Chapter 1350 Unable to Come to an Agreement


“Longevity Celestial, if this place to your liking?” This time, there was a change in Divine Monarch Blackwater’s treatment towards Chen Feng. It was a change that came from deep within his heart, a change brought about through strength. 

If Chen Feng had come alone, or if he had only brought a few Gold Immortals with him, the other party might have ignored him. 

Naturally, the news that Divine Monarch Blackwater recently received was the most important factor.

Divine Monarch Blackwater made the introductions and Chen Feng found out that the two Divine Monarchs were also from the Blackwater Tribe. One of them was also a senior in Magiris’ family branch. 

This senior treated Chen Feng in a very enthusiastic manner and Chen Feng quickly understood that this person must be someone who supported Magiris. 

Even with the support of a Divine Monarch, Magiris actually failed to make it. I wonder, what kind of decision will Divine Monarch Blackwater make here? Chen Feng wondered. 

“It’s quite good.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“If that’s the case, please stay here for a while longer. That way, our Blackwater Tribe will be able to properly entertain you,” Divine Monarch Blackwater said with a smile. 

“Forget it. Given the current situation, I believe everyone here is pressed for time. Besides, our Celestial Longevity Plane is also not entirely safe. There is no telling when the Immortal Court will attack. After dealing with the matters here, I will leave,” Chen Feng said without hesitation. 

“Ha ha ha! About that, I also want to discuss it with you fellows.” Divine Monarch Blackwater laughed. 

“I say, Blackwater, you are a veteran Gold Immortal who has spent countless years on cultivation. We’ve known each other since our younger days. If you have anything to say, just say it. There is no need to put on a trick show in front of my Young Master,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn could not stop himself from saying. 

“Yes. If there’s anything, you can just say it,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said. 

“Very well, I will get straight to it.” Divine Monarch Blackwater nodded and said with a wry smile. This Divine Monarch Blackwater, who had millions of years of cultivation under his belt, had an unimaginably thick skin.

“You have seen what’s happening to our Celestial Malla Plane. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are in dire straits. Due to that, we hope that your Celestial Longevity Plane can provide us with large-scale support. When we have repelled the Celestial Purplesieve Plane, our Celestial Malla Plane will provide your Celestial Longevity Plane with large-scale support as well,” said Divine Monarch Blackwater while keeping an eye on the faces of Chen Feng and the others.

Chen Feng exchanged glances with the two Divine Monarchs beside him before revealing a look of disappointment. 

“That’s not possible,” Chen Feng was quick to reply. 

“Now, I ask senior to give us a perfect explanation.”

Hearing Chen Feng reject his request, a look of disappointment appeared on Divine Monarch Blackwater’s face as well. However, he recollected himself instantly.

“About the previous misunderstanding, after a round of discussion, we decided to do two things. First, I hope that you fellows can forward some terms first and we will do our best to satisfy them. Second, we will give the wounded cultivators the best possible compensation. Additionally, on behalf of the soldiers of the Malla Corps who attacked them, I hereby apologize to you all,” Divine Monarch Blackwater said with a smile. 

A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Is that it?”

“Yes, that’s it. I believe that you all possess magnanimous hearts. You will surely not make a fuss over something so trivial.” Divine Monarch Blackwater nodded. 

“Very well. In truth, I only have two requests, two very simple requests.” Chen Feng held up two fingers. 

“Please say.” Divine Monarch Blackwater grew overjoyed, thinking that there would be no issues here. 

“First, I want Magiris to become the Chieftain of the Blackwater Tribe.” Chen Feng retracted one finger as he said that. In response, Divine Monarch Blackwater’s pupils contracted. One of the two Divine Monarchs maintained an impassive expression while the other one revealed a glimpse of joy. 

“Second, abolish the cultivation bases of all the soldiers who attacked the cultivators of our Boundless Family back then.

“I am a relatively soft-hearted person. As a show of respect to Magiris, I will only make these two requests,” Chen Feng said. 

“Blackmourn, Superstrike, about this…” Divine Monarch Blackwater’s face became somewhat ugly to behold. 

“The Young Master’s words are final,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said coolly while Divine Monarch Superstrike remained expressionless. It was as though he did not hear Divine Monarch Blackwater. 

Divine Monarch Blackwater then took a deep breath. “I cannot agree to both requests.”

“Alright. This makes things simpler.” Chen Feng nodded, the smile on his face growing wider. 

“We’ll leave. Since the other party does not welcome us, there is no need for us to stay here,” Chen Feng said.

“I believe it will not take long before the entire Myriad Celestial Planes know how the Celestial Malla Plane treats their reinforcements. Make way, or do you fellows still want to attack us?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“Blackmourn, we can talk this through properly. Let’s not be impulsive. You fellows know as well that I am only a Divine Monarch of the Blackwater Tribe. I am incapable of representing the entire Celestial Malla Plane,” Divine Monarch Blackwater said with a wry smile. 

“Senior, just let us go. I cannot guarantee whether my subordinates will attack or not, but I can say one thing with certainty. I can represent the Boundless Family. Right now, the Boundless Family and your Celestial Malla Plane are about to end up on opposite sides. Our Boundless Family has always responded to those who dares provoke us by killing them off. Are you fellows prepared to become our enemy?” The smile on Chen Feng’s face disappeared. 

“Young man, you have only been cultivating for some few years. Don’t be so arrogant. This is our Celestial Malla Plane.” The Divine Monarch beside Divine Monarch Blackwater said with a scoff. 

“Let’s go!” Chen Feng stopped talking. Instead, he took a large stride forward. 

Divine Monarch Superstrike chuckled before following suit. 

Divine Monarch Blackmourn, on the other hand, approached Divine Monarch Blackwater and whispered, “By the way, let me give you this news in advance. On our way here, we encountered a group of cultivators from the Divine Demon Clan. According to the intel we recently received, the other party might be targeting your Celestial Malla Plane. It’s been a few days since then. I think the other party will be coming soon.”

“What, the Divine Demon Clan?” Divine Monarch Blackwater’s face sank and he quickly stepped forward to ask, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“Ha ha ha! Why should I tell you about it? Are we that close? The only reason I am telling you about it now is because I want to see you panic.” Divine Monarch Blackmourn laughed and he too left.

After Chen Feng’s team had left, Divine Monarch Blackwater and the others revealed a look of panic.

“Hurry, inform the others!”

“Go investigate it!”

The Divine Monarchs stopped paying attention to Chen Feng’s team. If Divine Monarch Blackmourn’s words were true, the Celestial Malla Plane’s end would arrive. 

Previously, facing the attacks from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane and the Slaughterers had already placed the Celestial Malla Plane in a crisis. That said, even in the worst-case scenario, the war would end with mutual destruction for both sides. No matter how strong the Celestial Purplesieve Plane and Slaughterers may be, it would be impossible for them to defeat the Celestial Malla Plane quickly. However, everything would change if the Divine Demon Clan joined the war. The entire Myriad Celestial Planes were aware of just how powerful the Divine Demon Clan was.

At that very moment, Divine Monarch Blackwater and the others were praying that Divine Monarch Blackmourn’s words were not true. Deep down, however, they knew that a character at Divine Monarch Blackmourn’s level would not speak nonsense. 

“Longevity Celestial, it looks like things are not going according to your expectations?” Divine Monarch Superstrike said with a wry smile. 

“Honestly, it is one of the possible scenarios that I had imagined would happen. Only, I do feel slightly disappointed. At any rate, my plan had gone down the drain. Even if they had allowed Magiris to become the Chieftain of the Blackwater Tribe, I will still not stay behind. More, I will also advise Magiris to leave with me,” Chen Feng said. 

“Because of the Divine Demon Clan.” Divine Monarch Blackmourn sighed. 

“Honestly, I am hoping that the Divine Demon Clan do not come. At any rate, our Celestial Longevity Plane does have a decent relationship with the Celestial Malla Plane. If the Celestial Malla Plane falls, there’ll be an even greater pressure on our Celestial Longevity Plane,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“The Myriad Celestial Planes are presently in a state of chaos. No one is able to help. In the event that the Celestial Malla Plane is wiped out, the ones behind it, no matter who they may be, will end up taking serious losses. Do not look down on the Celestial Malla Plane. It is a very ancient world with a very deep foundation,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said. 

“But the Celestial Purplesieve Plane also has a deep foundation. And then there are the limitless Slaughterers. They are the best vanguard and suicide army. And now, an even stronger Divine Demon Clan has appeared. Whether or not the Celestial Malla Plane could overcome this calamity will depend on how strong this force from the Divine Demon Clan is,” Chen Feng said. 

“Longevity Celestial!” Magiris caught up to them, a slight look of shame on his face. At the same time, there was also a look of anxiousness. 

“I know what you want to ask. The matter of the Divine Demon Clan is true. Magiris, listen to me. Pack up your things and leave with me. Do not forget, you still have your own force in the Immortal Plane. At present, the Celestial Malla Plane is in terrible danger. Even if you stay here, you will not be able to help much,” Chen Feng said sincerely. 

There was hesitation and conflict on Magiris’ face and he finally said, “No, I cannot leave right now. However, I am very thankful to you for coming over. I’m counting on you to take care of my subordinates in the Immortal Plane. Don’t tell them about this, or else some of them will come and get themselves killed.”

“You know as well that staying behind is suicide,” Chen Feng said grimly. 

“Stop trying to persuade me, I won’t leave. You fellows should hurry up and leave. There is no need for you fellows to get dragged into this muddy affair.” After saying that, Magiris turned around and left. 

“Sigh! Chen Feng sighed. He did not stop Magiris. Instead, he waved his hand and the others began moving again. Swiftly, they charged their way into outer space. This time, they did not take the initiative to go hunt the Slaughterers. It was not because they did not want to, but because there was not enough time. Divine Monarch Blackmourn was not lying about the Divine Demon Clan. There was other thing to note. The force that the Divine Demon Clan dispatched this time was in no way small. At any rate, they had failed to come to an agreement with the Celestial Malla Plane. Thus, Chen Feng had no desire to get involved. 

However, the number of Slaughterers was simply too high. And so, despite not taking the initiative to fight the Slaughterers, by the time they left the Celestial Malla Plane, they had killed off over a million Slaughterers. 

“These things are truly annoying. There’s no end to them.” Chen Feng shook his head. He had lost several half-step Gold Immortals during the course of this trip. Although this was a very small number compared to the casualties they inflicted upon the other party, it had still brought a frown to Chen Feng’s face. This force belonged to him. If at all possible, he did not want any of them to die.  

The cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Clan, on the other hand, did not try to stop them. Even when they saw Chen Feng’s team kill the Slaughterers, they did not attack them. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt very satisfied. Naturally, this also saved them a great deal of troubles. 

“The Divine Demon Clan has come!” Divine Monarch Blackmourn, who was looking into the starry space, suddenly said. 

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