Chapter 1349 Authority


“Is this the way your Celestial Malla Plane treats its reinforcements?” Chen Feng said coolly, but his voice spread out in circular waves and at least several hundred million cultivators could hear him.

“Reinforcements?” The soldiers of the Malla Corps turned to look at one another. 

“You fellows are reinforcements?” The look of rage on the Divine Prince who stepped out earlier was retracted.

“Divine Prince Mo Ye, cut it out. It’s not like we don’t know each other here. You dare say you don’t recognize Divine Prince Dark Soul? I’ll have you know, our Celestial Longevity Plane will not let this slide.” Divine Prince Void, who also came along, stepped forward.

“So, it’s Void. A misunderstanding! This is definitely a misunderstanding!” Divine Prince Mo Ye quickly said with a laugh. 

“Is it a misunderstanding? When our Boundless Corps received your call for help, we had immediately mobilized men over to help. But look at your Celestial Malla Plane’s attitude. You actually wounded our men.” This time, the one who spoke was a Divine Prince from the Boundless Family. 

“Ha ha ha! Fellows, don’t be so agitated. Let’s find a place to talk this through properly. I will surely give you fellows a satisfactory explanation.” Divine Prince Mo Ye was already feeling regretful, but he continued to maintain a smile on his face. 

“You don’t yet have the qualifications for it. Let Divine Monarch Withered Vine and Divine Monarch Blackwater come talk to us,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn suddenly said. 

The expression on Divine Prince Mo Ye’s face flickered and he quickly said, “Sir Divine Monarch, so it’s you!”

“So, an old friend has come! Why didn’t you notify us beforehand?” Suddenly, two Divine Monarchs laughed loudly as they flew over from a distant location. Their auras rose all the way to the sky and the formidable will to fight and killing intent radiating from their bodies indicated that they had only just returned from the battlefield.  

“Divine Monarch Blackwater, it’s been a while,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“Brother Blackmourn, it’s only been a while. Why did you become so caring of distinctions? Just call me Blackwater. This person must be the one with Heavenly swordsmanship, Divine Monarch Superstrike.” Divine Monarch Blackwater had the appearance of a middle-aged man, clad in a black suit of armour. Water seemed to be flowing across the surface of his armour.

“This is my family’s Young Master.” Divine Monarch Blackmourn then took a step backwards to push Chen Feng forward. 

“Your family’s Young Master?” Divine Monarch Blackwater grew surprised. 

“Is it Longevity Soul, Longevity Star or Longevity Blade?” Divine Monarch Blackwater asked. 

“It’s not them. Is your news intelligence that behind or are you doing this on purpose?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

A gleam of light – unnoticed by others – flashed deep within Divine Monarch Blackwater’s eyes. “I know now. This must be Longevity Celestial, no? Born with the Chaos Constitution, he is the number one cultivation genius of our Myriad Celestial Planes.”

“Greetings, seniors. I wouldn’t presume to call myself a genius. I am just a little lucky,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Longevity Celestial.” Magiris stepped forward. He had wanted to say something but Chen Feng signalled to him not to. 

“Oh, right! I forgot. Longevity Celestial and Magiris have been playmates since childhood. I remember that Longevity Celestial had even stayed in our Blackwater Tribe for some time back when you were still a child.” Divine Monarch Blackwater smiled, a genial-looking smile on his face. 

“Fellow seniors, let’s talk business.” The smile on Chen Feng’s face suddenly disappeared.

“I wonder, how would you explain this?” Chen Feng pointed at Divine Prince Dark Soul and his men before turning to point at Heng Ri and the other unique creatures standing beside Magiris. Back then, a total of 12 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures had followed Magiris back. At present, however, there were only 10 left. Additionally, the auras coming from some of them were weak. Clearly, they had yet to recover from the wounds on their bodies. 

“Magiris has a total of 12 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures. They are all my subordinates. Back then, when Magiris wanted to return to the Celestial Malla Plane, I felt concerned. That’s why I sent them to accompany and protect him. Why are two of them missing? Moreover, those who remain are also badly wounded.

“And Divine Prince Dark Soul is one of the most important pillars of strength of our Boundless Family. The cultivators with him are also the high-level soldiers from our Boundless Corps. This time, we had come here to help the Celestial Malla Plane. We had already, on our way here, killed off over 10 million enemy soldiers. And yet, we ended up receiving this type of treatment? I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation for this.

“If you cannot give me a satisfactory answer, I will immediately take my men with me and leave the Celestial Malla Plane. I believe that, should this matter be made known to others, the other forces who are thinking of dispatching reinforcements would reconsider.” Chen Feng ignored Magiris’ secret vocal transmissions and continued to speak with a serious expression on his face. 

In truth, Chen Feng needed to do this. He represented not only himself but the entire Celestial Longevity Plane. 

Divine Monarch Blackwater frowned slightly before saying, “I believe this incident must have been caused by a misunderstanding from the lower-ranking fellows. There has always been a good relationship between our two worlds. Don’t let something like this damage our relationship. How about this? Please stay at our Blackwater Tribe for some time and I will be sure to give you all a satisfactory explanation.”

“I hope so. Still, the situation is critical. In three days’ time, I hope that fellow seniors can resolve this issue. At present, the army is facing pressure. I believe that none of us here would want the situation to escalate due to some unnecessary troubles,” Chen Feng said. 

“Insolence! This is our Celestial Malla Plane’s territory. This is no place for you to put on airs. Our Celestial Malla Plane is strong enough to take on the enemies. You fellows can leave.” Suddenly, the Divine Monarch beside Divine Monarch Blackwater spoke up.

“Oh, is that so? That’s good, then. Everyone, let’s go.” Chen Feng waved his hand and everyone from the Boundless Corps swiftly formed an orderly team. 

“Wait!” Divine Monarch Blackwater’s face promptly sank as he swiftly called out, anxiousness in his voice. At the same time, he sent a secret vocal transmission to the Divine Monarch. 

“Darkfire! This is our Blackwater Tribe’s matter. Don’t go too far!”

“This is our Celestial Malla Plane’s matter!” Divine Monarch Darkfire replied with a sneer. 

“Did you hurt your brain or something? Do you really not understand how serious the present situation is? Now, we finally have reinforcements. If they leave because of you, you will become the sinner of our entire Celestial Malla Plane!”

“Don’t even try to push me around with that. The other party is so arrogant, they are simply provoking the dignity of our Celestial Malla Plane. The way I see it, you are just becoming more timid. According to the information I received, the Celestial Longevity Plane has come under attack from several forces, led by the Immortal Court. Their situation is even worse than ours. For them to suddenly come to our Celestial Malla Plane, they must be scheming something. Don’t get tricked.” Divine Monarch Darkfire ignored Divine Monarch Blackwater.

“Regardless, you are not to interfere in this matter. I’ll say it again. This is our Blackwater Tribe’s matter. If you stir up any unnecessary troubles, I will ask the elders to punish you.” Divine Monarch Blackwater became somewhat furious. 

By then, Chen Feng’s team was already beginning to leave. Coincidentally, a group of Slaughterers charged towards them. Chen Feng shouted while unleashing the Soul Subduing Technique. Meanwhile, the two Divine Monarchs and the other Divine Princes attacked simultaneously. In but a few breaths’ worth of time, they wiped out hundreds of thousands of the Slaughterers. 

This display of might from Chen Feng’s team shook the soldiers from the Malla Corps and some broke into a cold sweat. If they had fought Chen Feng’s team earlier, their side would have suffered from a serious loss. 

“Fellows, wait!” Divine Monarch Blackwater shifted himself to quickly re-appear before Chen Feng and the others before saying sincerely, “Fellows, wait for three days. I will give you a satisfactory answer. I believe that Blackmourn also knows what kind of person I am.”

Chen Feng looked at Divine Monarch Blackmourn, who nodded. Chen Feng then said, “Very well. I will give you three days. If anyone tries to stir up trouble again, we will not hold back.”

After that, Chen Feng’s team went to stay in the Blackwater Palace. As for Magiris, Divine Monarch Blackwater summoned him instantly. After questioning him, Divine Monarch Blackwater understood the situation. 

Looks like they are not reinforcements. Rather, they are here for Magiris. Still, they have quite the relationship. Besides, by charging in like this, those soldiers from the Boundless Corps must have created an enmity between them and the Celestial Purplesieve Plane. Strangely, though, it seems as though the Boundless Corps has grown even stronger than before. This will not do. Looks like I need more information.

The thoughts raced through Divine Monarch Blackwater’s head and he rapidly sorted them out. 

“Men, I need the latest news regarding the Celestial Longevity Plane!”

One day later, Divine Monarch Blackwater received the newly-collected information. The more he went over them, the more serious his face became. In the end, he took a deep breath and whispered to himself, “The situation is more serious than I had expected. Unexpectedly, the Boundless Corps’ strength has risen by so much. This Longevity Celestial is truly formidable. He came here to help Magiris seize power.”

Handing power to Magiris is not out of the question, but I fear that I will not be able to explain this to the Malla Corps. And Longevity Celestial might have other objectives here. Also, I must deal with the current situation. Divine Monarch Blackwater frowned. 

“Longevity Celestial, are you trying to escalate the situation?” Magiris found Chen Feng and said, a slight tone of dissatisfaction in his voice. 

“Ha ha ha! If I do not escalate the situation, how will you obtain the position of Chieftain?” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“It’s not that simple. I had underestimated the situation in the past. At present, this is no longer just an internal matter of our Blackwater Tribe. The Malla Corps has intervened. If it weren’t for that, I would not have ended up being imprisoned, not even with my failure to seize power.” Magiris shook his head. He did not feel optimistic about the situation. 

“Don’t worry. The Chieftain position will not run away from you. Divine Monarch Blackwater will definitely make that decision. Do not forget. Your Celestial Malla Plane is currently in a tight spot. If they decide to get into a conflict with our Celestial Longevity Plane, hah, only a fool would do that.” Unlike Magiris, Chen Feng was quite relaxed. 

“Then, about what happened this time?” Magiris pondered for a moment before asking. 

“My men were imprisoned and wounded. I will need some compensation,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“You can’t go overboard with this.”

“I won’t be asking your Blackwater Tribe for it. I’ll be asking the Malla Corps.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“That won’t do! It’ll cause problems!” Magiris’ face immediately sank again. 

“Don’t worry. I know where to draw the line.”

Three days went by quickly. Divine Monarch Blackwater brought two other Divine Monarchs over to where Chen Feng and the others were residing. 

“Your Blackwater Tribe is stronger than I expected,” Chen Feng said as he walked out with Magiris. As for Divine Monarch Blackmourn and Divine Monarch Superstrike, they appeared beside Chen Feng.

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