Chapter 1347 Chaotic Situation


After a while, Divine Prince Dark Soul and the other Gold Immortals returned to inform Chen Feng of what they had found. Hearing that, Chen Feng frowned. 

This was a large-scale war and both the Celestial Malla Plane and the Celestial Purplesieve Plane had dispatched a high number of soldiers for this. Moreover, there was also the shadow of the other Celestial Planes in this war. Only, their numbers were limited. 

Overall, though, the Celestial Malla Plane was on the weaker side. At any rate, the other party was already surrounding the Celestial Malla Plane. 

Chen Feng then remembered that the Celestial Malla Plane had requested for assistance from the Celestial Longevity Plane in the past. However, the Celestial Longevity Plane did not respond favourably. Only a small number of cultivators had – due to special reasons – chosen to help the Celestial Malla Plane. As for the Boundless Corps, it did not take action. 

“By coming here like this, we can be considered as representatives of the Celestial Longevity Plane,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“It would be more accurate to say we represent the Boundless Corps,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said with a chuckle. Two Divine Monarchs had come along for this trip. One was Divine Monarch Blackmourn while the other one was Divine Monarch Superstrike, a palace-guarding Divine Monarch from the Longevity Palace. 

“Honestly, I am thinking about joining the battle. However, our force is not strong enough. Moreover, we are here for something else.” Chen Feng shook his head, feeling somewhat regretful. Although he had already experienced so many battles, seeing so many enemies, Chen Feng felt an impulse to charge forward and kill. That was especially so when considering the high number of Slaughterers there. 

“Given how chaotic the situation is, we will have no choice but to attack,” Divine Monarch Superstrike suddenly said. A group of Slaughterers, over 10,000 of them, was already charging towards Chen Feng’s team.

Many of the cultivators there had been alarmed to the arrival of Chen Feng’s team the moment they came. However, Chen Feng’s team was quite strong. Moreover, they also did not attack the cultivators there. Due to that, the cultivators there did not choose to attack them. As this unknown force had not showed which side it was on, the cultivators there did not want to provoke them. 

The Slaughterers, on the other hand, were different from the cultivators. The Slaughterers existed for the sake of slaughtering. With the exception of temporary allies, everyone else was an enemy. 

When they saw the Slaughterers attack Chen Feng’s team, the cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane swore silently. 

“Let me!” Divine Monarch Superstrike said, bringing out one hand before pushing forward with it. Next, a crystal-like sword appeared on his palm. The sword then split apart and countless small swords emerged from it. In a flash, over 10,000 small swords flew forward to surround the Slaughterers who were charging towards them. 

“The Splintering Superstrike Sword Technique!” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. This sword technique was also recorded within the Longevity Scripture. The sword technique was not originally from the Longevity Scripture. Rather, it was left behind by a True Monarch from the Longevity Clan who was astonishingly good with the sword. Later, his sword technique was added to the Longevity Scripture. Chen Feng, despite knowing about it, had never cultivated it before. 

This sword technique was very difficult to cultivate. Several concepts were needed for it. More, the cultivator must also be highly accomplished in the dao of space.

Chen Feng aside, the other cultivators there were also discussing about the sword technique. There were very few cultivators who would cultivate this sword technique in the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

The small swords flew forward and the 10,000 Slaughterers were completely wiped out. But that was not the end of it. The small swords that had yet to run out of power continued to charge into their surroundings, killing off several thousand more Slaughterers before their power ran out. 

“They’re the reinforcements from the Longevity Clan!”

The cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane were quick to recognize the move from Divine Monarch Superstrike. Following that, two cultivators who were completely shrouded in purple light charged forward.

“Two Divine Monarchs!” Chen Feng said. 

“So, it’s Divine Monarch Superstrike. You fellows are not here to help the Celestial Malla Plane, are you?” one of the two Divine Monarchs said. 

“Grandcall, Heavenscall, we have another objective for coming here. If we are truly here to help, we wouldn’t have brought so little men with us.” Divine Monarch Superstrike also recognized them. They were cultivators who had cultivated for hundreds of millions of years, after all. They have had dealings with one another before. 

Hearing that they were not reinforcements, the two Divine Monarchs breathed a sigh of relief. Although this team from the Celestial Longevity Plane did not have many men, they were all elites. Their individual combat power was too strong. Should this team attack them, they would be able to threaten the Celestial Purplesieve Plane’s cultivators. They had many Gold Immortals, after all.

“If so, why are you here?” Divine Monarch Grandcall asked. 

“It’s simple. The Celestial Malla Plane has imprisoned a number of our Celestial Longevity Plane’s guys. We are here to ask for an explanation,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said coolly. 

The eyes of the two Divine Monarchs suddenly lit up. 

“That happened?”

“Yes. Given our status, is there a need for us to lie?” Divine Monarch Superstrike nodded.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we join hands and attack the Celestial Malla Plane? We can share the spoils of victory. More, we will also be able to rescue your imprisoned friends. It’d be killing two birds with one stone, no?” Divine Monarch Grandcall said with a smile. 

Divine Monarch Superstrike turned to look at Chen Feng, who nodded before saying, “Seniors, if I may, how long has your Celestial Purplesieve Plane been attacking the Celestial Malla Plane?”  

“This little brother is?” Seeing the young man speak up, a look of surprise flashed across the eyes of the two Divine Monarchs. 

“This is Young Master Longevity Celestial,” Divine Monarch Superstrike said. 

“Longevity Celestial!” The eyes of the two Divine Monarchs lit up again, becoming even brighter.

“So, it is the bearer of the Chaos Constitution, Longevity Celestial. I have long since heard of your renowned name.”

“We’ve been attacking the Celestial Malla Plane for two months now. I hear that the relationship between your Celestial Longevity Plane and the Celestial Malla Plane is good. You fellows will not be partnering up with us, will you?”

“We will not.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Attacking a Celestial Plane is not that easy. Our Celestial Longevity Plane is also facing a high number of problems. We will not involve ourselves with this. It is as senior said, the relationship between our Celestial Longevity Plane and the Celestial Malla Plane has always been very good. Our two sides will not start a large-scale war. We only came here to rescue our men and ask them for an explanation,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Asking for an explanation will probably not be easy,” Divine Monarch Heavenscall said. 

“Then, we won’t be bothering you two anymore.” Chen Feng nodded and his team began to leave. 

“Wait.” The two Divine Monarchs flashed forward to stand before Chen Feng and the others. 

“Seniors, what is it?” Chen Feng waved his hand and everyone promptly prepared for battle. 

“Fellows, entering like this is somewhat wrong. At present, the Celestial Malla Plane is tightly guarded. It is likely not easy to enter. The way I see it, you fellows should come with us. That way, you will have a greater force,” Divine Monarch Grandcall said with a smile. 

“No need, we have our own way of entering,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

Woah! Woah! Woah!

The cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane and the Slaughterers moved over from every direction to surround them. The Slaughterers were already preparing to charge. 

“Looks like you fellows want to attack.” Chen Feng laughed, not a hint of concern on his face. 

“By doing this, you fellows are looking down on our Celestial Purplesieve Plane,” Divine Monarch Heavenscall said, shaking his head. 

“If you want to attack, just attack. What’s with all these nonsensical words?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn grew furious and attacked. The wooden staff in his hand swept out to create an opening in the encirclement, killing hundreds of Slaughterers and cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane in the process. 

“You’re going overboard!” Divine Monarch Heavenscall grew infuriated as well and his purple eyes turned fiery red. 

“Longevity Dimension Technique!”

Several Divine Princes performed this secret technique at the same time. Following that, layer after layer of crystals seemingly stacked themselves upon the surrounding space. Additionally, they were also continuously spreading out and the enemy cultivators that were too close to it would immediately become trapped within. Some were instantly disintegrated. 

The two Divine Monarchs Grandcall and Heavenscall roared in anger and two beams of purple light shot out from their glabellas. Those were none other than their Ageless Light. The two beams of Ageless Light swept forward and the crystalized space was immediately sliced apart.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

After the two of them broke apart the dimension, however, Chen Feng’s team had disappeared. 

“That way, chase!”


“What’s wrong?”

“Our attack on the Celestial Malla Plane is currently at a critical juncture. We cannot go after another force now.”

“What is there to be afraid of? The number of men from the Celestial Longevity Plane is not high. We can munch down some of them. With this many Slaughterers, there is no need for us to take action.”

“No. It is risky. Their 200 plus Gold Immortals are not that easy to handle. Additionally, it would appear that these fellows truly do not want to fight us. If they just want to enter the Celestial Malla Plane, we’ll let them.”

“But what if they are actually the reinforcements for the Celestial Malla Plane?”

“Then we’ll attack them when the time comes.”

“They are not coming after us.” By then, Chen Feng and the others had been shifted to somewhere far away. When they re-appeared, the Slaughterers and cultivators from the Celestial Purplesieve Plane that were around them quickly rushed forward to surround them. 

“Kill!” Chen Feng and the others did not hesitate, attacking swiftly to carve out a passageway. It did not take long before they made contact with the Celestial Malla Plane’s army.

“Fellow friends, we are the reinforcements from the Celestial Longevity Plane!” Chen Feng quickly shouted out amidst the chaos. As expected, the soldiers from the Celestial Malla Plane did not attack Chen Feng’s team. Only, several teams of soldiers marched forward to surround them. 

“Blackline, do you still recognize me?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn suddenly said. 

“So, it’s Blackmourn. Why did you fellows come here?” a cultivator with a black-coloured rune on his glabella replied with a tone of surprise. 

“What is this? Are we not welcomed? We had to kill our way in and pay quite some price for it.” Divine Monarch Blackmourn’s face darkened. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Why would we not welcome you? We are old friends. I hereby represent the Celestial Malla Plane in welcoming the reinforcements from the Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“You’re wrong. We only represent the Boundless Family, not the entire Celestial Longevity Plane,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“Ha ha, I forgot about that. Fellows, please come with us.” Divine Monarch Blackline treated them enthusiastically. The Celestial Malla Plane was presently in a critical situation while this force from the Celestial Longevity Plane was quite sizable. 

With Divine Monarch Blackline leading the way, Chen Feng’s team was able to easily make their way through some magic arrays and strongholds. Making their way through a very thick barrier, they then landed on the Celestial Malla Plane. 

Chen Feng looked around and saw that the Celestial Malla Plane’s situation was indeed not too good. There were traces of damage on many of the magic arrays they encountered along the way. Additionally, there were also traces of attacks on the lands of the Celestial Malla Plane. 

“The other party managed to break in?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“The number of enemy soldiers is too high. It is only normal for some of them to successfully break in,” Divine Monarch Blackline said with a chuckle. 

Light flashed through Chen Feng’s mind. This action of theirs seemed somewhat similar to his plan of allowing a portion of the enemy soldiers in to reduce the pressure on the defenders in space. 

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