Chapter 1346 Heading to the Celestial Malla Plane


“Young Master!” Huo Zhuo stepped forward, wanting to say something. 

“I know. You guys can step back first.” Chen Feng nodded. After Huo Zhuo and Qing Lang had left, Chen Feng then turned to look at the Divine Princes there. 

There was a total of 13 Divine Princes. Several of them looked familiar. Chen Feng knew, however, that more Ageless Gold Immortals had come looking for him during this time. Only, others had received them. These Divine Princes, on the other hand, insisted on meeting Chen Feng. Still, Chen Feng already had a rough understanding of their intentions. 

“Fellows, what is it? Just say it.” In the past, Chen Feng would have revealed a slight display of enthusiasm when facing so many Divine Princes. But he was stronger now. Additionally, there were also several Paramount Gold Immortals looking over the Boundless Corps’ stronghold. Even Divine Monarchs had to display a modicum of courtesy when facing Chen Feng. That was particularly true after Chen Feng’s plan ended in success, causing his reputation to rise greatly. Rather, even some regular Divine Princes would feel pressured when facing Chen feng. 

“Young Master, please look at this!” The one who spoke up was a Divine Prince from the imperial family. In the past, he had – for the sake of obtaining the secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture – came looking for Chen Feng to discuss terms. 

The Divine Prince waved his hand and a pile of corpses appeared on the floor. Chen Feng frowned and saw that the corpses all belonged to Gold Immortals. Some were even Divine Princes. To Chen Feng’s surprise, Divine Prince Carefree and Ghost Matron were amongst the corpses. 

Chen Feng stretched his hand and beckoned, causing a gaunt corpse to stand up. 

“Who is this?” Chen Feng asked curiously. 

“In the past, you were attacked by Night Peddlers,” the Divine Prince said. 

Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, he smiled and said, “You fellows have been working hard.”

At the same time, though, Chen Feng was inwardly sneering. Several of the fellows they killed are from the imperial family. Looks like for the sake of the secret techniques, they are willing to do anything.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the value of these Gold Immortal corpses was even higher than some longevity secret techniques. Naturally, should these fellows find out what Chen Feng was thinking, they would surely end up cursing loudly. 

“I understand what you’re here for.” Chen Feng kept the corpses before bringing out some longevity secret techniques. After that, he sent them off. 

However, some of them stayed behind. 

“Fellow seniors, is there anything else?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. 

“We want to join the Boundless Corps,” one of them said. Chen Feng did not recognize these Divine Princes. However, the longevity-type auras coming off their bodies were genuine. They were likely from some other places. The Celestial Longevity Plane was a big place with a high number of cultivators, after all. Even a senior who had cultivated for millions of years might not know everyone.  

“Of course. Welcome. I will go make some arrangements for you fellows.” Chen Feng displayed enthusiasm towards their request.  

“No need to be hasty. We have a piece of information. We believe that Young Master will be very interested in it,” one of the Divine Princes suddenly said. 

“Oh, do tell.” Chen Feng grew even more surprised. 

“When we were exploring outer space, we had inadvertently come across a special place. After investigating it, we determined that it is a region of ancient stars.”

“A region of ancient stars.” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. 

“Yes. The star region is very secluded. We only managed to discover it by accident. There are indeed many ancient stars there. Some are those that have existed since the beginning of the universe.”

Having reached that topic, Chen Feng knew what the other party meant. It was very clear that such a place was very alluring for him. 

“If I have to guess, it must be very dangerous inside?” Chen Feng asked after a moment’s consideration. 

“It is very dangerous indeed. The magnetic forces inside it are very chaotic. Moreover, there are also large black holes and some ancient unique creatures. Back then, we lost half of our team inside. That said, we did make some gains from it. Young Master, please have a look,” the Divine Prince said, bringing out what appeared like a piece of fist-sized meteorite. 

When Chen Feng saw it, his eyes flashed. “Star core!”

“Back then, we had obtained several star cores inside it, but now, we only have this one left. I believe that Young Master needs it,” the Divine Prince continued and the star core floated towards Chen Feng.

“Yes. I do indeed need this.” Chen Feng grabbed the star core and the blood within his body reflexively stirred. Immediately, he determined that this was truly the star core of an ancient star. The power of chaos essence within it was very strong. 

“Very well. What is it that you fellows want?” Chen Feng then asked calmly.

“We want to stay and participate in future battles.”

“That is not an issue.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“We also need the Longevity Wings and Longevity Dimension Techniques. And the cultivation insights of a Divine Monarch,” the cultivator continued. 

Chen Feng fell silent for a moment. These fellows were very clever. Unlike the others, they did not ask for high-grade cultivation techniques like the Heavengulping Absorption Technique or the Soul Subduing Mantra right from the start. That said, the Longevity Wings and Longevity Dimension Technique were also not the kind of secret techniques that the average cultivators could cultivate. That was particularly so of the Longevity Wings. Its grade was in no way inferior compared to the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Soul Subduing Mantra. Generally speaking, only members of the imperial family with noble bloodline or those with astonishing talents would be qualified to cultivate it. 

Even so, the region of ancient stars was too alluring for Chen Feng and he urgently yearned to explore it. 

After pondering it for a moment, he said, “The Longevity Wings is not possible. I can give you fellows the cultivation method of the Longevity Steps.” 

“We have already cultivated the Longevity Steps,” one of them hastily said. 

“The one you cultivated is incomplete. I can give you the complete cultivation method for the Longevity Steps. As for the other two conditions, I agree. However, you fellows must follow the orders given to you here,” Chen Feng said. 

“Alright! Not a problem!” Discussing it amongst themselves, the Divine Princes quickly agreed. After that, they brought out a star map and informed Chen Feng the exact coordinates of the place. 

After the Divine Princes left, Chen Feng pondered the issue. The coordinates they gave him for the region of ancient stars was very far away and mysterious. It was not a place he could quickly reach.

Looks like I won’t be able to head there for the time being. Naturally, Chen Feng was not fearful that the Divine Princes were lying to him. Back when they were talking, Chen Feng had utilized a secret technique recorded in the Longevity Scripture to detect lies. If their information were false, he would have sensed it. 

Perhaps the earlier sudden attack had inflicted serious damage to the Immortal Plane’s side, or perhaps the Immortal Plane had other plans in mind, but the following days were very peaceful. No enemies appeared. The Boundless Corps was more than happy to accept this moment of peace. While cultivating themselves, the soldiers of the Boundless Corps would set up some more magic arrays and establish their defences. That way, they would be able to unleash their strongest might when war descended upon them. 

Additionally, due to the success of the sudden attack, cultivators would come every day to join the Boundless Corps. Chen Feng displayed a welcoming attitude towards this development. But as the Boundless Corps accepted the other cultivators into its ranks, it also performed some investigation, for fear of spies. Thankfully, most of the ones who came were from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Only a small number was from other places. 

Naturally, it did not matter where these fellows came from. Now that they had chosen to join the Boundless Corps, they had to accept the orders from the Boundless Corps. 

Back then, Tower had provided Chen Feng with 1,000 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures of chaos. Chen Feng openly brought out 600 of the unique creatures while leaving the other 400 hidden. They would become a killer move during critical moments. That said, the Boundless Corps’ strength – at that very moment – had reached a very terrifying level. Only then did Chen Feng realize that the Celestial Longevity Plane’s foundation and potential was so great. Unlike back when the Boundless Corps was badly beaten, Chen Feng now had the confidence to take on the coming attacks. 

Still, some of the news they received had interested Chen Feng a lot. The other Celestial Planes had also come under attack and the Immortal Plane’s shadow could be seen behind the attacks. The fact that the Immortal Plane was so strong left Chen Feng concerned. 

During this time, some worlds had chosen to seek help from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Chen Feng and the other Gold Immortals discussed the matter before finally deciding to not send out reinforcements to help the other worlds. They responded by saying that the Celestial Longevity Plane had a hard time defending itself as it was. 

There was a reason why the Boundless Corps chose to do this. Back when the Boundless Corps were in danger, the other parties also did not dispatch reinforcements to help them. 

“Every one of us would say that we should unite with those who are willing to unite together. However, when the time comes to put their lives on the line, everyone would choose the option that benefits them,” Chen Feng said in a self-deprecating tone. 

“This is very normal. At any rate, the relationship between the Myriad Celestial Planes is not that good. More, this is just the beginning. It is not really a true crisis,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“When the time comes, it would be too late for us to unite,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

Ten years passed by quickly. The Celestial Longevity Plane remained tranquil and the forces besieging the other Celestial Planes began weakening. Everything appeared to be returning to normalcy. However, many knew that this was the most dangerous moment. The very next wave of attacks might be even more ferocious than the last.

As for Chen Feng, he was finally incapable of staying in the stronghold anymore. He had been spending the past 10 years cultivating. More, he had entered a very satisfactory state of cultivation. Only, the news that he recently received prompted him to lead a team with him as he swiftly left the stronghold. 

According to the news he received, Magiris Blackwater, who was in the Celestial Malla Plane, had encountered trouble. His attempt to rise to power had failed and he was imprisoned. Even the ten or so helpers he sent to assist Magiris were imprisoned together with him. 

Hearing that, Chen Feng found himself incapable of sitting still. The fact that Magiris was his companion aside, the Gold Immortal stage unique creatures were also not the type of subordinates that he could simply abandon. Moreover, in Chen Feng’s opinion, the Celestial Malla Plane’s strength was very important. Even if he could not obtain the strength of the entire Celestial Malla Plane, just one part of the whole would still be a sizable force.

After receiving the news, Chen Feng did not dawdle. He found some men and promptly set off. 

Naturally, there were some other reasons behind his swift decision to head there. The Celestial Malla Plane was in the midst of fighting another Celestial Plane. Due to that, he would not encounter a particularly strong obstruction in heading there. Perhaps, he might even be able to help Magiris take over the Blackwater Tribe. 

This time, Chen Feng brought two Divine Monarchs, 20 Divine Princes, 200 Ageless Gold Immortals and 3,000 half-step Gold Immortals with him. By his estimate, after reaching the Celestial Malla Plane, this force he brought over would be able to easily sweep aside several regions. 

When compared to the other Celestial Planes, the Celestial Malla Plane was not that far away from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Using a large teleportation array, Chen Feng and the others were able to arrive somewhere close to the Celestial Malla Plane. After that, they boarded a massive warship for the rest of the trip. 

Originally, Chen Feng’s team was prepared to be stopped by the forces of the Celestial Malla Plane. But when they arrived, they found that the situation there was somewhat different from what they had expected.

A large-scale war was erupting in the Celestial Malla Plane. There was a high number of warships there, seemingly no end to them. More, rows of battle strongholds encased the entire Celestial Malla Plane’s space. 

It was a chaotic battle, filled with fights and shouts, flying magic treasures and flashing streams of light. The scale of the battle there surpassed that of the previous attacks that the Boundless Corps had encountered in the past. 

“Why is it so messy here?” Chen Feng frowned, his gaze sweeping forward non-stop. He could see what was happening even beyond a radius of half a billion kilometres. And yet, he was still incapable of seeing past the edge of the battlefield. It felt to him as though the entire Celestial Malla Plane was surrounded. 

“Slaughterers. Unexpectedly, the Slaughterers are also attacking the Celestial Malla Plane. The information we received back then said nothing about this,” said Divine Prince Dark Soul. The information they received back then was collected by the Dark Soulsmen under him. 

“The Celestial Malla Plane’s enemy is the Celestial Purplesieve Plane. Earlier, the two sides have been fighting one another. The Slaughterers must have only just joined the battle. It’s strange. Why would the Slaughterers help the Celestial Purplesieve Plane? What role is the Immortal Court playing in this?” Chen Feng retracted his gaze and pondered silently. At the same time, their warship rapidly shrunk in size. The situation here was simply too chaotic. They could not recklessly charge in.

“I’ll go check it out,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said and beckoned. He led 10 Gold Immortals with him as he left the warship and they swiftly disappeared into the chaotic battlefield. 

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