Chapter 1352 Wounded


The enemy attack was simply too fast and sudden. Neither the Longevity Shield nor the Longevity Combat Armour on Chen Feng could stop it. And so, he swiftly evaded. Next, he felt his body become lighter. The attack had cut off his Longevity Wings by half. 

Quickly, light streamed forth and a new pair of Longevity Wings grew out. 


A 100,000-zhang-tall humanoid Divine Demon strode towards Chen Feng. With one punch, he stirred up the surrounding space, affecting Chen Feng’s spiritwalking techniques.

“A Divine Demon at the Divine Prince stage.” Chen Feng moved forward to unleash a punch as well, his body swiftly growing in size as he punched. It was as though two stars were colliding and the chaotic shockwaves swept into their surroundings. Even the cultivators who were shifted away were affected by the shockwaves. 

“Hurry, get away! Given the scale of this battle, we can no longer intervene.”

“They are Divine Princes as well. If we leave just like this, we’ll look like cowards. Besides, the Young Master and the rest might not be able to handle this on their own.”

“Very well. We’ll let the rest return while we attack from a distance.”

The Ageless Gold Immortals led the half-step Gold Immortals and they quickly flew away. As for the 20 Divine Princes, they worked together to attack. 

A massive Longevity Blade rampaged through space, cleaving the Divine Demon that Chen Feng was fighting against in half at the waist. 

“Chance!” Chen Feng’s figure charged forward. Although this Divine Demon was formidable, the combined attack from 20 Divine Princes managed to nearly wipe out all traces of life within his body. Even Chen Feng was only able to collect a very small amount of power of blood from him.

Suddenly, light flashed as a golden stream of light appeared before him. This time, the other party did not launch piercing attacks like the previous one. Instead, an explosion erupted like fireworks. Next, the light transformed into webs to wrap Chen Feng up. The threads of golden light kept contracting and Chen Feng felt the power within his body becoming restrained. Even his Longevity Combat Armour was corroded by them. 


Chen Feng shouted and his Chaos Gold Body immediately grew to a height of 70,000 zhang, breaking apart the webs instantly. But before Chen Feng could charge forward, another strand of light arrived before him. Having not enough time to evade it, he pushed his palm forward and space stacked atop another. A small dimensional barrier thus appeared defensively before him. 


The stream of light easily pierced through the dimensional barrier. Just as it was about to pierce Chen Feng’s body, power surged forward and a thick Longevity Shield appeared defensively before Chen Feng. 

This time, the stream of light failed to pierce the Longevity Shield. Then, the Longevity Shield rapidly transformed into a Longevity Blade that slashed forward. But before it could fly too far ahead, it was shattered by a Divine Demon. 

“Huh!” Chen Feng quickly backed away. If it weren’t for the 20 Divine Princes who utilized a secret technique to form the Longevity Shield earlier, that attack would have wounded him. 

Turning, he saw that the Divine Monarchs Blackmourn and Superstrike were not doing too well either. Each of them was entangled by two Divine Demons at the Divine Monarch level. Additionally, the distant warships would also fire out attacks at them every now and again. Even though it was only a short time, the two of them were already slightly wounded.  

“Seniors, hurry up and retreat!” Chen Feng sent them a secret vocal transmission. 

“This is not the time to leave. We still need to buy some time. Besides, it’s not like we can leave whenever we want to. You be careful. The other party has at least 10 Divine Monarchs,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn replied. 

“Ten Divine Monarchs!” Chen Feng was shocked. 

“Not good!”

As Chen Feng was distracted, he responded a whit slower and a sudden beam of light struck him. The Longevity Combat Armour that he wore was melted and the affected flesh area disappeared. 

How could there be such a formidable attack? This is already at the high-grade Divine tier! Chen Feng’s figure kept darting about, pushing his spiritwalking techniques to their limits. In the end, all that was visible was the occasional ripples left by the Longevity Wings while Chen Feng’s figure disappeared. 

Ten Divine Monarchs were truly formidable. However, the attacks from the warships were somewhat excessive. Thankfully, those attacks had cooldown restrictions. If it weren’t for that, waiting for death was all Chen Feng’s team would be able to do.

“Cover me!” Chen Feng shouted and the 20 Divine Princes who were half a billion kilometres away attacked at the same time. 

This time, the 20 Divine Princes utilized a soul-type secret technique at the same time. As a result, the bodies of the two Divine Demons besieging Divine Monarch Superstrike flinched and blood began trickling down their seven orifices. 

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng roared and two arrows jumped through space-time to pierce the bodies of the two Divine Demons. Chen Feng had fired the two arrows with his full power. Additionally, the Longevity Bow was also already infinitely close to reaching the high-grade Divine tier. Due to all those factors, the two Divine Demons froze. Then, cracks began appearing across their massive bodies. In the end, the arrows blew up to leave a large hole on their bodies. 


Divine Monarch Superstrike pounced on the opening and the sword in his hand swung. Countless rays of sword light stacked together to form a river-like stream that engulfed the two Divine Demons.

The river of sword light obliterated one of the Divine Demons, but a beam of golden light suddenly swept forward to rescue the other Divine Demon. 

Having killed off one of the Divine Demons, Divine Monarch Superstrike’s essence, energy and soul power rose a notch. His sword swung again as he charged towards the other two Divine Demons. Thanks to that, Divine Monarch Blackmourn managed to extricate himself. 


The second attack from the 20 Divine Princes arrived. This time, it was not a soul attack. Instead, it was the Longevity Dimension Technique. 

A warship became sealed in a crystal-like space. Chen Feng gritted his teeth and pulled the Longevity Bow again with all his might. As he pulled, cracks began spreading across his fleshly body. 

Chen Feng had already reached his limits in mobilizing the Longevity Bow. 


A stream of light flashed forward and the sealed warship was pierced through, leaving a large hole on it. Countless cracks then spread out from the large hole. In the end, the warship blew up. None of the cultivators inside managed to escape. 

Thankfully, the Divine Princes did not leave, otherwise the three of us might be incapable of escaping, Chen Feng thought to himself. 

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two more beams of light shot forward. But instead of attacking Chen Feng, they disappeared deep into the starry space.

“Not good!” Chen Feng’s expression fell. He was quick to realize that they were targeting the 20 Divine Princes. 

Chen Feng had wanted to use the Longevity Bow to attack, but he was unable to pull it again. Helpless, he kept it and brandished a battle lance. Speeding up, he rushed towards one of the warships. 

“Why did you come over? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Hurry up and leave!” Divine Monarch Blackmourn and Divine Monarch Superstrike, who had managed to extricate themselves, quickly flew towards him. 

The two of them moved forward and grabbed Chen Feng at the same time. Next, the power of laws fluctuated as their movement speed instantly exceeded that of Chen Feng with the Longevity Wings. 

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Space rippled and three Divine Demons strode forward. Next, three massive fists shot forward to smash heavily against their bodies. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Feng’s body was the first to blow up, followed by Divine Monarch Blackmourn and Divine Monarch Superstrike. Three clouds of blood rapidly assumed human forms, but the three Divine Demons quickly rushed towards them. 

It’s over!

It was not just Chen Feng. Even the two Divine Monarchs thought that it was over for them. 

It was then that a massive chain suddenly charged through the starry space. Like a river of stars, it stopped the three Divine Demons. 

“Let’s go!”

It was only a blink of an eye’s worth of time, but it gave Chen Feng and the two Divine Monarchs the chance to survive. All three utilized a secret technique at the same time, burning their essence power to instantly tear open space. By the time the three Divine Demons managed to shatter the massive chain apart, Chen Feng and the two Divine Monarchs had already disappeared. 

Chen Feng and the two Divine Monarchs had, in but one breath’s time, teleported through a distance of several hundred million li. They then saw that the team of Divine Princes had been broken apart. Three had died while several more were on the verge of dying. 

“Let’s go!”

Divine Monarch Blackmourn waved his hand, sweeping up all the Divine Princes with the move. As for Chen Feng and Divine Monarch Superstrike, they did not say anything. Instead, they gave it their all to heal their wounds. The Divine Demons were still pursuing them. 

Regular Ageless Gold Immortals could step upon star regions and chase the passage of time. Upon reaching the Divine Monarch level, they would be able to toy with time and space. 

Chen Feng and the others felt a strong sense of crisis. The three Divine Demons had already caught up to them. Every step they took could cover a very lengthy distance. 

“Are we incapable of running away?” Chen Feng mumbled. 

“Young Master, we’ll take the rear,” Divine Prince Dark Soul suddenly said. 

“No. Even if you fellows stay behind, you will likely be incapable of stopping them for even a brief moment.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“If so, might as well go all out,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said. 

“Enough, I should stay behind,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said and flames began emerging from his body. At the same time, the wounds on his body swiftly healed up. 

“Sigh!” Divine Monarch Blackmourn sighed, but he did nothing to stop Divine Monarch Superstrike. Chen Feng, however, sent the Longevity Scripture out. The Longevity Scripture released a faint-cyan halo of light that wrapped up everyone and the flames enveloping Divine Monarch Superstrike’s body were suppressed. Next, the speed at which they were flying forward increased by several notches. 


A blazing sun suddenly emerged from the depths of space. Like a meteor filled with power, it flew at an extreme velocity, seemingly even faster than Ageless Light. 


One of the Divine Demons was smashed to pieces while the other two were sent flying. 

“A True Monarch!” The two Divine Demons were taken aback and they stopped their pursuit. 

Another blazing sun appeared. This time, it was not an attack. Instead, it created an avenue – formed using the power of blazing yang – through the starry space.

Chen Feng and the others stepped on the avenue and it disappeared. The passage of time spun and space shifted. In but one breath’s time, Chen Feng and the others had been teleported through a distance of countless li and they found themselves back within the Boundless Corps’ stronghold. 

“That was True Monarch Triple Yang. If it weren’t for him, we would have died.” A lingering note of fear could be heard in Divine Monarch Blackmourn’s voice. He had become a Gold Immortal for a long time now, but such a dangerous situation was still a rare thing for him. 

“As expected, the Divine Demon Clan is still very strong.” Divine Monarch Superstrike also let out a sigh. 

“We ended up incurring serious losses this time. It is my fault.” Chen Feng’s face turned somewhat dejected.

“This is not your fault. This incident has exceeded our expectations. The first time we encountered them, they were not this strong. You could say we were the ones who were careless,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said. 

Hearing that Chen Feng and the others were badly wounded, the other Divine Princes rushed over. When they found out what happened, various expressions appeared on their faces. 

“Even the Divine Demon Clan had emerged. Although they are few in numbers, their individual strength is very high.”

“They went to the Celestial Malla Plane. I fear that the Celestial Malla Plane will not be able to hold.”

“What do we do? Should we mobilize a force to help the Celestial Malla Plane? Our world is the closest one to theirs. If the Celestial Malla Plane falls, the next will be our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“Theoretically, that’s how it is. However, it doesn’t work that way. Do not forget that we face a greater threat than the one the Celestial Malla Plane is facing. If we cannot get some allies… heh, once the Immortal Plane, Slaughterers, Supreme Origin Clan and the other forces partner up and come after us, it will be even worse for us.”

“Are we to just watch as the Celestial Malla Plane falls?”

“If you want to go, you can go. We have to keep guard here.”

They discussed the matter. These Divine Princes who would usually put on an atmosphere of loftiness grew anxious. 

“Longevity Celestial, what do you think?” A Divine Prince suddenly asked. 

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before saying, “We will have to send a team of soldiers out.”

“Only, the number of soldiers cannot be too high. Additionally, the other Celestial Planes have to partner up with us, otherwise we can do nothing but watch from the sides.” Chen Feng then shook his head. 

“The other Celestial Planes? The way I see it, that will be difficult.” Some aired their doubts.

“It can’t be helped. Make it clear to them just how dire the situation is. I believe that some of them will send reinforcements. No matter what, killing off some Slaughterers is also a good thing. Moreover, the soldiers we send as reinforcements will not be going all out for it. They will fight while ensuring their own survival,” Chen Feng said. 

“It probably won’t be easy. What if the other party sends a high enough number of Divine Princes?” someone questioned Chen Feng.

“That’s why I will be asking a True Monarch to oversee the situation,” Chen Feng said. 

“Fellows, the Celestial Malla Plane must not fall. At least, it must not fall now, otherwise our Celestial Longevity Plane will become exposed to even more forces,” Chen Feng said solemnly. 

“Very well. I will go contact the Celestial Carefree Plane. Even if I cannot get their army to come, I should be able to get some old pals to help out,” a Divine Prince said. 

“I’ll head to the Celestial Greatness Plane.”

“I have some friends in the Vajra Clan. I can try to ask them.”

“I’ll head to the Celestial Eight Divisions Plane. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get reinforcements from them.”

After having decided on the next course of action, the Divine Princes there volunteered to head forward.

“The Celestial Malla Plane is in a very dire situation. I hope that fellow seniors can go ask more people for assistance,” Chen Feng said.

“Sigh! Don’t expect too much.”

The Divine Princes then left. As for Chen Feng, Divine Monarch Blackmourn and the others, they stayed in the stronghold to heal themselves. Chen Feng himself was smiling wryly. He had gotten into an unpleasant argument with the Celestial Malla Plane, but now, he had to do his best to help it. 

There was no helping it. Their two worlds were too close. Should the Celestial Malla Plane fall, their opponents would most likely turn their spearheads towards the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

“The Divine Demon Clan!” Thinking about that, Chen Feng felt his head aching. 

“Hopefully, the Celestial Malla Plane will be able to unite and unleash a strength that’s ten times greater.”

This time, Chen Feng did not cultivate alone. There was one small, separate space after another around him. Within each of the spaces was a cultivator, totalling up to nearly 200 cultivators. Around ten of them were Divine Princes while the others were all Gold Immortals.  

They were the Gold Immortals who had followed Chen Feng to the Celestial Malla Plane earlier. Chen Feng did this to give them access to some of the secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture. 

Firstly, this was to win their hearts. Secondly, this was also a reward for them. Thirdly, this would also improve their strength. 

In addition to secret techniques, Chen Feng also brought out some of the cultivation insights left behind by some seniors. 

News of this rapidly spread out. Some grew envious but more wanted to follow Chen Feng the next time he went out. 

“Kid, it seems you managed to gain something from this trip.” 

Tower chatted with Chen Feng. Within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, a clump of light flashed to quickly form the phantom silhouette of the Longevity Tower, which then transformed into a young boy. 

“Gain? I was nearly incapable of returning,” Chen Feng replied with a wry smile. 

“I already know what happened to you fellows back then. Unexpectedly, the Divine Demon Clan would appear as well. Humph! In the war back then, the Divine Demon Clan was involved as well. The Divine Demon Clan’s Divine artifact had launched a secret attack on me as well, making them one of the culprits that nearly caused me to fall,” Tower said. 

“What? That happened?” Chen Feng was shocked. 

“Yes. In truth, there were many complicated gears moving behind the scenes of the war back then. There are some that I only managed to gradually figure out after the war was over. In addition to the Divine Demon Clan, there are several more forces. Their objective was to destroy me. Do you know why?” Tower said, laughing.

“I don’t know. I was so young back then. How could I know?” Chen Feng was left somewhat speechless. 

“The other party was actually trying to prevent me from advancing to the next level.” Tower’s voice grew somewhat excited. 

“What?!” Chen Feng also became excited.

“Prevent you from advancing to the next level?”

“That’s right!” Tower’s voice took on a slight note of pride. 

“Back in my prime, I was already a top-grade Divine artifact. Although the other Celestial Planes also have top-grade Divine artifacts, I was already at the verge of breaking through. Should I succeed in breaking through, the Celestial Longevity Plane’s position would change. I, alone, would be able to sweep aside and suppress the Myriad Celestial Planes,” Tower said haughtily. 

“Above the high-grade Divine artifact is the top-grade Divine artifact. Then, what is above the top-grade Divine artifact?” That was what concerned Chen Feng the most. In truth, he was presently still far away from this level. 

“Above the top-grade Divine artifact is the Chaos-tier magic treasure,” Tower said. 

“Chaos tier. Are there other Chaos-tier magic treasures?” Chen Feng asked again. 

“Yes. Of course there are.”

“How powerful are these Chaos-tier magic treasures?” Chen Feng felt his imaginations stretched thin by the topic. 

“Your level is not high enough. We’ll talk about this again once you’ve reached the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. Hmm, the Paramount Gold Immortal stage might not be high enough,” Tower said. 

“Err, forget it. That’s too far away. By the way, you didn’t come here just to say all that, did you?” Chen Feng said. 

“Naturally, there are other matters. I plan on leaving for a while,” Tower said. 

“What?!” Chen Feng cried out in shock again.  

“Why are you leaving at a time like this?” Hearing that the Longevity Tower was leaving instantly left Chen Feng feeling somewhat shaky. The present situation was too chaotic while the Longevity Tower was his strongest backer. By Chen Feng’s estimate, without the Longevity Tower, half his confidence would fall away.

“Naturally, it’s because I have important matters to deal with. I need to recover my strength. Don’t worry, I will maintain contact with you. Moreover, before leaving, I will also leave you some items,” Tower said. 

“What items?” Chen Feng hurriedly asked. 

“Two combat puppets.”


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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