Chapter 1343 Shadowless Bow


In truth, the Dark Kirin and the others were not exactly reinforcements. It would be more apt to call them ambushing forces. These forces were part of Chen Feng’s plan. 

Back then, after coming up with this plan, Chen Feng had immediately discussed it with the four Divine Monarchs. The Divine Monarchs had felt sceptical about the plan. At any rate, this plan was too risky. Even if they were to mobilize the entire Boundless Corps, there was still no guarantee that they could kill off their enemies before fully retreating. 

Helpless, Chen Feng had to arrange for more ambushing forces. These forces were the allied forces of the Dark Plane and the others. This time, the Dark Plane, Demon Plane, Blood Plane and Nether Plane had gathered up 800 Gold Immortals for this. In other words, each of them had dispatched 200 Gold Immortals.

In truth, they were fully capable of dispatching some more men. But after discussing it over, they had some scruples about this plan. They feared that this plan would fail. And yet, they were also unwilling to let go such a good opportunity to inflict a big blow on the Immortal Plane. More, they were also concerned that diverting too much power away from their worlds would cause something unexpected to happen. Due to that, they decided that each great world would dispatch 200 men. 

Even though the Dark Kirin believed in Chen Feng, there was the pressure from the other three forces. And so, he did not increase the number of men dispatched from the Dark Plane. 

At that very moment, however, one Gold Immortal after another was falling under their attacks. Seeing that, they began regretting their decision. They weren’t simply killing off the cultivators from the Immortal Court’s side here. By killing off a Gold Immortal, they would also be able to loot everything that the Gold Immortal had on them. Their magic treasures, medicinal pills, cultivation manuals and cultivation resources. Rather, even the Gold Immortals themselves were highly valuable. The ageless bodies that they possessed contained formidable power and laws, even more valuable compared to some magic treasures.

As they watched the Slaughterers slaughtered in droves and piles of their crystal cores snatched away by others, the eyes of the Gold Immortals from the great worlds turned somewhat bloodshot. 

When compared to the other Gold Immortals, all of the Slaughterers’ essence power was concentrated within the crystal cores inside their bodies. As the Gold Immortals had fought these Slaughterers before, they knew all too well just how valuable the crystal cores were. 

“How regretful.”

“A pity.”

“We should have dispatched some more men. Is it too late to send some more men over?”

“It’s too late for that. Do not forget, this is a raid. More, our harvest here is already very big. Fellows, I’ve locked down a Divine Monarch from the Immortal Court. Who wants to work together with me to kill him off?” 

“I’m in!”

“Me too!”

“Count me in!”

These fellows grew even more crazed as they scrambled for more opponents. 

Ever since the ambushing forces arrived, the soldiers on the Immortal Court’s side had been steadily retreating. On the contrary, the pressure on Chen Feng rose higher and higher. This was due to the fact that tens of Divine Princes were targeting Chen Feng persistently. 

Before leaving, these fellows wanted to finish off Chen Feng.


An enemy Gold Immortal behind Chen Feng was smashed to pieces by a golden fist that descended from above. Following that, Divine Monarch Blackmourn arrived to stop them. 

“Young Master, we won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Hurry up and summon some men over!” Divine Prince Dark Soul grew somewhat apprehensive.

Once again, the number of Slaughterers was the highest. The Slaughterers had no fear towards death and would never retreat due to fear. After taking serious damage, the cultivators from the Immortal Court, Holy Light Clan and the others began retreating under the cover provided by the Slaughterers. However, they also sent out some experts to hunt down Chen Feng, desirous of killing him. 

“Prepare the great array!” Divine Prince Dark Soul shouted. Next, around ten Gold Immortals positioned themselves around Chen Feng before rapidly setting up a great killing array. All the killing energy around the battlefield gathered up to form a massive blood-red sphere of light around them. 

After that, the Gold Immortals who had received the summons rushed over, entering the great array. It did not take long before the number of Gold Immortals defending Chen Feng rose up to 36.

Even so, Chen Feng continued to feel formidable waves of killing intent invading his mind. With a thought, the Blood Mustering Bead entered his sea of wisdom and all of the killing intent were absorbed by the bead, allowing Chen Feng to regain his clarity. 

The other party had yet to take action, but Chen Feng could already feel the pressure. This next attack would surely be very fierce.

Chen Feng’s combat power was already very strong, having reached the Divine Prince level. However, this was a battlefield where Divine Monarchs would pop out again and again. Even the clones of True Monarchs were participating in this battle. And so, the combat power of a Divine Prince no longer appeared that outstanding. One careless mistake and he would end up dying. 

Tens of streams of light shot over from their surroundings to strike the great array protecting Chen Feng, causing it to shake violently. After that, two massive Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers appeared to attack the great array.

The two Slaughterers had rather odd appearances. They were like thick wooden stakes, but their frontal parts were slightly bent. When they arrived before the great array, the bent parts abruptly straightened and their rock-like heads smashed against the great array.

In the beginning, everyone had felt surprised to see that. The appearances of the two Slaughterers were simply too bizarre. The bent parts were their necks. Additionally, they were actually attacking using their heads. 

Soon, however, they found themselves incapable of even laughing at what was happening. The formidable momentum behind the attacks shook the great array to the point where cracks began spreading across the great array. 

“The laws of strength!” Chen Feng uttered in surprise. No wonder the two Slaughterers would charge forward. They actually possessed the means to charge head on into the great array.

Chen Feng pulled the Longevity Bow and a cyan beam of light flashed forward, entering the head of one of the Slaughterers before emerging from its back. It had pierced right through it. 

The Slaughterer fell limp.

Just as Chen Feng was about to attack the other Slaughterer, he felt his scalp going numb and the Longevity Bow in his hand swiftly turned to aim elsewhere. 

Another cyan beam of light flew out before blowing up in mid-air. Next, Divine Prince Dark Soul swiftly rushed forward, the Longevity Shield in his hand as he defended Chen Feng. However, a cracking sound rang out and cracks appeared across the Longevity Shield in his hand. 

“Invisible and shadowless. It is the Celestial Zenith Plane’s Shadowless Bow. An ancient magic treasure that’s very close to the high-grade Divine tier, its offensive power is extraordinary. It has killed off many Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs before. Rather, it has even killed off True Monarchs before,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said, using his eye technique to scan his surroundings. 

“The Shadowless Bow. Is the Celestial Zenith Plane taking part in this? Or did the Shadowless Bow just fell into the hands of the Immortal Court?” Chen Feng wondered, bringing up the Longevity Bow. The muscles on every part of his body quivered as his mental power was pushed to the max, capable of firing an attack at any moment. 

“I’ll go find out where they are,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said, his figure disappearing. Chen Feng did not stop him. In his opinion, the one who was attacking them from the dark using the Shadowless Bow was only at the Divine Prince level. By forcing this person out, they would be able to deal with them. However, this person was now using the Shadowless Bow to launch sneak attacks at them.


The Longevity Bow that Chen Feng had kept in a pulled state all this time finally snapped to send a cyan dragon roaring forward. Next, though, an invisible power cleaved the cyan dragon into two. 

A cultivator from the Celestial Longevity Plane suddenly released a cry of misery as a big hole burst open upon his body and his life force kept flowing away. Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward and grasped. As a result, the phantom silhouette of an arrow appeared in his hand before blowing up with a bang. 

It is said that the Shadowless Bow absorbs the power of the void to fire out invisible and shadowless attacks. Both its grade and offensive power are higher than my Longevity Bow. If I can snatch it and fuse it with my Longevity Bow, there will be no issues in levelling my bow up to the high-grade Divine tier. Chen Feng then utilized his eye technique to scan the place.


It was then that another Slaughterer charged over. More, one enemy Divine Prince after another also emerged. In addition to the cultivators from the Immortal Plane and Holy Light Clan, there was also a black hole that kept moving about. Chen Feng knew that was the Destroyer.

“Found it!” Divine Prince Dark Soul shouted. After that, a series of clashing sounds rang out as energy waves swept outwards. Two cultivators appeared within Chen Feng’s sight. One of them was Divine Prince Dark Soul while the other one was the one who had been attacking them from the dark using the Shadowless Bow. 


Chen Feng wanted to kill off the other party to snatch the Shadowless Bow, but the other party also wanted to kill off Chen Feng. Both parties attacked at almost the same time. Meanwhile, the cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane unleashed their full strength to mobilize the great array, resulting in countless swords of light shooting into their surroundings. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The other party displayed various means to stop the attacks from the swords of light. The black hole that Chen Feng had been keeping his eye on abruptly grew a notch bigger and all the swords of light near it were pulled in before a formidable power shredded them all. After that, all the chaotic fragments of power were pulled into the black hole before disappearing from sight. 

It was like a genuine black hole. 

A Destroyer indeed! Chen Feng secretly praised it. The desire to capture the Destroyer alive rose up within his mind. 

“Young Master! It is dangerous here! Leave first, we’ll stop them!” Even though Chen Feng remained calm, the other Gold Immortals were not feeling as optimistic about the situation. In that brief moment, two more enemy Divine Princes had joined the fight and the great array was already on the verge of collapsing. 

“How can I leave now? This is such a good opportunity. If I let this opportunity go, I will regret it,” Chen Feng said, extending his right hand. On the palm of his right hand was a rune. The rune flashed with light before disappearing. Next, a black hole appeared above the palm.

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