Chapter 1345 Fusion


Thanks to the spectacular results of their sudden attack, they had managed to obtain large quantities of cultivation materials. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire Boundless Corps was overjoyed at the result, their morale rising high. They wanted nothing more than to follow the army to attack the Immortal Plane. 

After chatting with Longevity Edge and the others for a bit, Chen Feng returned to his own place of residence. During the course of this operation, his fight with the enemy cultivators had given him a very big harvest. At the same time, he also grew more concerned for the future of the Celestial Longevity Plane. During the operation, several forces had revealed themselves. For example, the Blood Eyes Clan and the Destroyers. In truth, the Blood Eyes Clan could be considered as another race that came from the Chaos Dimension. However, their number was too small. Thus, they were considered as something of a legend. They were indeed formidable, in no way inferior compared to the other Heaven-defying races that Chen Feng knew of. 

Chen Feng had plenty of matters to attend to. First and foremost was the fusion of the Shadowless Bow into his Longevity Bow. Grade wise or quality wise, the Shadowless Bow surpassed the Longevity Bow. More, a Divine artifact could already be considered a living thing – existence wise – on par with a human. Should the Longevity Bow fail to fuse the Shadowless Bow into it, there was the possibility that the Longevity Bow would be devoured instead. Should that happen, the Shadowless Bow’s strength would increase greatly, possibly rising to the high-grade Divine tier. If so, it may be able to break free from Chen Feng’s control. 

To be on the safe side, Chen Feng chose to borrow the Longevity Tower’s power during the process.

The Longevity Tower’s will directly jumped through space to descend, suppressing the Shadowless Bow’s artifact spirit. Chen Feng then activated the Great Heavengulping Absorption Array that he had engraved upon the Longevity Bow beforehand, causing the artifact spirit within the Longevity Bow to roar. The Shadowless Bow struggled violently, but it could not stop the fate of being fused into the Longevity Bow. Likewise, the Longevity Bow’s artifact spirit made use of the Great Heavengulping Absorption Array to furiously devour the Shadowless Bow’s sealed artifact spirit.

“Too slow. I want to just break it down myself,” Chen Feng said in a bored tone.

“If you do that, the process will indeed be very fast. However, the absorbed energy will not be sufficient. More, it will also damage the laws there. When the time comes, it will have a hard time advancing to the high-grade Divine tier.” Tower’s will came over. 

“In other words, if the Longevity Bow slowly absorbs the Shadowless Bow, it will be able to advance to the high-grade Divine tier?” Chen Feng grew happy.

“There is a high chance of that happening. Speaking of which, you can consider yourself lucky. Luckily for you, it is the Shadowless Bow you obtained. If it’s any other mid-grade Divine artifact, not even having five would allow your Longevity Bow to advance,” Tower suddenly said. 

“What do you mean?” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. 

“This Shadowless Bow is more than meets the eye,” Tower said coolly. 

“This Shadowless Bow has existed for a very long time. It is even superior to some high-grade Divine artifacts. The only reason it has not advanced is because it is stockpiling power. Moreover, there are several Paramount Gold Immortals amongst its previous owners. As for the number of Gold Immortals that had died to the Shadowless Bow, no one knows. Still, once your Longevity Bow is done devouring it, you will get all the information. There are two reasons why you were able to block the Shadowless Bow’s attack. First, you had enough Gold Immortals protecting you. Second, the one wielding it was not its true owner. But now that you’ve snatched the Shadowless Bow, if I am not mistaken, some people will be looking for you soon. Moreover, it might be a Paramount Gold Immortal.” After saying that, Tower laughed. 

“And what of it? By then, the Shadowless Bow would have disappeared. Once the Longevity Bow advances to the high-grade Divine tier, it can threaten even a Paramount Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng scoffed. 

“A Paramount Gold Immortal is not that easy to handle. When you have the time, you should go look up the cultivation experiences I gave you. There are also plenty of cultivation insights left by past Gold Immortals in the Longevity Scripture. Looking through them will help your cultivation. You possess the Chaos Constitution that could devour all forms of power, but spiritual cultivation is also very important. Without that, all you would have is power but you would be no match for the enemy when it comes to laws. In the end, you will get beaten,” Tower said. 

“Don’t worry. I know what to do.” Chen Feng nodded. Next, a talisman appeared on his palm and he swiftly pasted the talisman on the Shadowless Bow. The Shadowless Bow shook a few times and the rate at which it was fusing with the Longevity Bow increased. 

Following that, Chen Feng would – every now and again – form a talisman. He had crafted the talismans using his own mind. The talismans could help hasten the rate at which the Longevity Bow was fusing with the Shadowless Bow. 

As for the affairs of the Boundless Corps, Chen Feng generally did not care. Moreover, in Chen Feng’s opinion, the Immortal Plane would not be able to launch a counter attack any time soon. 

Even if there were some matters, Chen Feng would push them over to Longevity Edge and some others so that he could focus solely on his cultivation.

With Chen Feng going all-out for it, the Shadowless Bow finally fused into the Longevity Bow. Naturally, that was only a superficial fusion. A long time would be needed for the Shadowless Bow to perfectly fuse with the Longevity Bow.

“The way I see it, even if the fusion is complete, it will be very difficult for the Longevity Bow to advance to the high-grade Divine tier,” Chen Feng speculated. 

“It is still lacking some other items. However, no need to worry. I can get you the items that you are lacking.” After saying that, Tower withdrew his divine sense. Chen Feng then kept the Longevity Bow and brought out a crystal that shone with a black lustre. There was a formidable power of destruction contained within it. It was none other than the crystal core that he had obtained from the Destroyer. 

“This is a good item,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

Chen Feng was born of the Longevity Clan with highly pure genes. More, he also cultivated the longevity-type power. However, for the sake of advancing his Heavengulping Absorption Technique to a higher level, some violent sources of power were needed. This power of destruction was one such power, a very good one. 

For Chen Feng, who possessed the Chaos Constitution, the more extreme and violent the sources of power, the more helpful they would be to him. 

This time, Slaughterers, Destroyers, Soul Hunters and Devourers had appeared from other universes. Amongst them all, Chen Feng was very interested in the Devourers. Just by hearing the name, Chen Feng could figure out what type of creatures they were. Their abilities were likely somewhat similar to the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art that he cultivated. 

The crystal core hovered before Chen Feng. As he breathed, strands of energy were stripped out from the crystal core before flowing into his body. As the strands of energy flowed away, the size of the crystal core also began shrinking. It shrank very quickly, at a rate visible to the naked eye. 

In truth, Chen Feng was wholly capable of devouring the crystal core swiftly. Only, in order to feel the power of destruction there, he chose to slowly strip the strands of power of destruction from the crystal core. By doing this, he would also be able to better absorb the power from the crystal core.

An unknown amount of time passed. By then, the crystal core had already disappeared. Chen Feng flicked his finger and an arrow of black light flew out, piercing through layer after layer of obstructions before disappearing into the starry space. 

Chen Feng had wanted to continue with his cultivation when he heard voices talking outside. Frowning, he then ended his cultivation session. 

It’s those guys.

After arriving at the hall area, Chen Feng saw several cultivators waiting for him. The persons in charge of receiving guests there were Qing Lang and Huo Zhuo. 

“The Young Master is currently cultivating. Fellows, please just wait here,” Huo Zhuo said coolly. Although he was a Gold Immortal, the ones there were Divine Princes. Their faces showed no changes as some revealed a hint of arrogance.

“It’s been almost a month since we came. Is Longevity Celestial going to cultivate forever?” one of them said in a displeased tone. 

“Yes. The way I see it, you fellows should go in and report this to him. We have something important to discuss with Longevity Celestial.”

“Fellows, if there is anything, you may go find Young Master Longevity Edge or Divine Prince Iceform or some other seniors. Our Young Master is currently cultivating. Without his orders, no one is allowed to disturb him.” Huo Zhuo said, neither haughtiness nor humility in his demeanour.

“Insolence, you two minor Ageless Gold Immortals. Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourselves here? I hereby order you two to quickly go in and bring Longevity Celestial out to meet us.” One of the Divine Princes became somewhat furious.

“That’s not possible. I hope you fellows can understand what this place is. We have thousands of Gold Immortals here. Or did you fellows come to our Boundless Corps with the intention of stirring up troubles?” Qing Lang, who was standing nearby, had a more fiery temper. 

Previously, the Boundless Corps had scored a great victory with its sudden attack on the Immortal Plane’s armies. It had killed off many enemy Gold Immortals, causing its fame to rise. Due to that, the number of cultivators who came to join the Boundless Corps had been on the rise. Even some Divine Princes had to restrain themselves when coming here. Due to that, Huo Zhuo’s and Qing Lang’s standards also became increasingly high. They simply did not think much about the threats from these Divine Princes. 

“Looks like there is a need to teach you two juniors some lessons,” one of the Divine Princes said. It would appear that he was about to take action.

“Fellows, what are you doing?” It was then that Chen Feng walked out. 

When they saw Chen Feng, the Divine Prince promptly fell silent. The faces of the other Divine Princes also changed. Swiftly, the previous look of arrogance on their faces disappeared.

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