Chapter 1351 Light of Destruction


The light from the distant stars kept disappearing as massive and cold warships appeared before their very eyes. They made almost no sound. And yet, they brought with them a formidable air of pressure and impact.

“The Divine Demon Clan!”

“It looks like their numbers have increased.”

“Let’s hurry up and go. We do not want to become their targets. When they start fighting, they all become crazy. There are too few of us. There is no need for us to fight them head on.”

Despite their actions of simply leaving, Chen Feng’s team was still targeted. A total of 10 warships split off from the fleet of warships to chase after them. 

“The other party sure is overbearing. With just this much force, they actually dare chase us,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said with a sneer. 

“The individual combat power of the Divine Demon Clan is very strong and their fleshly bodies are mighty. They also have unique talents and secret techniques. If we can avoid fighting them, we should. There is no need for us to incur losses here,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“Be that as it may, if the other party wants to die by attacking us, we will grant them their wish.” After saying that, Chen Feng gave the order. The half-step Gold Immortals were to leave first, leaving only the Gold Immortals there. Although their number fell as a result of that, their combat power actually rose significantly. Without the half-step Gold Immortals to distract them, the Gold Immortals could be at ease when fighting. 

Two Divine Monarchs. 

Twenty Divine Princes.

Two hundred Gold Immortals. 

This was not a force that could be underestimated, no matter where they were. Not even the various Celestial Planes could casually mobilize such a force. 

“They’re coming.”

“They’re quite fast.”

“Me first.”

Divine Monarch Superstrike waved his hand and a sword flew out. Sword light elongated through the starry space before splitting off to quickly form countless small swords. It was none other than Divine Monarch Superstrike’s ultimate move, the Splintering Superstrike Sword Technique. Swiftly, sword light enveloped one of the warships. 

The massive and cold warship was immediately riddled with holes before finally blowing up. Some of the cultivators within it transformed into streams of light to escape from the explosion. 

That said, the fact that Divine Monarch Superstrike’s first move managed to finish off a warship caused the morale of Chen Feng’s team to soar. 

“Everyone, be careful.” Divine Monarch Superstrike’s face, though, grew grimmer. The enemy cultivators who escaped the explosion earlier clearly possessed formidable combat powers. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The remaining nine warships fired out golden-red beams of light at the same time. The beams of light could seemingly transcend time and Chen Feng and the others watched in disbelief as the beams of light arrived before them all. 

“Genuine Light of Devastation!”

Chen Feng and some tens of the Gold Immortals in his team were quick to respond, swiftly bringing out their Longevity Shields, which rapidly fused as one to defend them from the attacks. 

The golden-red beams of light pierced their way through, leaving see-through holes on the Longevity Shield. Next, Chen Feng and tens of Gold Immortals were struck. Like the Longevity Shield, their bodies became riddled with see-through holes. 

Only the two Divine Monarchs and those who were not caught by the beams of light managed to stay unscathed. 

“Such formidable Light of Devastation! This is the exact counter to our Longevity Clan,” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Wings spreading out from his back to instantly reach a length of 100,000 zhang, seemingly capable of blotting the sun. With a furious flap, the wounded Gold Immortals were blown away. Divine Monarch Blackmourn then waved his hand to shift the other Gold Immortals away. 

There was a grim expression on Divine Monarch Superstrike’s face. Wielding a sword, he took the initiative to charge towards the coming warships. 

“We’ve met our match.” Divine Monarch Blackmourn brought out his wooden staff. With a gentle swing of the staff, he caused a vortex to appear in space. Swiftly, the vortex grew in size before abruptly compressing down. Next, a fine and long hurricane elongated and swept towards the distant warships. 

“Longevity Celestial, I will cover you,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“No need. I was just careless just now. The other party can forget about hitting me again.” Chen Feng’s Longevity Wings flapped and his figure kept darting through the starry space. At the same time, the Longevity Bow also appeared in his hands. Meanwhile, the wounds on his body had completely healed up. Even his damaged suit of armour had recovered. It was as though he was never wounded. 

Contrary to his appearance, however, Chen Feng was not having an easy time. Strands of power of devastation kept coursing through his body. Only, he had the Chaos Constitution. There was no need for Chen Feng to even focus on it as his body quickly devoured all of the power of devastation. 

Due to the Chaos Constitution and the fact that Chen Feng had cultivated the highly formidable Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art, the attacks could not take him down. However, Chen Feng was also aware that the others were not as fortunate as him. The earlier attacks had already wounded some of his men. 

That said, the cultivators of the Longevity Clan cultivated the longevity-type primary energy, giving them an innately formidable power of recovery. Killing them with this attack alone was impossible, but they would not be able to take on such attacks again and again. Every death here would be a painful thing for Chen Feng. 

“I was careless. These fellows from the Divine Demon Clan are truly strong. However, in offending us, they will face only death,” Chen Feng said, pulling the Longevity Bow. The power within the starry space was pulled over to quickly form an arrow. With every passing second, the tangibility of the arrow would become a notch higher. 


The arrow flew forward only to suddenly disappear. Next, a distant warship came to a halt and a pitch-black hole appeared upon its body. 


A second arrow disappeared from sight and a second hole appeared. 

Chen Feng had wanted to pull the bow a third time when his heart suddenly thumped. Following that, a strand of light shot towards him and Chen Feng’s eyes felt a stabbing pain. 

The opponent’s attack had arrived. 


Note: A little something about the Light of Devastation. Devastation. Raw: ‘’, pinyin: ‘huǐ miè’. I wanted to bring this up because I also translate that as ‘destruction’ or ‘destroy’ sometimes. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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