Chapter 1344 Spectacular Results


“A summoning technique!” Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, one of the Gold Immortals reflexively blurted.

“You can consider it a summoning technique. However, I also added something else into it.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Come forth!”

Next, a tiger yao enveloped in a hurricane jumped out from the black hole. After emerging from the black hole, the tiger yao’s body abruptly grew in size. With a roar, it pounced and an enemy Divine Prince was ripped to shreds.

It was none other than the Tempest Tiger.

Following that came the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens, Blazing Fire Kirin and some other unique creatures. A total of 100 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures appeared, giving Chen Feng another layer of protection. 

Both the Immortal Court and the Blood Eyes Clan sent forth a Divine Monarch each, but the two of them were immediately besieged by the unique creatures before they could do anything. After a series of clashes, the Divine Monarch from the Immortal Court was blown up while the Divine Monarch from the Blood Eyes Clan quickly fled. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt a twinge of regret. The cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan were proficient in the power of blood and eye techniques. If he could capture and devour the Divine Monarch, he would be able to improve his blood energy and eye technique. 

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng swiftly notified the others to capture the cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan. 

As for the black hole, there were several Gold Immortals surrounding it. Only, the black hole was constantly on the move and the power of destruction that it emanated made it so the Gold Immortals dared not approach it. That said, breaking out from the encirclement was also not an easy matter for the black hole.

Chen Feng then turned around to look at the cultivator that Divine Prince Dark Soul had forced out of hiding. This cultivator who had been launching sneak attacks at Chen Feng earlier wore cyan clothes. There was a longbow – over two metres in length – slung across his back. He brandished a sword to fight Divine Prince Dark Soul. The two of them were proficient in assassination and stealth techniques and the speed at which they were attacking one another was extremely fast. Despite his eye power and techniques, Chen Feng was only barely able to catch their moving silhouettes. 

As Divine Prince Dark Soul had succeeded in entangling the other party, the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens and Blazing Fire Kirin joined the fight, one from the left and one from the right. Additionally, two soul-type unique creatures also fired out soul attacks at the cyan-clothed cultivator. 

This proved too much for the cyan-clothed cultivator and Divine Prince Dark Soul managed to land a stab on his body. Next, the flames from the Blazing Fire Kirin struck him. 

The cyan-clothed cultivator grew anxious and he sped up, wanting to escape. 

“You want to leave? Not so fast! You’re staying!” Chen Feng, who was far away, pulled the Longevity Bow and a cyan beam of light flashed forward to pierce the cyan-clothed cultivator’s body. 

Just as Chen Feng was about to attack again, the black hole that had been moving about erratically rapidly charged towards him at a very high speed. It was so fast that Chen Feng did not even have the time to pull his bow. However, two massive unique creatures dashed out from beside Chen Feng. The two unique creatures did not possess particularly high levels. They were only regular Gold Immortals, but their entire bodies were covered in a thick layer of bone armour, giving them super strong offensive and defensive power. 

Bang! Bang!

The two unique creatures smashed into the black hole, causing the black hole to flash a few times before breaking apart. The two unique creatures then retreated, the thick bone armour on their heads terribly cracked as a result of the collision. That said, the collision had failed to damage their flesh. 

The black hole disappeared and a unique creature, not too big in size, was revealed before Chen Feng. 

“This is a Destroyer?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. The Destroyer before him appeared somewhat similar to an octopus. One of its tentacles was covered in wounds and it flashed with black light. The earlier black hole must have been created by that tentacle. 

Chen Feng was only surprised for a moment before he slashed forward with his Longevity Sword. Sword light flashed and a tentacle was severed. However, the severed tentacle suddenly burst open, transforming into countless blades of energy that shot towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the Longevity Shield appeared before him. A series of colliding sounds then rang out and deep dents appeared on the surface of the shield. As for the Destroyer, it quickly fled. 

Several Gold Immortals from the Celestial Longevity Plane rushed to surround it. Sword beams and astral blades flashed out to eviscerate the Destroyer, but every one of its tentacles blew up to once again fire out blades of energy into its surroundings. Due to that, the Gold Immortals who attacked it ended up taking some injuries. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt somewhat frustrated. That was a Gold Immortal stage Destroyer, after all. Even its corpse would be of use. Unexpectedly, it would choose to launch such an attack using the last of its strength.

That said, the Destroyer did leave a crystal core behind. Even before making contact with the crystal core, Chen Feng could already feel the pure power of destruction and the mysterious laws from another universe within the crystal core. 

A good item. It is already comparable to a low-grade Divine artifact. Chen Feng then kept the crystal core. 

Meanwhile, the cyan-clothed cultivator had been beaten to bits and Divine Prince Dark Soul had taken the Shadowless Bow. Just as they were about to finish off the cyan-clothed cultivator, however, a hurricane suddenly appeared out of nowhere to sweep the surrounding Gold Immortals away. Next, the broken bits of the cyan-clothed cultivator’s body rapidly gathered up. 

“Not good!”

“You want to run?!”

Chen Feng and Divine Prince Dark Soul attacked simultaneously to blow up the cyan-clothed cultivator’s body again, but a stream of light managed to escape before quickly disappearing from sight. 

“He managed to escape in the end.” Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. Unexpectedly, the cyan-clothed cultivator was quite extraordinary. Although his body had been destroyed, his primary spirit was not destroyed. He would be able to recover in the future. 

“Here!” Divine Prince Dark Soul handed Chen Feng the Shadowless Bow. Taking the bow, Chen Feng grew excited. With this, his Longevity Bow would be able to level up again. Only, thinking about that caused him to look at Divine Prince Dark Soul. Although nothing seemed different with Divine Prince Dark Soul, Chen Feng could feel a hint of reluctance. 

But this bow was too important for him. Chen Feng could only think about how to make it up to Divine Prince Dark Soul after this. 

“Senior, I really need this bow. How about this? I have here the cultivation insight of a Divine Monarch.” After saying that, Chen Feng jabbed forward with his finger and a stream of light flowed into Divine Prince Dark Soul’s glabella. 

“Thank you, Young Master!” A hint of joy quickly flashed across Divine Prince Dark Soul’s face. The cultivation insight that Chen Feng brought out was from the Longevity Scripture was something left behind by a Divine Monarch. Only, the Divine Monarch was now already a True Monarch. The insight was imprinted into the Longevity Scripture using a special method. 

Even without the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng could also obtain good cultivation techniques and those left behind by high-level predecessors from the Longevity Tower. 

As this was not the time to fuse the Shadowless Bow with the Longevity Bow, Chen Feng kept it. Then, leading tens of Gold Immortals, Chen Feng charged into the enemy soldiers again. 

By then, the soldiers from the Immortal Court no longer have the will to fight anymore. With the exception of the Slaughterers, those from the Immortal Court, Soulgobbling Clan, Supreme Origin Clan and the other forces were all in the midst of fleeing. 

The objective of the cultivators from the Boundless Corps and their allies was to kill off as many of the enemy soldiers as they could. Gold Immortals were their prime targets. Every Gold Immortal killed would give them a massive harvest. 

Chen Feng’s targets were the cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan and the Destroyers. Unfortunately, they no longer encountered any Destroyers. They did, however, capture several cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan. Chen Feng did not kill them. Instead, he sealed up their cultivation bases. He would bring them back and interrogate them properly.

The planned retreat time came quickly and several Divine Monarchs, under Chen Feng’s order, released formidable waves of divine senses. They began to gather up the Gold Immortals into orderly teams. At the same time, two massive spatial passageways appeared in space. The ambushing forces from the Boundless Corps and the allied forces then split ways, entering one of the spatial passageways each. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, stood still and he made a headcount. After everyone had entered, his face turned somewhat gloomy. The casualties sustained here was higher than what they had expected. The only thing that could comfort him was the fact that this operation was a success.  

The number of enemies they killed this time was very high. Although there was no head count of the enemy casualties, they could, by looking at the way the enemy forces were routed, estimate the casualties on their side. 

“Let’s go. In wars, deaths are inevitable.” Divine Monarch Blackmourn arrived beside Chen Feng. This time, Divine Monarch Blackmourn had contributed a lot into this operation. In fact, he was even wounded somewhat. That said, all of that was nothing compared to the harvest he gained this time. He had managed to kill off three enemy Divine Monarchs and over ten Divine Princes. 

“Let’s go.” Chen Feng and Divine Monarch Blackmourn entered the spatial passageway as well. 

Upon returning, the first thing they did was to make a formal headcount. It did not take long before they obtained the numbers. Chen Feng maintained an impassive expression on his face while Longevity Edge and the rest revealed complicated looks. That said, they were mostly feeling joyful. 

Their results this time were spectacular. 

Of the four Divine Monarchs, two were badly wounded while the other two were lightly wounded.

Of the 30 Divine Princes, five were killed in battle and ten were badly wounded. The rest only suffered from light injuries. 

Of the 120 Ageless Gold Immortals, nearly half were killed in battle while the rest were all badly wounded. 

Those were the casualties of those that joined the raiding team. Although the reinforcements led by Longevity Edge and the others did sustain some casualties as well, the ratio of their casualties was far lower compared to the raiding team. 

This number of casualties was rare in the entire history of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Due to that, after finding that out, they all felt a heaviness within their hearts. This was the result of a sudden attack. In a straight-up battle, the number of casualties would likely double. More, the casualties thus far were only of those high-level cultivators. What then would have happened to the cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage? When the time came, many of them would be killed. 

“Let’s check the results of this battle.” Chen Feng joined the effort to calculate the numbers with an impassive expression on his face. As they did lose men in this battle, they would not be able to get the exact number, only an estimate.

Enemy Divine Monarchs killed, ten. 

Enemy Divine Princes killed, between 100 to 150.

Enemy Ageless Gold Immortals killed, around 700.

As for those beneath the Gold Immortal stage, the number killed was high, millions. The most killed were the Slaughterers, followed by the cultivators from the Holy Light Clan and the Immortal Plane. 

This was only the results from the Boundless Corps. There were also the reinforcements from the Dark Plane, Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Blood Plane. The number of enemies they killed off was likely higher than that of the Boundless Corps. With that, the number of casualties on the Immortal Plane’s side would at least double. 

This number of casualties was an unbearable one for any Celestial Plane. More, thanks to this battle, the spectacular victory and fame of the Boundless Corps and its allies would swiftly spread throughout the Myriad Celestial Planes. 

“These results are spectacular!” a Divine Monarch was the first to speak up. 

“A victory!” someone else said. 

“This sudden attack is an exceptional success! Longevity Celestial’s plan is the right one. Our force will follow Young Master Longevity Celestial’s commands in the future!” the representative from the imperial family’s forces expressed his thoughts.

Although their side had also sustained casualties from the battle, this was undoubtedly a great victory. For the sake of maintaining the atmosphere, they tried their best to not mention woeful matters.

Quickly, some men went ahead. They were responsible for publicizing the results of this battle. Naturally, some exaggeration would be added to the details, all for the sake of improving morale. Additionally, they also wanted to attract more people to join the war effort. At any rate, this great victory also came with a rewarding harvest. 

Given some time, the cultivation bases of those who participated in this sudden attack would increase. That was particularly so of those who cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Their cultivation bases would likely soar to an unbelievable height.

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