they were only small compared to this female bug. Each of these ‘small’ Divine Bugs was at least 10 metres long. The Divine Bugs were very fast. After crawling out, they got into an orderly formation. Additionally, the Divine Bugs had various different appearances. But no matter how different they looked, they all appeared like bugs. 

Soon enough, the separate space became filled with the Divine Bugs. With another thought from Chen Feng, the space began expanding in size. The space could also be considered as another one of Chen Feng’s bodily worlds. 

It did not take long before the number of Divine Bugs reached 100,000. After that, the passageway closed up. The female bug then sent a bunch of information to Chen Feng’s mind. 

Digesting the information alone took Chen Feng several days. In the end, Chen Feng gained a comprehensive understanding of this Divine Bug. 

Simply put, this Divine Bug had a mind of its own. However, it was under the control of the Longevity Tower and Chen Feng.

In order for the female bug to create more Divine Bugs, it needed large amounts of power and some other materials. The number of Divine Bugs it could create and their combat power were related to the amount of power provided. 

The female bug could evolve. Even the Divine Bugs it created could evolve and cultivate. However, their ability to do so was slow and their ability to evolve would be determined by the female bug. 

The 100,000 Divine Bugs that it released were the ones it created beforehand with the help of the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng had only let them out. To Chen Feng’s delight, all of the 100,000 Divine Bugs had the combat power of Heavenly Immortals. 

In the beginning, Chen Feng was overjoyed. However, after thinking about it, this female bug possessed the strength of a Divine Monarch. Creating some Heavenly Immortals was indeed nothing noteworthy.

Next, though, the smile on Chen Feng’s face disappeared. In order to create more Divine Bugs, he would need to provide the female bug with more power and materials. 

I’ve heard that some other universes have mechanical civilizations. This Divine Bug is somewhat similar to that, Chen Feng thought. 

We are of the bug civilization, no the mechanical civilization. However, many of the aspects of the mechanical civilization are imitations of us bugs. Sensing Chen Feng’s thoughts, the female bug then sent a thought over. 

A thought flashed across Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Yes. The Slaughterers seem somewhat similar to these Divine Bugs as well. 

The number of Slaughterers was unlimited. Although they had different appearances, all of them were still classified as Slaughterers. Their insane numbers aside, they also had no fear towards death. They live for the sake of slaughter. In that aspect, they were like Divine Bugs that were created by a female bug. 

“In truth, the Slaughterers are also a branch of our bug race,” the female bug suddenly said. 

“What? The Slaughterers are bugs?” Although Chen Feng had some speculations about it, to finally find confirmation of it truly shocked him. However, after giving it a detailed amount of consideration, the many aspects of the Slaughterers do indeed fit the special characteristics of the bug race.

“No wonder there is an endless number of Slaughterers. As long as there is a female bug, as long as there is enough power, there will be no way to wipe out the Slaughterers, not unless we find the female bug. Only, I fear that the female bug of the Slaughterers is in the other universes.”

“However, I now possess a female bug as well. With enough power, I will also be able to create an army that can rival the Slaughterers. Only, I wonder, how is the combat power of these Divine Bugs?”

“By the way, in addition to the Slaughterers, there are also Destroyers, Devourers and Soul Hunters.” Chen Feng turned to the female bug again. 

“All of them belong to our bug race. According to my memories, the four bug races that you mentioned are likely not from one universe,” the female bug said. 

“As expected. Looks like there are many universes attacking our universe here. I wonder if we’ll be able to hold. Wait, that’s not right. The Immortal Plane is working together with the Slaughterers. Why would the Slaughterers obey the Immortal Plane’s orders? Could the Immortal Court be in possession of a Slaughterer female bug?”

After the thought emerged in his mind, it grew uncontrollably and Chen Feng became convinced that this guess was correct. 

“This is most likely it. The Immortal Court has obtained a Slaughterer female bug. No, it would seem like it has more than one.”

“Tower, did you know about this?” Chen Feng quickly linked up to the Longevity Tower. 

“Of course, and what of it? Your guess is correct, the Slaughterers are bugs and the Immortal Court does indeed possess some female bugs. This is also why I gave you the female bug. A pity, I also do not know where the Slaughterer female bugs are. But even if I do know where they are, I may not be able to finish them off,” Tower slowly said. 

“What do I do now?”

“Now, you need to constantly grow stronger. This female bug is a very good killer move. I had to expend a lot of power to nurture it to this level. The rest will depend on you,” Tower said with a chuckle. 

“Me? Making new Divine Bugs will need power, them evolving needs power, my own cultivation also needs power, where do I go find the power I need?” A bitter smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. 

“Not just power. You also need various metals and ores and other energy-type materials. Additionally, you need a crap tonne of them. Kid, work hard. Dealing with the current situation will require you reaching the Paramount Gold Immortal stage quickly. However, that is impossible. This Divine Bug army is not a bad alternative. Now, these are your two bodyguards.” Another separate space appeared in Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Within the space were two cultivators in Longevity Combat Armours. In their hands were Longevity Lances. Their bodies possessed formidable power. More, there were also formidable energy waves of laws radiating from their bodies. There were even soul powers. However, they did not possess a will of their own. Chen Feng’s soul entered them and easily left his own soul imprints upon the two combat puppets’ seas of wisdom. 

“This can also be considered as a killer move.” Chen Feng nodded.

Next up, Chen Feng immersed himself in the study of the two combat puppets and Divine Bugs. He didn’t even know that the Longevity Tower had left. As for the 200 Gold Immortals who were cultivating beside him, they began leaving, one by one. These fellows had obtained some secret techniques and cultivation insights, a good harvest.


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